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Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.31.27 pmEditor’s Remark:  This is from one of my readers (thank you Arlan), who offers a persuasive argument for the long term tactical maneuverings now centered on Syria. Enjoy and learn.

01 OCT 2015

Salaam Dr Zaid,

Just want to share something and want your input, so maybe you can put pieces together as an article in your blog.  Looking at the event taking place in syria now and even before Russian intervention, things do sound suspicious, Bibi’s visit to Moscow just before putin’s speech at the UN.
After I read this article http://thesaker.is/finally-some-clarity-about-the-russian-plans-about-syria/ I thought of a comment written by an englishman residing in Australia by the name of Adrian with whom I exchanged messages back then when the blog iraq-war.ru was still running. I found him to be genius about his analysis and only now I could see things heading the way he predicted. Here is his comment:

The Syrian Mincer

By Adrian

First posted – August 26, 2012 “Iraq War” — During WW1, the Germans soon realized that they were in a war of attrition. The side that could kill the most of their enemy would win. So they devised a cunning plan! They feigned an attempted break-through in the French sector at Verdun. But their true aim was to seize a site that was sacred to French pride, knowing that local geography, heavy artillery, and the machine gun would demand a high price in French lives in any effort to retake it. The strategy was called “The Mincer”. There were hundreds of thousands of casualties, the army mutinied – it almost worked!

Now fast-forward to 2012. After their victories in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, the Sunni fundamentalists are on a roll! Who will be their next target? Russia in the Caucasus and Central Asia? China in Xinxiang? The world oil supply in the Gulf? French colonies in North Africa? Or Israel itself! The Sunni are a threat to many, including their own rulers. Their fighters must now know that Allah is on THEIR side. How is the world to eliminate this threat?

The greatest problem is that the Sunni resistance have so far refused open battle against superior military forces. Instead they opt for insurgency, conserving their resources, and using them wisely. How are they to be beaten? The plan is to trick them! Offer them a prize they cannot refuse! Tempt them into fighting a set-piece battle that they think they CAN win! Then slaughter as many of their fighters as possible.

Syria is the bait! The fall of Syria would give them a country, a front-line against Israel, and weaken Iran. It could lead to a broader Sunni/Shia war that eliminates their Saudi/GCC leaders, and Turkey. It may even cause WW3, in which their infidel enemies, the US, Russia, and China eliminate each other! The Syrian campaign offers the Sunni resistance opportunities that are almost too good to be true. And that’s because it is! The Sunni have taken the bait and accepted a fixed battle which pits their lightly armed fighters against a heavily armed and motivated Syrian army. They believe that a distracted NATO will support them with airstrikes, as they did in Libya. It is a trap! They will be killed in their tens of thousands, whilst they wait in vain for NATO air-support. This is the Syrian Mincer!

The Russians are “in” on this ruse! Their UN veto will be used as the excuse the US needs to keep their promised air-support grounded! Russia will keep the Syrians supplied with the weapons needed to kill the Sunni. And the poor Syrians will thank them, unaware that the Russian “stray dog” has chosen their country as the killing ground.
The disputes between Russia and the US are an elaborate part of this fraud! They collude together in Afghanistan, train together in Arizona, but claim to be on the verge of WW3 in Syria! The threat of an Israeli attack on Iran is also a fraud, to make-believe that the Zionist priorities have changed. There are no Iranian nukes, and any strike by a weakened US will lead to disaster! Even their advisors admit to this. It’s all a fake, part of the plan to defang a rampant Sunni, who are the real threat to the Old World Order.

So sit back and watch The Mincer at work! There will be no grand “false-flag” attack to justify an attack on Iran, no NATO airstrikes on Syria, only the maintenance of the promise of one, and no WW3! Nothing must be allowed to stop The Mincer from doing its work…eliminating the Sunni “hot-heads” in their jihad! Remember: “By deception, shall we make war!” – MOSSAD!

What are your thoughts Dr Zaid? thank you.

Salaam Arlan,

Thanks.  I agree.  The overall plan is to

(1) Have Muslims kill as many Muslims as possible (this is particularly Satanic as there is no remedy for the consequent damnation);
(2) Incite a massive ME civil war between Shia & Sunnis;
(3) Mop up the balance;
(4) totally defame Islam in the eyes of the world;
(5) Relocate the UN to Jerusalem as world mediator of everything

Hence, when Russia does take Constantinople with Muslim help, they will consolidate and afterwards turn on their raghead allies.

Obviously Allah’s plan is better, but I don’t think He much minds allowing Iblis to send millions more to hellfire for misguided fanaticism and the mass murder of their brothers and sisters plus the innocents under their hands (think Yemen).