The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschilds, the British Crown and the Vatican Rule the World | Humans Are Free

The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschilds, the British Crown and the Vatican Rule the World | Humans Are Free.


3 Comments on “The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschilds, the British Crown and the Vatican Rule the World | Humans Are Free

  1. See in my logo the flag used by Virginia 1st State Militia during Revolution. This flag is proof that Freemasonry did not begin 1700 in England. The star IS NOT a pentagram- it is a “rolling star” representing that no symbol is more important than the other as I was taught.

  2. Dr Zaid,

    Although I agree with much of this article I take great exception to this statement: “You surrender with a white flag, no colors. When you get mad you show your true colors. If you just won independence in a bloody revolution with Britain would you choose the same three colors for your new US flag?” The answer is “yes” and I have written a book to explain such questions. The author of this essay has half the truth; but you have to be a descendant of this tradition to know the fallacy of these modern day conspiracy theories. And remember “The Scottish Rite” of Freemasonry is headquartered in Alexandria Virginia and has always been at great odds with “York Rite” which is the Freemasonry practiced by the Royals of England. Here is an excerpt from a book I wrote for friends like Dr Zaid and family.

    I have learned much about myself and Freemasonry from Dr Zaid. I wish to temper the wild fire of conspiracy theories with a bit of old fashion truth. There is a truth of history that exists independent of all the Agenda and propaganda. George Washington and his Scotts and Gypsies refused to lick the Kings boot- and they had a courage and honor and devotion to the Lord that reminds me very much of the Revolution of Muhammad. Here is an excerpt that actually addresses the question above very directly.

    Union Jack- The birth of Nations

    The groups of English who fought with Scots against Cromwell and would later fight with Washington against a King were often referred to as “The Army of the Old Dominion” by early Continentals. Though this is not recorded in written history, it has been preserved in the oral tradition of Appalachia. This Army, of course, fought under stars and stripes and other flags in the American Revolution, but in England against Cromwell they fought under the Union Jack.

    The English Empire was losing control of three countries through the Enlightenment period: Scotland, Ireland, and America. At this time Charles I sought conciliatory action to unify the Empire and he adopted a flag called the Union Jack which still flies today. This flag attempts to combine symbols from England, Scotland, and Ireland. It was obvious that control of the English Empire was slipping. The flag itself with a union of three crosses looks like it is confused and falling apart on first glance. You could actually see the confusion and eminent destruction of the Empire in the symbolism of the flag. The Empire has somewhat come back together through two world wars and much common history and strife. And that is a little bit like the Union Jack- it’s a confused looking flag but it grows on you. America was never represented in the Union Jack and this was a foreshadowing that America would need to create its own flag. (65)

    The Scottish independence seen in the symbolism of Rosslyn was short lived. Soon all of the old demons made it west to Scotland, and Freemasons would again be called to duty to fight Cromwell under the banner of the Union Jack. In the 16th and 17th centuries for the first time, accepted Freemasons began to outnumber the free stone masons that actual built structures. The enlightenment of Europe was their gift to the world, but no good deed goes unpunished. The accepted and Freemasons shared their secrets of science and engineering with the world, which resulted in so many opportunities that Freemasons were no longer needed in large numbers. Architects could study and devise these techniques without completing degrees in Freemasonry. Public and private universities replaced master Freemasons and trade guilds. Before universities master Freemasons and trade guilds were the only higher educational system common people had ever known.

    Today college graduates design and engineer buildings, and laborers who lay foundations and masonry have far less responsibility and less pay. This new way of the world began in the 16th and 17th centuries and led to the final social breakthroughs and revolutions that created the modern world. As much as people complain in the modern world, and as much poverty still exists, history is clear that thing are definitely getting better.

    This conscious effort of generations of Freemasons and accepted Masons since the time of Moses to preserve the knowledge of Egypt is very similar to the Journey of the Hobbit Froto. It was a torturous burden to bear, and it became harder and harder for each generation to maintain its ideals. The ring of power weighed heavy on these generations, but through the sacrifice of men like Jesus and Jacque De Molay we have a modern world. We do not have to worry about being tortured and burned to death, or imprisoned for absolutely no reason. Men like Martin Luther King had to make further sacrifice to fine tune humanity, but we are making progress due to the blood of these heroes. The tree of Liberty, indeed, seems to be watered by the blood of heroes, but it seems to need less water every generation.

