A Word of Truth and Caution: Moses Did Not Fight Pharaoh by Dr. Omar

Boy ScoutKing Faruq I
Egypt’s First Chief Boy Scout

There are many calls for ‘dialogue’ that attempt to avoid the inevitable conflict of cultural differences that are predominantly religious in nature. The truth is, however, that since there are only two religions in essence and since truth cannot be reconciled with the lies of Cain’s metaphysical posterity who adhere to idolatry, there is little point of dialogue with the Kingdom of the latter’s ‘Insignificant Light’ because they can never acknowledge the ‘Significant Light’—both mentioned in Genesis*—nor can they leave those who do unmolested.

*See: https://zaidpub.com/2014/04/04/the-malady-of-sectarianism-reform-continued-exegesis-on-the-book-of-genesis-by-dr-omar/

Indeed, how do righteous men placate sub-humans who dance with jinn for the purpose of shedding blood, destroying substance, and pressing men into abject slavery and dearth? How can children of the righteous not be led astray in the midst of plural communities who tolerate immoral/amoral media controlled by moguls of malfeasance? How does one bargain with reprobate hypocrites informed by cunning intellects that are ritually consecrated to mischief and insatiable self-aggrandizement; souls that are blinded and addicted to felony? How do you stop their scheming or deter the stampedes of panic they intelligently and purposefully incite? How does one halt the advance of enraged mobs of functionally illiterate mimes armed to the teeth with weapons of mass murder without the help and guidance of Allah?

Scholars who call for such dialogues deny the well documented institutionalized Synagogue of Cain’s Creed spawned by the lesser, insignificant light of Genesis now called ‘illumination’. In so doing, they ignore the tides of inevitable consequence. From the safety of Ivory Towers, many post-modern Islamic scholars have become effete scribblers who plead ideals that can only be achieved on the Day of Judgment. Surely, if it were otherwise, that terrible Day would not be required.

Let me explain. The sole purpose of dialogue with this Synagogue of Satanic Sub-Humans who have no fear of God Almighty is to maintain whatever peace can be wrought through the establishment of boundaries that the righteous know will constantly be transgressed. If such boundaries are not set and fiercely guarded, the only alternative is for the wicked to have a voice in government, which is not only patently absurd but also not the purpose of any decent polity of God-Fearing intellects. Any thorough study of scripture and prophetic example bears witness to this diktat.

Dear reader, there can be no dialogue of ‘compromise’ between these two kingdoms nor can tolerance of wickedness and mischief mongering be permitted within the government of a moral polity set on balanced ethical standards. This is precisely why Mohammad (pbh) took the time to clearly demonstrate the matter before casting recalcitrant wicked Jews and pagans out of Medina and Mecca. Hence, devices for internal and external security must be implemented with terrible and swift capital consequences after due warning:

  • They are those with whom thou didst make a covenant, but they break their covenant every time, and they have no fear of Allah. If ye gain the mastery over them in war, disperse with them those who follow them that they may remember. If thou fearest treachery from any group, throw back their covenant to them, so as to be on equal terms: for Allah loveth not the treacherous . . . How can there be a covenant before Allah and His Messenger with the Pagans?” (VIII: 56-58 – IX:7)

Since our errant Freemasonic satraps of the post-Enlightened era of malfeasance and their overlords follow ancient pagan ideologies so fervently and successfully, which includes the Vatican of Vulcan, why do Muslim Imams continually establish covenant instead of treaties with them and enter their children into the indoctrination camps of their Freemason founded and oriented Boy and Girl Scout fraternities? Perhaps the answer lay in the brilliant disguise these cunning villains don which our Imams mistake for genuine humanitarianism and, perhaps which, our scholars even envy. Not surprisingly, our polities mindlessly accept this dialogue of cultural exchange as authentic progress; after all, what do the humble really know and why would they distrust piously draped leaders who sit at the gates of Dar ul Islam as they strain to support cesspools like Jakarta and kowtow to every sultanic whim—many of whom are Freemasonic Country Club satraps with Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts, and Campfire Girls all lined up for the Pied Piper Hermetic parade of cultural subversion.

Boy Scouts aThis being the case, and the righteous being no more than a ‘thread on the side of a bullock’—as it was in Abraham’s day—how can Islam’s prostrate polity govern and defend its boundaries without divine help, and how can divine intervention be justified without the polity’s submission in true repentance? The sole alternative is a descent to Machiavellian defense as per the legacies of Alamut and al Bana’s Brotherhood, or that of the Black Nobility of the Olympian, Lord Cromer, or of the Jewish Sicari Bolsheviks, or of the Jesuit Menace and errant Freemasonic mischief under Lady Liberty’s skirts with the typical Jacobin guile that brought us 9/11 and ISIS. But few of these methods, dames and fellows follow Islam’s methodology or the sunnah, as none require divine aid nor faith or fear of God Almighty after attaining tenure on government doles. Theirs is a humanist philosophy devoid of any dependence upon Allah.

