Spiritual Determinism: An Introduction by Dr. Omar

  • … a whole series of countries is now dominated by conditions which have destroyed the structural forms worked out by history and replaced them with social systems inimical to creative functioning, systems which can only survive by means of force.
    Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes, by Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski (1998)
In KL, Dec 2014
In KL, Dec 2014

Presently, most of what Muslims experience at the hands of their enemies is divine judgment rather than ‘trials of life’. This series of essays discusses this phenomenon as the inverse consequences of Spiritual Laws that naturally lead to entropy. I will establish that the maxims that govern this accelerated disintegration of social integrity are actually default determinants of divine injunctions inductively derived from the following three principles: Fear of God, Obedience to God, and Remembrance of God as related by the Prophet (pbh). But before the detailed discussion of Spiritual Law, let us review the requirements that attend divine protection and other perquisites of God’s favor.

Wisdom is knowledge that engenders man’s understanding of purpose. Our discernment of right or wrong, good or evil, harm or benefit in anything that is scientifically observed, devised, socially structured or physically manufactured depends on the acquisition of wisdom. Hence, moral neglect clings to secularism by definition because secular tenets either compartmentalize or ignore the three principles of Spiritual Law just cited. Secularism is therefore, in the eyes of essential monotheists, a form of forgetfulness of man’s divine purpose as well as an illogical approach to governance and the solving of social problems. Secular governance naturally follows the intoxication of metaphysical speculation because all benefits deriving from the deeds of men require the sobriety of moral activities that only attends the contemplation of divine revelation; which, in the Islamic context, includes inborn common sense.

Inherent with the wisdom that begins with the Fear and Reverence of God is the knowledge of our accountability and purpose in this world and those to come—this is to say: “the Meeting with Us” as oft written in Al-Qur’an. It is this moral sphere of reflection and consequent activity that the sciences, be they hard, soft, political or otherwise, distinctly lack wisdom at present. And though virtue is oft aired in theaters of pomp and circumstance the world over, it is rarely applied as justice in mankind’s political, economic and social realms of exchange. This is because human leadership autonomously defaults towards reprobation when the three principles of Spiritual Law are not consciously activated and maintained by institutional means. Furthermore, such activation and maintenance is not merely an individual task but rather a collective responsibility. Hence, when leaders, educators and advisers, et alia., contrive to ‘sell the purpose of religion’ to the benefactors of secularism—to whom they then owe obedience—the collective’s responsibility is abandoned and the default status of spiritual law towards maxims of harm immediately comes into play over the entire realm and cannot be avoided.

Such a situation invites evil because it does not reflect activation of the three divine principles of Spiritual Law that bring the grace of additional divine benefits such as God’s refuge and protection. Furthermore, societies that preach but fail to employ these principles practice an impressive form of hypocrisy called cognitive dissonance, which, as I shall establish in later essays, invites divine judgment according to inverse principles of Spiritual Law. This is especially so when people claim to be polities of the Most High but give G-d the lie and, as written in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 and elsewhere, are then given by G-d into the hands of lying leaders who mean them indelible harm.

  • What makes it so plausible to assume that hypocrisy is the vice of vices is that integrity can indeed exist under the cover of all other vices except this one. Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.
    – Hannah Arendt, Political Philosopher

When human integrity surrenders its guidance and protection to such ‘rottenness’ en masse, the group’s élan vitae marches towards reprobation or, at a very minimum, towards the sub-conscious repression of truth. People slowly conform thereafter to principled appearances until calamity strikes and all is lost—including the reactionary reserve of front-page conservative slogan mongers. This is simple to comprehend because such groups abandon righteous dominion by discarding the moral imperative of justice. What then follows is a form of conventional over-compensation where the Rights of God (the application of justice) are simply replaced by collective fetishism represented by the garish rituals that outwardly cover communal pretense; but which, in reality, only nourish evil’s dominion. This is precisely why the Prophet said ‘the remembrance of God [through good deeds] is better than ritual prayer’—nor was he referring to monk-like recitations of useless pseudo-Sufi mantras, which is actually part of the pretense.

Like the righteous woman who divorces an alcoholic husband, upright non-conformists who withdraw from the conceited commune in active protest are exempt from the natural consequences that follow a group’s gradual repression of truth, as were prophets Abraham, Noah and Lot and those who followed them. Persons who protest but remain with such a group are traditionally marginalized by the customary ‘neo-patriarchy’ of ponero-genesis according to social scientists like Dr. Lobaczewski and others who have systematically studied the matter.

