Malaria Apparently Cureable Without Big Pharma’s Antibiotics or Vaccines

Chiang Mai Jan 2015
Chiang Mai Jan 2015

The Field trial referred to below took place in Uganda in 2012.  It is in no way proof, however, there are strong indicators that it worked and common sense dictates it should be looked into seriously.  Nevertheless, shenanigan mischief appears to be afoot and each reader/viewer must draw their own conclusions. Initially, my response accords with the author’s: it is genocidal, unscientific and politically correct arrogance that dictates the censorship. Not to proceed with further studies to determine the efficacy is tantamount to murderous intent.

LEAKED- Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS – YouTube

Proof the #RedCross Cured 154 #Malaria Cases …

Health in the CNMI: The real, honest-to-God cure for every disease?

THERE are so many reasons to ignore Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS that I am surprised that I am writing about it. But there’s a good reason for doing so: it works.

First, the bad news. Jim Humble is not merely a scientist, he’s an archbishop of a church called the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. His primary product is MMS, but there are other products also.

So we have an “archbishop” touting a “miracle” treatment. Is that flaky enough for you?

But wait a sec. What if — by some remote chance — the guy was legit and his MMS was able to cure 154 malaria patients in Uganda? That the cures were 100 percent confirmed, supervised by the Uganda Red Cross, the International Red Cross, the Water Reference Center, and documented by those who witnessed the blood tests.

154 people with malaria were treated. 100 percent were cured. Moreover, most of the people were cured within one day. That is, they drank MMS on Tuesday, and by Wednesday they were malaria-free.

The Red Cross didn’t want to be associated with a “miracle” cure, so they fabricated press releases which distanced them from the event. They lied, and they were caught in the lie by their own staff, who shot video of the patients and treatment.

Here is the video, taken by a Red Cross worker:

Or, visit YouTube and enter “LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS.”

There are two stories here.

The first is about MMS and how it works. The second is about the politics of medicine, and why the major health institutions of the world do not want you to know about this stuff.

If it were widely know that there was a safe, non-toxic treatment for most chronic diseases, the medical establishment would do everything possible to prevent this information from becoming public. That is what is happening now.

Why would the medical establishment oppose MMS?

Because if individuals could buy a safe, effective treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses — $20 for a year’s supply — then they wouldn’t need to see a doctor nearly as often. All they need to do is to take MMS as directed, and be restored to health. That is, without office visits, expensive tests, or costly pharmaceuticals.

Thousands of people have already done this, and this is of grave concern to the medical establishment, and to the FDA.

So what exactly is MMS?

It is a liquid you drink. It is prepared by adding sodium chlorite solution to an acid base, such as citric acid. Mixing these two liquids together forms a new compound, sodium dichloride.

If you buy the “kit” you get a bottle of sodium chlorite solution and also a bottle of citric acid solution. Put three drops of each into an empty glass and let them mix. The solution will turn yellow. Then add 3 ounces of water and stir. Now it is ready, and safe, to drink.

What does it do?

MMS can “cure” or mitigate a broad spectrum of diseases. This includes cancer, diabetes, autism, and parasitical infections. These are not idle claims: there are heartfelt testimonials from those who have recovered, on YouTube, and there are a lot of them.

Although it is touted as a “pathogen killer” this does not explain how it can successfully treat autism, diabetes, or other non-pathogenic diseases.

From (Adam Abraham), Nov. 6, 2014:

“Nathan Carr is a man in this thirties who first contacted me in 2012 as I wrote and published articles reflecting a new interpretation of the biochemistry of MMS.

“This new understanding ran counter to the ‘pathogen killer’ hypothesis, submitting evidence that the actual heroes were revivified blood cells producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), as a product of the Krebs Cycle, also referred to as the citric acid cycle.

“Evidence suggested that MMS actually produced an electron-reduced, negatively charged, stable molecule referred by some as chlorine dioxide anion (ClO2-), or the chlorite matrix.

“The answer to how pathogens can be eradicated by way of cellular revivification and ATP production lies in the change in the ecological environment within the body itself.

“The restoration of cellular energy production makes the creation of new microbial life possible, such as aerobic microorganisms (bacteria) that naturally manage/consume anaerobic ones.

“While it wasn’t my intention, presenting this alternate explanation through articles and videos created some distance between myself and Jim Humble, the patriarch of MMS. However, it made sense to Nathan Carr, who had been on his own journey into the quagmire of standard medical treatments, but had been helped by taking MMS.”

Without more data, it’s impossible to know the actual mechanism by which MMS works — whether it kills pathogens directly, or because of the production of ATP. I am inclined to agree with the latter. That, at least, would explain the “cures” of autism and diabetes. If either is true, it’s revolutionary and, maybe it really is a “miracle.”


The FDA has been on the warpath against MMS and is trying to ban it in the USA.

They cannot claim that it is toxic, because it is completely safe and has not harmed anyone. The FDA checked 70,000 people who used MMS, and one person developed a stomach ache. That’s it. A stomach ache. Nobody died and nobody got sick.

In response, Jim Humble pointed out that FDA-approved pharmaceuticals kill approximately 100,000 people each year, and that, according to JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) is a “conservative” statistic.

But it’s not just the FDA

There is a full-court press of disinformation on the internet, claiming that Humble’s product is essentially bleach, or something used to clean industrial carpeting.

Be on the lookout for “Health Wyze Report.” It is a disinformation site. It presents nasty, fake, data about Jim Humble and his products. Clearly, they are funded by some powerful organization which prefers that you die instead of getting well.

There is another nasty site by “Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant.” It also contains outright fabrications, presented to discredit the efficacy of MMS and Jim Humble. We can only wonder who’s paying him to smear something which has cured thousands of people.

I tell you this: if I had a terrible chronic disease, such as cancer or diabetes, I would buy several bottles of MMS and take it faithfully, the way thousands of others have done.

Although malaria — a pathogenic disease — can be cured almost immediately, cancer, diabetes, and autism usually require months of daily treatment. Still, there are YouTube videos of passionate individuals who have cured themselves and their loved ones with MMS.

Although MMS is not available locally, it is available from several internet sites, including eBay.

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