Putin’s savage war against Russia’s ‘New Muslims’

Source: Putin’s savage war against Russia’s ‘New Muslims’

4 Comments on “Putin’s savage war against Russia’s ‘New Muslims’

  1. Esselaamu aleykum, respected dr. Zaid!

    Publishing this article on your blog is truly highly appreciated. It shows that you truly strive in the pursuit of the truth, choosing to listen to all sides of the „conflict“, as truth is usually somewhere inbetween. The situation described in the article mirrores the one in the Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo).
    What urged me to write was the last year’s visit to the Balkans by one Imran Nazar Hosein, advertised as a „great islamic scholar – shaikh“, during which he visited two Serbian-orthodox centers – Belgrade in Serbia and Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His visit and statements were widely understood as an unconditional support for the orthodox-christian side and as a severe critique of „muslim stupidity and lack of islamic understanding“ of the „muslims“ who live in the Balkans. That gentleman stated that they („muslims“) should „turn to Qur’an, and not seek knowledge in the mall“! In Belgrade he warmly greeted a highly controversial mufti of Belgrade, appointed to that position by the Serbian-orthodox government and recently appointed by the same instance as the ambassador of Serbia to the Kingdom of „Saudi“ Arabia (sic!). The mufti is not recognised as such by the overwhelming majority of muslims living in Serbia, for the above stated reason (among many others). In a rather condescending manner and tone, the „shaikh“ dismissed all the (over more then one century) accumulated pain, loss, rapes, suffering and deaths of the Balkan muslims caused and inflicted on them by the orthodox-christians (Serbs), and advised those muslims „to come to their senses, understand that the West is their real enemy, and ask the orthodox-christians for forgivenes for what was done to them by the Dajjal-led Ottomans“! He added that the future salvation of muslims lies under the command of Mr. Putin and orthodox-christianity and warned the muslims that nobody except themselves will be responsible for their fate if they do not do as „kindly“ advised by him!
    There are a lot of islamic scholars living among the muslims in the Balkans. They are human beings like the rest of us and nobody thinks that they are all knowing or all wise (naudhubillah). There are some among them who are highly respected in the umma and a lot of believers listen to their oppinions, as those scholars act and speak and live as true muslims. Even those were dismissed by this „shaikh“. The man acted as a „one-man institution of islam“, leaving the impression that those „muslims“ he warns are not muslims at all! But, in the absence of the Khalifah or at least the Shaikh-ul-islam, it is unclear who authorised this man to act as an emisary of islam! To act as a diplomat or a high official of Dar al Islam?!
    You must understand that this is extremely insulting, specially coming from a person claiming to be a scholar of islam. The true scholars of islam keep their mouths shut, until they examine all the nuances of the problem they face, check and double-check it all, and then pronounce the oppinion. They are not „one-eyed“ and it certainly looks like this „shaikh“ is one-eyed“.
    The same gentleman earlier warned Crimean muslims, Chechens (except those under the command of Ramzan Kadyrov, loyal to Putin and „Mother“ Russia) and all those who are not comfortable with „his“ belief that orthodox-christians are the only salvation for the Ummah of Muhammad, s.a.w.s.). Even the „shaikh“ speaks of the „alliance“ between muslims and Rum, and not muslims being under the rule of Rum. What kind of alliance is that if your „ally“ hates your guts and wants to either convert or annihilate you?
    My point is that Russia is not a friend of muslims and that orthodox-christianity is no different in that matter, compared to the West. They have the same hatred of islam! Who is the real Rum of the hadith remains to be seen.
    With all the shortcomings of the Ottoman Turks, no one in his right mind would accuse them of being the sole culprit for the bloody history of islamo-christian relations! Yes, they were the occupiers of the Balkans, but they also brought islam, civilisation, schools, tolerance for other peoples and religions and much, much lower taxes then previous „christian“ rulers. Serbian-orthodox church was not only tolerated, but supported, too, as it also acted as a tax-collectors for those „ugly Turks“! Upon conquering Bosnian Kingdom, the Turks there found the true „early christians“, who called themselves „Bosnian christians“, and who were the pure monotheists, hated and persecuted by both orthodox-christians and the Roman catholic church. As such, the next logical and rational step for them was to revert to islam. Their „original sin“, for which the Serbs accuse all of the Balkan muslims is „betrayal of the religion of the forefathers“ for the material gain, though the bosnian christians hated the cross and didn’t see Jesus as god, but as a prophet. Dr. Zaid, were you ever accused of reverting to islam because of material reasons? Do you know how does it feel? I believe that nobody has the right to tell you how much does it cost!!!! The gain is spiritual.
    On the other side, the huge majority of the Ottoman wars were against the Roman-catholic lands (or crusaders, if you like).
    The „shaikh“, as a muslim „scholar“ should be aware that the only reason peoples like Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians, Armenians, Macedonians, Montenegrins and many other are still alive and with their lands and religions still intact is – the Sharia law. Without it, all of them would have become muslims centuries ago! Alhamdulillah! The beautiful deen of islam is about tolerance and respect (of both human and non-human life) and not about extermination of others!
    I hope that this little contribution of mine can help some other people to better understand the position of muslims living close to the orthodox-christians. The „West“ is an enemy, but not the only one.
    „Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: “The Guidance of Allah,-that is the (only) Guidance.” Wert thou to follow their desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither Protector nor helper against Allah.“ (Surat Al Baqara :120). Alliance termed by abandoning the Law of Allah swt? La Hawla Wa la Quwwata Illa Billah! No, thank you, „one-eyed shaikh“! ISIS-monster is not the only curse upon the being of islam, there are also those who wrap 5% of lie with 95% of truth (End Times), but with the same consequences!
    Wassalam, respected Dr. Zaid!

    • Salaam Dear Brother Sutkoni,

      Thank you kindly for your remarks. Venting one’s spleen is healthy, Alhamduillah.

      I too do not trust Putin’s polished image. I suspect he is put forth as the “Good Cop” in the current East vs. West dialectic. My objections begin with his KGB heritage which is solidly Kremlin, and to the false flag bombing operations in Moscow, etc., in addition to the Beslan massacre, all of which he and his companions so adroitly placed on Chechen backs. As for RUM, it remains a mystery, but I suspect it is reserved for the true Monophysites of the Levant and their companions, with some room left for the genuine Russian folk soul, whose depth of solemn faith preceded Christianity and is presently covered by the Trinitarian misguidance that began with the Boethusians, a Sadducee sub-sect who escaped the Roman Scythe by pretending Christianity.

      Moreover, if the Orthodox renaissance in Russia with Putin as Sir Gallahad is genuine, they would sure destroy the Satanic Mausoleum dedicated to Lenin (See: https://zaidpub.com/2013/12/16/the-secret-of-vladimir-lenins-mausoleum-the-teraphim/).

      As for the Sheikh, like us all, he is human and has suffered the fate of marginalization for sundry reasons of which I am not truly privy. I personally warned him against Putin (with specific reference to Beslan) to no avail. Hence, on this matter there is a parting of the ways, but in other realms I hold him in high regard, but again, as a mere fellow sinner.

      I am not well versed enough to comment to any great extent on the Balkans, but I do know that Catholics did their very best to set both Orthodox and Muslims at each others’ throats there and with great success. The enmity is real and all too human and all must recognize that no world authority can be trusted until Prophet Iesa returns to set the record straight before the entire earth.

      I welcome your comments and edification.


      dr omar

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