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omarMy Dear Friends in Malaysia,

Dr. Leuren Moret said very same thing within a week or so of the mass murder – she also said the plane was sunk in the S. China Sea as witnessed and confirmed by the Vietnamese Navy and other eyewitnesses.  I have reported this to you previously, but you refuse to acknowledge the truth of the matter and continue to kowtow to liars and murderers in your own government. I do not understand your peculiar brand of insanity and pray for a cure.

You have been lied to by the best of liars — Your own government is involved in the complicity — May Allah have mercy on the victims of this mass murder and their families.  oz


The international search for missing flight MH 370 showed that Washington was able to track the aircraft well beyond what it has admitted so far and that it waited a week before revealing what it knew. The search also showed that China lacks the refueling ports to deploy its navy over such a large area. But beyond the news item and the respective strategic capabilities that it brought to light, this enigmatic disappearance has made at least some people happy: Blackstone and Jacob (…)

Source: Blackstone and Jacob Rothschild, beneficiaries of Malaysia Airlines flight disappearance ?, by Alfredo Jalife-Rahme