Quite the Contrary, by Dr. Omar

LanskyMeyer Lansky

A community in the midst of which sins are being committed which could be, but are not corrected by it, is most likely to be encompassed in its entirety by Allah’s punishment. Behold, Allah does not change a people’s circumstances unless they bring about a change in their inner selves.”

Abu Da’ud on authority of Abu Bakr

It was no coincidence that Nasser’s Egypt became the center of Fascist Islam and womb for ‘Islamist’ accretion. Nor is it by chance that Hamas gives the Nazi salute and slaughters under the swastika of Shakti’s ancient Dravidian cult; after all, Tibetan Monks also chanted in Berlin after finding their icon so reverenced by the entire nation of Germany along with Islam’s errant errant SS Mufti. The apperceptive coincidence was not a happenstance nor was the taking of an occult oath of loyalty to Hitler at the hand of Himmler by Haji Amin el-Husseini. it was the direct result of centuries of functional illiteracy on the part of Islamia’s vacuous intelligentsia.

Before reading this treatise I wager you didn’t know that the Thule Society initiated Hitler and that it was a cult inspired by Balkanized Hermetic Sufis, errant Templars, insidious Jesuits, and Alamut assassins of the budding Shi’ite cult; or that Hitler was financed by Rothschild’s cronies and spiritually guided by jinn possessed magi such as Crowley, Dietrich Eckart, and the Kabalist Jew, Alfred Rosenberg. Please consider why this knowledge was/is absent from the curricula of the several institutions you have attended. Are I and the numerous authorities cited fabricators, or did you simply miss the BBC Special and not pay attention to history while in school?

Did you realize the extent of ancient Israel’s apostasy extended to human sacrifice or that Ibn Maymun’s posterity wrought the Fatimid and Assassin dogma later taught to errant Templars (yes, there were/are non-errant Templars) along with the nine step initiation rite that hailed from the ‘land of Nod’ and whose cults fathered the Ishmaili Batinites that still bathe in blood annually and importune dead people like first-class necromancers? This very same system was adopted and modified to suit Jesuits and Adam Wesihaupt’s Illuminati gangsters. Before reading any of my works did you know of the Hermetic Tradition or that pseudo-Sufism traced its esoteric root to the Egyptian god Toth whom Greeks and Freemasons call Hermes and that Freemasons have degrees of Initiation devoted to his idol and memory? ― or did you merely accept sheep-wool fables taught in schools, madrassas and majids marked with ‘Stars and Stripes’ or ‘Star & Crescent’ sigils of Cain’s kingdoms in ancient Dravidia and Akkad?

Tell me why, after 1000 odd years of Sufi ascendance as preeminent Muslim pietists cum fetishists, have Muslims come to such a sociopolitical muddle and hapless state of ignorance? Tell me why Allah swt does not protect the Ummah in which they specifically claim spiritual superiority and metaphysical guidance? Tell me why Malay Muslims are enslaved by Hermetic Masters who had the gall to erect a Freemasonic altar to the Architect of the Universe in their capital—the Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur?

Did you know that Mohammad Abduh, al’Afghani, Mr. al’Bana’s mentors and immediate relatives, and Mr. Qutb were both Sufis and Freemasons? Did you know that the Swastika is the centre-piece of the Grand Freemasonic Hermetic apron, in addition to lapel pins once awarded to every 32nd & 33rd Degree Initiate? Did you know that Ariel Sharon, Perez, Arafat and Mufti Husseini were Freemasons, sworn to secret fellowship by blood oaths in subservience to occult masters in the West?

Did you know: Ariel Sharon, a Freemason, was an intimate lackey of Meyer Lansky of the US Mafia who financed Las Vegas (Sin City) as well as Santo Trafficante’s Drug Empire which was handed to them by the US Government after the Vietnam fiasco and mass murder of SE Asia?

Did you know that Trafficant hired Corsican hit men that were intimately involved in the Kennedy assassination, under the auspice of MI-6 directors Sir William Stephensen and Maj. Louis Mortimor Bloomfield pictured below?

Did you know that Meyer Lansky taught organized crime families worldwide how to launder their money in off-shore accounts with Olympian finesse’ and global elitist support?