The extreme end of this pre-determined course of social entropy is reprobation, which is God’s abandonment of man or nation to his/its own devices. This literally means they can no longer access divine inspiration, refuge, guidance, protection, decent leadership, peace or discernment; all of which lead to chaos and the premature demise of what otherwise would have been divinely intended benefit.

In cases of mass hypocrisy, the withdrawal of divine benefits occurs gradually until the national folk-soul is blinded and completely given over to serving double standards and the ignorance that fosters evil. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia are stark examples of this process within living memory. Habits then progress towards the instinctive behavioral patterns of man’s sub-human nature as a sense of shameless entitlement arises in the tyrant’s club; one that is devoid of empathy. This describes the disgusting exceptionalism of fascist tribalism on the part of several Muslim clans. Such is anathema to Islam but completely normal for those who accept fascist tribalism and favor the illusions of privileged social safety nets.

To the contrary, the righteous dominion that Muslims are meant to exercise wholly depends on the activation and maintenance of moral imperatives. This series of essays examines the processes and consequences of man’s abandonment of moral imperatives and the absurdity of denying the fact. The analysis represents a morbidity and mortality report with contemporary Muslims as tip-of-the-iceberg pathological indices whereby, for example, academics strain at gnats while ignoring swallowed elephants. Here is an example from the Malaysian milieu:

  • Yet they have also provided importance for the Administration’s articulation of its vision of “right” Islam: as a “balanced, moderate and modernizing force that would not impede foreign investment, that was accepting of certain secular Western forms and that has taken account of current political realities in the Muslim and outside world.” In the PM’s view, “true” dakwah, unlike “the wrong interpretation of Islam” is distinguished by its reason, logic and sound argument. A real resurgence of Islam needed a solid foundation of contemporary ideas and analysis derived from the Quran and Sunnah, which could only emerge if there was “true” ‘ijtihad.

You can imagine my chuckles as I read this, especially the part about the ‘wrong interpretation of Islam’. To hear the leader of a profoundly corrupt political party whose Minister of Religion is neither faqih or qari” scholar espouse such discombobulation is, well … as I’ve already explained, profoundly absurd. Never mind that the ‘right approach to Islam demands’ that authentic mujtahids and faqihs sit on dais of power and practice the genuine ‘ijtihad that would impeach upwards of ninety percent of Muslim political parties—for which reason politically-correct appointees are suitably attired in sensitive cultural garb to attend pulpits paid for by the State. Sounds fairly Anglican to me, but perhaps you do not agree:

  • … that even while it was promoting greater values in society, this was “contradicted” by its pursuit of an intensive pace of economic growth and development that continues fundamentally to be based on secular Western models and to be over-concerned with material acquisition.

‘Western models’ in the Malaysian sense means rather strict Commonwealth oversight by Olympians who inherited takings from East Indi sultans of colonial pilferage. Take a mortgage from a so-called “Islamic Bank” and compare your final costs to a loan from a non-Islamic Bank and see how much more you haven’t saved. In 2007, my old friend, the late Haji Taufek Sahrain in Kuching (God rest his soul) did exactly this with a Da’wa Project that required a mortgage. He became furious (in my presence) after counting the cost of Islamic financing at 50% higher than a mortgage from a Chinese lender. I personally know a self-confessed ‘Economic Hit Man’ sent to Malaysia by a reputable Boston firm for IT development and major capital projects. He reported to me (2010) that after his firm received hand-some fees for their extremely sophisticated planning, more than fifty percent of the tax funded Malaysian project never materialized because the appropriations simply evaporated. I imagine these funds disappeared into coffers of a more ‘correct interpretation of Islam’.

As distinct from sophists and other politically-correct impresarios of Orwellian spin—whom Dr. Lobaczewski calls ‘spellbinders’—it is exceptionally clear that only the pragmatic application of monotheist wisdom via the strong arm of al’hisbah qualifies a nation or people as fully Islamic. In addition, as knowledge is morally neutral until man willfully acts on it in order to reap its rewards, it is also clear that the term ‘Islamic’ does not qualify as a scientific adjective unless actions applied to such knowledge are moral. Furthermore, and to the contrary, failure to enact moral imperatives qualifies such inaction as immoral. Hence, moral ends cannot possibly be achieved by following secular impositions or by ‘talking heads’ at Islamization conferences with Jesuit-friendly Universalists where pundits are underwritten by those who literally pay to hold the offices of al’hisbah at bay and, at the same time, control pulpits that endorse acceptable versions of “true” ijtihad that justify their party’s secular interpretation of Islam. I witnessed several such forums at the Jesuit stronghold of IAIS in KL, Malaysia, a group that swapped ‘Islam Hadhari’ for ‘One Malaysia’, literally overnight, for these very reasons.

