An Absolutely Disgusting Display by Malaysia’s Current Chief of Thieves


In his opening speech at the Umno annual general assembly, party president Najib Abdul Razak recited a prayer seeking divine intervention against traitors and vowed to fight to the death.

“God, do not let this country, and the fate of this race (Malays) fall into the hands of traitors and the wicked,” he prayed.

He also prayed for Allah to save and grant peace to Umno, the Malays and all Malaysians.

Cupping his hands in supplication, Najib said: “Oh great God, we promise to fight to the death until we have spilled our last drop of blood.”

The prime minister has been under protracted attack from the opposition and his former mentor Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who have accused him of corruption and demanded his resignation.

Choosing not to retaliate in the same manner of his critics, who not only target him, but his family as well, Najib said he preferred to adhere to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad instead, which emphasised on the need to be patient even with foes.

“Basically, like what the foreigners say, we must be above them and not bring ourselves down to their level,” he added.

What is more important, he said, was to tell the truth.

Najib cited how Prophet Muhammad was hurled with insults and driven out from the community by the people of Ta’if until his blood was shed due to being pelted with stones.

He said the angel Gabriel had then asked for the Prophet’s permission to destroy the people of Ta’if but the Prophet chose to remain patient instead of responding with violence.

“As a servant of Allah and a normal human being who has feelings, I know some quarters are insulting my family and I as well as disparaging Umno and the government.

“So I think we should no longer waste our time and energy to entertain or fight traitors to the race and country,” he added.



DAP is back as Umno’s number one enemy, with party president Najib Abdul Razak portraying it as a threat to the bumiputera and Islam.

In his speech at the Umno annual general assembly today, Najib said Islam would surely be “belittled” if DAP comes to power.

“We (Umno) will not let that happen. As our forefathers vowed, over my dead body and over the bodies of all Malays.

“We will rise and go all out to defend (Islam)!” Najib declared.

The prime minister also said that if the “liberal” DAP came into power, Malay privileges and institutions, such as Mara, Felda and Felcra, would “go extinct”.

Similarly he said, the bumiputera exclusive Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) would no longer be able to uphold its founding principles.

“If the Malays and bumiputera can see what is evident and what is hidden in my speech, about the terrible outcome and the nightmare that may come and beset their lives and fates, I am sure that the Malays and bumiputera will feel afraid and worry.

“Thus they will hold on dearly to Umno as the only party that will be able to protect the fate of their offsprings and fight for their future,” Najib said.

As such, he hoped that if the people had to choose between DAP or Umno, they would choose Umno.

Najib’s speech to the party this year, attacking Umno’s external enemies, is a shift from last year’s speech, which sought to quell internal rebellion after his then deputy Muhyiddin Yassin was removed from government.

‘Chinese rights may erode’

Yesterday, Umno Youth vice-chief Khairul Azwan Harun painted a bleak future for the Chinese community, should they continue to support DAP.

Khairul Azwan said this may result in Umno and the bumiputera parties in Sabah and Sarawak dominating the government, which could result in eroded rights and privileges for the Chinese.

Najib in his speech also sang praises for PAS, which has become estranged from the opposition after a fallout with DAP.

In the spirit of Muslim unity, Najib thanked PAS for not walking out on his Budget 2017 speech, as the rest of the opposition did, and also for not taking part in the Nov 19 Bersih rally.

“This is the time. This is the moment that was awaited together, a long awaited united ummah. AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar” he cried.

He also said PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s motion on proposed amendments to strengthen the syariah court should not be politicised.

Non-Muslims, Najib added, had no need to fear the amendments as these would only apply to Muslims.

The amended motion is on a bill that seeks to raise the present punishment cap to 30 years’ jail, RM100,000 fine and 100 strokes of the whip.

The current syariah punishment cap is three years’ imprisonment, RM5,000 fine and six strokes of the whip.

The government fast-tracked the motion in Parliament for a second time last Thursday.

Hadi read out the motion, but said he would elaborate further on it at the next Parliament session.

PAS and Umno have grown closer since the demise of Pakatan Rakyat, and both Hadi and Najib are set to join a rally on Dec 4 to protest against the genocide of the Rohingyas.

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