It’s About Fukushima: Things You Should Know

ภาพถ่าย0037When 3/11 occurred i immediately suspected a man made disaster for two reasons:

1. I was looking forward to the Sino-Japanese detente and their renewed effort for regional cooperation.

2. I had learned about plans for a Nuclear Bomb Tsunami from a “retired” ex-MI6 cum DEA argentur whom I had befriended (in his cups) here in Malaysia in 2002 — amongst other devices the world is yet to see.

This post is only intended for serious readers.

Read This First: fukureport1b with special thanks to Vancouver Island

and then move on to this rejoinder:

November 30, 2013 – Jim Stone

The following is new information about the Japan disaster I cannot refute and there is enough meat here to provide some serious perspective. I don’t give the Jews such an easy break, but yes, I do believe they are being manipulated as this writer says and there is a LOT to this report regarding the Japan disaster that is totally new stuff.

Anonymous wrote the following:

I cannot tell you who I am. In all likelihood, they can figure it out, but I’m not going to make it any easier for them. If you want to know the truth about the reason for the tsunami, I suggest you take the time to read this.

You’ve done some very good work and you’re on the right track. However, you’re following the wrong leads on some very important things. Israel may have mutual interests, but they are not the ringleaders in this scenario. You give them too much credit. I hope you won’t take that too personally and read the rest of what I have to tell you. That’s not to say you’re entirely wrong, but Israel is just another piece of the puzzle.

People must put aside patriotism and realize that this is the doing of the United States of America and their puppeteers. I too have little love for Judaism. Due to their incredibly self-centered ideology, Jews are very easy to manipulate. You’re virtually spot-on about Mossad’s involvement. The motivation, however, is quite different from what you have concluded.

Japan was not being punished for their reluctance to sign their country’s finances over. All those obstacles were easily disposed of. The turn of public opinion against nuclear energy was not part of the plan, hence why the US backed Japanese government has completely ignored it. You’re right that Israel’s mutual interest in the disaster stems from their concern with Iran’s nuclear program, but even this is incredibly complicated.

The execution of the man-made tsunami disaster was the decision of the Pentagon.

A little background: Since the end of the second world war, the victorious US set up the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan as it’s puppet government through the CIA which continues to finance them to ensure their election victories. This has been relatively successful with the party holding nearly unbroken complete dominance in Japan. However, the puppet masters are not omnipotent and did not expect an electoral victory for the opposition, the Democratic Party of Japan led by Hatoyama.

As Prime minster, Hatoyama proved to be quite a thorn in the sides of the US and Pentagon as he made no secret of his desire to move towards Japan’s independence from America and pursue better relations with their Asian neighbours, specifically China. As such, Hatoyama became the victim of much bullying and intimidation from both the US and within Japan. Peace is not part of the agenda.

After breaking his promise of relocating the controversial US base in Okinawa, he finally stepped down. He later went on to essentially admit he lied about his reasons for doing so. However, even with him out of the picture, the damage had been done. US-Japan relations had taken a hit. The US needed a way to regain Japan’s trust and support and a man-made disaster was the way to do it. Ask yourself: who really benefitted the most from the disaster? America immediately put into action “Operation Tomodachi” (Tomodachi meaning friend, a name which makes me sick. With friends like that, who needs enemies?) and were able to come out the heroes in the aftermath.

Critics of American presence in Japan were silenced and now strengthening the Japan-US alliance became important again. The public was once again eager to support US bases in their country. All the garbage you hear about “deepening” the alliance is just another way of saying “Further integrating Japan into the American stranglehold”. The new ambassador, Caroline Kennedy, a totally unqualified woman is another puppet for the purpose of sweet talking Japan. Why would America want to give up the alliance? They are quite comfortable right where they are with their hold over Japan.

The DJP now too has been ensured that it will not stray from US interests. It’s now mostly a matter of convincing Japan to give them even more money for providing their “security”. It is nothing more than a protection racket, and the people running it are no better than gangsters.

A lot of people were very disappointed in Hatoyama for what seems like lack of courage and resolve to stand up to the US government, but the man did the best he could. I have met the man myself and he is truly a good person. He has a family and in the end, he valued his and his family’s life over politics. Had he continued down the path he was going, you could bet he would have ended up like Ishii Koki, another politician who delved too deep into the LDP’s affairs and paid for it with his life.

Abe Shinzo, the current prime minister, is one hundred percent a US stooge. It’s actually quite funny, at least from the perspective of one who knows the truth about the Japanese political world. He pretends to stand for an independent Japan while being completely subservient to his American masters. The US pretends to want Japan, Korea and China to get along and overcome their history, but that is the last thing they truly want, at least any more than is necessary. The controversial Yasukuni visits are specifically planned for the purpose of igniting anger with Japan’s neighbours. If you trace the roots of most of these revisionist organizations in Japan that are making a fuss abroad, you will find CIA prints all over them.

