China’s purchase of assets from the scandal-ridden 1MDB has enabled it to manipulate Malaysian foreign policy to its advantage.

Beijing manipulates Putrajaya’s foreign policy to its advantage

Malaysia is succumbing to China’s efforts to undermine the solidarity of other littoral states in standing up to China’s aggressive claim to almost the whole South China Sea. Just at the point when China seems likely to face a judgment against it in the case brought by the Philippines in the Court of Arbitration in The Hague. Although China claims vast areas of sea within Malaysia’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone and the Spratly Islands, some of which are occupied by Malaysia, China’s purchase of assets from the scandal-ridden 1MDB has enabled it to manipulate Malaysian foreign policy to its advantage.

ASEAN Solidarity is also being eroded by the election process in the United States, which is bringing into question the American trade and strategic commitments to East Asia, without which none of the ASEAN countries will resist Chinese pressure for long.

On the face of things, ASEAN foreign ministers took a firm line with China at their just-ended meeting in Kunming. Their statement after the meeting read as follows, taking the opportunity to express their serous concern over recent and ongoing developments that have eroded trust and confidence, increased tension and which may have the potential to undermine peace, security and stability in the South China Sea.

“We stressed the importance of maintaining peace, security, stability, safety and freedom of navigation in and overflight above the South China Sea,” the ministers said. This, they said, was in accordance with universally recognised principles of international law including the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

However, the statement was then retracted by the ministers in an amazing about turn engineered by Beijing with the help not merely of its usual client states, Cambodia and Laos, but also Malaysia. The retraction was also an astonishing embarrassment for Singapore and its foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan. Singapore is current coordinator of the ASEAN-China dialogue.

The Malaysian move followed a remarkable article in The Star newspaper a day earlier by the Chinese ambassador to Kuala Lumpur, Huang Huikang.  Huang used this platform for an open attack on the Philippines, supposedly a friend and ally of Malaysia. President Benigno S. Aquino III was described as having “acted as a pawn in an outsider’s political strategy” and described the arbitration case as a “farce.” Aquino’s “political legacy will only be a pile of pills from the tribunal.”

Huang went on to praise Malaysia, describing relations with China “the best in history” and urging the incoming Philippine president to follow its example in dealing with China.

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is wavering in his attitude to China. He clearly wants Chinese money for infrastructure projects that would be forthcoming if he gives ground the sea issue and agrees to bilateral talks, and possible joint resource development. On the other hand, he can hardly walk away from any decision in Philippines’ favour, nor go back on his commitment to the Philippines claim on the Scarborough Shoal, which lies just 120 nautical miles off the coast of Luzon.

The arrogance of Huang in abusing his diplomatic position to attack the President of a neighbor and ASEAN partner should have drawn immediate condemnation from Malaysia. But Huang is accustomed to getting away with behaviour, which suggests he already regards Malaysia as a Beijing tributary with himself as the proconsul. In September of 2015, Huang made a highly publicized walk through KL’s Chinatown to indicate that China would look after the interests of its ethnic brethren in Malaysia. Beijing has thereby reversed China’s longstanding commitment not to interfere in other countries internal affairs or use ethnic Chinese minorities for its own political purposes. These are now being used to enhance Chinese interests in claiming a sea whose coastline is only about 25 percent Chinese.

Beijing has clearly seen Malaysia as the weakest link in the solidarity of maritime states partly by using the position of the Chinese minority as leverage, and partly through the power of money to influence all decisions made by an UMNO-led government. The 1MDB case arose at a particularly opportune moment for Beijing, enabling China to come to the rescue of embattled Prime Minister Najib.

Beijing has long focused its military attentions on Vietnam and, more recently with its seizure of Scarborough Shoal, the Philippines. Malaysia has been left alone for now. But Chinese claims are now less of a threat encompassing as they do waters already been exploited by Malaysia as well as others with oil and gas potential, not to forget islands such as Layang-Layang where Malaysia has an airstrip and dive resort. But do not imagine an UMNO government cares about national interests when they compete with its own power and money needs.