BloomfieldDid you know that Mr. Albert Pike’s intimate, Giuseppe Mazzini (pic below right) also founded what became known as the Mafia? Can you now see the left hand of blind men guided by the black hearts and hidden hands of the sons of Cain who have ruled over Sin (Iblis) from father to son for generations?


  • MazziniGiuseppe Mazzini (right), a Thirty-Third Degree Mason, founded a group of revolutionaries called ‘Young Italy’. Their goal was to free Italy from the control of monarchy and the Pope. They succeeded, and Mazzini is honored as a patriot in Italy. In the process, the Mafia was born. The Young Italy revolutionaries needed money, and they: “… supported themselves by robbing banks, looting or burning businesses if protection money was not paid, and kidnapping for ransom. Throughout Italy the word spread that “Mazzini autorizza furti, incendi e attentati,” meaning, ‘Mazzini authorizes theft, arson, and kidnapping.’ This phrase was shortened to the acronym, M.A.F.I.A. Organized crime was born.” [Although the Sicilian group has a more quasi-noble origin, it too succumbed to the hegemony. – oz]
  • Albert Pike was Grand Commander of the Thirty-Third Degree, as well as Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. He was also a Confederate general. Pike was influenced by Mazzini. Both were military men who were good at fomenting rebellion. When the Confederacy surrendered to Union forces, Albert Pike was determined to start another Civil War so that the South could win. He founded the Ku Klux Klan, which instigated riots throughout the South in an attempt to disrupt reconstruction and incite a second Civil War. Pike gave Klansman, Jesse James, the assignment of robbing Northern banks in order to get money to fund this war. It is estimated that Jesse James and other Klansmen buried seven million dollars in gold all over the western states. Pike, the old Confederate general, was a wily strategist who knew that if he could leave behind a secret terrorist society in the south to fight against freedom for black people as a rear guard action, the south’s defeat might not be in vain.
  • Two books from the turn of the twentieth century document Pike’s direct involvement in founding the Klan. In considering this, we should remember that Mazzini and Pike probably saw what they did as doing “whatever it takes” to accomplish goals that were important to them. This is a practical application of the philosophy that “the end justifies the means.” Mazzini successfully used guerrilla warfare and civil disruption to instigate a civil war in Italy, in order to win freedom from control by the monarchy and the papacy. Pike attempted to do a similar kind of thing in the South, in order to win freedom from control by the North, but he failed.”

Before reading my work did you know that British Commandos had Osama bin Laden ‘in their sights’ one week after 9/11 but were ordered to ‘Stand Down’? or that few, if any, Israelis were in the World Trade Centre on 9/11… that it was owned by Jews? … or that more than 4,000 Israeli Employees associated with the WTC and its immediate environs absented themselves that day? … or that ‘Put Options’ in excess of 660% above normal were placed on American and United Airlines Stock by Bush’s grandfather’s Wall Street firm, A. A. Brown, just days, even hours, before their planes were hijacked? … or that the chief Mossad NY Agency, Zim Israel Navigational, moved out of the WTC the previous week before the expiration of their lease and were happy to pay a $50,000 fine for the release?… or that the Tel Aviv Headquarters were just a block away from Mossad Headquarters? … or that Jewish Owners of the WTC profited immensely from its destruction? … or that the employees of Odigo, an Israeli WTC instant-messaging service were warned to leave the WTC just two hours prior to the bombing by an anonymous text message that was never traced or disclosed? … or that the Fox News report (Dec 11-14, 2001) outlining a very large NYC Police investigation of more than 140 detained Mossad agents in NYC—many of whom garnered police—was actually removed from the archives on White House Order? … or that Andrews Air Force Base was ordered to ‘Stand Down’ from normal Washington DC defensive measures and patrols on 9/11 while jet fighters were scrambled for ‘war games’ elsewhere? … or that military authorities actually tracked the plane that crashed into the Pentagon for ninety minutes and did nothing? … or that the CIA and Mossad have capabilities of piloting jumbo aircraft remotely with pinpoint accuracy? … or that the WTC, including untouched Bld. #7, collapsed according to typical implosion demolition protocols and that demolition of this nature takes months to engineer?

