THE NAZI CONDITIONING OF STRAY DOGS: On the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Other Deviants, by Dr. Omar

  • dogsNay, By God, you must enjoin right and forbid wrong, and you must stay the hand of the wrongdoer, bend him to conformity with justice and force him to do justice—or else God will set the hearts of you all against one another.
    Abu Da’ud on the authority of
    abd allah ibn Mas’ud
  • The mutual rivalry for piling up the good things of this world diverts you from the more serious things, until ye visit the graves.” – (CII: 1-2)

In accordance with these admonitions, the record indicates that Muslim Leaders have co-authored the horrific suffering of their brothers and sisters worldwide. To place the blame on Zionists, their Illuminati masters and ‘dogs of war’ is foolish, as Muslim leaders have been and remain confederate in the enterprise. Imams and ullema in league with this predator pack have repeatedly ignored spiritual laws. Hence, this fact alone is evidence enough that religious scholarship is near death and ‘the worst of Muslims’ are at the helm as foretold by the Prophet (pbh). The most terrible transgressions occurred in the 20th century and laid foundations for the current madness from the Balkans through to the Hindus and beyond. In stark opposition to Shari’ah, al’Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah, Muslim apologists and felons broke God given laws in the name of its enforcement by fomenting rebellions, suicides, slaughter of innocents, rapine, rape, indiscriminate destruction, self-immolation, narcotics trading and abuse. They even sacerdotally blessed prostitution while holding pious postures as they “piled up” the wealth of those under the knives and AK 47s of blaspheming jihadis. The faith they have in common is Fascism: the faith of Pharaoh’s dogs:

  • ‘Then he collected his men and made a proclamation, saying, “I am your Lord, Most High”.’ Spoken by Pharaoh; (LZZIX: 24-5)

If you substitute ‘religious purity’ for ‘racial purity’ and combine it with ‘Dictatorial Theocracy’ enforced by usurpers you have sundry Mahdist mongrels, Whahabi whelps, Shi’ite curs, dim-witted Ikwan puppies, Salafi tykes and pooch-Sufis of fallen jinn. All are fanatics whose legions are’ troops rushing’ at Pharaoh’s heels towards seas of occultly inspired chaos. All have metaphysical roots in the neo-patriarchy of Fascist narcissism despite claims to the contrary. This metaphysical beast was released 120 years ago by the Magi of Mr. Pike’s colleagues of the ‘Craft’ and it matters not what ideological superlatives ikwanian dog pounds express because there is no formula for rebellion in Al’Qur’an or Hadith. The Prophet clearly admonished his Companions when they enquired about armed rebellion as follows:

  • ‘O Apostle of God! Should we not overthrow them, if such is the case? He replied: “No, so long as they uphold prayer among you; no, so long as they uphold prayer among you!”’
    Muslim, authority of ‘Awf ibn Malik al’Ashja’I

The command is emphasized by its repetition. Mohd. Asad has written the most lucid ‘brief’ on Islamic Government I have found thus far. In a scant 107 pages of immaculate prose, his definitive work indicts every 20th century Muslim Leader for illegal rebellion. They are guilty of armed insurgence against respective emirs without exception. Asad further indicts Muslim regencies for adherence to incompatible Western ideals that divorce Shari’ah from any possibility of just administration. What is worse is that all shed Muslim blood via coalitions who choose to follow ‘secret councils’ for moral support, money and arms in order to garnish the prestige of re-establishing Islamic regency based on secular interpretations of Shari’ah. In heaven’s name, what can be more absurd? Have the hearts of men changed so much for the better these last 1433 years that modern scholars and neo-whelps know more than Mohammed, his Companions and the exceptionally clear commands of Allah?

SanusiOnly a few like the Grand Sanusi (right) and Omar Mukhtar—Sheiks of truly faithful valor—stand exonerated of the charges and their ‘trials’ remain as signs that demonstrates the folly of disobedience and futility of any ‘struggle’ for Islamic unity under ‘Righteous’ leadership because it simply doesn’t exist for want of obedient polities. It is clear that Muslims pay lip service to divine desires and prefer to worship the silks’ and satins of shrewdly fashioned apologetic persuasions and prime time barkers rather than the coarse reality of Allah’s decree that ‘this world is but a trial’.

The Grand Sanusi’s obedience to the call of the last gilded pseudo-Caliph for aide against the Freemasonic Young Turk subversion is also a sign, as was his seduction by Ataturk who authored the first Secular Islamic State the World has known. It is to Sanusi’s credit he abandoned this stray dog of Iblis, but by then the tide was turned against what little remained of authentic Islamia.