Meanwhile, the US provides little encouragement to a reliable and long-term ally. The emergence of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee is a poor advertisement for western democracy. His anti-Muslim attitudes are offensive to much of Asia, Malaysia included. And his isolationist attitudes suggest that his presidency would see a reduction in the US presence in the region and hence withering of the network of cooperation with countries from Japan to Australia and India and including many ASEAN members which has occurred since President Obama sought to focus US attention on Asian rather than Middle East interests.

A US turn away from its traditional promotion of free trade is also a concern. Not merely is Trump critical of free trade agreements but Hillary Clinton too now says she opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the cornerstones of the US tilt towards Asia to meet the challenge of China’s rising influence.



Noose Roundup From Singapore : Interpol Red Notice Requested ??

From our Noose correspondent in Singapore:

Yes, some whispers around Singapore, some new boys should be arrested already or next week, but no hearing for bail/remand. So all quiet until then as Singapore wont twitter anyone before, only after the fact !

At Falcon Bank Singapore the lights are on, but no one home… R_za must be about done. Cannot see anyway out for him.

See the New York financial whizzs are on the Goldman Sachs trail. Singapore and the Swiss will want to play by the book.

No favours and march at their own pace. Can’t see a way out for Eric Tan Kim Loong and Seet in Singapore, shortly. Nor some of the BSI (7) of which one is already in custody. Can’t see how Jho wont get a red notice from Interpol requested by Singapore.

Can’t see how the arabs can avoid having their hands chopped off…. That Patrick fella gonna lose his house in London. Quite logical when R_za will have to forfeit his 🙂

But if there is an Interpol red notice, it is not easy to disappear, depending where they are arrested, the extradition takes time, as we see with FIFA cases, but that should will not be a barrier to prosecuting them. MY feeling entirely is that once Jho Low has a RED NOTICE issued then the BN for sure has to push him out, and or he has to run to Turkey or wherever

Once he is out events can take over things as BN will lose support.

The message that Zahid Hamidi the DPM sent out today is really incredible (inviting Dr Mahathir to rejoin UMNO later), its like an olive branch for after Najib has been eased out etc.

Casey Tang and Jasmine Loo offenses in KL and perhaps in Switzerland……would seem Jasmine committed some offences in USA because she was living in New York in the condo paid with 1MDB money.

On the one hand will prosecute whoever becomes a suspect based on the evidence as it arises. But once JHO Low is globally on a RED NOTICE (surely that must be their hope), that N___b gang finally collapses. Then under a new sheriff and new ag things can happen in KL such that Singapore don’t have to proceed on N___b.In Singapore they are clearly under a media restriction – the Singapore Press, the AGC, MAS etc cannot use 1MDB and N___b name lightly .. or at all.

Just let the evidence speak for itself

And that comes to the point doesn’t it. With the 1st two cases going to trial, in particular YEO, the evidence will be loud and clear and tell the story, so let it unfold. Azalina and a few others seem to see the writing on the wall……a few gone quiet ya and or their comments a little less in support of Najib.



Tuesday, 14 June 2016 23:55

From various whispers in Singapore banks mainly, and a few others, the case on JLO is enough to now issue Interpol RED NOTICE. Not all the potential charges but enough for now.

This also means they have enough on JLO’s principal partner in the Singapore context –

….it turns out that sidekicks Tw_tter and A_alina and gang may also have some money soon to be frozen or at least the authorities are investigating what seems to be them receiving stolen funds!

2 people in banking circles said a lot of BN stooges have accounts in Singapore. Dumbos why not put in Labuan in ringgit

Red Notice for Jho Low is a class stroke by Singapore as then they never have to prosecute N___b….as KL will finally do the needful….new shefiff etc.


In Singapore there will be other arrests and lots of prosecutions to come.

Falcon Bank goes down. Coutts and Stanchart Singapore will be fined. A few more arrested etc. Seet, Eric of course gone

Arabs in the Singapore context no problem, that’s up to the Swiss USA, Lux and Abu Dhabi may be chop their hands first.

WITH the paperwork READY, you can count on Singapore to be transparent and do the honest thing.

Clock running for ‘submarine’ Fatboy.

