Dr. Kenneth Stoller: Vaccines Are Poisoning Children, American Pediatric Assoc. Knows It – YouTube

Please Listen to this extrememly rare and extrememly honest doctor of medicine.

Please visit my antivax data page for more information on the entire problem:

7 Comments on “Dr. Kenneth Stoller: Vaccines Are Poisoning Children, American Pediatric Assoc. Knows It – YouTube

    • Salaam, Yes, I used them years ago … I no longer practice, and also do not have access here. I have seen them work as prophylaxis and cure for vaccine damaged children. I used them routinely for these purposes. wslm

  1. Salaam aleykum loved brother
    A travesty of science & ‘civilization. Voices of dissent demonized, marginalized & more, whilst the crowd cower behind the herd immunity facade (fasad).13 years ago my wife & I had serious reservations about giving the MMR to our son. On discussing this with the doctor, he assured us that it was safe & NECESSARY. We waited for months, & then after much social & medical bullying, finally gave in. Immediately after the shot our son started screaming & crying for a week. Returning to the doctor, he informed us that all ok, he had an unrelated virus & fever. Everywhere we turned we were ignored, shunned & told our obsevations were paranoid & exaggerated, that we were the problem! Our son went from a happy smiling obedient boy, to slowly slipping into being insular, difficult to manage, co-ordination changes, fits of anger, inability to sleep often getting out of bed at all ours of the night, nervous tremors, disinterested in any activity, couldn’t sit still for more than 30 secs, wouldn’t eat etc. At pre-school & then on into primary school we received daily complaints from teachers, our son had no friends & our own social circle diminished very quickly. Our extended family blamed us as bad parents, as do many people, & our son as spoilt & disobedient, rude & difficult. After years of doctors with no result, the school insisted we seek a paediatric assessment at the Royal childrens hospital, where a formal diagnosis of tourette syndrome, autism, ADHD OCD & ODD were ‘diagnosed’, in addition to melatonin deficiency. The paediatrician not only ignored our concern that all this began after the MMR shot, but qualified us as reactionary and in denial. So now we had become the problem. To this day our voice has been sullied & belittled, & our son relegated to the diagnostic dominion of a label on a supermarket shelf of the disabled. May Allah swt grant him peace in the afterlife, as his life in this one is one he hates, often to the point of suicidality. MMR is not just a tale of conspiracy for us, but a nightmare reality. DO NOT HAVE THIS POISON.

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