Turkish crypto jew President Erdogan destroying Europe – Eurostoliitto

Source: Turkish crypto jew President Erdogan destroying Europe – Eurostoliitto

10 Comments on “Turkish crypto jew President Erdogan destroying Europe – Eurostoliitto

  1. Salam Dr Omar,

    First statement in the article is a lie. Ergün Poyra is still alive. Sours everything else about her writing – similar to the ghost writer Sorcha Faal – who is actually David/Rachel Booth.
    Plants made to look like truthers.
    Its a lot of pointless facts,

    Putin would never have warned Erdogan if he were a crypto jew

    • Salaam and Thank You Brother, Apparently the statement was due to a mistranslated passage. The fact that the Donmeh (the most ruthless of Sabataen Sects) have controlled Turkey since the downfall of the Caliphate, or that Ataturk was a crypto-Jew and homosexual are not pointless. That Ergdogan is following the path of extravagant bling is also not pointless, or that his efforts have brought endless strife and mayhem to the ME visavis his aid to American assets, especially since he claims to represent Sunni Islam, is also not pointless. This is no Sala’udin here. As a matter a fact, this is a man who murders Kurds wholesale, as have his predecessors. If he lied about his educational qualifications, why not lie about his Jewish Origins. And if he is a conversos, why not let everyone know, just like Mohd. Assad. Furthermore, the fact that he and Gulen brought the Peace and Justice party to power together as allies also smacks of collusion with the West as part of deep cover op. I know firsthand that Gulen people are run like a communist cult, and always were. My ‘guess’ is that Erdogan is a bit like Hitler who started off rather well placed in another Jesuit/Jewish cult (The Thule Society)–also with crypto-Jewish origins in Turkey–only to become an overwhelmed megalomaniac in the end. – dr o

      • The fact that you didn’t even verify whether or not Ergün Poyra was alive, has just proven you are incapable as a researcher. How is it even possible to mis -translate ‘he was murdered’? Or ‘he is dead’?
        Are you even aware of the fact that Erdogan is now making peace deals with Syria and Iran?
        Rather than fixate on useless babble – sit back and look at a world map.
        I will tell you something for free – if I had to guess – the next false flag will be in Greece.

      • BTW …. I am not “researching” this … just passing on info … go ahead … try and “Verify” every piece of news that comes your way and see how much time you do not have. My bottom is that I do not trust him … at all . . . as for the sudden turn to “Peace deals” he should never have threatened or facilitated the slaughter of his neighbors to begin with . . . that’s idiotic mania and completely un-Islamic.

      • I would verify basic facts before passing on info, or post a disclaimer, ‘this is interesting, haven’t verified whether or not it’s true’.

  2. Salam Dr Zaid,

    If Erdogan is a crypto jew why would cia/mossad want to remove him.

    • These realms of treachery operate on rules most common men and women would never conceive. He may have become an uncontrollable asset, as was Hitler, who they also brought to power. It is not for us to know. – dr o

    • Arlan, they are trying to take out Erdogan because he is in the process of forming an alliance with Syria and Iran – via Putin acting as mediator.
      The news of late -MSM – has been to portray Erdogan as a dictator. He is removing Gulen spies – which is what any sane leader would do.
      Erdogan is a strong leader for Turkey – crucial at this time that he remains in power. Members of the Opposition parties are even backing him. Turkey is stronger united.
      If there is another coup attempt – it will be a full blown NATO invasion – followed by an occupation – and destroying Syria completely, along with Turkey.
      I did not like the lack of an answer you recieved above, therefore, budded in.

      • thx A Kavanagh for your reply, you and I share same thoughts. Putin is not stupid, why would Putin warn a ”fake” Erdogan unless of course he knows he had nothing to do with the downing of russian bomber and that he is after cleaning the military from traitors (nato backed).

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