ISIS are Sunni Impostors & Saudi-CIA Shills

by David Livingstone
(Abridged by henrymakow. com)

An effort is being made to paint ISIS as a “Sunni” movement in order to suggest that they may have a far larger following and can ignite a major conflict.

AbuBakr.jpg(America’s latest Bin Laden, after meeting with handler John McCain)

But nothing could be further from the truth. ISIS are Salafis, a manifestation of a modern phenomenon in Islam which scholars have referred to as “Revivalism.” The Islamic revivalists have two important things in common: they have always been British-sponsored, and are marked by a rejection of Islamic legal tradition.

The communal effort to codify the intricacies of Islamic law is one of the great intellectual achievements of history. And by the ninth century, it was  decided that four leading schools would be recognized as representative of Sunni orthodoxy. The schools, known as a Maddhabs, differed on minor points, but were considered mutually compatible.

Therefore, Islamic law was essentially incorruptible.  From that point forward, the Doors of Ijtihad (“independent reasoning”) were considered closed.

This posed a challenge to the British “Divide and Conquer” strategy of creating sects based on corruptions of the religion. Therefore they sponsored a wave of these so-called “Revivalists” who all demanded a re-opening of the Doors of Ijtihad, beginning with Mohammed Abdul Wahhab, in the mid-1700s.

Wahhab, a crypto Jew, was sponsored by another crypto-Jew, Ibn Saud, the progenitor of Saudi Arabia. He denounced the Maddhabs and called for a return to the sources, the Quran and Sunnah, undefiled by “human” opinion. He also called a “Jihad” against the Muslims, first within Arabia, and ultimately against the Ottoman Empire.

In 1932, again with British support, the Saud clan seized control of Arabia, which they proceeded to name after themselves. They also seized al Haramain, the sacred precincts of Mecca and Medina and masqueraded as defenders of Sunni Islam.

In 1933, they signed away oil concessions to the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, now Exxon Mobil, the world’s third largest company by revenue, and the second largest publicly traded company by market cap. 90% of Saudi revenues from from oil, largely managed by the Rockefellers’ Exxon Mobil.

The extraordinary Saudi wealth was a key factor in their support for the spread of Wahhabism, as well as the related Salafi movement, which have since essentially become one.

jamaluddin.jpgSalafism began in the eighteenth century, headed by a notorious imposter and British agent by the name of Jamal ud Din al Afghani. Afghani was not only the Grand Master of the Freemasons of Egypt, but also a pivotal figure in the  European Occult Revival, which included  H. P. Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley.

Afghani was also an original source of the Masonic teachings
of the wayward Nation of Islam in the US.

Afghani’s British handler, Wilfred Scawen Blunt, was the first to propose the establishment of a British controlled “Caliphate” (leader of the entire Muslim community) to replace the Ottoman Empire. The idea of a neo-caliphate was later actively pursued by T. E. Lawrence, aka “Lawrence of Arabia,” who managed the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire on behalf of the Illuminati Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the sister organization of the Rockefellers’ CFR.


The ISIS’ handlers (Mossad, CIA, MI5 or all of the above) have learned a lot over the years. They made a mistake in choosing bin Laden who was an engineer by education and profession, and therefore failed to convince the Islamic world of his qualifications as a Jihad leader.

BvXYXTMCQAAJslC.jpgBut now the situation seems to be more timely for ISI’s hidden manipulators. ISIS’ leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has now dared to declare himself “Caliph” of the world’s Muslims, earned a master’s degree and a PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad.

The re-establishment of a Caliph over the world of Islam is the universal aspiration of the Muslims. Every Muslim despairs at the ravages of Western Imperialism, as well as its blind sponsorship of rapacious Zionism. But this makes them vulnerable to deception by their enemies, who dare to prop up false oppositions, or Pied Pipers like al Baghdadi.

But they’ve made one colossal mistake: they have mistakenly claimed that ISIS is a “Sunni organization.”

Since the absence of true Sunni authority, the Saudis have funded their aberrant interpretations, and fooled the world into believing that Wahhabism and Salafism are merely reform trends within Sunnism.

For the most part, many Muslims are duped. They are prone to extremism and lapses mistakenly identified as “Shariah” because they have been estranged from their true Islamic legal tradition found in the Maddhabs. But once they recognize that truth, they will reject imposters like ISIS and rediscover their true heritage, which made them an incorruptible and an indomitable force in the past.


The Saudis are the Illuminati’s partners-in-crime. Saudi royalty are crypto-Jews. Their state was created to hijack Islam, with the intent of annihilating it in a WWIII showdown. Saudi Arabia is also one of Israel’s most important allies in the Middle East, in addition to Turkey. Their wealth was also created by Kissinger’s devious orchestration of the Oil Crisis, after which Saudi Arabia became one of the CIA’s most important conduits for covert operations, starting with Iran contra, and eventually the so-called Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Saudi Arabia’s continued support for the ISIS on the CIA’s behalf is just a perpetuation of the same story.

Long story short, the ISIS are Salafis, so that completely denies the fact that they could be Sunnis, and why Muslims need to reject them.

David Livingstone is the author of Black Terror White Soldier: Islam, Fascism & The New Age


These links suggest that most of these ‘Muslim’ individuals are actually crypto-Jews.