The Bush Presidency had many warnings but suppressed evidence and halted FBI investigations? David Rockefeller (Rothschild Crony) even predicted the event and geopolitical sequelea nine months prior (See Aaron Russo’s testimony and documentaries online), including the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?

MaltaYes, that is an Eastern Orthodox Patriarch Knight of Malta
Sworn in service to the Catholic Pope who is controlled by the
Jesuit General who answers to the Chief Magi of the Olympians,
known to Secret Services the world over by that name.

One appreciates why these facts are not consequently pursued because of traditional trickle-down-trepidation on the part of the exemplary cowardice of American Senatorial and Congressional leaders, Parliaments and others of such pathetic ilk.

On 3 Oct. 2001, Ariel Sharon boasted to the Knesset:

  • I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.
  • There are no important media outlets in the U.S. that are not owned or controlled by the Jews.
    – Israel Shamir, Russian-Israeli journalist and Author.

The reality is that the NWO Cult has a throat-hold on the pulse of America. This was documented on the CBS “Face the Nation” series, 15 Apr. 1973:

  • The US Administration is unable to exert pressure on Israel for a Middle East settlement because the U.S. Senate was subservient to Israel … despite the fact that the U.S. provided Israel with a major part of the wherewithal to finance or pay for everything Israel does, leverage could not be applied because Israel controls the Senate.
    On a return visit, 7 Oct. 73, the program’s host remarked again on the serious charge, whereupon the speaker said: “The charge is a fact of life!” The speaker was Senator J. William Fullbright, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He lost the next election as a result of breaking the taboo. ,

Exertion of this ‘influence’ by the Israeli Lobby and Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Arthur Burns, during the Arab Boycott of the mid-seventies resulted in a trade imbalance for America that shifted Arab trade to European Nations and was directly responsible for the U.S. becoming the world’s largest debtor nation. This was a deliberate policy measure by the Club of Rome (as per Dr. Coleman), especially employed to cause instability and destroy America’s Middle Class while shifting attention and power towards the European Union and UN for the coming world leadership vacuum as they bankrupted and demoralized the USA by dispossessing it citizens from property and autonomy.

At the moment of the 9/11 attack, Bush Sr. was in consultation with bin-Laden investment Moguls and the CIA was immediately placed under orders to do nothing to embarrass the Saudis. All planes in America were grounded except those evacuating every member of the bin-Laden family. This prevented investigators from interviewing them as a routine course of professional detective work. The Saudi Government also obstructed interviews with the hijacker’s families.

Tony Blair and the Bush family are bona fide business partners with large interests in Iraq & Iran in concert with Saudi & bin Laden families? Saudi ministers were paying (bribing) Osama $300 million yearly with funds solicited through American Islamic charities. The solicitations continued until a class-action suit was filed against the Saudis in 2004 by ex-federal prosecutor John Loftus? The Justice Department begged Mr. Loftus to forgo and only on the date of filing did they stop University Professors and associated Imams from soliciting funds in America.

Saudi representatives apologized to Mr. Loftus by saying this was done to stop Osama from bombing Arabia? Is this plausible? Why didn’t they pay him from their bulging purse or exercise the ‘divinely held’ authority as Kings over Islam? And why did they beg funds using eminent professors who hawked the slogan: ‘only $300 to kill a Jew’?

As Muslims, are all Jews your enemy? Is that truly what Allah said? If you’re not sure, read Sura II: 62 and think about these many questions and also consider the following fact of the present day.

The majority of our world leaders, especially those in the West—in government, industry, finance, education, etc.—are members of the Freemasonic System of Occult indoctrination which includes the entire system of British peers, the B’nai Brith, the Knights of Malta, the Templars, Roscicrucians and several other Euro-Centric fellowships claiming superior knowledge and, hence also, the divine right to govern us all. This being the case, especially over the last three-hundred post-Enlightenment years, why have these ‘enlightened,’ superior, and thus also, exceptional fellows and dames led the entire world into such mass destruction of fellow human beings, environment, finance and culture along with impressively globalized dearth?

