On Principal And Interest, Hermetic Magick, And The Lords of Time | PSALMISTICE

An Excellent Summary for serious students of the occult, history, and Jewish cunning.

Source: On Principal And Interest, Hermetic Magick, And The Lords of Time | PSALMISTICE

5 Comments on “On Principal And Interest, Hermetic Magick, And The Lords of Time | PSALMISTICE

  1. Salaam aleykum loved brother, Omar in sha Allah you are well & on the mend.
    Great article on not just the occult history & exculpatory nature of paper ledgers, more importantly the intent.
    An interesting note, Florence was the centre for the re-construction of classical rinascimento Italian ie its rebirth. Interestingly the bookkeepers came to be known as RAGGIONIERI, literally those who REASON, hence rennaissance/rinascimento rationalism. A modern colloquial saying is hai raggione, you have reason, you are right, so exculpatory guilt is obfuscated into magical reasoning, also emphasising emphatic ownership of an absolute & simultaneous absolution of right, & the continued oppression & dialectic of RIGHTS!
    On a side note, this has come to my attention Dr Omar, where David Livingstone on his conspiracy site is quite unfairly deprecating & mischievously characterising of Sheikh Imran by loose association as a conspirator! I have left a reply, I respectfully trust your consideration, for balanced justice to your readers who may have been confused or misled by slanderous back biting & circumspect suspicion, both of which are forbidden to the aspiring truthful peaceful believer, mumin al haqq wa salaam.
    Again humble thanks may Allah swt grant you & family sabr & health.
    Love & fi Aman Illah M.

    • Salaam Brother,
      Yes, David went a bit overboard on Imran, I agree, but no one is perfect and the vast quantity of material is far too much for any one man to digest, which is why we need discourse and consultations on a continuum. Thank you for pointing this out. My own position is that it is the folk-soul of the Russian spirit and perhaps the orthodox elan vitae of the Eastern Christian folk-soul is with whom genuine Islam is to ally itself, rather than any political identity. These folk-souls are governed by the unseen (i.e., in the Hand of Allah who turns the hearts of Kings). As Paul said: “Princes and Principalities” — these are not men, but angels and djinn. Hence, becoming politically motivated when reasoning such matters tends toward error or at least ephemeral conclusions. Wslam – omar

      • Salaam aleykum brother Omar,
        Many thanks for your reply & consideration. I agree with your assessment on a communal discourse & mutually consultative & respectful dialogue. With respect to an alliance with Rum, which at the time discussed was more correctly the amalgam of eastern orthodoxy as Byzantium, & nominally Roman, it is clear that those who will be the closest in affection to you are those who say we are Christian, alludes to a divinely inspired amalgam of believers & not necessarily a body politic, least of all Russia or its freemasonic patriarch (s). In this instance I agree with your assesment of the eastern Christian ‘folk soul’. I might add that the intent of the ayat exudes an angelic/jinn inspirational tone of connectedness & a deeper spiritual affinity of tauhid, thus a divine quasi spontaneous affinity & support, as opposed to conjecturally construed political alliances which have a risk of temporal duplicity. I too do not trust Putin, & the synarchism of the east is everpresent in elite statism!
        With respect to David, he has posted a response, if you care to read it, unfortunately it does not address the substantive points raised, and unfortunately is agenda & ideoligically driven. David cleverly avoids responses to addressing fundamental & core issues raised by Sheikh Imran, preferring to whitewash all his work as preposterous theory, charlatanism, and non scholarly as they do not make use of shariah, or classical Islamic sscholarship, this from a postion of ‘conspiracy’ scholarship. To present one paragraph on Sheikh Imran to bolster an alleged histiography of collusion into a postmodernist nicely wrapped timeline of occultic characters, is slanderous & devoid of pure intent. This only serves to increase our divisions, dismiss our commonality, & fuel the fires of discontent, assisting a dajjalic plan to obfuscate & confuse. My apologies to all, however when we respectfully fail to address substantive issues by the light of conjectural bows, then the spectre of suspicion is the reality of the arrow.
        Fi aman Illah

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