A Letter from Sarajevo on Vaccines

Dear Brother, Dr. Zaid,

I live in Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a small country in Europe and we are an authentic Muslim community. Perhaps you heard about us, we passed a horrible war 20 years ago, most horrible in Europe, after World War II. Few things just to introduce me 
How did I find our brother dr. Omar Zaid? And what do I want?  I’ll try to explain the best way I can (I’m not an English native speaker, I hope you’ll understand me ). I am a mother and was deeply concerned about vaccination since my colleague told me that her son got leukemia after vaccine shot. Her life and her son’s life were completely destroyed. This was like one of those moments changing your life. So I did my homework – I read a lot of books, publications, research results and watched a lot of lectures about vaccination and its ineffectiveness, damages and other side effects.
I saw that many doctors are warning that vaccines are causing leukemia. Dr. Petar Ivanovski also said at the World’s Congress of Children’s Oncology in Oslo in 2014 that vaccines (DiTePer) cause leukemia and offered a prove. There are so many doctors and other experts (as well as famous people like Robert Kennedy – nephew of former US president Kennedy) who are against vaccines like Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, dr. Andrew Wakefiled, dr. Andrew Moulden, dr. Gehard Buchwald, dr. Guylaine Lanctot, dr. Mayer Eisenstein, dr. Archie Kalokerinos, dr. J. Anthony Morris, dr. Jane M. Orient, dr. Johan Loibner, dr. Tony Bark, dr. Boyd Haley, dr. Suzanne Humphries, dr. Viera Scheibner, dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, dr. Sherry Tenpenny, dr. Vjera Vladimirovna Gorodilova, dr. Galina Borisovna Kiriliceva, dr. Galina Vjaceslavona Kozlovskaja, dr. Larisa Grigorevna Kuzmenko and so on.
Among the doctors, there is also dr. Rebecca Carley is was warning people that vaccines are weapon for mass destruction. In Kazahstan dr. Raisa Sadikovna Amandzolova conducted an experiment with rabbits – she and her group of doctors vaccinated rabbits and the fifth’s generation lost its reproductive health, they couldn’t have posterity. All the doctors around the world are telling us the same things: vaccines aren’t effective and safe, on the contrary vaccines are harmful and are one of the biggest lie ever. I was horrified and somewhere deep inside of me, I got the idea that vaccines were Dajjal’s weapon.
I could also mention that vaccination started in 1796. and was launched from British island by Edward Jenner who wasn’t even a doctor, he was a “quack“ and the whole vaccination dogma was based on his idea. It has never been proven that vaccination is science, it is a medieval dogma. It started at the same period when Rothschild family and other „powerful people“ took over the banking system, monetary system, media and all other „important things“, starting from British island and spread across the world.
100 years later also happened something very strange in USA. The study of medical education in USA and Canada also known as the Carnegie Foundation Bulletin Nr.4 was the base for the Carnegie Foundation to monopolize medical schools, hospitals and all other medical institutions. Abraham Flexner (neither a physician nor a medical scientist), author of this study also known as Flexner Report was brother of Simon Flexner, employed by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