I posit they are not the exceptionally gifted moral creatures they profess to be. They are not the chosen vessels of divine guidance and morality but quite the contrary.

Malta bNapoleon also was a Knight of Malta, and Corsica was the place of exile for Jesuits who had been thrown out of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal after a Papal Bull disbanding them forever when he was a child. They educated him. Another coincidence? … perhaps.


Rosenberg was a Jew from Moscow who became an Intimate Initiate of the Thule group and official Nazi Philosopher for the party. His initial entry to the inner circle of this anti-Semite cult was made possible by a document secreted out of Russia called the ‘Protocols of Zion’ [see an excerpt in appendices] which set the tone for the final Zionist anti-Semite persecution. This document was abased on the mystical scribble of the great writer Soloviev and a French Jew named Maurice Jolly (pseudonym) in 1864, who was instrumental in leaking its dogma as a result of his associations with High Caste French Freemasons and Illuminati ( See G & C for details]. It plainly laid bare the purpose of Zionist intention. Rosenberg brought the document to Germany in 1918, and by 1921 was a member of the Thule group. It was Rosenberg who summoned the Beast who possessed Hitler during a Satanic ritual that included Tantric sexual Magick!

ODIGO: 9th largest Shipping Co. in the World. Israeli Gov’t owned Corp. more than 200 WTC employees.
Reported by Ha’aretz, Israeli News Journal

Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about the evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information.”

– US official quoted by Carl Cameron of Fox News

The Mosad & CIA are experts at covert ops which appear to be the work of their nation’s enemies: “Wildcard, Ruthless and Cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian act.” – US Army School for Advanced Studies (SAMS) Washington Times, Sep 10, 2001. Hitler did it by burning the Reichstag; Nero burned Rome and blamed it on Christians. Caesar used the same tactics in Britain to give a pretext for his failed invasion during the 1st century AD: See The Holy Kingdom, by Adrian Gilbert, Corgi Book, Bantam Press, 1999. [This Book also discloses documentation for two King Arthurs]

Testimony of House Representative McKinney and FBI Agent Rowley.

One must understand that within the Illuminati Covens there is no Independence. The Hierarchy is rigid and enforced by means of monsters only Allah can kill.

See One Nation Under Israel, by Andrew Hurley, Truth Press, 1999. A ‘must read’!
ibid, pages 132-139


Freemasonry in the Middle East

ME 1
General History of Masonry: From its early days till today, by Georgy Zeidan, published by Al-Mahroosa Press in Cairo (Egypt) in 1889: as compiled in Historic Freemasonry in the Middle East, by Isaac Bar-Moshe, PM, Jerusalem Lodge, Israel

ME 2

( لندنرقم 1 ش:. طرابلس-لبنان )
إنلأخويةالفرماسونتاريخعريقفيالشرقالأوسطبدأمعالأخويةالعمليةأيمعمعلمناالأكبرحيرامأبيوصولاًإلىتأسيسأولمحفلللماسونيةالرمزيةفيأواخرالقرنالثامنعشرمعقدومنابوليونبونابارتسنة 1798 إلىمصر،العاملتحتإسمأيزيسوتحترعايةمحفلممفيسالفرنسي،ومنثمتتالىإفتتاحالمحافلالعاملةتحترعايةالشروقالفرنسية،الإيطاليةومنثمالإنكليزيةخاصةبعددخولالإنكليزلمصرعام 1882.
فيلبنانأولمحفلماسونيتأسسسنة 1862،وكانتالحركةالماسونيةشهدتفتراتإزدهاركمامرتبفتراتركودخاصةعندماعصفتفيالقرنالعشرينرياحالحروبالمتكررةفيهذهالمنطقة،فالماسونيةتزدهرمعمفاهيمالعدالةوالديموقراطيةوالسلموهيراعيةلهاوتعملمنأجلها.
محفللندنرقم 1 ش:.طرابلس / لبنان