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8 Comments on “ISIS are Sunni Impostors & Saudi-CIA Shills

  1. Qur’an (18:26) – “[Allah] maketh none to share in his government.”

  2. Why Islam needs no State: The way of Allah, gods, kings and government states

    It was Ham that went on to build human civilization and this invention of “civilization” and “The State” is cursed by Allah. Abraham lived in a city where people had become idolaters and lovers of flesh and avarice. The commanded him to leave the city and live as a wanderer as all our tribal ancestors that walked with the Lord. Abraham left the big city and his immediate descendants became rural country folk and blessed by the Lord.

    The Lord has always cursed Cities, States and the ownership of grass, sand and sky. This world is owned by God and men divide it up and draw lines as if they were gods. In the end all governments and Kings are doomed and cursed by God. The priest Melchizedek was said in legend to be the teacher of Abraham and to have paseed to him the rite of “King Making”. The secret of King making is the stability of two pillars: the warrior and the prophet. On rare occasion the warrior and the prophet are one man and this is so rare and auspicious it creates a golden age.
    It was not to the people wearing ear rings and eye paint in the city that Muhammad’s message was given and accepted , but to the poorest of people. The people that carry god’s word are always travelers and never own land- this seems to repeat in history. Also the true followers of Allah allow his will to create the future; these true faithful are never concerned with building cities, states or anointing Kings.
    The great sin of the children of Isa and the Apostles that settled Europe was to dabble in the affairs of men. This is taught in the true legacy of Freemasonry- that Freemasonry and sorcery and King making are against trust and faith in God. The last experiment the Freemason’s did in government resulted in the United States Constitution. This document was considered a necessary evil by the men that created it; government in general was considered inherently evil. Allah guided George Washington and Thomas Jefferson: this is why we do not have a King George Washington or a King Thomas Jefferson. These men for one shining moment turned their back on the will of men and accepted God’s will. It was the will of Allah that Kings be destroyed. But it did not take long before the worshippers of Gold seized this government of these United States- and so it will always be.
    It was not God that wanted Israel to have a “King” it was the people. They wanted to be like the city people- they wanted a “State”. So the Lord gave them the Prophet Samuel and he warned them that building cities and states was NOT the way of the Lord God. But they demanded a “King” so Samuel gave them Saul; then David; and the Solomon and one was more Evil than the next.

    The Lord will destroy all cities and states in the end and the people will be a state of spirit. To create a “State” and live in cities is an abomination to the Lord God Allah- it always has been since the Neolithic revolution of Ham and Nimrod and the slaying of the children that played in the fields of the Lord. It is the tribal people of Noah all over the world that are still be slaughtered. Many say they do not have writing! They do not have the word of God! But the truth is the word of God was never meant to be “written”. The word of God was always given to be “recited” or a Gypsy may say “sung” and passed as oral word from Parents to their Children. There are many such “songs of God” on this Earth given to many good and righteous people. The verse given to Muhammad by God is the most prolific and pure from its original source. But this should not encourage pride in any group of people- it is a blessing. When people come to be “proud” of their blessings they often build cities and states and make Kings and then they lose that blessing. No State or Empire or Government created by man can replace the Natural Law of the way of Allah. Any attempt to create such a State will ultimately end in corruption and chaos. This is the pattern that seems evident in history.
    The keepers of the verse of God given to recite by Muhammad were the people God always chooses: travelers that do not own land- herders and migratory tribal people. Many years later these people become rich with blessing and begin to oppress their brothers. These people then build cities and create a “State”- and often claim God as the creator of their “State”. In the end creations of Allah are never destoryed or compromised. All empires and states have fallen since the dawn of time- but the sky truly created by Allah remains firm in the sky. This is the witness to the fact that God did not create Egypt; America; Israel or any other state doomed to be destroyed in time. These cities and states were created by men- and like all of men’s work to dust it returns. The Stars; Sky; Rivers; Rock remain eternal and are testament to the true creations of Allah.

    • My Dear Brother Johnny,

      Truly this response is inspired. Brilliant! You have become Zakan. I am honored to be your brother, even at this distance. So mote it be and let it be recorded among the stars and with the angels of our Creator.
      Alhamduiillah! – omar

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  4. The darker and blacker the horizon, the nearer is the light and the breaking of the everlasting day

    • Excellent comment. The People of Islam are the most blessed people on Earth. With Oil the people of Islam have built the biggest cities; the highest buildings and they are simply the most wealthy people on Earth. The British have been trying to corrupt Islam for its wealth since the CARIMEAN WAR. When the Ottoman empire threatened to conquer all over Europe the British finally aligned with the old Templar guard of Europe and then we have WWI.

      The peak and dawn of material wealth is often the dusk of the spirit. The recitation of Muhammad is in my heart the purest most infallible word of God that exist today. It is these words- these precious holy words that will in the end replace all governments and all states- even those formed by the descendants of Imams. There is truly a great dawn coming.

      • brother triplett, i’m a student of omar, i live in arabia, i would love to learn the history of your people and the genesis of your tradition, this is my email please contact me so we can pick up the conversation,

      • salaam bro triplett, i’m a student of Dr.Omar, i wish to learn the history of your people, if possible can you guide me to books articles websites….etc, please contact me on my email,,

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