    As enlightenment spread like wildfire through Europe, monarchs desperately scrambled to maintain control of wealth and power. Elite upper class wealth was being created by education,
    Science and technology. It was this emerging class that turned against the monarchy in England and became tyrants themselves in the English civil war. Cromwell and the Puritans backed by wealthy merchants rebelled against Charles I who was offering Scotland and Ireland autonomy. Cromwell was determined to destroy the independence of the Scots and the Irish. Puritans were tolerated, but Presbyterians and Catholics were savagely attacked. Again the Templar Cavalry mounted to defend Liberty. This Templar Calvary was called The Army of the Old Dominion
    and fought as Loyalist not to serve a tyrannical Monarch, but to protect the Liberty of the people of Scotland. This is the oral history of The Army of the Old Dominion as told to me by my father. (66)

    “In the days when The Army of the Old Dominion would ride and sail with the Union-Jack, the Templar soldiers of the King did not display the red cross of mercy. Among the cavalrymen of the Old Dominion were Washingtons and Tripletts. Francis Triplett fought well with the horse, sword, and pike and he well impressed a young man named John Washington. John had traveled to America and back again chartering ships and bringing souls to America in exchange for land in Virginia. The crown would give a measure of land to a Loyalist for each soul he could bring to the new land. Francis’ uncle Thomas was the Sub-Dean of Westminster in this time and by 1665 had ended his exile in Ireland. Francis received a gift from the crown on petition from his Uncle Thomas requesting reparation for goods and service during the war. The King’s administrators agreed and so Francis used the money to charter a boat to Virginia along with John Washington. John was well established in Virginia and had first sailed to America as a young man. He fought fierce battles with the tribes that massacred the people of Jamestown so people could live in Virginia in Peace. Francis brought thirty souls to America and later more on his ships and received his land: 10,000 acres in the County of Fairfax. (73)

    The Armies of Cromwell had devastated the Templar Knights and Priests of the Army of the Old Dominion. At Dunbar and Worcester he destroyed our ranks as if the Lord had abandoned us. We knew we must again go west and find a land of freedom and so we followed the western star. The legend of the land of promise under the western star ‘Merica had been told by our Master Jesus. French Knights found this land for true and there Scots would live free on land the French called La’Merica. The town of Dunbar our families founded on the banks of the Kanawha honors our ranks lost to Cromwell and bears testament to our continued faith and struggle.

    Francis Triplett and John Washington were accepted Freemasons and Scottish troops followed them in battle. They would lead these Scots to a land of the free, and again fight with Scots to win freedom. The Lord was with us in the new land and our families prospered having found the Kinnerfeld (the land of free people not owned by any one man) of promise. We had struggled long and through history’s sands we never abandoned our faith. We obeyed God and followed his signs west for two-thousand years: from Egypt to Iberia and the land of the Franks, then Scotland and now we’ve come home. America is the last land and here we stand as our struggle for freedom continues. Ever vigilant we must be to protect the progress we’ve made and the sacrifice required of our kin.” – from the oral history Continental Templar Priests

    The Scottish Rite Freemasons fought and died under the Union-Jack against Cromwell and so we honor this symbol today. We were forced to turn against the Union-Jack to seek our freedom, and Templar Priests feel the sting of this dishonor as we feel it in the words of our ancestors. But loyalty in the end must be to the way. It has always been the way of the prophets, the way of the warrior, and the way of the Freemason that have kept our highest respect. We stand loyal to the stars and stripes but remember the Union Jack and honor the history of our people’s blood and faith.

    The life of Uncle Thomas from this oral history is very well documented. There are many written records kept at Westminster Abbey on Francis’ benefactor Uncle Thomas. He went through a roller coaster ride of fortunes through the English civil war. Here are details given on the life of Francis’ Uncle Thomas kept at Westminster Abbey:

    In the 1630s he was rector of various parishes in County Durham in the north of England, including Washington (where George Washington’s ancestors originated). He was appointed to a canonry at York in 1641, another at Salisbury in 1645, and yet another at Durham in 1648 or 1649. His career was interrupted by the English Civil War and the Commonwealth period when cathedrals and canonries were abolished. He had to earn his living as a schoolmaster, first in Dublin and then in Hayes in Middlesex. When King Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660 cathedrals were re-established and in 1662 Triplett was made a Canon at Westminster Abbey. By his death in 1670 he was Sub-Dean.

    Dr. Thomas Triplett Epitaph, Westminster Abbey:
    “Here rests the Reverend Doctor Thomas Triplett, of the county of Oxford, prebendary of this church: who, right through to his seventieth year of age, made himself dear to God by his piety and constant devotion; to the Learned, by his uncommon skill in the Greek language; to the Poor, by his generosity and continual good works; and to All, by the innocent charm of his character; and finally passed from this life to a better one, on the 18th of July A.D. 1670.”

