CDC forced to reveal documents proving Thimerosal vaccine preservative causes autism –


I have been telling folks about the dangers of vaccines for 40 years now. As a med student, I concluded the science was a fundamentally flawed archetype. In years to come, ‘immunization’ as a preventative therapy will go down in infamy to the shame of so-called “modern medical science” — most especially as a complete moral and ethical embarrassment. I am firmly convinced that many doctors are ignorant and that a goodly number are cowardly complicit in this heinous assault on God-Given health. Let the damned be damned and let the innocent be protected against their perfidy and stupidity.  – oz

Any person believing that injecting children with mercury has no biological consequences is either delusional or scientifically illiterate.

Source: CDC forced to reveal documents proving Thimerosal vaccine preservative causes autism –

5 Comments on “CDC forced to reveal documents proving Thimerosal vaccine preservative causes autism –

  1. Of course they will claim the dosage is too small to cause any problems, but its known that heavy metals accumulate in the brain and its the repetitive vaccines and boosters that altogether cause the rise in autism. That said, some are far more sensitive to heavy metals than others and that sudden reaction is usually catastrophic and often fatal. I am anti-vaccine for good reason and that is we have entire generations who have incompletely developed immune systems due to vaccines leading to sensitivity to various strains of what has been vaccinated against. This is showing up in increased antibiotic resistant pertussis, measles outbreaks, mumps outbreaks, and the importing of so called refugees of some 20% carry tuberculosis.

    • Hi John, I’ve been against vaccines since med-school on the basis that the science is fundamentally flawed as an abstracted false-archetype. Indeed, it is truly stupid science. You are correct … the damage dome is apocalyptic in scope and our so-called authorities and cowardly docs are all to blame, not too mention parents who sit and whimper rather than become cut-throats like the Italians did in NYC when they found out school docs were performing tonsillectomies on their kids without consent. All the best. – omar

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