Aluminum adjuvant, cytokines, brain inflammation, autism: Did China discover the missing piece of the autism puzzle?


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Editor’s Note;  What you are about to read is not really new scientific data but rather a new synthesis of data that I and others have been aware of for years. I earnestly urge medical professionals and ministers of health and welfare to take the time to read and digest what is presented below.

“Cause no harm” is a fundamental principle of medicine that has been cast aside in the mad rush of post-modern materialism, greed, amorality and educational ineptitude; not to mention the political correctness that marshals all the above and more. Medical professionals and sundry pseudo-scientists and associated business people are actually involved in profiting from the destruction of millions of our children and the family life of their caregivers. The absurdity offered by the CDC and FDA as proof of aluminum-adjuvant safety in vaccines described below is but one example.

The environmental insults that cause autism and other neurodevlopmental diseases as well as various autoimmune disorders are cummulative, numerous and dependent upon individual constitutions, exposure, genetic heritage, etc. Vaccines, however, are a major culprit because of the toxic overloads on offer during crucial developmental stages of the vulnerable  child’s immature immune system. Hence, it is time to stop acting like mindless storm troopers charging and impaling the innocent among us with a ‘one vaccine suits all’ slogan. To think otherwise is  arrogant and/or possibly ignorant. But some involved in these insults know damn well what they are doing. 

Please, please please attend to these realities and do what you can to stop the mania.  – oz


By J. B. Handley

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3 thoughts on “Aluminum adjuvant, cytokines, brain inflammation, autism: Did China discover the missing piece of the autism puzzle?”

  1. Lee Stevenson said:

    I am looking for studies that show vaccinations and the aluminum cause a rise in C-reactive proteins. Since aluminum stays in the body so long I believe it would cause a steady rise but I have not been able to find any studies on vaccinations and C-reactive proteins.

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