    I was always told that America was named for Amerigo Vespucci who made early maps of America. I used to think this was a big flaw in the oral histories, but research reveals that there is much debate on the subject. The French slang La ‘Merica had nothing to do with Vespucci. There is little debate on the devastation Cromwell caused Royalist forces in Scotland and northern England. It is very interesting that just as the Loyalist forces were led by Scottish Rite Freemasons from England, so were the armies of the American Revolution led by Scottish Rite Freemasons with English heritage. Why were the Washington family and the Triplett family not York Rite Freemasons? The answer is simple: they would not take an oath of loyalty and belief in the divinity of Christ because they were ancestral Jews, Muslims and Gypsies. (68)

    Regardless of the oral histories, there does seem to be a grand design well recorded in the written record, whereby John Washington and Francis Triplett were bringing Scots, Ramanchal and Kale Gypsies and many other dispossessed people to America. My ancestors married only English women in England, but Francis II, Francis III and on all married Scottish women. The maternal surnames are names like Brown, Ferguson, and Campbell in the generations of America. They stopped using the common Anglican first names and started using names like Jason, Daniel, Jesse, Ajax, and Samuel. You can see liberation in their decision to begin using Hellenic and Hebrew first names in America. Using the names of Greek heroes was a particularly bold choice at this time. (69)

    The Union-Jack flag as a symbol is trying to express the sovereignty and self-determination of the English, Irish, and Scottish cultures while remaining in the confines of conformity. Another flag would soon be formed in America, and it would use daring ancient symbols that go back far in the past to the early roots of Freedom. This Flag would boldly not conform to any other flag created in Europe. The symbols of this flag would be strong and clear, and its meaning would be evident to those families who had fought this long struggle. Although the symbols on the American flag known as “Old Glory” are forgotten by the masses, the secret of these symbols was kept by the Order of Continental Templar Priests.

    It is the symbols of western culture that are the key to all the mysteries of the secret society known as Freemasons. There are symbols in art and architecture all over Europe that can be discerned by those who know the meaning of symbols. So much of our western history has been lost to chaos of war and famine. Those people who kept the knowledge of the past had to keep knowledge secret to protect their lives. It was dangerous to practice nonconformity in public. They kept their secrets in the open with symbols. The release of this conformity is what has led to the freedom that created modern society. When peoples were allowed freedom of expression, their art and science flourished. By not burning nonconformist in fire pits and allowing them to paint, write, or conduct research, we found the modern art and inventions that we all enjoy.

    It is the acceptance of new ideas and freedom of expression that is at the core of the success of western civilization. In the modern world there is no mystery that is not readily taught in universities or researched in the open for all to see. If this freedom is suppressed, people organize and revolt- this is the great legacy of our ancestors. The great mysteries require arduous study; there is no magic sound or secret word of power. Sorcery and alchemy are studied at universities now, and it occurred just as Jesus told us: “Greater things than these shall you do….” (70)

    It may seem surprising to many people that the Army that defended the puritans in New Hampshire against King George were descended from Loyalists. This was the beauty of the Continental Army of Virginia. Here we had people joining with their old enemies the Puritans in a new land to fight tyranny. If you understand that these Scottish Rite Freemasons were descended from people who always tried to fight on the “right” side, then it is easy to see how easily they could change loyalty. They only became Loyalists because Cromwell was a tyrant, now the tyrant was King George, so they would travel hundreds of miles to defend even Puritans against him. (71)

    The Army of the old Dominion that fought under the Union-Jack and the Stars and Stripes was composed of many different people, not just Scottish Rite Freemasons. But it was the free and accepted masons who were always at the core of rebellion, always rebelling against the status quo and provoking culture into Liberty. The American Revolution would be their next planned rebellion, and it was the same revolution they had been planning for generations. This time the rebellion would occur in America, and it was a rebellion of thought and freedom in the colony of Virginia. Eventually, they would have to initiate armed rebellion to preserve the Continental culture they created; they were happy to be English until their new world culture was threatened. They came to a land that had enslaved Africans for over a hundred years before their arrival, and they were very aware of the injustice. They would draft the Fairfax Resolves, the first document in America calling for complete abolition of slavery, but abolition would have to wait for Lincoln. Correcting the horror of slavery would have to wait until they had shaken the yolk of trade agreements with England and Europe. This would be accomplished again by a core group of Scottish Rite accepted and Freemasons provoking society into rebellion.

