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Catherine Austin Fitts said 2015 will be a violent and volatile year. She is cautiously optimistic about 2015 compared to others except that she does see the potential for war. She sees severe problems after 2015.

I disagree. I see far more violence in the Central Banks and in the markets than I do on the flashpoints of the Ukraine and the ever expanding Israeli border. The Eurogroup chief whispered to Greek FinMin’s ear “You just killed the Troika” and then Varoufakis replied with a simple “WOW!”

Syriza party officials have since said they also want to drop out of NATO and  to cut ties with Israel. The Greeks have stood up to the Banks, NATO and Israel who collectively are the chief oppressors of mankind in the modern world. The Greeks will need our support.

To me killing the Troika is Good News. I have always called the European…

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