On the Problem of Christians, Freemasons and the Present Hour by Dr. Omar

Hamza aaaThat Freemasons are and have been amongst the most prolific of functionaries working towards the realization of the NWO is a principle yet unsung reality of the post-Enlightenment age. Amongst their own archons of the deceit that crowns the age stand the Knights of Malta and other errant fellowships of malady who prance like cocks on red carpets the world over; all on intimate terms with the Vatican, Royalty and Bankers of filth who sponsor the Tax Exempt Foundations that consume the bodies, minds and souls of billions in the fashion of Nimrud’s grand Babylonian deception, upon which Rome’s College of Cardinals is modeled — nay, founded! So it comes as no surprise the Pope meets with the Knight of St. John, Shimon Perez, to discuss the establishment of an anti-Christ worshiping UN of Religious faiths to which the majority of our contemporaries will flock for the ultimate consummation of the final communion rite. So mote it be.

This crusade commenced when Cain slew Abel, a well known archetypal pattern that accounts for the whistle-blowing demise that plagues all truth seekers, one way or another, as cognitive dissonance continues to rule waves of pax-stupidity across the globe. This is nothing new. hence, I invite you to review a few tidbits from the past and present so as to alleviate any false sense of hope and ease our communal slide into Armageddon with understanding.

  • … for only the few needed anything further than the splendid revelation of the indwelling Love of God which they received in what we call the 18th degree. But for those few who felt that there was yet more to learn of the nature of God, and who eagerly wished to understand the meaning of evil and suffering and its relation to the divine plan, the prototype of our Black Masonry existed, the teaching and progress comprised in our degrees from the 19th to the 30th. This section of the Mysteries was especially concerned with the working out of karma in its different aspects, studied as a law of retribution, from one point dark and terrible.”
    The Hidden life in Freemasonry,
    C.W. Leadbeater
  • What then was the purpose the framers of our Masonic system had in view when they compiled it? [The answer] to this question you will find in no ordinary Masonic books.”
    The Meaning of Masonry W.L. Wilmshurst, p. 26
  • One of the most asked questions is, “What does one look for (to identify Illuminati)?” The best cover for Illuminati kingpins is religion, another is philanthropy. Philanthropy ties in with Illuminati beliefs that your good deeds must balance your evil deeds to gain power—it’s a Gnostic cabalistic view point. The Illuminati kingpins are great philanthropists even though much of their philanthropy is self-serving.
    Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula; Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
  • Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity, an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect.
    Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, Manly P. Hall. p. 433].

About The Scottish Rite (not Illuminati)

  • The Council of Emperors was comprised mostly of men of noble birth and high culture who were also deep students in the secret science, learned in various traditions of wisdom which had been handed down along so many lines in the past.
    The introduction of the Jewish form of the Masonic ceremonies was intentionally arranged by the Powers who stand behind Freemasonry about the time when Christianity was gaining ascendancy in the Roman Empire. It was during the dominance of that empire that the three pyramids were built in accordance with the astronomical and mathematical lore of the Atlantean priests; and it is to this age also that we look for the origin of those Mysteries which have been handed down to us in the ceremonies of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry and its Ancient Mystic Rites, C.W. Leadbeater


Presently, a creature called ‘The Beast’ in the Book of Revelations speaks to evangelicals who spend an inordinate amount of energy worshipping the so-called ‘third person’ of their specious son-of-god Trinity in order to self-actualize individual ‘power’. Among these well intentioned sheep are wolves who know exactly how to ‘shepherd’ them according to this proclivity. Like Pharaoh, they have convinced the ‘little gods’ that they now have authorization to prophecy in their own favor because of the ‘blood of Jesus’. Bearing ‘signs and wonders’ along with lies, these sophists are acclaimed among brethren of American sheeple as ‘Men of God’, being convinced they are ‘chosen’ vessels of divine power in typical schizoidal fashion.

BennySuch is Benny Hinn, a pre-eminent Evangelist and celebrated Christian healer (proven to be a fraud)―of Jewish ancestry who also happens to be a Knight of Malta sworn to serve the Pope. He excels at getting followers into a ‘passive hypnotic state’ of mental dullness warned against by Watchman Nee, a far more sober Christian. The following quotes are taken from Mr. Hinn’s sermons. They underscore the fool’s ancient blasphemy:

  • When I stand in Christ – I am one with Him; united to Him; one spirit with Him. I am not, hear me, I AM NOT PART OF HIM, I AM HIM.THE WORD HAS BECOME FLESH IN ME [= possesion]. When my hand touches someone, it’s the hand of Jesus touching somebody [=god-man dogma].
  • Say after me: ‘Within me is a God-Man.’ Say it again. ‘Within me is a God-Man.’
  • [Congregation repeats.]
  • Now, let’s say even better than that. Let’s say, ‘I AM A GOD-MAN.’… This spirit man within me is a God-Man… Say ‘I’m born-of-heaven-God-Man. I’m a God-Man. I’m a sample of Jesus. I’m a super being[=Aryan superman]
  • When you say, ‘I am a Christian,’ you are saying, ‘I am mashiach,’ in the Hebrew. I am a little messiah walking on earth, in other words. That is a shocking revelation… May I say it like this? You are a little god on earth running around [need I quote more?].
  • Mr. Hinn (of Jewish Khazar extraction) is in a partnership with the following individual [another Knight of Malta] for the purpose of bringing peace to the Middle East, as if it were possible. Surely a ‘prophet’ would know it isn’t.