JHO LOW might also be thinking to run to DOJ and FBI and cut a deal in a witness protection program ??



The Orlando Massacre, An Intelligence Service & G4S False Flag Operations – Using Islamic Radicals As Tools.  What is G4S?

G4S, is a private military octopus, the world’s largest private army) having bases in at least 100 countries at the last count.

It will come as a surprise to many that the killer(s) of the Orlando massacre are employees of G4S and this “killing for hire” outfit has an exclusive contract that was awarded by the former Secretary of State and now the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for US President, Hillary Clinton, in the control and transportation of the illegal immigrants coming into the United States, mainly from Muslim countries. This is a huge human trafficking operation which has also the support of President Obama.

Malaysians may draw the necessary comparison in the linkages between Najib and Obama and the recent initiative to bring in 1.5 million “Banglas” (aliens from Bangladesh) to Malaysia supposedly to address the urgent demand for “cheap labour” in certain industries, notwithstanding that Malaysia is already swelling with millions of illegal immigrants.

In due course, Malaysia will have their version of Omar Siddiqui Mateen (“Mateen”) and Kevin James Loibl who were responsible for the killings in Orlando and the assassination of Christina Grimmie respectively.

The timing of a series of barbaric killings during the US Presidential Primaries is not a coincidence. We take the view that war criminal Obama may have an hidden agenda (in the event “Killary” Clinton fails to secure the presidency), to secure his “third term” by a declaration of emergency and the imposition of martial law across the USA.

Likewise, Malaysians must be prepared for a similar hidden agenda in the event the power elites take the view that UMNO would not be returned to power in the 14th General Elections slated for 2018 at the latest.

These are dark and perilous times and we must be prepared for all outcomes as the criminal elements have stated repeatedly that “all options are on the table” to secure their stranglehold on power.

According to Russian Intelligence intercepts (yet to be verified) there were communications between G4S and the operatives in the aforesaid killings and they were also involved in the recent military drills in Tampa, Florida and the said operatives were “acting” as terrorists!

It has also been established that Mateen played a role as a “link” and or “conduit” for the CIA and the State Department in routing monies to his father, Seddique Mateen who is vying for the Presidency of Afghanistan. This is the kind of deviousness which only the ignorant would label as “conspiracy theory”. This is not a theory but a conspiracy fact!


Wednesday, 15 June 2016 23:54

Keeping Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in power or the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) were not reasons to vote for BN, said about half of the youths polled in Sungai Besar. A total 47.4 percent answered ‘no’ when asked if BN should be retained in Sungai Besar because of Najib’s leadership. Similarly, 44.7 percent replied in the negative when asked if BN should win in Sungai Besar because “BN gave BR1M to defend the people”. This is according to a survey done by research house Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) on 522 voters, of which 190 are aged 21 to 40.

“Respondents largely felt that subsidies should not be politicised and is a responsibility of any national leader.

“Various negative issues involving Najib also affected youth perspective and eroded Umno’s credibility in their eyes,” IDE’s political cluster said in a statement.

IDE is a Selangor-government funded institute.

However, the results also showed that BN has support from about a third of the respondents.

A total 30 percent said BN should win in Sungai Besar because of Najib while 37.4 percent stated that BN should succeed because of BR1M. The remainder of those surveyed were unsure if Najib or BR1M are reasons why BN should win in Sungai Besar. BN’s Budiman Mohd Zohdi faces PAS’ Dr Rani Osman and Parti Amanah Negara’s Azhar Abdul Shukur at the polls on Saturday.

Full article:


Wednesday, 15 June 2016 23:53

KUALA LUMPUR – Putrajaya’s decision to gazette the National Security Council Act without royal assent and despite the Conference of Rulers’ concern sends a sinister signal about its intentions for the law, said the Malaysian Bar today.

Pointing out that the NSC Act may possibly be the first time that the government has chosen to enact a piece of legislation without seeking royal approval since the requirement was removed in 1994, Malaysian Bar president Steven Thiru expressed shock that Putrajaya had needed to exercise the constitutional amendment to pass the law.

