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Editor’s Note: This well researched letter was forwarded to me by one of my readers and it amounts to well founded legal opinions regarding the ungodly behavior of the rebel group called ISIS and their unholy attempts to redress injustices.

NB:  RE: of the reporters/executed by ISIS at least two of them were Israeli/Zionist spies, as recently confirmed by Barry Chamish.

Also, RE: the Yazidis: they are indeed a Satanic cult that worships the serpent-god and cannot be considered orthodox Muslims, although many of their followers and Muslims fail to understand the true nature of their faith, which some consider Magian in nature. In essence, however, what the Yazid leadership do is to actually befriend Satan–the Prince of this carnal Worl–via magic ritual and meetings with jinn in his service.  They do this so he does them no harm.

I recommend you read the entire document, especially those who consider joining their ranks. – oz

Letter to ISIS Caliph