This Report was published in 1910. and the purpose was to improve the quality of medical service by establishing professional medical education based on mainstream scientific principles. But what was accepted as science in the early 20th century? The theory of materialism – rising in the 17th century – holds that the only existing thing is matter, everything is composed of material and all phenomena (including consciousness, human soul and spirit) are the result of material interactions. Matter is the only substance. When a hypothesis is repeated long enough, it often becomes a fundamental rule of life, it is assumed to be true.
Before the Flexner Report was released, twice as many physicians practiced alternative medicine than conventional allopathic medicine and medical knowledge was taught in small schools all over the USA. The Report changed and backed by the police power of each American medical schools were obligated to follow the trend of the Carnegie Foundation. Herbs, homeopathy, chiropractic and massage were demoted as quackery. Small medical schools were either closed or merged into universities financially supported by industrial companies.
The Report included a detailed regulation of medical education and pharmacology as the only solution against dreadful diseases. According to the present day consequences of the Report, no medical school can be created without the permission of government and medical research adheres fully to the protocols of scientific research (of the 1910s – materialism, medication and vaccination). Supply of physicians were restricted, incomes of the remaining practitioners raised and conventional medical schools begun to be centralized. In 1970s, WHO obtained the control over medicine as the validity of the Flexner’s Report was extended worldwide. And what was the long-term result of reforming the medical education and practice?
After 100 years, we must raise a question: What went wrong? Despite of the huge amount of money accumulated in the pharmacy industry, there are more dreadful diseases and sick people today than ever. We will find the answers in the Flexner Report, a documentation that created and enabled the terms of a centralized medical system and pharmacy industry to take over the control. You have to create enemies when you want to keep people fearful and to control them. Since religious beliefs were dismissed when materialism was accepted, the new beliefs had to be scientific: viruses, bacteria, etc. Dr. Guylaine Lanctot wrote about this subject in her book Medical mafia, — I wrote many sentences here from a lecture of hers.
Something similar happened when gold was prohibited to use as money. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn described in his book Confessions of a Medical Heretic, modern medicine is a religion which we supposed to accept without any questions and „the God of this religion is death“.
But why are vaccines so important to me? Because innocent creatures cannot choose,their parents make the choice whether their children will be vaccinated or not. We all have the opportunity to make choice about anything, even about believing in God. We can decide whether to go to banks, drink alcohol, make whatever we want with our lives. Adults can decide whether want to accept chemotherapy, radiation, corticosteroids and other tools of modern medicine. Babies cannot make such choice.
Poison nr.1 in their lives are vaccines. Just when the immune system is in the process of forming, we are bombarding it with dozens of poisons and then we ask ourselves: what is wrong today with our children? I think that there is no coincidence that children mostly get vaccinated until their age of two, the most important two years in the process of forming an immune system (no wonder that babies should be breast fed during their first two years). These people know it, these powerful people who are introducing fassad in every little part in our life, these sick and obsessed people who are ruling the world, they know it, so they are destroying our immune system at the very beginning.
I asked a hafiz in my country about vaccines, he told me that vaccines were „modern way to destroy families“. One other hafiz from Bosnia, told my husband’s friend that vaccines were weapons being used by Dajjal to keep people controlled, so that they cannot get away from his system. He thinks that when Dajjal appears and we see him, it won’t be the problem to recognize him, the problem will be to get away from him, from his system, because of vaccines. Well, since vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry (Big Pharma) and vaccinated children become customers for life like dr. Sherry Tenpenny once said, it isn’t difficult to understand thoughts of this hafiz, although this would be just one aspect of enabling people to get away from Dajjal’s control.
I could also add that vaccines are not the only way of destroying immune system of babies. There are other stupid pediatric tips. Mothers who don’t breast feed their babies are prohibited to feed them with real cow’s or goat’s milk. Instead of that, they must feed it with industrial milk, „specially made for babies“. And this also by the age of two. You are prohibited to give to your little child honey because it can cause some serious health issues, also by the age of two. No, you can’t feed your child with cow’s milk and with honey but you can fill each with mercury, formaldehyde, aspartame and other neurotoxins. I made a mistake when I concluded vaccines were Dajjal’s weapon, almost the whole modern medicine was Dajjal’s weapon.
I also compared vaccinated and non-vaccinated children from all people I know – friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues. Non-vaccinated children are healthier, they rarely go to doctor since they have no health issues. The vaccinated ones are constantly ill – either they have flu all the time and have to take antibiotics or they got leukemia (my sister in law’s daughter), epilepsy, autism, and other dreadful diseases. So I concluded that appearance and reality were opposite to each other just like in many other cases related to Dajjal.
I was thinking – what kind of protection are vaccines? They should protect you, but they also could kill you or damage you for the rest of your life. This is very strange. I don’t know anything like that that Allah s.w.t. created. Doctors say, ok maybe there are some negative side effects of vaccines but the benefits are more important. Autism is a small negative side effect? Leukemia also? I live my life and enjoy all the possibilities in my life but my colleague’s son (mentioned at the beginning) had to pay a big price so that I could enjoy the life? He had to pay it with leukemia? No one can build his own happiness on the misfortune of somebody else. Or we could say it in another way: do the damaged and murdered kids and their parents have to pay the price (with their life and health) so that all of us, the rest of mankind could enjoy the welfare of vaccines? No, thank you very much, my God is not like that.
I could give you hundreds of cases what vaccines caused, only in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can give vaccines to little babies, they can’t even verbalize what’s going on.
Many Muslim doctors signed an initiative of FIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Associations) to use a historical opportunity to eradicate polio disease among Muslim countries http://fimaweb.net/cms/index.php/template-articles/messages/37-news-a-announcements/fima-news/474-world-polio-day-24-october-2014
I red about polio vaccination in India and Pakistan and as I understood, Bill Gates’ Foundation donated funds for this vaccination. The result in India: 47.500 cases of paralysis and death http://nsnbc.me/2013/05/08/bill-gates-polio-vaccine-program-caused-47500-cases-of-paralysis-death/
http://vactruth.com/2014/10/05/bill-gates-vaccine-crimes/ – India holds Bill Gates accountable for his vaccine crimes. We’ll see results of vaccination in Pakistan. Like we can see from an article of Brian Shilhave, children in Pakistan are being vaccinated at gunpoint http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/children-around-the-world-vaccinated-at-gunpoint-is-the-u-s-heading-in-the-same-direction/
I can’t check whether this is true or not but I know that Bill Gates publically said that vaccines should help in decreasing population. Vaccination is so good that it has to be mandatory and supported by guns?!
If we look at the result of experiment with vaccinated rabbits in Kazahstan, maybe we won’t be able in 50 or 75 years to talk to anyone about Islam or anything. Remember, the fifth generation of vaccinated rabbits couldn’t have posterity and we have second (somewhere also the third) generation of vaccinated children. We’ll see who is more durable – rabbits or mankind. In case we stand up together, that would be incredible synergy. This is very important subject. Please ask your audience about vaccines, maybe we could hear something interesting and helpful.
I am not a scholar, I am just a mother who wishes all the best to my child and wishes also all the best to other innocent creatures. But I don’t know a lot of people. I already talked to everyone I knew about vaccination – some of them listened to me, some of them called me crazy. You have a lot of audience. People listen to you. Muslim community respects you. Do we really want to inject fetal tissue in our babies? Do Muslims really want it? Do we really want to inject formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, swine tissue, etc? I don’t have to particularize further anymore. Please talk about this subject during your lectures. If we don’t talk about it today, perhaps tomorrow we won’t have anyone to talk to – our children will be dead, autistic (every second child in USA will have autism by 2025) or have leukemia, asthma, cancer or other health issues. Nobel Prize winner Bertrand Russell wrote a book called The Impact of Science on Society, he wrote extensively about how vaccinations filled with mercury and other brain damaging compounds would induce partial chemical lobotomies and develop a servile zombie population.

