The Subversion of Reason by Dr. Omar

Photo on 9-10-15 at 11.45 amAbstract— In light of recent neurological and related scientific research, this paper suggests that political evil is the socially engineered consequence of nominally reputable institutions that school its manufacture on a continuum The author attempts to synthesize a précis of sufficiently well refereed inter-disciplinary knowledge to scientifically account for the extraordinary post 9/11 evolution of micro- to macro-political control of global human resolve. The principles posited remained enigmatic until recently but echo those of ancient mystery religions. References to Kant, Vygotsky and other polymaths aid this effort to adequately describe a developing typology that decrypts the profound riddle of human cognition and thought that impedes corrective educational strategies.

Keywords-     allegory, cognitive dissonance, cults, hermaneutics, infrasensibility, political evil, neuroplasticity, neuropolitics, propaganda, psychological warfare, recursive suggestion, semiotics, sensus communis, subliminal.

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The Subversion of Reason    17 Oct 2015

Dear Omar Zaid:

Your paper, “THE SUBVERSION OF REASON”, was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for: AARN: Cognitive Anthropology (Topic), AARN: Emerging Areas of Theory (Sub-Topic), AARN: Other Political Anthropology (Topic), AARN: Theory (Topic), CSN: Politics (Topic), PRN: Philosophy of Psychology & Cognitive Science (Topic), PSN: Other Political Theory: Political Philosophy (Topic) and Philosophy of Mind eJournal.


Michael C. Jensen
Social Science Research Network

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