Notice of Subscriptions for Limited Book Editions

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Salaam and Hello to All,

Thank you for visiting.  Mr. David Pidcock and I invite your subscriptions for two limited book editions to be printed and distributed from London. Any amount will do. We have already collected about 1,000 pounds for the effort. These titles are to be distributed freely but your subscription will guarantee you one copy each provided you pay for postage.

Please remit whatever you can afford to my paypal service at  labeled “Book Subscription”

If you are in Malaysia and would like to reserve a copy, please deposit whatever you can (include some additional for postage) to the following CIMB account #02040008673209 (c/o L.J. Owsiany, Jr.)  and drop me an email to inform me and confirm.

Refuge from the Damned is a first print. Trinity is a 3rd edition and printing.

If you prefer any other arrangement, please write to me at my email.

Thank you kindly and Wasalaam,

dr omar

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2 Comments on “Notice of Subscriptions for Limited Book Editions

  1. Dr.zaid

    I want to subscribe for book Refuge from the damned

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