Why Columbus Day Should Be a Jewish Holiday | The Ugly Truth

Why Columbus Day Should Be a Jewish Holiday | The Ugly Truth.

5 Comments on “Why Columbus Day Should Be a Jewish Holiday | The Ugly Truth

  1. thank you for your response. I understand what you have said and was aware of this already( concerning Isa). my question though is still the same though. Who of these many people in the jewish texts named “jesus” does one consider to be the one that is supposed “CHRIST”, if any? Have any of you read 3/4 esdras? It is difficult to obtain these texts. They explain much which is why they have been eliminated from what is known as the holy bible. It is actually the true end of the texts as noted by the word “finished”, in Latin of course(finis). The book of revelation is just part of these apocalyptic texts. They explain who this rev.22:16 false Jesus is as well as many other things. Curious, thanks again in advance.Would like to hear Johnny’s answer as he may be aware of this as well. Has anyone studied the “biblio sacra nominum interpretation” included with the original Latin vulgate that includes the above books that has been removed from the publics eyes? Very revealing indeed to study the old test with this information as well as not. for anyone who reads the English translation and this is they understand what they are reading, this will prove them to be very foolish indeed.

  2. Oh Dr Zaid this is so funny.I laugh so hard my stomach got that pinch. Yes indeed Christopher Columbo was indeed “Jewish” as were many of the descendants of Franks- Templars. When I was told I had Jewish heritage in 1970ies I thought my elders were just confused. How could all these European people have Jewish heritage? With the complete mapping of the human genome these claims can be investigated. I was told at age 6 that Thomas Jefferson was of Kale and Jewish heritage from same line as our family. At age 12 I thought Freemason’s were a little crazy. At age 30 I had my DNA tested- y-haplogroup T – autosomal markers from middle eastern DNA. Thomas Jefferson’s descendants were DNA tested for a Law suit and same thing- y-haplogroup T. The really interesting hard truth is that Thomas Jefferson was a Jew. No coincidence that the Levy family paid Jefferson’s debt and bought his house – prominent Jews in America ( Admiral Levy first Jewish admiral in US Navy). The Levy family were also prominent Freemason’s of Scott rite and relatives of the Jefferson’s. Yes Columbo was a Jew and his family were mercenaries for the Popes after the Templar order fell and many lost their soul to the false “Christ”. It is quite a thrill for me to grow older and find all the stuff my Father taught me as “secrets” is now all over the internet. Christopher Columbo was a brave and fearless man. He was 10x the man as most of his detractors. But he was consumed by greed and he was willing to eat the scraps from the tables of Kings. True Templar descendants continued to fight for freedom and have no respect for gold or fortune. Dying for freedom and living in poverty is the true natural way of a Chingar warrior or “Templar”- no working for the scraps of Kings. As the Master taught – what good to gain all the gold in the world if we lose our soul. Greed is a mental illness and Columbo suffered from this illness and it killed him in the end. I like Columbus day because it is an excellent cautionary tale and his life should be well remembered for the misery and destruction that comes from the lust of gold and power.

    • “Yes Columbo was a Jew and his family were mercenaries for the Popes after the Templar order fell and many lost their soul to the false “Christ”. sir, to me this is a very fascinating comment, indeed. however . would you please clarify the statement for me. Are you speaking of the false christ of rev. 22:16? Or the idea of ” christ” in general is false? the Jewish Jesus , son of man, son of David? son of nun? son of sirach? I mean, very open ended and I could give even more options to choose from. I have an understanding and am curious to see if it is in line with yours but I can not tell truly from your statement. thank you for response in advance.

      • I believe he refers to the Muslim and Christian concept of the anti-Christ or Satan, the fallen jinn (not angel) previously known as Lucifer a few score millennia ago. Muslims embrace Isa (Jesus) as both prophet and Messiah. – oz

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