To comprehend the indictment, one must remember that ‘Islam’ is not a term that applies to God but to man. It is also a conditional term that infers obligations towards God as well as towards creation and all other men, not just tribal flag wavers. These duties are what I refer to as the ‘Rights of God’ because it is He, the Almighty, who defined them and taught them to us as moral imperatives. It is best to think of them as assignments owed to your teacher (do so and you will reap the everlasting point of the lesson). Therefore, without meeting these indispensable conditions by the willful application of moral action, men neglect the ‘Rights of God’ even if they practice religious ritual or march in procession like Catholic cum Anglican cum Buddhist fetishists.

Pol Pot and Peking’s Gang of Four murdered their respective faculties of higher culture after which they systematically replaced them with suitably attired substitute teachers as part of the International Comintern’s Twentieth Century experiment in the Far East. David Rockefeller is actually on record for having acknowledged the success of Wall Street’s ‘social experiment’ in China as promoted by Skull-&-Bones Yale Missionaries (Yale-in-China) in the early twentieth century, who actually hired Mao Tse Tsung to edit their monthly propaganda rag. Silencing sound traditions and the voices of higher culture by relegating them to museums, graveyards and text books is what ‘Black Hats’ and black robes do with exceptional expertise; yet another reason Islam Hadhari programs suffered the stroke of a pen from ‘One Malaysia’ slogan mongers. PSYOPS strategists who prosecute the Western Cultural War refer to this process as ‘neutralization’: an operation that has several degrees and requires a wide range of agents from the Rector’s office to Golf Course greens and lounges and from thence to the jackal’s den or offshore submarine when Economic hitmen miss their marks.

An analogy that describes the dilemma Islamized secularism presently confronts is that of a man who promises a woman at age twenty that he intends to marry her but sixty-five years later on has not done so. Consider IOK proponents the groom and the office of Al’Hisbah the unrequited bride or at least a lady in waiting. Does this qualify as moral action, immoral inaction, mundane idiocy or despicable hypocrisy — being the non-deed of those who claim the ‘correct interpretation of Islam’? No wonder virile idealists who fill/filled the ranks of ISIS and their benighted Ikwan predecessors grow/grew impatient. The impotent scribblers claim Islamic Science’s defense but fail to identify, let alone annihilate, the evil in their midst. This includes, of course, health departments that fail to halt the barbarity of female genital mutilation or the imposition of fraudulent immunization programs laced with genocidal intent, poisons and gargantuan profiteers. I could go on. What a shameful farce.

Hence, I posit that round-table conferences on the Islamization of ‘anything,’ are indeed moot or at best, merely academic diversions, especially in light of the principles of Spiritual Law and endemic Muslim failure to impeach the evils of secularism and treat the enemies of God as their own. To the contrary, Muslims have actually ignored or denied numerous evils while embracing God’s enemies, particularly the latter’s money and murderous weaponry along with politicized fiscal fleecing systems such as fractional reserve and central banking.

Mere indictment is, therefore, grossly short of the mark when evil is sufficiently institutionalized to inhibit the wholesome fruits of moral activity. Under this condition, the adjective ‘Islamic’ applies only in its passive and most debilitated sense. To pretend otherwise is to graze in pastures of pathetic stupidity on the way to shopping malls. It actually represents a lack of collective resolve and reveals the inability to effectively confront Islam’s true enemies, which include, unfortunately, persons in the mirror who voted in the last secular election. The inadequacy is one that Talmudic magi in Freud’s Tavistockian London lair refer to as psychological gelding. Hence, it is no small wonder they particularly hold Muslims in contempt as they knock over dominoes in the CFR’s ‘Arc of Crisis’. If this were not the case, their advances into Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Muslim Banking, education, hearts and shopping malls would not have been prophesied and subsequently recorded as the history of Islamia’s entropic demise.

