Saffron Terror: Israel’s monks target Rohingya Muslims to Destabilize China. |deLiberation

Anti-Islamic, Saffron terror has long been part of U.S.-Israeli policy against the Global South

via Saffron Terror: Israel’s monks target Rohingya Muslims to Destabilize China. |deLiberation.

4 Comments on “Saffron Terror: Israel’s monks target Rohingya Muslims to Destabilize China. |deLiberation

  1. what I just stated in my last comment was the knowledge of the only “true” christian faith before the masons/ protestant faith infiltrated and took it over destroying the faith. Now they too worship the dead Jewish Elias as “GOD” unknowingly. How do you destroy a faith? You change its fundamental belief over time and many generations so it is not noticed by the practitioners of the faith. Thanks you, Jewish masonry. Just so they know, we plan ( sedevacantists) to take our faith back with the truth of what these texts actuay say. We have them, and now the world will as well. We will destroy these false christian religions in the same manner they destroyed the true christian faith. By attacking the very foundations of their belief system showing them the truth of what these texts actually say. Without translating little over half of these texts into dumbed down languages to deceive the masses as martin Luther and other protestants demanded, there would be no protestant religions. The Holy Ghost ( SPIRITUM SANCTUM), who was , is and ever shall be is not the holy spirit( spiritus sanctus) the one who is to come , that is an Antichrist. The “IMMACULATE CONCEPTION” is not Mary of the texts and Deum Jesum Christum is not Iesu christi in the the texts that prays to the dead jewish ancestor known as “elias” calling him god before giving up his ghost on the cross. The true christian church was aware of this duality in these texts. By making mary ( the mother of iesu christi) falsely the “IMMACULATE CONCEPTION”, making iesu christi ,Deum Jesum Christum and making the holy spirit( the one who is to come) the HOLY GHOST the religion was turned into nothing more than judaism for the gentile masses. That is how it was done.They replaced our trinity with their jewish trinity leading all to heresy( the gates of hell). The pew warmers who do not understand the faith have no clue they are just jews now worshipping dead jewish men as gods. They will know soon however and when they find this out, beware , as there will be hell to pay.

  2. all over a dead Jewish guy named Elias or dominus deus in the Latin vulgate. He would be the one that the texts call yhvh or jehova in the English translation of the full of holes , I mean holy bible. He arrives on the scene in book of genesis chapter 2:4 where it states that he created the world and everything in it. The religion of Judaism would like you to worship their dead Jewish ancestor as “GOD” . It seems the world over is more than happy to do this. For lack of understanding this truth , “GOD” s children die all over the world in the name of Elias, jehova. Even one who has no faith at alland believes that there is no “GOD” would rightfully laugh knowing that a dead jewish ancestor that would like to elevate himself to godly status did not create the world. I could not even try to pull this one over on a 5 year old child with success. Translate these texts into English or another language, and wrap all these dead Jewish ancestors into a monotheistic deity with the title of god , lord, lord god etc. and “bingo” , the false prophesies that are created by only translating about 60% of these texts into another language other than Latin are easy to bring to fruition. They travel over land and sea to make the gentile nations proselyte by way of thier masonic book, making them twice the children of hell. Truly, a masterful deception of biblical proportion.hmmmmm, did I just say that?

  3. Salaams. thanks again for sharing another interesting site of information wasalaam feizal

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