Indeed, it is the fodder of paranoid despots who accept Occidental arms, Orientalism’s ideals, and Rothschildian finance in order to defend dais of pretense. Hence, as degenerate Muslims, and as prophesied, they and their people may call upon Allah but “He will not respond.”

The doctrines of ‘real-politique’ as practiced by disciples of Alamut and their Occidental Brethren through human might and cunning is therefore the only recourse open to the disobedient, and as Muslims are such good impressionists—as are the fools who have adopted the clown-suits and aprons of sun-god regalia in the halls of Freemasonry and on red carpets of political farce—the course of events is made conspicuously self-evident for those who can still reason with a whit of knowledge. Hence, dialogues that neither establish nor enforce treaties defining boundaries—both metaphysical and physical—are the fruitless exercise of dim witted sophists, much to the delight of Satan’s companion Jesuits and other occult fellows who wholeheartedly endorse Aleister Crowley’s Book of Law as the Twentieth Century’s legacy of the ‘New Barbarism’.

Darkness must flee when light arrives, otherwise, that which proposes to be light is not true light if it casts a shadow that exhibits neither definition nor defense of its borders, for “In Allah there is no Shadow of turning.” Therefore, if one consents to discuss points of agreement with those governed by the shadows of metaphysical darkness yet at the same time ignores humorless points of departure and practice—which is the current habit—it is like building a house on a sink hole. For this reason, communities of the righteous must be maintained with pristine Islamic integrity, far from “civilized” urbane scrutiny, which is also why Mohammad exiled all pagans (excepting those who asked for asylum (vs. IX: 6), and then utterly destroyed their temples, executed their shamans and defenders, and placed restrictions upon Jews and Christians who remained within Islam’s borders, subjected to the jizra in righteous fear of God, “feeling themselves subdued” (vs. IX:29). Furthermore, this is also why Hadrat Umar declared war on rebellion. These facts of Islam’s pristine sunnah hardly represent the the ramblings of apologetic “tolerance” we endlessly witness in today’s forums of farce.

The fact is that Islam’s borders are breached physically and spiritually with overwhelming tides of unrighteous behaviors and ideations that inundate her pretentiously law-biding citizenry under the aegis of corrupt and unmanly shepherds of vain ritual and repressive sanctimony. Therefore, since the Ummah is demonstrably incapable of defending itself consequently, the only respectable focus of agreement for dialogue presently should be the terms of Islam’s surrender in order to preserve the seed held captive by the enemy of mankind’s retainers: for Allah will certainly intervene on behalf of His seed, just as he did in Prophet Daniel’s day.

Herein is written the truth of the matter and the true purpose of both hadhari and adab, for at present, Islam is held prisoner to the Whore of Babylon—Isis, the goddess of Rome, and ISIS the spawn of the Mossad cum CIA cum MI5-6. Actually, the entire world is under the skirt of this political harpy. Hence, the wisest course is that of Taqiyah, i.e., outer dissimulation and inner resistance, for it is foolhardy to attempt the impossible without the aid of Allah under these circumstances, and, as we have established, Allah will not aid leaders who do not ‘forbid evil and enjoin good’. It is far better to admit the truth of Islamia’s collapse as a righteous political entity and surrender as did the people of Prophet Daniel.

Muslims, as did Israel, have failed as Allah’s vicegerent. The New Man** I have described according to the Hebrew Scripture of Al’Taurat, is surely in a coma. The very tenure of Muslim dominion is comparable to that of Israel’s term of 1400 years from the time of Moses to the Fall of Jerusalem and the final destruction of their last temple. For certain the Kabah will not Fall but the Caliphate has and the period taken for Muslim humbling and shame is exactly the same—a sign that should not be ignored. Hence, I suggest that the pretense of any righteous ‘Dominion’ cease in order to preserve what is left of Muslim integrity because Allah will not abandon those who acknowledge the truth of their circumstances with repentance, as did good King Josiah. Once this certainty of spiritual law is embraced by the ulama, then, and only then, will the process of Islam Hadhari bear the fruits of additional grace with blessed dominion and divine aid, as in the days of both Moses and Mohammad (pbut). As it is now, this grace and divine aid is dispensed on an individual rather than corporate level.

** See: https://zaidpub.com/2013/11/15/zion-and-the-new-man-by-dr-omar/

Authentic monotheist scripture defines many divine promises of either blessing or cursing for mankind. The specific promise of divine aid in militant jihad is completely dependent on a community’s submission to Shariah rather than emotionally charged reactionary advances that completely lack the virtue of mercy; otherwise it is conditional with regard to a particular place such as Mecca, which condition is independent of the people who live there. Such an extraordinary sanction is added to the grace of respite only when a people change what is in their own souls (VIII:53). Hence, any call to jihad by unrighteous leaders is a vain if not eternally dangerous undertaking.