“It is an extreme constitutional provision that bypasses the procedure for express assent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, and consequently diminishes the inherent system of checks and balances provided by our constitutional monarchy,” Steven said in a statement today.

“The government’s actions are particularly glaring, given the widespread public outcry over the NSC Act.”

Steven pointed out that the decision to gazette the law without royal assent was taken despite unresolved public concern and the government’s undertaking to address issues raised by the Conference of Rulers.

He then repeated criticism over the law that would enable a council headed by the prime minister to unilaterally declare what would amount to localised emergencies, and gain authority over any agency within affected areas.

The NSC Act would also usurp the constitutional power of the Yang diPertuan Agong to proclaim an emergency, which Steven argued rendered the law possibly unconstitutional.

“The government’s refusal to engage meaningfully with critics of the NSC Act, and its disregard for constitutional safeguards, are ominous. These have all the hallmarks of authoritarianism,” Steven concluded.

The NSC Act, which was passed late last year, was gazetted on June 7 without receiving royal assent, but remains dormant as it was not gazetted with an enforcement date.

The requirement for royal approval to pass laws was removed in a 1994 constitutional amendment by the Mahathir administration.

The NSC Act proposes to allow the National Security Council — which would be chaired by the prime minister — to take command of the country’s security forces and impose strict policing of areas deemed to face security risks.

Critics of the law such as the #TakNakDiktator coalition argue that it usurps the authority of the Yang diPertuan Agong and would confer “dictatorial” powers in the hands of the government.

– Malay Mail



Wednesday, 15 June 2016 02:55

Abu Dhabi sovereign fund International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC) and Aabar Investments PJS (Aabar) have submitted a request for arbitration (RFA) to the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) to claim US$6.5 billion (RM26.7 billion) from Malaysia.

Gosh! A whooping RM26.7 billion. Do we (think I rather say 1MDB) have the money?

And what if we lose and fail to comply?

The RFA is in regards to IPIC’s claim that 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and Minister of Finance Inc (MoF Inc) have failed to perform their contractual obligations under the Binding Term Sheet (BTS).

“The failure of 1MDB and MoF Inc to perform their obligations, cure their defaults or put forward acceptable proposals, has left IPIC in the position where it must pursue its claims in arbitration.

“The total amount claimed by IPIC/Aabar is approximately US$6.5 billion,” IPIC said in a filing to the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday.


It added that the claim will be determined by an arbitral tribunal that will comprise three arbitrators in accordance with the BTS and the LCIA Rules.

The dispute between IPIC and 1MDB arises after the Abu Dhabi sovereignty fund said it has never received US$3.5 billion payment from 1MDB. It revealed that British Virgin Island-registered Aabar Investment PJS Ltd, to whom 1MDB said it had paid the sum, is not related to the group.

Subsequently 1MDB defaulted on two interest payments of US$3.5 billion for two 1MDB’s bonds due in April and May, and IPIC has assumed the US$3.5 billion payment for the two interest payments, as a co-guarantor of the bonds.

Despite 1MDB defaulting on the interest payments, the strategic investment fund has repeatedly said it has sufficient liquidity to meet its financial obligation.

In response, 1MDB issued a statement saying that the fund and its legal counsel will review the request for arbitration, once it has been served with a copy.

Please, could someone provide us with some ‘pencerahan’ (I really hate this Malay word, dunno why)?

But as usual, all eyes are on PM Najib again…


DR M BOMBSHELL: RULERS AT THREAT Wed. 15 June 2016 23:55

There are UMNO members who are unhappy and angry that I shared the same stage with Kit Siang, UMNO’s bitter rival.

I will not be with Kit Siang if UMNO is still the UMNO that was founded in 1946.

When I became the President of UMNO and the Prime Minister criticism and challenges towards me was not prohibited by me. Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh were nominated to contest for posts of President and Vice President. Many ministers in my cabinet, like Rais Yatim, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Syed Hamid, Kadir Sheikh Fadzir campaigned support for Razaleigh and Musa. I did not prohibit them, nor did I terminate their membership.

The result of the poll gave a small victory to me and Ghafar. UMNO was taken to court and the judge declared UMNO illegal.