A China-Japan-Korea alliance is practically the American government’s worst nightmare. A unified Korea is also very bad for business, hence the North has to be carefully manipulated to cause a fit every once in a while. The Jongs are just like Osama bin Laden: A face for “freedom lovers” to hate and to distract us from reality.

The Senkaku dispute is completely manufactured. Had Hatoyama remained in office, he would have negotiated joint China-Japan control of the islands. The recent nationalization of them was done with the specific intent of provoking China and further scaring the population into supporting the alliance with the US, which succeeded as expected.

The ironic thing is that the US believes they are the puppet masters when in fact they are a puppet too. The oligarchic bankers are behind it all. Scum like the Rockefellers and Roschilds may be their face, but they aren’t the whole picture by a long shot. We will never see the real puppet masters and they have no interest in public exposure.

The US’s efforts to contain China will soon be blowing up in America’s face, as the money they are using to support this massive military build-up will soon be completely worthless. The dollar is dying fast as on schedule. American exceptionalism is pure myth, just like the Pax Americana. America sold its soul to the bankers long, long ago and it’s almost time to pay the price. It served its purpose and now they have no reason to keep going. Their empire will crumble into dust as the parasites are leaving it to the wolves and staking out their new host. This can be seen in China’s recent economic reforms. While these sound good to the short-sighted, they are a part of the plan to turn China into an elitist playground of corporatism, much like the US is now.

China’s time in the sun will not last of course, and with all of the great powers suffering from decimated economies, the path to one world government will be secured. While China is not totally infected yet, the bankers are gaining tighter and tighter control over the country, and unfortunately, the corruptibility of the politicians is making it very easy for them. China has been being primed for many years now. I really hope the Chinese people will find the courage that Americans never had to stand up to this system, but I doubt it at this rate. They are doing a very good job of making it look like they are getting more freedom when they are really moving towards corporate fascism.

You shouldn’t take my word for all this. However, I hope I can inspire a few people out there to do some investigating. The trail isn’t as invisible as one may think. Some good places to start are looking into what the US navy in Japan was doing on 3/10/11. Project Seal is no longer a secret. Do people really don’t think that if the idea of tsunami weapons was deemed viable over 60 years ago, it wouldn’t be even more so today? Current nuclear weapons make the ones used on Japan look like firecrackers.

The military industrial complex never stops thinking of ways to make more efficient ways to kill people, and that’s where the majority of the money goes. There are plenty of explicit statements by the US government itself that weather manipulation exists. See the April 28 1997 transcript of a briefing with defense secretary William S. Cohen, where he says that groups possess earthquake and weather manipulation abilities. If others can do it, the US military can do it far better. People need to stop treating this like science fiction and straight out confront the government and ask them if these technologies exist, and if they say they do not, then why have they said they do in the past? Then watch them squirm. Does anyone remember the missing 2.4 trillion dollars of military spending that Rumsfeld promised to investigate? No, they were too distracted by 9/11 the very next day. But take a guess where that money goes. I also recommend Anthony Sutton’s work. He paints a very clear picture of Wall Street’s sociopathic ways in setting up enemies and then profiting from the wars with them.

If I’m perfectly honest, I think that the Japanese, Americans, and the rest of the world really deserve what they get. You can only put so much blame on the bankers. It is all of us who are complicit and allow ourselves to be manipulated, mostly out of love for our flags, military, and whatever other silly things. However, this is my world too, and now I just want to live a peaceful and free life to reflect on my mistakes. And if I must die for telling the truth, so be it. It is better than living in such a world where telling the truth gets you killed.

I admit myself I have been complicit for far too long and I’m making my amends now. If just a few people can be inspired, then it will be worth it even if I am to die. It’s too late to punish human trash like Zbignew Brzezinski, Joseph Nye and Henry Kissinger. They don’t have much time on this earth anyway. However, Richard Armitage, Chuck Hagel, John Kerry and others like them can possibly still face justice yet.

At last, be wary of the gatekeepers and other controlled opposition. You are right to be wary of Rense. I won’t name any names, but it is worth asking yourself why some people spout obvious silly lies while still occasionally getting some facts right. Do not let yourself be coerced into silence. If there is good in this world, then it must be earned by fighting for it. I can promise you the future is very bleak if we do nothing, and thus we have nothing to lose.


My Comment

Good, VERY GOOD. please note –

The full time internet connection to the heart of Fukushima went into Dimona and that was openly reported in the Jerusalem Post. Israel is 100 percent responsible for Fukushima, regardless of who set the tsunami bombs off and haarped up an earthquake. And even if that was done with American property, you can damn well bet that there was not a single main street American in the know-.

We all know who really runs things. And you said it yourself, but I would like to re-iterate that America is a puppet state the same way you said and I do not think for a minute there was any main street American involved in this. Thank you for this awesome e-mail, there is a lot of detail there I never knew which is easily proven accurate.

2 Comments on “It’s About Fukushima: Things You Should Know

  1. Jazakallah khair for sharing this, Dr. Omar. It’s two consecutive days now that we’re getting information that may clarify on the events that will lead up to the great wars of our time.

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