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CDC Whistleblower Issues Statement on Cooked Autism-MMR Data Dprogram.net: Deprogram Your Mind – Revolutionary News.

Editor’s Note:  I am the only enlisted man (I know of) who resigned from the US Army after being persecuted for refusing the Swine Flu vaccine back in 1977. As a doctor, I have always stood against vaccines because the so-called scientific premise is fundamentally flawed, which makes them dangerous. Finally, the matter of this institutionalized fraud is coming to a head. ‘Murder will out’ — willful neglect and injury will also out.

It is time for responsible adults to protect their children from the real enemy: your governments and your physicians, whose negligence, cognitive dissonance, malice, greed and complicit fellowships have forced and continue to impose this grave danger on you and your children. I applaud this man who has finally repented and exposed the truth of the matter and vindicate objectors like me. Alhamduillah!