What difference is there between America’s separation of Church and State, Ataturk’s gelded nation, or Malay and Pakistani farces? These Constitutions were modeled on those authored by Freemasonic Initiates, each one giving civil government preference over Shari’ah, and all for the benefit of Rome which excells at legalism especially maritime laws that give everyone numbers as chattels—like so much cargoe in holds of post-colonial ships of state. All of this clearly demonstrates Muslim submission to Jacobin stage management of their colonized hearts and minds. Any sincere Islamic political party is in danger of being outlawed in Freemasonic Turkey: the last seat of pseudo-legitimate Muslim Power that withstood the West for over 400 years despite its degeneracy and deviance. This threat demonstrates two things: (1) the Dominion of Occidental ideals and Institutions; and (2) the abject failure of Islam’s Alim and society to effectively institutionalize their creed poltically; meaning they have become slaves by default to those who actually established power bases to the contrary:

  • By Him in Whose hand I repose! You must enjoin right and forbid wrong, or else God will certainly send down chastise-ment upon you; then you will call to Him, but He will not respond. – Al-Tirmidhi, on the authority of Hudhayfah

Enjoin and forbid are hard to misunderstand unless you are a pofessionally trained Jesuit casuist, which, in fact, many Muslim leaders are. Accordingly, the ensign of the endless string of Spring rebellions is clear: Allah will not respond and chastisement is due payment for the disobedience. Under these circumstances, Occidental rogues can and do create any pretext required to insinuate further division, slaughter and decimation of befuddled sectarian mobs of non-compliant Muslims in pious drag. This practiced expertise only exacerbates brotherly enmity—something Semites excel in.

The Muslim fundamentalist’s propensity to eagerly shed blood in the name of Allah is repeatedly misguided by cunning Hermetic magi such as Dulles, Philby, Sir Lawrence, Lady Bell, Lord Cromer, and today’s Illuminati agenturs, et alia. Since I meet such extensive resistence amongst SE Asian Muslims when lecturing on the genesis and grievous misdeeds of an Ikwan they prefer to fervently defend, I’ve arranged thefollowing montage to demonstrate how Occidental “Boy-Scout” brainwashing techniques have removed Muslims from the Sunnah of our Prophet:

The Hanjar Division

HanjarHanjar a

The Triumph of Cain’s Creed: Mohammad, on the state of Muslims at the appearance of Dajjal As Related by Ibn Abbas from the Mudkhal of Ibn al-Haj:
• Prayers will be neglected;
• carnal desires will be pursued
• transgressors will become leaders
• it will not be possible to distinguish the truthful from the false,
• telling lies will become desirable,
• payment of Zakat will be taken as a burden,
• the believer will be deemed the most disgraceful and he will be pained at seeing evils all around and his heart will melt as salt in water but he will not be able to say anything.
• Rain will do no good; it will fall out of season.
• Males will commit adultery with males, and females with females.
• Women will dominate.
• The offspring will disobey their parents,
• friend will treat his friend badly,
• sins will be taken lightly,
• Mosques will have external decorations and beauty and there will be worshippers too but there will be hypocrisy and mutual enmity in their hearts.
• Then will appear a people from the West who will dominate the weak amongst my people.
• People will produce copies of the Holy Qur’an in letters of gold but will not act on it.
• The Qur’an will be recited in a melodious way.
• Usury will become rampant.
• Human blood will have no value,
• Religion will have no helpers.
• Singing women will be on the increase.
• The rich will perform Hajj as a pastime;
• People of the middle class will do so [Hajj] to conduct business and the poor to beg charity.

HAJ AMIN EL-HUSSEINI held the shepherd’s staff as Grand Mufti of Jerusalem some sixty odd years ago and may rightly be called Patriarch of the present carnage. Not being content to reside as shepherd of the faithful in Jerusalem, he allied Islam with the Third Reich then handed the Ummah embers from WWII that have continued the conflagration through to this generation. He exceeded the bounds of his auspice by taking the fascist horns of Apis through the empire; sowing sedition with the aid of Western spies238 and the blessing of King Saud. He preached a united ‘Arab’ identity rather than Islamic unity; clearly in support of Arabian hegemony over Pan-Islamia. This is a definitive sign of pagan assabiyah or tribalism and should be recognized for what it is.

HitlerThis Mufti Fuhrer fulfilled the second of Mr. Bana’s three-step Masonic design for the Muslim Brotherhood: one generation to listen; one to fight; one to win—what Frankist Liberals and Fabian Socialist call ‘social engineering’—completely devoid of divine guidance.