“Diet, injections and injunctions will combine, from a very young age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable. And any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.” – Bertrand Russell.
I also found that dr. Mohamed Al-Bayati, he is a forensic toxicologist and pathologist, is speaking about vaccines. He was included in Alan Yurko’s case when a father was accused for „shaken baby syndrome“ like he killed his baby and was imprisoned with a life sentence. The baby actually died because of vaccine shot. You can see his role in this case on Youtube channeI – Vaccine Nation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iM-oYmLoIw
I will contact him too, insa’Allah to see if there is a possibility that prominent and distinguished Muslims around the world come up with a synchronized attitude on vaccines. Doctors telling that vaccines are harmful get fired and lose their license, parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children are facing a huge pressure at hospitals by pediatrician to vaccinate their children. In some countries parents don’t have the possibility to choose if they want to vaccinate their child or not, parents being closed for murdering their children what actually vaccines did….Are we sure the Nazi’s regime isn’t ruling the world?
Once again why I think that vaccines are Dajjal’s weapon:
1. The basis of vaccines is fear – the whole medical system is frightening parents with dreadful diseases; if you want to control the people, you have to keep them fearful. If something is good, people will know it, you don’t have to force them to do something. You don’t have to force people to eat honey, they know that honey is very important for their health, people are not stupid.
2. Lack of evidence that vaccines are effective as well as safe – on the contrary, there are so many evidence that vaccines are ineffective and dangerous (killing and damaging children for life). The system is trying to convince us that vaccines are good without evidence by using fear and guns. Well, we know other parts of life where the system is trying to do the same thing by using oppression.
Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD once said “There has never been a single vaccine in this country [the USA] that has ever been submitted to a controlled scientific study. They never took a group of 100 people who were candidates for a vaccine, gave 50 of them a vaccine and left the other 50 alone to measure the outcome. And since that hasn’t been done, that means if you want to be kind, you will call vaccines an unproven remedy. If you want to be accurate, you’ll call people who give vaccines “quacks”.
Since there are no evidence of effectiveness and safety, then whether it is a lie or I don’t know else – vaccines were introduced when diseases were in decline and vaccines were presented as the best invention ever. “According to the records of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, from 1911 to 1935 the four leading causes of childhood deaths from infectious diseases in the U.S.A. were diptheria, pertussis, scarlet fever, and measles. However, by 1945 the combined death rates from these causes had declined by 95% before the implementation of mass vaccine programs.” – Dr. Harold Buttram, MD

