IMG_3422dTouch, Trust & The Case for Forensic Ponerology

Abstract—This vertiginous treatment of the war against a just social order avoids political correctness. In two parts, it offers an apposite and unique view of trust’s relationship to human and social development, heterosexual marriage, and destructive cultures of narcissism. The author presents oriental views on social order and governance in terms that aid a description of tradition’s ruin at the hands of an ethno-centric cult that zealously assaults time-honored laws of social cohesion. The paper removes the veneer of any ‘Brave New Progressiveness’, by negotiating a frank synthesis between bio-science, psychology, sociology, veiled history, theology, political science and the transcendent advice of wizened adepts of the human condition. In the end, the case is made for forensic departments of ponerology.

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FABRIC PART I Final Revision


  1. The Book that soured the stomach of Johns descendants but gave them the truth was Injil and Quran i believe – not the Bible. Gypsies were telling Christians 1000 yrs ago when Templar converted to Druze that they found this book- given t o them by Saladin – who is one of my ancestors. Saladin married 30 of his nieces to Templar Islamic converts that returned to Europe- they were more Druze than Muslim because it was a Unitarian faith in Abraham that had stopped the blood letting- Rivers of blood were spared. These men did not care of death – they wanted the truth. I live near town of Albans in WV – named for a Templar convert to Islam who married Salidins neice. And so “Why uncle Johnny the children ask me did Saladin not marry his nephews or sons to European women?” The answer is because men may be brave in battle and protect the tribe but it is snctified women that give birth to a tribe- a sanctified woman can give birth to a Nation. The Mother is our first teacher and their ways of wholesome chastity and following the way of the Lord are passed by the women. I am a mongrel descended from Vikings- Jews- Gypsies- Templar Freemasons sheltered all the heretics of the christ god. But all was lost whe the Freemasons traded their humble cloth of lamb skin for gold and silver and corporate greed. Now Freemasons no longer teach of the way of their Fathers- they teach the mew age lies of self God and a God that could create the Universe but would die on a cross? very sad – but the Lord remains with us – and many Gypsy people realize that the tarot cards and palm readings and robbing these poor Americans is just a way of blasphemy. The new age through gasoline on this Gypsy fire of nonsense – and i am embarrassed but i do my best to oppose them. The Quran may be sour in a christians stomach but the uncorrupted truth of history is in Quran and not the Bible- although even the Bible points there if you can see it

  2. Brilliant! “Traditional family systems comprising clans and tribes are
    naturally ordered groups that provide us with identity markers
    that embrace responsibility, peace, solidarity, care, safety,
    security, hierarchy (order/rank/adab), etc., all of which are
    emotional and spiritual elements that profitably merge to
    fulfill communal needs. Furthermore, all are rooted in social
    systems that honor consanguinity, orthodox conduct codes,
    ancestors, shared values and a common history. Orthodox
    protocols primarily focus on hearthstones and heterosexual
    drives for union, reproduction and a continuum of erotic and
    filial pleasures without too many worldly complications. All is
    centered on the institution of heterosexual marriage.
    In the transcendent language of Sufi metaphysics, marital
    sexual relations are a living analogy that exemplifies our
    endless striving for reunion with an Origin that scientists
    enjoy squabbling over while using their inexplicably derived
    sensorium. However, and excepting a few, the Sufi reunion
    thesis is not in the sense of nirvana but rather, and more
    simply put, describes a return to a place that is free from the
    sinful, evil mischief-makers under discussion.”

    Destroying good tradition and culture is the key. It is done with Mind Control. Albert Pike reformed Scotish rite in 1876 and used Gypsies like Blavatsky and later Cayce to create a World Government. Albert Pike-Edgar Cayce- Blavatsky attempted to destroy the Traditions of a righteous Druze culture that may not have been perfect but it was much better believing that innocence and purity were superior to sorcerery. The New Age movement and watering down moral codes of cultural conduct are being accomplished through mind control. All of these bad tradoitions of astrology-tarot-palm reading- crytals- the whole new age movement is a conspiracy of mind control and cultural destruction.

    They say that Muhammad was a liar in the west and the book given Isa never existed- well ha! Gypsies have always known that the book that sours a Christians stomach was predicted in John’s Revelation- it is Quran. John lived before- Revelation is about Islam in many ways. The book (song- poem- recitation) whatever word you feel to use did exist. I have printed Enjil – lol Injil – i always mispell- but this is a big criticism I face. People minds are being controlled by misinformation. In Revelation Isa comes back holds keys to Hell and smites everyone kiling children and spreading bad morals- Revelation is so similar to Quran in this way- just Christians think the Guy on White Horse is God- Muslims seem corect Isa is not God he is sent by God – what an argument? How to teach people that have been brainwashed by popes and kings and Preachers and lying morally corrupt businessmen. Must Free their minds- teach them the lies – point to historical facts that dispute the lies of the Christian false god and bad tradition. There are many people in the west that are Islamic and do not know this- Isac Newton- many Freemasons do not believe God takes form on earth – meaning Isa could not be “God” because here he was on earth? but arguments solve nothing- Free the mind and truth follows. I am trying to spread the good news but in the west not so easy.

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