I had to reconvene UMNO. Although Tengku Razaleigh formed Semangat 46, the majority of UMNO members joined the new Umno, UMNO Baru. Joining UMNO Baru were Abdullah Badawi, Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, Syed Hamid and then Rais Yatim. They returned to be Ministers. Nobody was sacked from Umno but they are those who themselves chose to participate in Semangat 46.

When Semangat 46 was dissolved, their members were received back into UMNO.

UMNO returned to be strong although those who that did not support me during the party election remained in UMNO.

This was how UMNO was. Leaders and members were free to criticize and challenge the leaders. I was severely attacked by supporters of Anwar when he was Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister.

His removal was made by the Supreme Council and he was given the right to defend himself. The decision was made by the Supreme Council.

In the case of Musa Hitam who had resigned as Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister, the Supreme Council made the decision to send a delegation under Wan Mokhtar to London to persuade him to withdraw his resignation. I did not forbid.

He agreed to return as Deputy President but not as Deputy Prime Minister. I was forced to appoint Ghafar Baba as the Deputy Prime Minister, while he continued to be the Vice President.

Then Musa persuaded his adversary, Tengku Razaleigh, to run for post of President against me. Musa himself contested the Deputy President’s post under the Presidential candidacy of Tengku Razaleigh, his enemy.

Even though Musa did all these I appointed him as Special Representative of Malaysia to the United Nations. I gave him the status of Minister.

Everything I did was based on democracy. But today Najib as president not only cannot be challenged, but also cannot even be criticized. If anyone reprimands he is deprived of membership in the party. This is followed by a ban in meeting UMNO members and leaders. There is also the decision to suspend him from the post. There is no opportunity given to defend himself.


UMNO delegates to the General Meeting are no longer given the liberty of free speech. They were briefed not to touch on the question of 1MDB and the 2.6 billion ringgit in Najib’s personal account.

Under these circumstances can Umno members give their support to me openly and publicly if I chided Najib? Are UMNO members daring enough to openly sign the Declaration of the People to topple Najib?

Some branch leaders who criticized Najib had been warned, their businesses interrupted, wives’ scholarships withdrawn and many other pressures.

What is clear is that all Ministers, Heads of Umno, Umno elected representatives, remained silent and endorsed all the wrongdoings of Najib. Let billions of ringgit be lost, let the country be known worldwide as one of the ten top most corrupted countries, let Malaysians when abroad be humiliated and insulted and Najib himself be afraid of meeting foreign reporters, but UMNO members will continue to support Najib.

World press report in detail and openly about how Najib abused power, put under detention UMNO leader who lodged police reports, prosecute him under the law of terrorism, detain his lawyer, but the leaders and members of UMNO do not feel ashamed and continue to support Najib.

And now there is a law in force which empowers Najib, sidestepping the King, the Cabinet, the Parliament, the Senate, to declare a state of emergency in any area where Najib as Chairman of the National Security Council can enter and put anyone under detention without trial in court.

All parties in and outside the country are denouncing this law. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Rulers did not sign this law. His Majesty and The Rulers ordered the provisions in this law to be reviewed and refined.

Najib ignored all the objections and advice of the Rulers. He will only enforce this law.

Parliament can amend or reject this legislation. It is highly unlikely Members of Parliament from UMNO and BN will frustrate seizure of power by Najib.

Is it possible that my criticism be widely supported by members of UMNO? Of course not. I am not involved in any party now. I am free to participate in whatever movement. As a Malaysian I joined the people’s movement to topple Najib. If there is in this movement Lim Kit Siang, bear in mind he is also a citizen. It is only in this effort and intention to get rid of Najib that we agree.

If UMNO leaders still do not understand my language, let me explain once again that I act as a citizen of Malaysia to make Najib realize that the people do not accept him anymore.

If there is Kit Siang or anybody else with me, this is because they too are, like me, Malaysians who want to express to Najib through this election that people are no longer able to accept Najib as Prime Minister. Only by coincidence alone that they are members of political parties or NGOs.

But certainly those who do not want to understand will not understand as well. –

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