Revenge of Citizen #1: Off To See The Wizard in Washington

President Barrack Obama has instructed Attorney General Loretta Lynch to receive the visit of prominent legal brain from Malaysia, Shafee Abdullah, who shall furnish all documents and evidence on the wealth of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s sons in the United States, according to sources.

The wealth of Mahathir’s sons are said to be worth in the range exceeding USD 5 billion.

This is said to be the retaliatory move by Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak on Mahathir.

Shafee is scheduled to be in Washington on Tuesday July 26 with five officers from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Dr Mahathir is desperately making attempts to stop the investigation of his sons assets worldwide.

Our comment

Najib Razak is blaming his political opponents for exposing his crimes, when in fact it was his own criminality and stupidity to blame.

Mahathir in fact only became his enemy after this criminality had become so excessive and blatant and obvious, before that he was his patron and his friend.

It was the whistleblowers and the journalists, like Sarawak Report, who first exposed Najib and who tipped off the Federal investigations.

But, Najib only sees things in the context of political scheming amongst the ‘all-powerful UMNO elite”. He doesn’t understand that giants can be brought down by mice.. ordinary people, especially when there are a lot of those mice and they have had enough.

So, he tries to play ‘tit for tat’, without realising how this damns him further. He is saying, why complain about my sins, when X and Y sinned also – classic crook mentality.

On the plus side, at least the widespread rumour throughout Malaysia that this trip is merely in fact a cover, so that Najib’s trusted, Mr Shafee, can offer $500 million more of Malaysia’s stolen money to Clinton’s campaign team (in return for dropping the case in 1MDB) can now be laid to rest…… can’t it?


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