ME 3Petra Lodge No. 1, Jordan

“The fourth quarter of the 19th century saw a certain flourishing of Freemasonry in the Arab world, due in the greatest part to expanding influence of European countries in the domains of the Ottoman Empire. Freemasonry was not introduced in the Arab world as a cover for the process of substituting the Ottoman rule by European colonizers, but rather as a bright side dominating the minds of not a small number of European officials working in the Arab world in the service of their countries. Freemasonry brought some of the best aspects of European civilization to the Arab world. The truth is that Freemasonry spread then like fire, in the ranks of intellectuals. Many of the higher values taking root in many bright minds in the Arab world, was in fact the offshoot of Masonic learning, and these minds were among the first to call for equality, freedom, and sanctity of human life.” Freemasonry flourished in many countries, still under the rule of the Ottomans, and it was authentically reported that many of the national leaders of the emerging independent states and most certainly many of the intellectuals, poets and writers were among the Brethren of the Craft.
ME 4Knights of the Desert No.1, Saudia Arabia

‘Speculative Masonry’, though, was very modern. The first Lodge in Beirut was established in 1862 under the auspices of the Scottish Grand Lodge. The Lodge number was 415. The language was French, but among the Masters who presided was the Consul General of Great Britain, and the Lodge had a membership, which encompassed many Syrian notables and many foreigners.Several other Lodges were established in Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, Inab, Alexandria, and Antioch. Most of these Lodges were under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Italy, and many of them closed up because of the growing animosity towards Freemasonry. The first Lodge in Palestine was established in Jerusalem in May 1873, under the auspices of the Canadian Grand Lodge. The name was The Royal Solomon Lodge No. 293. The Grand Lodge of Turkey was formed by Prince Halim Pasha. Three Lodges were known to exist in Istanbul, all chartered by the Grand Lodge of England. Three others were established under charters from France, two chartered by the Italian Grand Lodge and one by Ireland. Apart from Istanbul, the author lists six Lodges in Izmir chartered by the Grand Lodge of England and two by the Italian Grand Lodge. Masonry in ancient Egypt was part and parcel of ancient Egyptian religion.”

ME 5Emir lodge No.1, UAE

Speculative Masonry came to Egypt following the French occupation in 1798. General Kleber, together with other Masonic officers, and with the blessing of Napoleon Bonaparte, agreed to establish a Lodge by the name of “Isis”. The son of the Great Mohammed Ali, Prince Halim, together with Prince Abdul-Kader El-Jaza’iri were at the helm in another very effective and influential Lodge in Cairo. Lodges were established in the cities of Suez, Port Said, Ismailia, and many other cities in Egypt. The Egyptian Grand Lodge was acknowledged by many Grand Lodges, first of which was the United Grand Lodge of England. On 15/9/1877, the Grand Lodge of Egypt declared Cairo as its official seat and meeting place. Lodges in the Kingdom of Jordan came to an abrupt and sad end some three years ago. One fine day, the Fundamentalist members of the Jordanian Parliament, who were normally a minority, found themselves almost alone in the Parliament building, legislated and promulgated a law banning Freemasonry in the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom. …

  • “Immediately after the revolution (1959 coup) a list containing the names of Iraqi Freemasons was received from Lebanon. Abd-el-Salam Aref (deputy of coup leader Kassim) requested permission to line them up against the wall and shoot them all. But Abd-el-Karim Kassim refused, because there was no law under the Royal Regime banning Freemasonry. Kassim said to his deputy, “You say they are spies. Let us monitor their activities. Besides, all of them are Medical Doctors, Engineers, and Professors, whom the country needs. If you imprison them or kill them, I shall have to bring foreign experts. Who will assure me that they will not spy on the country?” Kassim resisted pressures from many sides to publicize their names or to put them under pressure, saying, “How could I know that the Lebanese sources have sent a correct list of names? Maybe the list is correct. But even if I find out that one hundred of these names are really Freemasons and one name only was included in the list by mistake, I shall be ready to forgive all of them in order not to harm the bearer of this name.”

2 Comments on “Quite the Contrary, by Dr. Omar

  1. Well Dr. Zaid you have done it again! Bull’s eye! Yes-Yes- the entire “new age” secular humanist movement was created by the fallen Freemasons. Albert Pike- Madame Blavatsky- Woodrow Wilson- Edgar Cayce. You are forgetting the incredible contribution of the sorcerer Edgar Cayce. This is one of the missions of my life: to expose the fallen angels of the “New Age” and to explain the false mysticism of Pike-Blavatsky-Cayce- Hitler.