During the Golden Age of Islamic civilization, the Fear and Reverence of God permeated the physical and metaphysical sciences as well as the community. We might justifiably call this period the ‘Age of Islamic Science’, but not because science needed any Islamizing. Besides, the term was never even used until Sayyed Nasr wrote his Jesuit friendly thesis in 1948. Contemporary Muslims of the ‘Golden Age’ were, for the most part, imbued with a moral force that freely and actively chose what was good and beneficial while seeking the highest chairs of ethics and scientific achievement. This is no longer the case and the fear of God’s wrath has given way to ritual browbeating on Fridays followed by traditional sin until the next kutbah. The present state of affairs confirms this with horrific crimes of ‘Muslim on Muslim’ slaughter, honor killings, malignant divorce rates and abandonment, hidden promiscuity in cross-border towns like Golok in Southern Thailand, and the all too common sexual outrages of rape, incest and pederasty, not to mention riba disguised as Islamic banking or the advance of drug addiction. All of this is accompanied by patrons of fiscal expatriation and garish deportment with tall buildings, gilded mosques, obsessive compulsive ritual and the common embarrassments of congregations that lack well informed imams as well as Allah’s protection and guidance. The slavishly compliant are given Zionist commodities and credit cards while ruminant discontents are given drones, shrapnel, social dissolution and the task of da’wa.

The faculty of spiritual discernment that most society’s lack is absolutely dependent upon the maintenance of institutions that are virtuously disciplined to obey and solicit Divine Revelation and Guidance. This, in turn—as I shall clearly demonstrate in later essays—allows men to collectively grasp and maintain God’s refuge, protection and divine inspiration. Without such disciplined institutions and the worthy warriors needed to defend and maintain them by expelling charlatans, communal attendance to authentic intuition (i.e., the divinely inspired synchrony of collective common sense) is blocked because it simply cannot penetrate veils of inadequate leaderhsip, ignorance, propaganda, apathy, lethargy and crimes against self and heaven. Under such circumstances, the communal zeitgeist is bound by conformity to evils that are not even recognized as such and to activities that are mistaken as beneficial such as playing video games, eating too much and watching TV, cricket or football. Such errors are profoundly antithetical to Allah’s formative words of creation, transformation and renewal as outlined by Lao Tse and Confucius in the Chinese Dao that defined essential Islam 500 years before the advent of Isa. Hence, this sad estate only activates the predetermined inverse determinants that lead to the malignant dissolution of divinely given forms, both individually and communally while advancing illness and social dissolution. Think of it as the switching on of a metaphysical ‘reverse’ motor that is specifically programmed to ‘crash and burn’ what God otherwise intended to prosper.

In cases of abject reprobation such as Cain’s (Khabil) or Sodom’s, the disintegration of creative formative powers becomes fixed on predetermined paths that are essentially hardwired into the fabric of the universe. Such instances are far beyond the more pliant trials that remain amenable to remediation by grace after repentance (tawbah), which is the changing of a man’s ways as described in the parable of the Prodigal Son. Politically and civilizationally speaking, abject reprobation (i) crystallizes to crusty fascism; or (ii) becomes monstrously deformed and morbidly tumescent like Imperial Rome; or (iii) catatonically vegetative like Arab and Ottoman chauvinists during their pre-Colonial nap; or (iv) hyperactively Dionysian like Africa and India or night-life in Washington D.C. and London.

Within each nation’s degenerative cycle one finds all of these processes with one holding dominion over the others depending on temperament and conformance to respective misguidance. You can visit Fascist cadavers in Italian temples or view Dionysian acolytes in Vatican abodes, Roman alleys and penthouses. The crystallization cum dissolution process happens socially, physically, cognitively, psychologically, politically, religiously, metaphysically and intellectually until perplexity crowns all systems though outwardly they appear otherwise; as did glorious Sodom or Add on the days before their divinely ordered destruction.

Under the governance of such spiritual reversal, man is forced to accept and rationalize the acceleration of national morbidity because it is the inevitable result of misdeeds and misrule. He is all too quick to say: “that’s life” when in fact it is death, after which the second death follows with everlasting doom. Examples of such pathetic bias are the conundrum of nuclear waste control with Fukushima’s hemorrhage at the fore, or free-trade agreements that destroy the natural order of local autonomy. And readers should realize that although the current devastation of an exploited environment and populace is caused by the monetized mindset of Wall Street profiteering that has raised the ‘occupation’ levels of streets and minds, the so called ‘awakening’ reflects little more than the hyperactivity of controlled opposition. The same feverish process accompanies carbuncles, allergies, anxiety ridden histrionics, and even irritable alimentary systems. Arab Springs are symptomatic rather than curative or palliative and are surely not medicine. To find the cure one must make an intimate companion of logic’s serum of truth by understanding the wisdom of Spiritual Law.