3. Mankind was not vaccinated for thousands of years and in 1796, a quack Edward Jenner started with this medieval dogma on British Island. Then this brutal practice became mandatory in USA according to Flexner’s report in 1910. and later all over the world. There were used same coercive measures as in prohibiting using the gold as money in last century. State monopolized medicine as well as “money supply”. Flexner report was published and applied in 1910. and the US Federal Reserve System was established just three years later in 1913. During 1970s WHO used Flexner Report to globalize medicine and to implement its principles all around the world. Now we have globalized food production – GMO, globalized weather control – HAARP, globalized monetary system, globalized medicine, globalized lifestyle, etc. If something is suitable for mass consumption, then we need to move in the opposite direction.
4. Dr. Rebecca Carley is warning us that vaccines are being used as weapon for mass destruction. This woman gave up on her career to speak truth. She is a children’s surgeon and court’s expert for vaccine induced diseases. Well, we should listen what this woman has to tell us. How many people do we know who gave up on their career to speak truth? I know just a few of them. If you talk against vaccines the system will expel you, system will silence you. Top doctors reveal vaccines turn our immune system against us. Well, this perfectly fits into Dajjal’s matrix and a sick mind that is ruling the world.
5. Studies prove without doubt that unvaccinated children are far healthier than their vaccinated peers – appearance and reality are opposite to each other. They are frightening us with dreadful diseases but if you really want to see what’s really true, you’ll see that there are no dreadful diseases. The truth is that vaccinated kids infect non vaccinated kids. When you choose not to vaccinate your child it looks like you’re jumping into fire but you are actually rescuing your child. “When Dajjal appears, he will have fire and water along with him. What the people will consider as cold water, will be fire that will burn. So, if anyone of you comes across this, he should fall into the thing which will appear to him as fire, for in reality, it will be fresh cold water.” [Sahih Bukhari…] You don’t have to reed studies and check if the statement that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated ones was true. Ask your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, your colleagues who chose not to vaccinate their children. You’ll find out that these are very healthy children, they never have any serious health issue.We have more and more vaccines but our children are not becoming healthier, they are becoming sicker. Appearance and reality are completely opposite to each other.
Before my dear husband and I chose not to vaccinate our daughter, I prayed Istihara and asked Allah s.w.t. to guide us. And He gauided us. Alhamdulillah. I advice all of us – pray Istihara before vaccinating your children. One group of doctrors is lying (mainstream doctors, not all of them). There can’t be two different versions of truth. Ask Allah s.w.t. to show you the right side.

Thank you in advance for your answer. I wish you all the best. In case I could help you in anything, please contact me.
May I kindly ask you, in case that you or talk about vaccines in future, to send me a link of lecture.
May Allah s.w.t. give you all the best.
With love and respect,
Worried mother from Sarajevo

4 Comments on “A Letter from Sarajevo on Vaccines

  1. Jazak Allah Khayran for this thorough research into the topic
    Of vaccinations! I am anti-vaccine thanks to a Bosnian friend who opened my eyes! I am so surprised that more Muslims aren’t talking about this very serious issue

  2. She is perfectly right to say some people will call you crazy when you start talking against vaccines. It’s an established dogma for them. Once I was discussing the trap of vaccines with a few muslim brothers, but out of their ignorance, they start argueing and get mad at me!!!
    It’s good to hear that in Sarajevo, some imams & hafiz looks at vaccines as a dajjal weapon… but in other part of the world, the sheikh, mufti imams , etc are quite the contrary and says if your doctor recommend vaccines fior you, the it’s GOOD!!! I also hates to attend some muslim gathering as most of the foods they serve are : Mc Burger — GMO, PEPSI & COKE ( ZIonist and carcinogen beverages). I NO LONGER JOIN FOR IFTAR AT THE MASJIDS FOR QUITE OBVIOUS REASONS— MOST MUSLIMS ARE IGNORANT AND CONSUME JUNK FOOD A GOGO.

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