Paul Craig Roberts: The evil empire has the world in a death grip — Puppet Masters —

IMG_3422dEditor’s Note: I urge everyone to take a moment to read this ominous assessment, especially my colleagues in finance, banking, logistics, and business management positions as teachers, leaders or government consultants. The present moment is extremely grave and promises no relief, especially from corrupt leadership. You, dear friends, are responsible for what you know and also for what you should have known and then done about it. This is because the latter is part of your ethical responsibility, and the former is part of your training protocol for life-long self-education in your discipline. Stop making excuses for optimism or denial when the facts are laid bare by  men of greater knowledge and primary experience.

Source: Paul Craig Roberts: The evil empire has the world in a death grip — Puppet Masters —

6 Comments on “Paul Craig Roberts: The evil empire has the world in a death grip — Puppet Masters —

  1. Salaam aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu, bismillah & blessings on Nabi, Loved & respected brother Dr Omar, we give thanks to Allah swt for your continued efforts & others such as Sheikh Imran Hosein et al. to eviscerate the satanic veil of obfuscation, treacherous abomination & ‘singular’ agenda to fulfill an avowed promise; our work is to find the righteous path of the peaceful believer, & avoid this calamitous deception, in all its guises. To wit we support your work esp 3rd in series Cain… & relate that the theosophic works of Blavatsky in UK were repackaged in into the US by her successor Alice Bailey, especially in educational structure & curriculum, supported by Rockefeller foundation locally, & Carnegie institute internationally. The pan(theist) humanist agenda of Steiner, whose schools now dot most of the globe, supported by his 1921 & 1926 incorporated weleda co. Inc UK, persisted in forging the current Western hermetic sexual tantric NEW AGE. As you have insightfully pointed out, the new extension to this ancient, what I call ‘Cainine’ tail, is waving the flag of transhumanism, the biggest proponent being the singularity of Ray Kurzweil, & associated appendages which lie in finance, cyto-finance & cyptocurrency, computer sciences esp AI & link to neuroscience, genome & genetics read JINNETICS, energy companies read enerJIN, various foundations & institutions military esp DARPA SPONSORED & OBAMA ‘INITIATED’ BRAIN INITIATIVE. This malevolent program is a worldwide scientific effort to map the human brain, something not to be taken lightly in view of its origins with neuroscientist catholic mason, Ramon Cajal & his cabbalist neuronal dendritic tree along with Platonic contiguous theory on which Cajal & subsequently Delgado who pioneered the ‘stimoceiver’ in the 1950’s led the way for transhumanist bio-computer interface. The ‘stimoceiver’ experiment is available on YouTube in it’s original. The DARPA led Brain Initiative to co-opt the world into this transhumanist utopia is no better revealed than a look at the Janelia labs of Karel Svoboda & his appropriately named GENIE PROJECT; OR AS I REFER TO IT AS ILLUMINISM SCIENCE 101. It combines neuroscience, optics, genetics, electromagnetics, robotics & AI all tued together in computational foundational/institutional high finance. The major proponents of the latter are the Simon institute & its highly secretive algorithm based investment fund ‘Renaissance’, again aptly named, owned by the mathematician Simon who led the string theorists, & turned ‘financier’, & the Allen Institute owned by microsoft’s ‘benevolent’ half Mr Allen. So both computing companies & cryto-finance. The UK based genome research ‘Francis Crick institute’ also forms the backbone to this malevolent contiguous leviathan, & has as we speak & Islamic scholarship sleeps, received approval by HEFA for HUMAN EMBRYO GENE EDITING!!! Add to this the CERN project with uninterrupted Italian directorship since inception & take note of it’s participation in Brain initiative, as well as it’s inter-dimensional project aims quantum physics/mechanics & particle theory , along with so called Higgs Boson. NB Pakistani physicist, Abdul Salam, the only Pakistani to have won a nobel prize, who was the pioneer of Higgs Bosin, was Ahmaddiya, & left Pakistan for London in protest for Ahmaddiya being expelled from Islam!!! The new Hadron collider, set for completion 2029 is the LHC; L standing for LUMINOSITY, using an array of crystal optics. The Italian director of CERN 2015, stated more or less, “who knows what dimensions we might find & what comes out & what we might send in”. In each case luminar optics electromagnetics focus on seeing further into Brain & cosmos!!! Cuople this with the new LIGO WAVES ( THINK WAVE UPON WAVE AS IN GOG & MAGOG), & a picture emerges. As we read the reissue of Economic Hitman let us bare in mind, not only the above, but the secretive again Obama initiated global trade deals the TTIP & TPP set to enslave the planet in transhumanist transgenic & singular cyto-finance electromagnetically charged & polarized net. It is not too late for the TPP to be opposed in Malaysia!!! The singulariry (dajjalic one eye), we submit, is planning a postmodern army of GOG & MAGOG encryted into an unwary ‘mass’, clamboring for connectedness. Google has entered this fray with its DEEP MIND project! There is much to be said & researched in these fields particularly in light of Sura Ta Ha 20:16 & sura Ar Rahman 55:33-55 esp note 55:55. Again loved & respected brother Omar jazak Allag khair for your insights. I would be humbled to continue this dialogue in a more private forum as there is us much to share. May Allah swt bless your work & tenure in KL praying to one day in sha Allah to study under Sheik Imran Hossein & yourself one day, some guidance would be appreciated. Forgive my diatribe born of anger to Cain’s incestuous creed, fi aman Illah lived brother.

