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ภาพถ่าย0037The great evil that branded the hearts of unrepentant mankind made its most significant gains in Twentieth Century living rooms. It’s delightful charm even spawned man’s free-willed choice of global harm over universal benefit; a choice that eventually launched the current sustainability mania as clean air, water, food and soil, along with numerous fauna, enter the halls of ‘nevermore’. Thus was revealed the monetized mindset that bonds the majority of people involved in the institutions of governance, business administration, healthcare, science, industry and education that brought us Fukushima’s extinction stream, the demise of the Gulf of Mexico, and the CDC cum Big-Pharma-FDA vaccine fraudsters who knowingly pander autism and a slew of other well documented collateral damages, for profit.

What is more depressing is that global electorates of all persuasions are just as blameworthy for clinging to the vain ideations of the post-modern ether that defy the common sense of revealed knowledge and undermine the inherent wisdom of their time-honored, now defunct, higher cultures.

The phenomenon’s devolution is marked by the conventional ‘group hysteria’ of faith in democracy that soundly earns the black-booted heels of the elitists who manufactured the fantasy for purposes of crowd control. This infamous ‘One-Percent’ group of exceptionally wicked hominids consistently grind dignity and equanimity into hellish pulp with mills of mind-twisting fabrications and historical revisions in addition to profitable nuclear options, inimical drugs, subversive cinematography, common-core lunacy, propaganda psyops, remote mass murder and sundry run-of-the-mill digitalized perplexity machines and much, much more. In other words, all hell is breaking out under mountains of larcenous gain and no one on earth can stop it — so let’s go shopping.

Undeniably, and especially after the public sacrifices of the Kennedy boys, the Bush family et al. lowered the drawbridge for Magog’s final assault on the souls of men. Interestingly, Magog was the actual occult cognomen of G. Bush Sr. as member of the same Skull & Bones damnation club at Yale University that also sponsored the academic ascent of Mao Zedong’s road to genocidal acclaim, as well as every U.S. Ambassador to China, save one, since 1949. Concurrently, Ashkenazi adepts drained metaphysical moats for the advance of Gog’s denizens to conquer Western mind fields as Jesuit educated Knights of Poneros plied, prayed, skewered, poisoned, bombed, shot or intellectually suborned what is ‘indigenously’ good and natural while conducting global chaos from cyclopean towers on Mounts of Counter-Reformation Doom and Dialogues attended by prominent Muslim intellectuals such as Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

Indeed, Tolkien forged his Rings in their midst at his brother’s side (a Jesuit priest), and they retain the original unholy manuscript of his racist paean in their citadel at Stonyhurst College (Lancashire UK) where its first chapters were penned in the Rothschildian domain of Arthurian fantasy. Hence, there is robust reason for both quasi-Jew and Jesuit poseurs to be joined at the hip of scorn as their multiple exiles, persecutions and deportations bear witness. But who cares about such historicity when idols like Barney the dinosaur, Bart Simpson, Obama and Gandalf invade shires of sober cogitation?

Search The Lord of the Rings and you will find neither prophet nor God. Instead, there stands a Pied Piper or three along with Frodo Baggins on imaginative roads built for the grand Caucasian pilgrimage to Dante’s netherworld of Harry Potter fans: another uniquely Celtic form of Druidic lunacy modified by the Babylonian magick of Cohens, covens and golems of several archon mysteries. You will surely not find Allah swt in either manuscript or digital sequels as disciples enter portals for hell-bent retreats from what is holy and prophetically level-headed. But . . . oh … by the way, do you have copies of these nefarious delights in yours or your school’s libraries? Best have a look before the death angel calls.

As profitable and popular as these works were and are, they, and multitudinous others of the present age of harm and remarkably sustainable evil carry both mark and mantle of the ancient enemy of mankind right into your otherwise Muslim, Christian, or generically religious living rooms. They happen to be his work, as was the Twelfth Crusade of the Bush-Blair coven, which has since morphed to number Thirteen with ISIS as vanguard?

This global melee of neo-magick, slaughter and environmental devastation is surely guided by ‘Watchers’ descended from ancient Akkad dressed in UFO attire who speak the tongue of Sumer, on occasion, for the sake of impressionable spiritists, shamans, bomohs and insufficiently exorcized priests as well as lizard people and Oprah Winfrey fans. Once again, so-called “aliens” have convinced a majority of Adam’s children that extra-dimensional guidance of extra-terrestrial savor was cosmically ordained by Pleiadians as salvation salve for the administration of DNA upgrades.

Indeed, it appears we are at the cusp of Hitler’s Homo-Noeticus, a New World Order of ubermenge trans-humanists—a breed of insipid hominids intent on leaving homosapien-sapiens as ‘ground into the dust’ as Neanderthal. Nevertheless, and despite Richard Dawkinian hoopla, Obamacare mania or the BRICS counter-weight to Western spendthrifts, I see scant sapience or any prospect of sustainable success at hand. To the contrary, I am of the studied opinion that all such notions, beings and events mark the beastly cunning of mankind’s ancient enemy in the looking glass: the narcissistic orientation of the sons and daughters of Cain’s distinctive self-preoccupation.

After all, Satan is just doing his job.

As demonic ‘encounters of the fourth kind’ rend the souls of a spiritually defenseless mob of dumbed-down, out-come based functional illiterates, there are universal encounters of the fifth kind—such as teachers’ unions—that rend the minds of hominid cattle (goy) with politically correct rhetoric and the demeaning activities of persistent self and environmental ruination. Reason is trumped by utilitarian expediency for the sake of imminent safety and one-percent profit-mongers by a cognitively-dissonant hoard who marginalize both truth and the knowledgeable by relentlessly stampeding—at the slightest teleprompt—towards Wal-Mart and Tesco feeding troughs or warmongering stockyards prepared for patriotic worm food providers, with or without ski-masks or uniforms.

Nonetheless, mankind is yet to experience the ultimate event horizon that Allah swt has in store for us. But ‘who cares ?’ as long as the great evil enlarges pixeled screens with the fancy that God doesn’t? Hence, the need for spiritual transformation begins with deliverance from the spell machine so the work of moral imperatives enslaved to virtue may prosper Indeed, such missionary work begins with the great evil in your living room.

So untie the knot and get rid of it, ye sons and daughters of Man.