A New Autoimmunity Syndrome Linked to Aluminum In Vaccines | Pakalert Press

Fully Vaccinated Sheep

for details read:

A New Autoimmunity Syndrome Linked to Aluminum In Vaccines | Pakalert Press.


Hamza cEditor’s Note:

I have been telling folks this for years. As a medical student, I realized immediately that the vaccine theory was fundamentally flawed. At long last, the evidence is vindicating my position, which is shared by others.

Please share this information and take it to the leaders of your nations and medical care systems. They are damaging you and your children. The madness must be stopped.  – oz


5 Comments on “A New Autoimmunity Syndrome Linked to Aluminum In Vaccines | Pakalert Press

  1. Salam Doc.
    Would you believe it, I saw on the news about 2 days ago, two little infants died due to that VERY SAME measles vaccination. It was shown on the news for about 1 minute and then lost in the abyss of commercial media…the dead babies were in Sindh, Pakistan, a rural area. Allah grant their parents Sab’r
    I have a feeling you’ll believe it…we all pray for you, Doc & your loved ones
    It is good, to have people like you, in times like these.

    Warm Regards,

  2. salaam Brother,

    Don’t have much time at the moment. Suffice it say that most docs just go with the program and do not consider the science at all. They no longer think and are completely programmed regarding vaccine efficacy. Avoid vaccines at all costs if and when possible. They are very very dangerous, and soon, the succeeding generations will discover that vaccines were the equivalent of treating syphilis with mercury or treating fever with phlebotomy, complete nonsense. The theory is fundamentally flawed because it bypasses natural protective systems and injects thousands of foreign proteins and toxins directly into the bloodstream. Pure Madness …. might as well be Frankenstein.


    • Thanks for the validation Doc.(fyi, Just checked with the wife and she informed me it was the measles shot our son got at 9 months.)
      Thanks. I feel better about my decision. W/Salam

  3. Salam Doc,

    Yesterday,my son’s school informed us that they would be vaccinating all children for measles and if we do not want our son to get vaccinated, we should inform them via a written instruction. My son got the MMR vaccine when he was about 9 months old & so my wife checked with our pediatrician. He said that it does not matter if he gets vaccinated again & we SHOULD get him vaccinated again, “to be on the safe side”. Either ways I signed the letter stating that our son should not be vaccinated as he has already received the measles shot.

    I don’t know which shot they are giving today, if it is in fact the MMR shot or just a measles one… cause I read a couple of articles you re-tweeted that linked the MMR vaccine to autism, I believe.
    Its very hard convincing a doctor, Doc, regarding the draw backs of vaccination. Even if it is just a measles shot, why should I give it again to my son? Has not his course been completed over 5 years??? Doctors here say that there are NO side effects of vaccination.

    Your feedback would be appreciated Doc. Keep up the good work & God Bless you & your loved ones.



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