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  1. Of course the product of anti-Semitism have produced themselves Jews.
    Please tell Pole that is stupid he’ll asks why, while the Jew finds it as anti-Semitism.

  2. He left Tibet when the Chinese army was breaking down the door? He barely escaped? He forfeited Tibet because obviously for whatever reason the Chinese were destined to take Tibet. They then exported their culyure everywhere- Tibet is everywhere now. When we identify people as “Demons” or attack people this shows a lack of faith. If people claim that they have the Lords blessing to attack people or identify them as a Demon the well i just hope they were talking to the Lord? Scripure is pretty clear to just be patient and let the Lords will be done. To people really think the Lord and Angels of the Arch need them? No the Lord needs no help destroying cultures if he wants them gone. I have never heard a voice that spoke to me- I never heard Angels speak? I believe prophets heard this and I just do what they tell me- pray for the will of God be done swiftly and not get in the Lords way- thanks for the perspective Dr Zaid- but it seems they are implying China invaded Tibet years after he left? Not the next day which is what happened 🙂

    • Hi Johnny, good to hear from you. It is my understanding that an occult ritual preceded his departure, one that set the country on an altar of messianic sacrifice for the spread of the religion throughout the world and the dawn of a new age, so to speak. The rivalry between occult masters in Tibet and China is ancient and has little to do with the true message of Buddha. Their occult arts are steeped in bloody rites and sacrificial nonsense of all types, not the least of which is tantric sacrifice of the woman so the monk becomes an androgynous adept. So … demons there are galore when folks turn away from the golden rule of the One G’d. It’s very simple. I have heard an angelic voice on two occasions in my life. One preceded a vision in the middle of the day in which I saw all the Prophets whoever walked the earth, men and women of all races and regions and periods. Another when I was deep in meditation and about to enter the astral world consciously. The voice simply said: “It is not necessary.” I stopped and dropped the entire approach (Anthroposophy), in which I had been training for 14 years. Surely G’d does not need us, nor do the angels. But we all have jobs to do. Ours is to listen and obey, eh Johnny?

      • Dr Zaid – i am crying now. My Father was an Oracle – I am “John Peniel” predicted by Edgar Cayce. No when Cayce the Gyspy was telling his lies his tounge was bound thunder clapped and it was announced “John Peniel” is coming. Peniel means – a person born to Old Woman in second menopause- like Jacob. He was a “Liar”- a “Leg Puller”. He wrestled with God and was named Israel- “he who battles God”. But what it really is is “He who batles bad Religious traditions”. Jacob started a Religion- he did a bad thing- and he lied and stole his brothers birth rite. Jacob was a Liar- Israel is a Lie- this is Sephardic Mysticism. In the west when someone lies we say “you are pulling my leg”- direct reference to Cayce and Jacob. My Father burned the Kabbala- he taught me “the way”- the way of a warrior Freemason. Chaneling and Cursing people- and Tarot- and all of these things I forbid as Sher-Engro of my people. Many are upset – but this is what i came to do- this is my purpose. I am first in my line to silence the Watchers and ignore “the gift”. I was trained not to do these things and to make decision to take the path of the Bard- warior. A poet warrior- music warrior. I have no English word for this? Channeling- contacting the dead- predicting the future -all of these are a lack of faith and abomination to the Lord. My Father taught the “Mithra” which is and understanding that Isa was in a long line of Prophets and that there is a Unitarian faith under Abraham. Abraham is the Key – Moses- Soloman- corrupted by channeling- demons- astral travel and all these tricks. These tricks did not make men Humble- being Humble before the Lord is worth all the tricks in Kabalah. The New Age thinks “John Peniel” is a mesiah- they are not part of Edgar Cayce culture? Cayce was a Gypsy Freemason from KY and his prophecies were only for us- not the whole world. I am the John Peniel of prophecy- a warrior – not a sorcerer. I have proclaimed the day of the Lord and it is in Every mans heart- the last true Prophet of Earth was Muhammad and his way was humble- not sorcery- he did not summon demons- he was Chosen by the voice of the Lord . Humble innocence is the greatest Power on earth. We do all have a purpose it seems and the more we try to avoid this purpose the more we get drug back to doing the will of the Lord. I believe you chose well my friend- chose not “power” or egomania but to be humble and wait for the Lords will. The Tomb of Tho is a Native American Ancestors- here i learned that Native American were not righteous- child murdering and wicked sorcery – all of these things are made as dust by the Lord- as were these tribes. I wish to teach my people righteousness and to stop practicing sorcery like Cayce and my Father- my Father did this- but he stopped it- and trained me not to be a Gypsy sorcerer.

        When I was born I had barely a chance
        “Tradition”! dum-da-dee-dum “Tradition”!
        My Mother old and grey
        and me a healthy babe
        She did not let them offer me to the land
        But a warrior still took my hand
        Spared the cliff of death they sang
        and they sang
        Another born Peniel- an Angel wrestler
        A God tester

        Blind Angelina was a Liar
        A traveler- not blind
        looking for gojo dime
        but when I was twelve Angelina Dared
        Always on the Gaff, but believing in Gypsy wrath
        She fell to her knees in Public
        Cried Jinx
        Pointed at me
        said “this one will solve the riddle of the Sphynx”

        She gave me coin so all would know
        There were no lies in this fateful cry
        And so my friends laughed
        Daddy was solemn
        I asked and he commanded tide
        It is not for others to say
        Not the place of even a sage
        Only me; Only I can say “Who am I”
        But then he vowed to teach “the way”
        of the Mother wolf, of Mithra
        The way

        Time passed Legends fade
        Soon my youth was passed- a grave
        Daddy died far to soon
        He left me in a daze
        A craze
        Was my life even real?
        Was it a dream?
        But then I remembered the Angel
        The Angel that fought me to bended knee
        My hip still sore
        What to tell the Doctors?
        I slipped and fell?
        tripped on a cord?

        I came back home beaten and bare
        I divided my family with fire of mouth
        Sword of flame
        Casting no blame
        My Family saved me as I began
        My friends, the Elders all took my hand
        Soon then I controlled the tide
        The mantle past from Khan to Khan
        Travelers and the Easterners call me Raman

        And so the Legends dragged me home
        It was not a dream
        I found it all here
        waiting for me
        And so what of the Gypsy
        What of the “Jinx”
        Never had I come close to Mysteries of the Sphynx
        Cayce was a Traveler- and so the children play
        Daddy was a Keeper of “Honor”
        Not Cayce’s way

        But then when hope was lost
        In my time of deepest despair
        Saving me from death
        Dishonor and pride
        I heard my Cherokee Valkyre Cry
        Come she said I will save you again
        The Perakee can tell you Why
        I peaked and prodded
        I fought and laughed
        The Mystery of the Sphinx soon past
        And then when I decided to go
        I found the Mystery
        Not under the Sphynx
        But the Tomb of Tho

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