Untie the Knot in Your Living Room By Dr. Omar

ภาพถ่าย0037The great evil that branded the hearts of unrepentant mankind made its most significant gains in Twentieth Century living rooms. It’s delightful charm even spawned man’s free-willed choice of global harm over universal benefit; a choice that eventually launched the current sustainability mania as clean air, water, food and soil, along with numerous fauna, enter the halls of ‘nevermore’. Thus was revealed the monetized mindset that bonds the majority of people involved in the institutions of governance, business administration, healthcare, science, industry and education that brought us Fukushima’s extinction stream, the demise of the Gulf of Mexico, and the CDC cum Big-Pharma-FDA vaccine fraudsters who knowingly pander autism and a slew of other well documented collateral damages, for profit.

What is more depressing is that global electorates of all persuasions are just as blameworthy for clinging to the vain ideations of the post-modern ether that defy the common sense of revealed knowledge and undermine the inherent wisdom of their time-honored, now defunct, higher cultures.

The phenomenon’s devolution is marked by the conventional ‘group hysteria’ of faith in democracy that soundly earns the black-booted heels of the elitists who manufactured the fantasy for purposes of crowd control. This infamous ‘One-Percent’ group of exceptionally wicked hominids consistently grind dignity and equanimity into hellish pulp with mills of mind-twisting fabrications and historical revisions in addition to profitable nuclear options, inimical drugs, subversive cinematography, common-core lunacy, propaganda psyops, remote mass murder and sundry run-of-the-mill digitalized perplexity machines and much, much more. In other words, all hell is breaking out under mountains of larcenous gain and no one on earth can stop it — so let’s go shopping.

Undeniably, and especially after the public sacrifices of the Kennedy boys, the Bush family et al. lowered the drawbridge for Magog’s final assault on the souls of men. Interestingly, Magog was the actual occult cognomen of G. Bush Sr. as member of the same Skull & Bones damnation club at Yale University that also sponsored the academic ascent of Mao Zedong’s road to genocidal acclaim, as well as every U.S. Ambassador to China, save one, since 1949. Concurrently, Ashkenazi adepts drained metaphysical moats for the advance of Gog’s denizens to conquer Western mind fields as Jesuit educated Knights of Poneros plied, prayed, skewered, poisoned, bombed, shot or intellectually suborned what is ‘indigenously’ good and natural while conducting global chaos from cyclopean towers on Mounts of Counter-Reformation Doom and Dialogues attended by prominent Muslim intellectuals such as Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

Indeed, Tolkien forged his Rings in their midst at his brother’s side (a Jesuit priest), and they retain the original unholy manuscript of his racist paean in their citadel at Stonyhurst College (Lancashire UK) where its first chapters were penned in the Rothschildian domain of Arthurian fantasy. Hence, there is robust reason for both quasi-Jew and Jesuit poseurs to be joined at the hip of scorn as their multiple exiles, persecutions and deportations bear witness. But who cares about such historicity when idols like Barney the dinosaur, Bart Simpson, Obama and Gandalf invade shires of sober cogitation?

Search The Lord of the Rings and you will find neither prophet nor God. Instead, there stands a Pied Piper or three along with Frodo Baggins on imaginative roads built for the grand Caucasian pilgrimage to Dante’s netherworld of Harry Potter fans: another uniquely Celtic form of Druidic lunacy modified by the Babylonian magick of Cohens, covens and golems of several archon mysteries. You will surely not find Allah swt in either manuscript or digital sequels as disciples enter portals for hell-bent retreats from what is holy and prophetically level-headed. But . . . oh … by the way, do you have copies of these nefarious delights in yours or your school’s libraries? Best have a look before the death angel calls.

As profitable and popular as these works were and are, they, and multitudinous others of the present age of harm and remarkably sustainable evil carry both mark and mantle of the ancient enemy of mankind right into your otherwise Muslim, Christian, or generically religious living rooms. They happen to be his work, as was the Twelfth Crusade of the Bush-Blair coven, which has since morphed to number Thirteen with ISIS as vanguard?

This global melee of neo-magick, slaughter and environmental devastation is surely guided by ‘Watchers’ descended from ancient Akkad dressed in UFO attire who speak the tongue of Sumer, on occasion, for the sake of impressionable spiritists, shamans, bomohs and insufficiently exorcized priests as well as lizard people and Oprah Winfrey fans. Once again, so-called “aliens” have convinced a majority of Adam’s children that extra-dimensional guidance of extra-terrestrial savor was cosmically ordained by Pleiadians as salvation salve for the administration of DNA upgrades.