Wisdom is clearly what modern scientists and governors lack in metaphysical diets and the basis for the deficiency comprises ideologies that imply human autonomy. Humanism is the soporific of Jacobin pluralism that promotes ill-defined abstractions such as liberty, equality, unity and justice. Logic was replaced with emotionally based appeals which any psychologist will tell you are pathological, especially in the absence of divine revelation and wisdom — my sincere apologies to Thomas Paine, of course. What happens with the loss of truth’s serum is that such a vacuum quickly fills with the unopposed wicked cunning that generates all pathocracy according to man’s vanity and the default principles of Spiritual Law.

I will attempt to explain in subsequent essays the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the matter in support of the already known ‘Who’, according to the divine laws that comprise spiritual determinism — sometimes referred to as predestination by the likes of Ibn Khaldun.


ENTROPY: A measure of the unavailability of a system’s energy to do work; in a closed system an increase in entropy is accompanied by a decrease in energy availability . . . In a wider sense, entropy can be interpreted as a measure of disorder; the higher the entropy the greater the disorder (i.e., lack of functional form); Oxford Dictionary of Science, 6th Ed, 2010. — Therefore, entropy can also be likened to cancer, which is an abject destruction of form and purpose, or the actual withdrawal of formative (purposeful) forces.

Islam in Malaysian Foreign Policy, by Shanti Nair, p 116, 117.

Hisbah: The enjoining of good and forbidding of evil in concert with the fear of Allah (SWT) balanced by the hope of His grace.

NB: the CFR is actually under the auspice of Chatham House, one of various Royal Institutes and other ‘Round Table’ groups spawned by Cecil Rhodes, a retainer of Lord Rotschild. We have this an authority of Carroll Quigley’s history: Tagedy & Hope. These, as do British Councils globally, fall under the purview of the Queen’s Privy Council, all Upper Dregree Freemasons and Knight’s of Malta, sworn to the Papacy.

For a dissertation on this process with regard to human sexualization and abnormalities, see: The Taqua of Marriage, A. S. Noordeen (2011)

SOPHISTS:  According to Riane Eisler, in her seminal work, The Chalice and The Blade, the notion of dominance as a ‘natural social order’ has philosophical roots in the ‘might makes right’ ideology originated by the Sophists, a group of men who, with regard to morals and ethics, exemplified the thinking of political rulers throughout history from its beginnings in Ancient Greece.
Theirs was the first official lie-by-design-for-political-gain school of thought.
• Unlike other philosophers who contemplated the big ethical questions of life, the Sophists were primarily interested in the mechanics of how language can be used to control human behavior.
• Sophists were paid well to help rulers write speeches and win court cases through the use of twisted arguments and paradox (not unlike what is known in modern times as Orwellian doublethink).
• A ‘might makes right’ ideology posits that the right to rule over others is just, and earned, on the basis of proving one’s strength, wealth and, or armed might.
• Members of the ruling class competed with one another to attain what was considered the top prize (to do wrong and not get caught), and to avoid what was the worst humiliation (to be wronged and not get revenge).
• Fabricated lies of the doublethink variety were necessary for one very good reason, well understood by political rulers and sociology researchers alike — physical strength or violencealone do not work to oppress or dominate human beings.
Athena Staik Eroticized Dominance: Predatory Behaviors as Cultural Norms and Political Tools, Web. 26 Nov. 2011

“It [the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad] recruited them to fulfill the objectives of its scientific plan that they had to undertake to develop the knowledge in order to achieve a life of prosperity, urbanization and strength, regardless of color, race, nationality and religion. By the end of the phase of translation, physicians and scientists in the Islamic world stood on a firm foundation.” — Science and State in its Power and Weakness, Proceedings, Islamic Science and the Contemporary World, Conference at ISTAC, KL, Jan. 2008. Pub. ISTAC, IIUM, 2008, p. 121

One Comment on “Spiritual Determinism: An Introduction by Dr. Omar

  1. AsSalam alikum Doc & Juma Mubarik!
    Hope you & your loved ones are in the best of health. Really enjoyed reading your treatise & looking forward to the next parts as well.
    You explained very well why I avoid praying congregation on Fridays. It breaks my heart, the hypocrisy, the -as you have said- cognitive dissonance, that is being displayed & blasted from the speakers in every mosque. I pray 4 rakat of Zuhr instead. I know that would not be something that you would approve of. But I try to pray in congregation on other days. I also need to find a good mosque, one whose Imam is not going to criticize the other mosque’s Imam in his sermon. Sad state of affairs we Muslims have going on these days. But once again Doc, a blessed Juma to you.
    Looking forward to reading more on the subject.

    God Bless.


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