Malay Brown Shirts and Other Garbage

From:     Josh John <>

To:           Dr. Omar Zaid <>
Sent:       Thursday, August 4, 2011 12:08 PM
Subject: Multi-racial dinner at church disrupted by Jais

Why are Islamic authorities paranoid about church dinners (read below)? Worried about Muslims converting? Hmmmm. Perhaps with your detailed academic knowledge on the religion you could start writing on such issues like this which concerns the present situation. LOL.

  • News QUOTE: The Selangor state religious department (Jais) last night disrupted a multi-racial thanksgiving dinner held in a church at Petaling Jaya without a warrant. Dozens of Jais officers and policemen entered the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) at 10pm and questioned people attending the dinner. DUMC senior pastor Daniel Ho was reported as saying that the dinner was held in the spirit of 1Malaysia by Harapan Komuniti, an NGO that provides assistance to underprivileged groups.
  • JAIS even ransacked the garbage bins outside the Church.

Hello Josh,

I can assure you this is unwarranted harassment from a paranoid community of sanctimonious pretenders of knowledge.  In fact, it is embarrassing and serves to erode the legitimacy of JAIS as ‘Protector of the Faith’. Moreover, the episode endorses status quo Malayization of Islam, which is a far cry from Islam’s true ‘Way of Life’. They would do better to raid the various occult ops practiced in secret by their leaders, especially in Freemasonic Lodges where members take orders from England.

This paranoid imposition is also the result of a few centuries of shamanic deviation (the practice of Spiritism and Sorcery by Malay Bomohs), which accompanies their mimicry of Colonial Orientalization (actually UMNO-ization): little more than a cover for the Gangsterization of Politics using racism and religion, which is forbidden in orthodox Islam, something that is non-existant in practice.

Like Cecil Rhodes and his British Roundtable, Malay leaders do with their hands the exact opposite of what they speak. The more they rattle garbage bins the more obvious their departure from Islam and the greater their paranoia because of the inherent insecurity that follows the hypocrisy of pretense.

Hence, they are as far from true knowledge as they are from the implementation of competence in most realms of Malay professionalism.  They aren’t even competent crooks, which Najib has just proven. Their censorious pretense also covers a collective denial as thirty percent-plus of their women suffer incestuous insult capped by a ~70% divorce rate; and as families fall apart and homosexuality rises among their ranks as a result of their mistreatment of  women. [i]  If you don’t follow the last statement, read my book, The Taqua of Marriage posted on my web-site — all is explained within those pages. [ii]

This ‘Church Invasion’ is the same sort of ‘Brown-Shirt’ fascism that marked the rise of Christendom in Rome [iii] and has never really left Catholicism, sorry to say.  Truly, I am sorry to hear of it, but as the late Haji Taufek of Hikmah once told me, this is part and parcel of the interference in his work by officials representing the Malaysian central government.  He suffered their insults for thirty years as they blocked every decent attempt he made to counter the degeneracy of Malay Muslims and legacy of the blasphemous thief and Freemason, Mr. Taib Mahmood, who acted as President of PERKIM for a number of years.

The stronger a central government becomes, along with its central bank, the less freedom, real wealth and benefits flow throughout any land under its tenure.  This augers well for what the prophet predicted for times that are upon us. He also said that genuine knowledge will be removed (think ISA) and the worst of Muslims will be elevated to leadership. Malaysia has become a prime example of this as well as the US & British systems that have bankrupted nations pockets and morals while stupefying the younger generation with MTV-itis and Star Search morons.

When murderers [iv] and thieves rule the land, God has spoken clearly that the condition is deserved by the very people who failed to stop their ascendancy. Hence, it is better for them to look in the mirror and discover what Malays, in general, have become.

Moreover, in certain Sanskrit dialects, the term ‘maha’thir’ can be translated as  ‘the greatest thief’ … so let that sink in a bit more when folks discuss Mahathirism, as it seems God has made it very very plain to all but the Malay.

Feel free to post this response as you deem fit. Indeed, let ISA sychophants people ponder what they really should be doing to earn eternal success.

Kind Regards


Josh’s Reply:

Basically I think the more educated Muslims should speak up against the injustice done to in the name of the religion. In today’s local Borneo Post it was about a particular brand of butter containing swine DNA and hence haram. There were conflicting test results previously until Swak conducted one and is now haram nationally. A few days ago it was about some arresting some people for not abiding by the fasting rule and caught eating in public. I don’t know if they got their priorities right. The minister in charge an Indian (ok – now a Malay) lives in a huge mansion like most ministers that could not have possibly be able to afford with their ministerial salaries. Corruption is ok but not eating when they are supposed to fast???


[i] Zaid, Omar (2016). The Fabric of Society Part II: The Relationship of Touch, Trust and Deception to Human Development and the ‘Heteronormative vs. LGBT’ Sexology Perspective and Political Dynamic (October). Available at SSRN:

[ii] The Taqua Of Marriage

[iii] Fletcher, R. A. (1999). The Barbarian Conversion: From Paganism to Christianity. University of California Press.

[iv] See: Kevin Morais Drew Up The Charge Sheet Against Najib And Leaked It To Sarawak Report


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