Indeed, it appears we are at the cusp of Hitler’s Homo-Noeticus, a New World Order of ubermenge trans-humanists—a breed of insipid hominids intent on leaving homosapien-sapiens as ‘ground into the dust’ as Neanderthal. Nevertheless, and despite Richard Dawkinian hoopla, Obamacare mania or the BRICS counter-weight to Western spendthrifts, I see scant sapience or any prospect of sustainable success at hand. To the contrary, I am of the studied opinion that all such notions, beings and events mark the beastly cunning of mankind’s ancient enemy in the looking glass: the narcissistic orientation of the sons and daughters of Cain’s distinctive self-preoccupation.

After all, Satan is just doing his job.

As demonic ‘encounters of the fourth kind’ rend the souls of a spiritually defenseless mob of dumbed-down, out-come based functional illiterates, there are universal encounters of the fifth kind—such as teachers’ unions—that rend the minds of hominid cattle (goy) with politically correct rhetoric and the demeaning activities of persistent self and environmental ruination. Reason is trumped by utilitarian expediency for the sake of imminent safety and one-percent profit-mongers by a cognitively-dissonant hoard who marginalize both truth and the knowledgeable by relentlessly stampeding—at the slightest teleprompt—towards Wal-Mart and Tesco feeding troughs or warmongering stockyards prepared for patriotic worm food providers, with or without ski-masks or uniforms.

Nonetheless, mankind is yet to experience the ultimate event horizon that Allah swt has in store for us. But ‘who cares ?’ as long as the great evil enlarges pixeled screens with the fancy that God doesn’t? Hence, the need for spiritual transformation begins with deliverance from the spell machine so the work of moral imperatives enslaved to virtue may prosper Indeed, such missionary work begins with the great evil in your living room.

So untie the knot and get rid of it, ye sons and daughters of Man.

10 Comments on “Untie the Knot in Your Living Room By Dr. Omar

  1. I agree with all that you are saying Doc…. But, after a days work, I find myself and my family in front of the idiot box (T.V). I cant cut the world off Doc. Cant cut the hand of Iblis. Call me weak if you will….cause it definitely takes alot of strength swimming against the tide.
    Best to warn my loved ones with yours and other sheikh’s wisdom, so they might indeed be aware in this day and age. Hey Doc, Tolkein’s brother was a Jesuit Preist??? Thats another peice of the puzzle in place 🙂

    AsSalamsalikum Doc.

    • It’s OK Brother Kashan. Admitting to the problem is just the beginning. It took me years to gather the strength to throw it out. :–))

      • Thanks for the words of encouragement Doc. ’cause sometimes I do feel weak against this, this battle for the hearts of men that is being waged in our living rooms. I definitely feel I can worship G-d better if I have not seen T.V for a while…or maybe that’s just me. At work, the TVs on all the time. And these ads with their catchy jingles, get stuck in my head.

        I was watching this B grade horror flick yesterday-“the curse of chucky”. I had been a fan of the franchise before but when I saw it yesterday, my daughter who is about 3 years old got scared & started crying. My wife told me to turn off the tv immediately cause it was nighttime and the children would not go to sleep. I was jolted by child’s fear. I remembered Sheikh Hamza Yusuf saying that it was bad parenting, bordering on child abuse, letting your children watch these kind of movies. That point really hit home. So I am trying to be a little bit more conscious about what I watch with my children now. The genre of horror has really gone down the drain. In fact all TV programs have. InshAllah, I will get there. Where I don’t need TV to unwind but something more wholesome. Keep up the good work Doc.

  2. Salam Dr. Zaid & Mr. Triplett,

    May Allah’s peace & blessings be on you both. Just wanted to say that it is nice to read your comments again Mr. Triplett. Also, nice to read another of your articles, Doc.

    Take care you two.