Divine promises of God’s extraordinary aid in the form of intervention are solely for the righteous; both scripture and history demonstrate the fulfillment of these promises exclusively when requirements are met to the satisfaction of Allah (swt). Therefore, look hard on the ulama and ummah, and see where the prerequisites are met before rising against the beast of Dajjal. If you do not see the equals of Omar Mukhtar, Sala’u’din or Imam Shamil in the front ranks, I suggest you go home and tend to your family. And I am bold enough to remind you that Sala’u’din was a Kurd, not an Arab. There have been all too few righteous Arabs at the helm since the fall of Ali and the foolishness of Hasan’s amours.

Also, remember that Mohammed and his companions fought only small bands of morally and metaphysically fractured pagan tribes and a lamed Byzantium, after which a zealous Muslim horde took unprecedented power and dominion from corrupt empires that were fractious and steeped in ‘dark age’ ignorance. This is not so today. The reality is that both Western and Eastern Empires (Gog and Magog ***) are metaphysically united by the ancient Creed of Cain as never before, and neither are they intellectually darkened by any lack of material learning, but possess the most sophisticated erudition and dominion in all spheres of human activity excepting what is truly spiritual.

*** See: https://zaidpub.com/2012/11/13/gog-magog-by-dr-omar/

To the contrary, most Muslim leaders are compromised by varying degrees of robust ignorance, disobedience, hypocrisy, riba, and the illicit profiteering that comprise rudely sanctimonious hyper-religious societies riddled with hidden liaisons. Such ikwanians do not compare with Imams Shamil or Omar Mukhtar. Their actions betray the neo-Patriarchy of indiscriminate, unholy, merciless and heedless fury, the root of which lay in the sun-god religion of Pharaoh as inherited from the posterity of the first murderer, Cain. Join this to Crowley’s Book of Law which is at the heart of Luciferian selfishness, and most stand on the metaphysical rocks of traditional Arabian arrogance and pride, the cardinal traits of the forbidden tribalism of assabiyah. Therefore, Allah will not aid them nor their confederate chiefs, but Iblis surely will, by Allah’s leave.

I caution you therefore: be careful with whom you sympathize and with whom you share the light of your mind, the words of your tongue and the strength of your right hand—and remember: Moses did not fight Pharaoh. He made a righteous treaty and when Pharaoh broke that treaty, it was Allah swt Who broke both the Hermetically sealed Pharaoh and his army of deluded camp followers.


Daniel30% of Freemasonic Members are drawn from the ranks of Boyscouts. Daniel Carter, “Uncle Dan” Beard (June 21, 1850– June 11, 1941, pic left) was an American illustrator, author, and social reformer who was one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America… He was a [Freemasonic] Brother raised at Mariner’s Lodge No. 67, New York City, NY, and later affiliated with Cornucopia Lodge 563, Flushing, NY. Beard also helped his sister organize the Camp Fire Girls and became president of the Camp Fire Club [Now called Campfire Girls]. “I was pointed towards some links and information about the Boy Scouts, in particular about their ranks, grades and badges. The whole thing was rather arcane and reminded me of a lot of things I’ve heard about Freemasonry and other fraternal men’s organizations. Especially this Scout ceremony regarding the so-called “Arrow of Light.”

The Working Tools Masonic Magazine, Issue 10, October, 2006. Editor: Brother Bill Larson, 33rd Degree, Grand Master

On the Jewish Sicari: One of the first pogroms recorded in the Christian era was carried out by the Jews themselves. The Jewish historian Josephus describes the reign of “lawlessness and barbarity” that was inaugurated about the middle of the first century A.D. by the band of assassins known as the Sicarii [also called ‘Zealots’], who infested the country round Jerusalem and, by means of little daggers that they wore concealed beneath their garments, “slew men in the daytime and in the midst of the city, especially at the festivals when they mixed with the multitude.” During one night raid on the small town of Engaddi they massacred more than seven hundred women and children. And Josephus goes on to say:

  • Somehow, indeed, that was a time most fertile in all manner of wicked practices among the Jews, insomuch that no kind of villainy was then left undone; nor could anyone so much as devise any bad thing that was new if he wished. So deeply were they all infected, both privately and publicly, and vied with one another who should run the greatest lengths in impiety towards God, and in unjust actions towards their neighbors, men in power oppressing the multitude, and the multitude earnestly endeavoring to destroy men in power. ( Josephus, The Jewish War (Eng. trans.), IV. 170, 334. V. 152)

