Malay Corruption: 1MDB Simplified

Editor’s Note:  I have long been disgusted with Malay hypocrisy and those who have attended my lectures know I made no secret of it.

The shameless 1MDB scandal and cowardly responses from Malay leadership, especially the abject Brown Sahib Royal Silence, belies the rot that eats away at the core of this indigenous heart disease.

No doubt Wall Street and Brit Zionist Jews used JLO to rob and seduce Najib et al., and surely to embarrass Malay Muslims (especially the UMNO Mafia) and also expose them for their foolish arrogance and inept guidance. 

For those who wish to understand the grand Najib perfidy, I’ve re-posted the video below.

Weep Malays … your days at the helm are finished … But I pray you do not commit suicide by stubbornly failing to repent and thus cause bloodshed in addition to the blasphemous lie of claiming divine servitude.  – dr omar

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