    What we can not logically explain is too often mistaken for Magic or the hand of God. The Mysticism learned by Edgar Cayce from Freemason Kale tradition and the tricks learned by Madame Blavatsky in India were mistaken by weak minded people for the hand of God. We should feel sorry for people duped by witchcraft- but to the sorcerers and blind guides their is little mercy it seems. The secret to avoiding the temptations of sorcery is to realize that this is “the lesser light” indeed. The material world of money-sex-food-objects is the world controlled by sorcery. The eternal world of the soul traveler is far more important.

    It seems very simple to me from the lessons of my Grandparents. If a man becomes so wise of mind that they forget the Lord, then we become too smart for our own good. In the end knowledge of our creator can not be reasoned with the mind; it is a knowledge felt by the heart. The heart is the true place of our soul and the more we use our mind to find the Lord the more lost we become. Allah is the keeper of a man’s heart and the Jin have access only to the corruptible mind. The world is simply sorted among men: there are those that have found Allah keeper of their heart and those that are lost from this knowledge. When people begin to believe that God is unnecessary and that there is no creator we not only lose our soul we become blind to the simple truth. The New age is a lesser light and a secular deception that obscures the truth of our creator. The parlor tricks of the first New Age movement such as Edgar Cayce are considered to be traitors and idolaters to the keepers of the old tradition. I have said this many times but wonder if anyone understands: I learned the Kabbalah and hermetic traditions to become master of a skill that can never be used. It is just too much temptation for people to inherit knowledge but never use this knowledge. The first Freemasons thought it was necessary to know more sorcery than the sorcerer. But the arrogance of men to believe they can dabble with the devil is the flaw in this plan. At first it worked well for the followers of Allah to be the Masters of the Vril; but as soon as this power was unleashed it will corrupt any amn that attempts to use it in bad faith. The original point of these practices was to maintain health of the body; purity of speech; and control of thoughts of the mind- the whole point was to serve God. But what is the difference between Yoda and Darth Vader? Both these fictional characters are Masters of the vril force? The only difference is that Yoda believes in God and mercy and good; Darth Vader believes in using this power to control and dominate people.

    Power will corrupt all but the most loyal to God. Very few young people in California that are into Tarot cards and believe in spirit guides realize that this was the religion of Hitler and that the entire movement was created by fallen Freemasons. I will still call myself a Freemason and though it is becoming harder to distinguish the truth from fiction I must defend the honor of my ancestors. Freemasonry was originally created as an organization for Muslims- Jews-Gypsies that were living in fear of Europe. These men kept secret their true faith in order to survive. The first Freemasons were humble laborers from the East who knew the secrets of stone unknown to barabaric Europeans. These first Freemasons would be ashamed of what happened to their organization- and so am I.

    • Thanks Johnny. I left Cayce’s work over 35 yrs ago. Most of the New Agers subscribed to him at the time were moral profligates of one sort or another (including me). I found no metaphysical anchor either in his work or in the people who followed him. Most of the latter were gusts of wind. I moved on to Anthropososphy a short while later and stayed there in training for initiation for the next 14-15 yrs. Even there I found may people with personal lives in a mess, although outwardly all looked perfectly ‘organic’. Rudolf Steiner and his lot were an incredibly prolific bunch of shamans of one sort or another, with a mixture of profound scientific truth and pure fantasy. I learned first hand how clever the devil is, especially after a few jinni encounters — impressive.

      I moved on to the Freemasons. Joined a lodge in Milford, Michigan. It turned out to be just a ‘god-ole’ boys club. But I read the complete text of Morals and Dogma. Probably the only man there who did. Ben Raiche, a 33rd in Sioux Falls S. Dakota gave me a copy and recommended me. He was Security chief for the Geo-Satellite Station and a damn good guitar player too. I’m a pianist and that’s how we met.

      In any case, am always glad to hear from you Johhny and it remains an honor that you address this site. Didn’t know Cayce was from the Kale folk. He’s led many to hell. Cheers.

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