9 Comments on “A Word of Truth and Caution: Moses Did Not Fight Pharaoh by Dr. Omar

  1. Very well made point Dr Zaid. As Isa known also as Jesus said ” Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s ”

    If we look at the Earth from space do we see any boundaries? Is it possible that Allah recognizes any boundaries on Earth? All these governments and organizations are man made and doomed to fail. The first Freemason’s and their leader Moses knew this secret. All creations and glory of Man will become dust. This Earth has nothing to offer that is not corrupt and sinful. The Gypsy survived through thousands of years in Europe with the “Taqiyah”. This was taught to me at age 6 and I am still doing it today. My Fathers family were “Baptists” my mothers Family “Catholic”; because Gypsies practice whatever Religion is in fashion at any given time or place. This practice is of course all for show because the true beliefs of Gypsy are taught to men by their Fathers and to women by their Mothers. In the Kale mind all religious leaders are imposters- only the Lord God is the true leader. The Governments and Religious sects are all nonsense. God does not have a country or a Religion and the Watchers of the Arc favor no political army or religion or group. There is only Allah and God has no favorites among people- we are all God’s children. The way we dress or the church we attend is all a show for society; what we know and believe in our heart is not something we have to tell everyone- especially “the government”. In Montesgur those that would not deny the religion of the Cathars and Merovingian were burned at the stake. Those Gypsies who said “Sure whatever you say we love the Pope”- they were allowed to escape to Wales. Without “Taqiyah” I would not be alive today- or at least I would not be alive in this form that you now behold- full of knowledge of my forefathers and the true history of Earth.

    As the Prophet told us the Lord brought forth thorns and thistle for us. And honest men are doomed to suffer on this earth by the sweat of their brow. And as it was from the dust we came, so to the dust we shall return as will all the endeavors of men.

  2. Oh ok. I just checked out the wiki for Bill Durant “Story of Civilization”….wow, seems like a must have for any library. I gotta find this set of books! 1 last question Doc, do you really think that the grandson Hassan sold out?

  3. Salaam Brother Kashan,

    Nice to hear from you. As for Hussein, apparently he accepted a bribe and was given a life of luxury with about 100 wives for not contesting the Calphate. This is according to writers cited by Bill Durant in his “Story of Civilization”. Even so, it seems Hussein was poisoned in the end, one of the favorite methods of occult alchemists; kind of like today’s Big Pharma.

    As for differences. The key term used in the essay here was ‘functional illiterates’, which applies, unfortunately, to a majority of today’s alim. God loves variety and that is copiously manifest in creation and the countless forms of human culture. The uneducated functional illiterate amongst the majority of Islamist are little different from the medieval Catholics who forced celibacy on their clergy and nuns.

    I for one would shrink (and do) from a community where everybody dressed exactly alike and teachers all wore the same skull cap and gown to the podium. Eeuuch!

    If I were offered a job in some of the Muslim countries I would probably turn it down just because my wife would be forced to look like all the other women dressed in black bags, hoods and faceless screens. sorry, I simply don’t accept that interpretation of the sunnah and, besides, it’s against human nature.

    Fundamentalists are small minded tyrants who fear opposition and folks who are smarter than them. It’s, generally speaking, a male chauvinist ego problem that boils down to gonadotrophic inclinations and fear of mama. Poor examples of manhood, indeed. They want authority but do not earn it and rather force it upon others lie a bunch of self centered Bolsheviks with a gun. Shame!

    True authority comes from the implementation of moral imperatives and ethical constraint. Such a person inspires admiration and submission in those who feel the grace of God in their wake. It really is that simple.

    Hope this is of some help.

    Kind Regards,


    • Lovely to hear from you as well.
      Um, the next question will make me sound stupid but please bear with me-Who is Hussein, Doc? Surely you mustn’t mean the Prophet’s grandson cause he was not poisoned.

      O it helped. Always nice to hear from someone with the same perspective 🙂

  4. Salam Doc,

    Great article, as always.
    You wrote “There have been all too few righteous Arabs at the helm since the fall of Ali AND THE FOOLISHNESS of HUSSAIN’S AMOURS”. Would you kindly explain the last part of the sentence, the one in caps.

    Also a thing that’s been stuck in my head. You said the NWO is behind the modern globalization of the world today. & like you said the Quran also has a global message and endorses globalism but while maintaining cultural differences. But what we have today in Islam are mullah’s that want rigid conformity in Islam throughout the world. If you step out of line, that’s it, you are getting a fatwa-No Longer Muslim. My question is what/where is the balance in between? This article really really helps in shedding some light to this question. & I suppose the balance must be found on sound judgement. I realize no definitive answer may be possible to this question; any comments would be appreciated.

    All the best.


    Kashan Shahid.

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