Researchers find clues about the millennia-old mystery of the origins of Yiddish language and Ashkenazi Jews

within the Khazar Empire to convert to Judaism so they didn’t miss out on the lucrative Silk Road trade between Germany and China.

Source: Researchers find clues about the millennia-old mystery of the origins of Yiddish language and Ashkenazi Jews

10 Comments on “Researchers find clues about the millennia-old mystery of the origins of Yiddish language and Ashkenazi Jews

  1. Dr Zahid your paper on Synthesis and Knowledge was very inspiring. The Myths of Gods in India often people are blue. Kalash – Cobra Gypsy- Forrest Kings of Nepal all claim to be descended fro Rama- he was blue. In the mountains were I live some Gypsies are Blue- this is no Joke. My Grandmother would say its because we have ancestors from inner earth. I discovered that Nitrate poisoning turns people blue- I had everyone convinced with my superior education that people in mountains turned blue because of Nitrate poisoning. Turns out I was wrong – it is genetic after all

    My theory is now that maybe my Grandmother and Vedas are true- Nitrate leaches deep in the earth and this condition would make it easier to deal with less oxygen in the blood. Perhaps Lord Ram was blue? The blue Avatars were great wariors and though people have made Gods of them this is not their fault- they were perhaps another human species from inner earth- this bloodline preserved in Gypsies in WV and Ky

  2. Dr Zaid have you ever heard of Oxalobacter fomegensis – it convertes Oxalate to formate and so Calcium Oxalate crystals do not form- big drug company conspiracy- helps with kidney stones and Sclerosis maybe? Thanks for refernce – here is a return for the favor my friend. As yu may remember i am often poor in Enlish but i am microbiologist and civil engineer- unbelievable the modern discoveries in science kept secret,

    • Hello Again Johnny, Probiotics have earned their place in a reductionist world that depends on processed food and a materialist medical mindset. However, I endorse natural food sources that support the divinely ordered organism as G’d created us. . . . Cheers

  3. Hello Dr Zaid- i have been following. I hesitate to ever comment because the world has always exploited my people. We are treated as a curiosity- we give people pearls of wisdom and history only to be scoffed and ridiculed. I am descended from coptic sephardic Jews of Egyptian and Pa;estinian blood- Kale Roma from Wales and England. The “Gypsies” and Sephardic Jews were destroyed by the Pope – our People always knew Isa alone holds the keys to the abyss and the true way of the Lord. We were brought to Europe because they were ignorant of horse syeel and technology. People from middle east are the technological fathers of the enlightenment. “Jews” from Persia or European converts are real Jews if they follow Moses and the Lord. People would not even be fighting? Problem is nobody really follows their own Religion. All of these Religion come from the Original source of Abraham- he is Father of us all. The word “Jew” is funny? Estimates are 90% of Sephardic Jews are Messianic- they believed Isa. The argument is the divinity of Isa. Muslims believe nothing is divine but the Lord- Christians believe Isa is the Lord. It seems clear that this is an argument of Semantics in many ways. Hate to see people die over poor word choices. Many Sephardi see Yeshua- Jesus as a prophet of the Lord with a real big job. This is pretty much the same as Islam. The Gnostic traditions of Gypsies- Freemasons and Druze are “Unitarian”- very Similar to Hindu and misunderstood. Gabriel did not appear just to Muhammad- he appeared to other people in other cultures- the Lord God has no human culture. Please be warned from a Gypsy not so smart maybe but of knowing not held by Goyger people- That the Watchers of the Arch will side with righteousness and the Lord- not cultures. Many cultures in history had the Lord in righteousness on their “side” only to suffer the horible absence of the Lord when later they became wicked 🙂

    • Hello again Johnny, I couldn’t agree more. I am reminded of Joshua who met an angel before a battle and asked him his allegiance. The angel replied “I am neither for nor against you, but am for the Most High!” Pretty sobering.

      On a personal note: I have been taken ill with Multiple Sclerosis, which affects my vision and gait. Thus far am doing well on a complete change in diet, thank G’d. But will be retiring this year, by November, G’d willing. I will then go to our home in N. Thailand to finish my novels and whatever else I can do before my time is up. One of the books I would like to edit is yours, on the true history of the true Gypsies (Kales). I hope that I can be granted that great privilege.

      Meanwhile, you can catch up with my academic papers here:

      Yours, in G’d …. omar

      • Hope all well Dr Zaid- and i would love to collaborate on any project i may help. I just wanted to say hope this does not double post but i can not see the comment- that Zionism is a Lie- this article makes it very clear- when we first met we spoke on this subject. The modern Jews running the world are Zionist- many Druze- Freemason- Traveller- crypto Jew groups really despise Zionism as blasphemy. Ironic evangelical Christians are Zionist. Many hate groups in America do not understand Sephardi- Freemasons- are not Zionist- niether are the most strict Orthodox Jews? The irony! Thanks for being brave- and well studied and exposing these lies – very inspiring and helpful. I will hit this reference. We need to produce a Oxalobacter Formengensis supplement- very hard to find- it really helps kidney stones- not sure how wel it may help with Sclerosis – cheer Dr Zaid 🙂

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