WhiteReverend Canon Andrew White (pic) has been given two major awards for his inter-faith work in the Middle East. The first was presented on Saturday 7th September 2002 in Germany by the Knights Templar of Jerusalem. Canon White was admitted as a Companion of Honor, the order’s highest award in recognition of his services to Jerusalem. The Grand Magisterial Council of Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani dates back to the time of the Crusades, though the endeavors of the order today are very different from the original aims of the crusaders. The meetings of the Magistral Grand Council of OSMTH ― Knights Templar International took place in the autumn of 2003, under the auspices of the Grand Priory of the USA, in the medieval town of Budingen, a few tens of miles north east of Frankfurt-am-Main (Rothschild’s City) in Germany … The Reverend Canon Andrew White, is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative in the Holy Land & the Middle East.”

Dennis Rhodes, Christian Writer.

Bear in Mind that the Archbishop was also a Druid Priest

Nee“…in order for evil spirits to work on man, it is necessary that man’s mind and will be completely empty and passive [also a Sufi trick]. Evil spirits rejoice exceedingly at all who fulfill this condition and immediately go to work. When a ‘heathen’ fulfills this condition, evil spirits will possess him; when a believer fulfills this condition, evil spirits [reprobate jinn] will come into him without any reservation.”

Watchman Nee: A very sober Christian Scholar

Interfaith ecumenical venues are almost entirely the work of this Beast. Such was a recent conference in Spain called for by King Abdullah of Saudi in concert with the World Council of Churches, spawn of the Bohemian Campfire Boys and those in League with the Hidden Hand of the New World Order. Their goals are to extend the status quo of wealth extraction to absolute global control by further enslaving nations deemed worthy of the collar. Expendable rabble without credit cards are those who refuse to endorse their World Parliament of Religion or the grand fantasy of the Deist Pax Omnimodus described by Barry Chamish (See footnote ). If you were not aware of this scheme, perhaps you swallowed the bait of Illuminati inspired Universalism.

Please bear in mind as you reflect on the above statements and reports that Freemasons, in collusion with Jesuit moles and Europe’s Black Nobility, have historically fomented ‘Religious Wars’. What we have here is their collective approach to the ‘final solution’ for problems they have professionally engendered [such as ISIS] for the purpose of attaining absolute world hegemony.



From Barry Chamish, 28 May 2008 on Rome & Israel
Israel’s president had rare praise for Saudi Arabia’s king at a U.N. interfaith conference Wednesday, saying King Abdullah’s initiative to end the Arab-Israeli conflict inspired hope that all countries in the Middle East could live in peace. Speaking to hundreds of guests in the General Assembly chamber, where Israel has often been vilified by its Arab neighbors, Shimon Peres appealed to Abdullah to maintain his leadership in the Arab world during the difficult peace process. Minutes earlier, Abdullah said it was:
“high time” the world learned the harsh lesson of history that differences between followers of different religions and cultures “engendered intolerance, causing devastating wars and considerable bloodshed without any sound logical or ideological justification.”
… Why would the King Of Saudi Arabia organize an interfaith conference at the UN, declaring that all religions caused intolerance and bloodshed? And why would Israel’s mafia President applaud the King? Look out Jerusalem! The roadblock has been lifted and you’re about to be the divided capital of the world’s united “religion.” And while the ignorant Israelis fear that Jerusalem is about to be divided for “peace,” close to none understand that Jerusalem is to be divided to create THE WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS, naturally, For Peace…

The Bilateral Permanent Working Commission between the State of Israel and the Holy See has held a Plenary meeting at the Vatican today, Wednesday, 28 May 2008, for the purpose of advancing the negotiations pursuant to Article 10 12 of the Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel (30 December 1993). The Delegation of the Holy See was led by Monsignor Pietro Parolin, Under-Secretary for Relations with States at the Secretariat of State, and was composed also of the following Members: Mr. Bahij Mansour, Director of Inter-religious Affairs Department, MFA; The Vatican Council On Foreign Relations cabal is very real, very powerful and has the full backing of the crooks we all, no matter where, call our “leaders.

“… Normally, I never write such long pieces. I keep the facts as simple as possible to try and persuade the unacquainted of what, seems to be, a truth too complicated for them to understand. At the conclusion of this piece I’ll make a suggestion. Meanwhile, bear with me. Beware the super liberal peace talk. It’s a facade intended to sound good enough to fool, especially Jews and Israelis.