    • Salaam Dear Brother, I see you are very familiar with the problem … mash’Allah. Nothing can be done however … one must prepare to protect those under your right hand. This is no time for crusading … retreat as the Prophet said. I myself am retiring this year, isnh”allah. Wasalaaam. dr omar

      • Wa aleykum salaam dearest brother, we couldn’t agree more, & many apologies for the tardy response, we had difficulties getting our comment through. We had been trying to contact you via email, & should this have duplicated or become intrusive, please forgive us; we too are seeking the Valley of refuge with some sheep, & had ‘the muslim village’ somewhere in Malaysia in mind, as we are currently embedded in the land of rapined indegenous custodians aboriginal land. It is to this challenge that we seek some guidance, & community, & also in studying with sheikh Imran Hosein. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated, as we are aware that strategic withdrawal from abominable contamination is crucial, as is knowledge!!! No the time for ‘crusade’ is not timely nor advantageous now!!!
        Jazak Allah khair Fi Aman Illah!

      • Salaam,

        I cannot speak for Sheikh Imran or his plans for teaching, etc. As for me, I am confining my teaching to writing and online correspondence, except for a few students here in KL until I retire later this year to Thailand. There is another brother, also named Imran, who moved here from England with his family and is in the process of constructing a village. His email is Write to him and see what he might suggest considering your circumstances. Wasalaam and may Allah grant you His refuge. – omar

      • Salaam aleykum loved brother Omar,
        Jazak Allah khair for your timely honest advice & dua. We will attempt to contact brother Imran re village, in sha Allah. It is with humility that we accept your brotherhood, it is rare indeed to have found via Allah’s swt Rahma someone with similar views. We shall continue to follow your online material, & dialogue in this manner from time to time, if it is an amenable addition for you. We would be honoured to one day meet in person in this world & the next, in sha Allah. Thailand, an interesting choice! A pro po this choice, there is an interesting school community which has developed in the jungle of thailand led by the ‘solar monk’. I’m not sure if he is dalai tantric though; here’s the link
        We too ask that Allah swt bless your refuge efforts, increase you in knowledge, grant you a righteous wife & obedient children who will be the moistness of your eyes! May Allah grant you, your family those you love & they love, those you see, & they see, those you touch & are thoughtful of & they touch & are thoughtful of a community of incresed strenghth of discernment & firdaus. We cannot but express our gratitude to you in a righteous love!!!
        Fi aman Illah loved brother Omar
        Respectfully Muhammad & family.

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