  3. Dr Zaid my dear friend I just wanted to leave one more short comment. I have not the heart for nothing but merry in the end my friend and I can not take myself seriously enough to defend any argument accept the existence of my soul and creator. You and I agree that we are not our bodies and we also agree there is one God and he is our creator. It seems that I we do not believe this basic truth of our existence we KNOW in our hearts. It is hard for me to abide a person that does not believe there is one governing benevolent creator. There is a saying “Hard to trust a man that don’t fear God.” And for me it is this simple that I trust you. I disagree with much of your conclusions but as always your journalism is impeccable and entertaining beyond any Hollywood movie lol You know as I have told you that in many ways the United States was won by Gypsies. It was the Gypsy Chingar- the horse and steel warrior- descended from the Scythian barbarians and ten thousand other warrior races from Anatolia to England that won the American Revolution. At Valley Forge 1000 men stayed with George Washington from the Virginia 1st Cavalry. Some of these men were descended from people bought by George Washingtons Grandfather John. Cromwell sold the Ramanchal Gypsy as slaves and my ancestors are among slaves bought by John Washington and set free on landing in Virginia. About 600 warrior that stayed strong with Washington at Valley Forge were Gypsy and the rest were dispossessed Scotts and Africans. I wanted to tell you I am putting on a red hat right now with a pointed end- all Gypsy men wear this and we know each other quickly in winter for this reason. Now understand you know more about this hat that I am putting on my head right now then any goyger I have ever met. You know more about this hat then most Gypsies- you almost know as much about this red hat as my Father. What I would like you to know is on the flag of the state of West Virginia in the middle of the flag is a red hat with a pointed end and nobody here has any idea what it means. Why is that red hat on the flag? Lol But understand I was taught that 12,000 years ago when men ruled the world pretending to be Gods the entire world was enslaved. The only group of people that stood up against these Evil Kings were the stone Masons. These men wore a red cap with a pointed end to signify their disobedience to tyranny and their personal freedom. The red hat signifies Freedom from the lower self of craving material pleasure in sex and objects and succor. This hat was worn by my ancestors for 12,000 years and I think with great respect and believe Muhammad himself may understand why I wear this hat. For generation after generation men that wore this hat have given their lives for freedom and humanity. It is said the cult of Mithra is dead but my Father taught me the Mithra and I wish to explain this to you now as taught from Father to son from the time of the Roman Empire. The teaching is this: “God is beyond understanding and shall preserve the Earth in every generation in various form not comprehensible to mortals. Respect all religion; all people and both male and female and walk among people as you are being witnessed by God. The heart of a pure warrior is found the essence of the heart of God. God loves no man like he loves the warrior true to the way of Mithra. Truth, justice, mercy and the way of the warrior are the way of the Lord. A thousand heroes of a thousand faces all serving the one true God.” I believe there is an unbroken chain of knowledge handed from soldier to soldier for many thousands of years in western civilization. I wear the cap of freedom not only to let the world know I am a freeman but also to respect my ancestors. My Father taught me that Mithra study IS NOT religion but the fraternal oral history kept by the eternal soldiers of war.This unbroken chain of warriors living under a vow of austerity since the end of the last ice age wearing a red pointed cap may seem an incredible story, but it is a common story taught to children of true Scott rite Freemasons. So where is the simple humble Freemason disobeying tyranny and living in material poverty to seek the grace and joy of the Lord? I am trying to be Dr Zaid- and I will never forget your asking me where to find this man. The day we had that talk I realized that I had to try and be that man myself. So understand when I put on my red pointy cap I am not the typical fool doing what the rest of the guys in the club are doing- I have actually reasoned why I should wear this cap and decided to keep wearing it. Cheers my friend and please give us more of these heart felt stream of consciousness essays- I loved this one 🙂

  4. You hit so many of my intellectual “hot spots” in this article I do not know where to begin a response. First let me address Tolkien himself. Tolkien was not political and he said time and time again that it was just a story based on ancient legends and myths in Europe. Tolkien never intended some new age ‘Religion” to be created from his work. You are so correct in saying that ‘God” is not found in Lord of the Rings but true European history is found in this story. All of European history cruxes on the Franks: a group of people from different ethnic origins that formed a tribe. Accepted by the Franks were the early descendants of the Christians who kept the law of Moses: no cutting of hair or beard and circumcision. This group of people from Iberia were experts at sword making. Conan the Barbarian is an illuminatti novel and the name is derived from Y’chonan-the Apostle John. It is said the Apostle John and his descendants taught the making of steal in Iberia to help people make plows and stone cutting tools. Ofcourse his lessons were used to make swords. Y’Chonan is the Father of steel in Legend and that is why this name means “Sorcerer” in Gypsy language. A man that could draw a sword from stone was a Mere- “a dark one”. Merlin and Merovich are all derived from this term. Merovingian really means “of the dark Virgin”. These people believed descent from Isa’a daughter Sara the dark virgin of the first Church. All the King Arthur myths are based on these legends. Arthur was said to be descended from Jesus through Sara and knights of the Holy grail protected this bloodline.

