Faurisson’s Exposure of the Holocaust Hoax

  • All true Felix. It must be said that Irving NEVER wrote a single book on the holo and was only partially informed of revisionist arguments.
    He also distanced himself from the holocaust revisionists, not calling a single one of the best people to help him out during the trials.
    Big mistakes that cost him dearly.

  • Notice a bit of superficial similarity between Faurisson and Wiesel, they are also about the same age.

    Jews will use that last couple of shots for their purposes and Ellie Wiesel will reword



    (I swear by my photoshopped Birkenau tattoo that all vows, oaths, promises and anathemas …)

  • “the extermination gas chamber shown to tourists in Auschwitz was a mock-up or “dummy”. It had never gassed a single Jew. It had been built by the Russians after the war.” : question : why haven`t the Russians spoken out?

  • Ingrid,
    as darlington wrote, the holohoax was largely ‘made in the USSR’.
    ALL alleged ‘death camps’ were liberated by the Soviets.
    The current Russian government uses the myths of the great patriotic war as a uniting national myth for the new RF, as i explained some time ago, and the holo atrocity tales feature into this notion of the Soviet Union as a force for good and freecdom.
    Speaking out would harm the ‘great patriotic war’ national myth, make people curious about just what other things are not true re the soviet participation in the war(many russian historians have already documented the soviet build up for an invasion of Germany), etc. It just is NOT in Russia’s interests.
    There are many others who profit from the holo tales, including the traitorous German political class of today.

      1. Darlington, Luca K, thanks for explaining. Personally I believe in Putin, who probably has to toe the diplomacy line, to a degree, but, didn`t he recently snub the holo-hoaxers, by not attending the most recent commemoration? It could have been down to sour grapes, but I have a feeling he has his own opinions about world affairs, and he has to be admired for his unconditional support for Crimea, Syria, and Iran..

  • @Gilbert

    I don’t know about you, but my radar went up after hearing about the alleged shooting down in your neck of the woods last week. Notice how the alleged father of one of the alleged victims almost IMMEDIATELY went on national TV to start a gun control campaign.

    I know people grieve in different ways, but I said to my wife if that were OUR daughter that was really killed there’s no way I could have gone on TV like that. I would have been a total wreck.

    Something rotten in the State of Virginia. Smells like more serving of a nefarious agenda just like the hollow-hoax.

  • I recall as a kid reading Time/Life’s WW2 history series. I recall reading the “meeting of the minds” claim in the book on the “holocaust” and thinking even then that it didn’t make sense, almost to the point of it seeming like an infantile way to try and explain something.

  • The holocaust myth is just as believable as the tall tales found in the Old Testament. And interestingly enough, both were written by Jews who appear to have an in-born gift for inventing outlandish tales that only simple minded people take seriously.

  • And … Putin too makes holocaust denial punishable by 5 years in jail. He will probably roll right over and bring in US style Noahide Laws too, in preparation for extermination of HIS goyim as well, just to finish off the job his real masters started in Russia in 1917. Putin is a fake Christian and a traitor. When he says the holocaust is genuine, he is a fake, through and through. The cold war was a sham. It was just used by the Jews on both ‘sides’ as an excuse to build even more lethal nuclear weapons to exterminate all the goyim with.


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