    Families of The Eastern Star

    There are several families in America who have stars and stripes on their family crests. Of all these families only the Washington family crest with two stars and three stripes can be dated to medieval Europe: it is an ancient crest of the Arpad who would blend with a tribe known as Franks. The stars on the crest honored the light of the eastern star of knowledge. The stripes stood for lashes left by the brick masters lash on the back of a slave. The red stripes and stars are unfamiliar on Frankish crests, but the Washington family was descended from these ancient Arpad who had traveled from the east to the west to blend with Franks. I always find it interesting that the Arpad and Kale were the people who carried the myths Tolkien used to write The Lord of the Rings. These families behaved much like Froto through history. The hero of the Kalevala, which is kept by Arpad and Parthian descendants in Finland, speaks of a hero who conquers his enemy with poetry and song. The song of Muhammad, called the Koran, is this myth come true, and these are the kinds of common links that unite our vast western culture. To hear the Shaman in Finland sing the Kalevala is very similar to hearing the Priest sing the Koran in Iraq, and they both sing of the same universal truths. (76)

    The Halani or Alans of the Apostles John and James were from the same tradition as the Arpad, Parthians, and Finns; they were all descended from Scythians. The Alans were well known to keep Phoenician traditions like circumcision that forced them into France and Northern Spain. Tribes like the Alans that are recorded during the time of Rome and the Gothic period are the missing link between Muslims from Iraq and Shaman in Finland. It was from these tribes blended with east and west that the Washington Family and other families in the old Scottish Rite of Freemasonry were descended: those Scythian Gothic tribes that had historical links to Phoenician and Semitic tribes and the Law of Moses. After years of war and chaos, Greek, Scythian, Phoenician and Hebrew tribes blended with Germanic and Gaelic tribes of Europe. This created the unique heritage of the Arpad, Alans, and Parthians who blended with Franks to become Gothic Knights and Stone Masons. This is the heritage of the Families of the Eastern Star that would rally around George Washington to fight the American Revolution. The flag they would create was shocking for its time. It bore no crosses, just the most ancient primal symbols of Africa and Europe- stars and stripes. This flag was an ancient symbol of how knowledge “Gnosis” protects us from slavery.

    The stripes of the Arpad go back to the Greek invasion of Troy and are said to also symbolize the blood of the lamb: meaning the blood Moses used to protect his people from plagues. Moses would have put red-lamb’s-blood stripes on the white plaster dwellings of his people. These people included many Phoenician tribes that circumcised and practiced the Law of Moses as we know from the classical historians. The stripes on the American flag go further back in history than Gothic Knights, and this is known to those who know symbols.

    The stars on the American flag are symbols of the eastern star. It had always been the light of the eastern star that was the knowledge that prevented Freemasons from having to suffer the fate of slaves. Their ancestors were free stone masons who had kept freedom by keeping the secrets of the eastern star. Although the enlightenment had released this knowledge to the world, it created more hope and opportunity for everyone. Most Scottish Rite members were accepted Freemasons with many different occupations, and we no longer needed secret halls for keeping the secrets of stonemasonry. But these Scottish Rite accepted Freemasons knew the value of keeping secret halls for planning rebellion, and they knew they were just a short space away from slavery themselves. They drafted the Fairfax Resolves written by James Mason and signed by my ancestor Thomas Triplett, and George Washington July 18, 1774, calling for the abolition of African Slavery. They also called for the end of trade agreements with England that were binding them to slavery. (77)

    The Families of The Eastern Star who would adopt these ancient symbols of stars and stripes did so in preparation of a plan. The Washington family and other families who had been devastated by Cromwell planned to form a new beginning. Again they traveled west following the ancient myth of La’Merica, which had now become reality. This Nation that would be called America was planned over generations of struggle. The Pyramids, The Light House of Alexandria, the Coliseum, and Gothic Cathedrals of Europe are all testament to the Freemason’s ability to plan and work for generations. It took many generations to build some of these structures.

    The architecture and construction of a free and enduring society had always been the true dream of the Freemasons from the Shambhala of Lemuria to Egypt to Galilee to Iberia and then Scotland and America. This took us about 75 generations.

    • Thank you once again Johnny. The “Free” in Free-masonry is what is paramount here, and it is seen in the refusal to swear allegiance to the false image of God presented by the Trinity. The song of the Kevala and others carry forgotten memories that will only be restored to their rightful place in the Hereafter.

      Another key word is “Traveler” — not in the traditional ‘Gypsy’ sense, although that tradition began with the essence of man’s ‘exile’ from just governance, but rather because the journey continues to this world’s end, as prophesied. Hence, we all travel. The only difference being that bards and students of the bards are cognizant of the journey which gives them the sand to stand and meet the challenge of watering the Tree of True Liberty.

      May the sand be with you Johnny. – oz

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