    All of Europ history was based on the new line of Kings keeping power. The Merovingian line of Kings was the bloodline of Jesus and this group had to be exterminated all through history to keep the lie going. The true culture of ancient Europe was Vedic. Druids were the “Brahmans” and they of course became corrupt. Remnants of this caste system are found in Tibet and India today. People with straight palm lines were ‘Elves”. To this day all Lamas have straight line simian palms- some medical doctors believe it is related to high functioning autism. People with simian palms were thought to be another race “Elves”. When a child is born a dwarf or downs syndrome they have simian palms. Some people are normal and have simian palms- these children never became downs syndrome or dwarfs and they were called “Elfs”. Almost every Buddhist monk in Tibet is an “Elf”- simian palms. In Europe and mid-east these people were persecuted and killed. To this day 14% to 20% of Gypsies have simian palms and we are the last people in western world to have this heritage. All the others were killed by religious fanatics but the Gypsies took in all the outcast of Europe: Cathars-Jews- Picts-Basque. Gyspsioes are the most tolerant people on earth and regard all human beings as brothers. People are all descended from the same culture and the Gypsy keeps this truth because we are descended from them all. Tolkiens story is about how the “travelers” hobbits- Gypsies and Elves kept the esoteric secrets of Europe. The story has value to me because it is a fantasized history of my people. Do I think I am an elf or a demi-god because I have simian palms? No of course not. But I do have Asperger’s syndrome (high functioning autism). Autism is like a super power because it allows you to concentrate in a super human way. I can repeat long lines from poems and memorize verse with no mistakes and my mind has a photographic talent for long numbers and math. I was able to get 3 college degrees in Engineering-chemistry and molecular biology from UF in 5 years because of this powerful autistic ability. So my point is the Myth and the legend has a basis in truth- but lies mixed with truth cause a lot of problems. The point is Lord of the Rings is a Myth! It is presented as a fairy tale and never claimed to teach of God but history. Druids morphed into Christian monks. It was Cistercian Merovingian monks that made the deadliest swords in Europe- many of these monks were “elves” taken as children because of their simian palms. These people knew that the new line of Kings had no claim to Europe’s thrones and they also knew the true heritage of the usurpers. For this reason the Cathars and Templars and all groups with ties to this knowledge were exterminated. The two towers of the Pope and his King ravaged Europe much like the two towerrs in the story. Church and State combined are a nightmare because of corruption.The ring wraiths in the Lord of the Rings are the Order of Malta. They represent the Templar that kept allegiance to the Pope and sought out to kill any people in Europe that knew the true story of Jesus and the original line of Kings. The reason this story has captured the imagination of the world is because people are looking for a Hero and there is one in the story if we look very close. The Hero is not Froto or Gandalf or the King. The true hero is Samwise: the quintessential Gypsy traveler. Samwise Gamgee could care less about esoteric knowledge or the history of middle Earth. The true Hero Samwise cares only about helping his friend and saving his family and hometown. Samwise needs no genetic upgrade to be a righteous man- it comes naturally to him. In Europe there is a tradition to have contempt for government and the Law of the land and faith in the individual- the hero. In the east people have faith in the rule of Law and seem to have contempt for the individual. I have no idea who is right or wrong but it seems that the divinity of heroes is the issue. Europeans believe that a hero is needed to save them from the corruption of Law. People in the East seem to believe the Law will save us from the corruption of the Hero. The key is to be honest and ask does this Law come from God or Men? God gave men free will and any law that takes this from a man did not come from God.

  5. Dr Zaid that was very entertaining and funny. And I agree – TV kind of like the Gordian Knott lol The Lord of the Rings is a great Myth about the corruption of power. Not sure why you have such contempt for the Myth though because it seems that corruption of power is a very keen topic now days. I do not look to the Lord of the Rings to find God but it is a great story about corruption. I guess I love this story because it reminds me so much of the journey of Freemasons. Freemasons believed that by Mastering the occult then Evil could be hidden and the people protected. The Lesson is just as the Zohar teaches- that purity and innocence are most powerful. We are tainted by evil and it can not be controlled – no bargains with Evil. If you want esoteric knowledge and secrets of history and power then study Zohar and wicka and Freemasonry. For me wisdom and peace are a better choice and this can be found in the work we do with our hands, cleaning our house and cooking clean meals and telling our family we love them and reading the true teachings of the prophets- no occult knowledge required Lol 🙂

    • Agreed Johnny, regarding the moral themes, most acceptable. My contempt is born of Tolkeien’s abject humanism… that being, that without G-d’s help, man can succeed with the adjuncts of courage skill and magick. Every prophetic message carries three elements: a man’s submission to G-d, the Angelic guide, and the message. These are totally lacking in Tolkien’s trilogy. Hence, it is a work of misguidance, no matter how much historical reality is hidden in its folds.

      • Salam alaykum Omar,
        I notice that you were writing G-d instead of God ?
        What is the islamic reference or tradition for doing that ?
        Have the Prophet or his companions ever done that ?

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