Extracts & Agenda for the Inter-Religious Peace Summit in Jerusalem 2008:

In particular we aim for the establishment of World Parliament of Religions (for Peace), an international, inter-religious council or court consisting of selected and worldwide recognized spiritual and religious leaders committed to deal with the necessary corrections, steps, strategies and solutions towards our goal of world-wide reconciliation and atonement under the guidance of (selected leaders of) the conflicting parties and their prophetic scriptures… It is His explicitly given Promise (to the people of Israel and the entire world!) that His Glory shall return to His chosen Place – Mount Moriah – in form of the Sh’khinah, the living Presence of JHWH, descending from Its abode above at His time (“and the time is near”) to take possession of the Holy of Holies then being provided by a joint effort of Muslim-Jewish cooperation. From there it is meant to flood Jerusalem with God’s grace, bringing final redemption to humanity and its nations…

To sum up, the unique goal of the Summit is to clarify the religious roots of the Middle East Conflict and to straighten out misguided and perverted religious beliefs in Judaism and Islam and to lay a foundation for a joint and close cooperation by establishing a Permanent Parliament of World Religions, an inter-religious council or court vested with the legitimate authority and power to judge in matters of (rightful or unrightful) religious claims from any particular tradition and to speak right in the question of the authenticity of the Biblical and Islamic Scriptures as well as of the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish State, equal rights for all its minorities and the access of the Temple Mount for Jews as well as for non-Jews and to define the legitimate ownership and/or sovereignty over Mount Moriah (Temple Mount), which is God’s.

The central issue in this conflict is an increasing world-wide neglect of God’s (JHWH’s) promise to restore Zion to His righteousness and the return of His Sh’khinah (the fullness of His spiritual glory and power) to Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount of old, a part of Mount Zion)… (A mutually agreed and signed Charter should be released and dealt with as a model to be advocated and brought before the UN as well as the local governments for a resolution (in line with the 1948 foundation concept of the State of Israel).) Secondly to establish and empower a “Permanent Parliament or Council of Religions for Peace” in Jerusalem in the likeness of the UN as a monitoring institution alert to any kind of intentional distortion of divine revelations and the misuse of them and as a court legitimized to judge in questions of neglect and hostile acts against persons or rights from any other religious community.
(end of extract)

3 Comments on “On the Problem of Christians, Freemasons and the Present Hour by Dr. Omar

  1. Very insightful research and perception! But realize that there is an old core of Freemasons that are on the side of Allah. Many ancestral Freemasons see the Tri-lateral Alliance and the Bilderberg group as having sold out to Asia and forming a Global conspiracy Wealthy Elite vs Everyone else. Some call the Families of the Robber Baron Corporations “illuminatti” but the truth is this term in ancient time referred to illumination of the “spirit” and “mind” not material wealth to pleasure the “body”. The wrathful body has seized control of Body and Mind and this is the problem of all the earth.

    The truth is that people like me are descended from the true “illuminatti”. Men have always hated and feared us for two main reasons: 1. because we remember the names and stories of our Fathers. A dog does not know the names of his Grandfathers- a human being should know this: the word of the Lord recorded by the Prophets is much about recording the names of our Fathers. People have been very jealous of me not because I have money but because I know the names of my Fathers going back 17 Generations. The only reason I can not remember the 18th is because the Pope killed him and exterminated his name forever, but I know he was a Templar knight named De Threlkeld and Father of the 1st Triplett who was one of the last of the true Templar devoted to Allah. 2. Because we would rather die than live as slaves or forsake the Lord. The great power of the so called “Star Families ” that formed Freemasonry was no material wealth,; it was the strength comes from serving the will of God. Great powers have always feared this culture and tradition because men that are willing to die for their beliefs are the most dangerous and influencial people in history. Fearing the Lord yet no man- this is illumination! This is true power comes from within and given by the Lord God to his servants.

    One of my distant relatives is a philosopher- Hegel. Everything Hegel wrote came from the Kale tradition and Freemasonry. He called the social architecture of human history the “Dialectic”: Thesis- Anti-thesis- Synthesis. In Kale tradition we call this Tyranny-Dissent- Revolution. The revolutionaries of today are the Tyranny of the future. Muhammad was the Revolution- yet there are those that claim his tradition today in Tyranny. Isa was the revolution- yet so many came after to claim his name in Tyranny. Freemasons were once the most noble of revolutionaries- yet they have become lap dogs of wealth and have forgotten the true meaning of illumination.

    • Aye Johnny: “Lapdogs of wealth” is a great descriptor. Didn’t know this about Hegel. Thanks __ Tyranny-Dissent-Revolution __ all to start over again eh? The Prophet broke the mold of this pattern, but Lapdogs of wealth returned to camp its seems. May it please Allah to grant us and our children His refuge; here and Hereafter Johnny. Salaam to your good lady.

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