Sami al-Joundi, one of the founders of the ruling Syrian Ba’ath Party, recalls:

  • We were racists. We admired the Nazis. We were immersed in reading Nazi literature and books … We were the first who thought of a translation of Mein Kampf. Anyone who lived in Damascus at that time was witness to the Arab inclination toward Nazism. When Palestinian police first greeted Arafat in the self-rule areas, they offered the infamous Nazi salute – the right arm raised straight and upward. The PLO and notably Arafat himself do not make a secret of their source of inspiration. The Grand Mufti el-Husseini is venerated as a hero by the PLO. It should be noted, that the PLO’s top figure in east Jerusalem today, Faisal Husseini, is grandson to the Fuhrer’s Mufti. Arafat also considers the Grand Mufti a respected educator and leader, and in 1985 declared it an honor to follow in his footsteps. Little wonder. In 1951, this close relative of the Mufti named Rahman Abdul Rauf el-Qudwa el-Husseini, matriculated to the University of Cairo. The student decided to conceal his true identity and enlisted as “Yasser Arafat.

Arafat Speaks:

  • We are not Afghanistan… We are the Mighty People. Were they able to replace our hero Hajj Amin al-Husseini?… There were a number of attempts to get rid of Hajj Amin, whom they considered an ally of the Nazis. But even so, he lived in Cairo, and participated in the 1948 war, and I was one of his troops.
    – Palestinian daily Al Quds, Aug, 2, 2002

Was this the plan of Sanusi or Mukhtar? If not, one should reflect on why al’Bana’s plan ascended to astounding heights of dysfunction while these two honorable men lived in the very heart of Islamia? Mufti el-Husseini adjusted his exhortations in concert with the Brotherhood’s ideologue Sayed Qutb (a Freemason and devout Sufi), to suit the purpose of ambitions which brought nothing but death, division, political defeat, destruction and the exacerbation of ignoble male chauvinism to the ongoing detriment of women’s rights. His deeds played directly into the Zionist folly he claimed to hate, polarizing monotheists as never before in history and setting the stage for Mr. Pike’s WWIII and the Fourth Reich of the ‘one-eyed’ Horus with der Dahjal-Fuhrer reigning from Jerusalem―which is what the coming generation is about to witness.
In the space of a few years, this uber-cleric enriched himself while sending sheep to certain doom under the Nazi Flag. He was personally initiated into the Occult ridden SS Corps by Heinrich Himmler and recruited upwards of 500,000 Muslim Waffen SS troops—with al-Bana’s help—for the Nazi cause. These troops fought and died in Moscow, Leningrad, Chechnya, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Crimea, Turkistan, North Africa, and the Middle East. Why is this enormous travesty and militant apostasy expunged from the Islamic history texts? Not one graduate student at my previous Islamic University posting [ISTAC]—many from the Middle East and Africa—knew anything of these matters.

Himmler stated:

  • I’ve nothing against Islam because it educates the men in our divisions for me, and promises them heaven if they fight and are killed in action; a very practical and attractive religion for soldiers.

HimmlerThese Muslim troops indoctrinated and initiated―via pagan ritual―into the elite Waffen SS, the Praetorian Nazi force at arms. The Bosnian Handjar Division became the most notorious of the entire lot, infamous for indiscriminate slaughter, rape and destruction of entire Christian and Jewish rural populations as well as synagogues and churches throughout the Balkans.

  • Friendship and collaboration between peoples must be built on a firm foundation. The necessary ingredients here are common spiritual and material interests as well as the same ideals. The relationship between the Muslims and the Germans is built on this foundation … My enemy’s enemy is my friend.
    – Mufti Husseini to Imams of the Muslim SS Divisions 1942-3

Hezbollah giving Nazi salute


This sophist dribble from a “Mufti” the typical para-moralism of a pathological mindset of a shizoidal personality craving power over others. It alone is enough evidence that choice Islamic scholarship died in the 20th Century and that the worst of Muslims were/are surely at Islam’s helm as prophesied by Mohammad. What possible Qur’anic ideal or “spiritual interests” does Islam share with a satanically initiated and possessed leader of a domain steeped in the iconography of ancient Mystery Religions? If you think this man will benefit from Mohammed’s intercession on the Last Day, I remind the reader that Mohammad warned Islamic leaders not to lie to their sheep or they ‘will never even perceive the scent of Paradise’ (Hadith 2107 Sahih al’Bukhari). I’m afraid “never” does indeed mean never!


After the war Herr Husseini mentored Yasser Arafat and established the foundations of Hamas. He then planted seeds for what is erroneously known as ‘Al Queda’ all over the Levant, Iran, Iraq, India, the Balkans, and southern Russian Border States. This was accomplished in close coordination with al’Bana’s Muslim Brotherhood and CIA sponsored Nazi espionage experts whose refuge and base of operations became Nasser’s goosesteppers—following, of course, directives from Oympains who used him to lay scent for his roving packs of simpletons. With Pavlovian chic and to the joy of his masters, he terrorized peaceful Palestinian Jews into a reactionary frenzy and passed the vetting on to Mr. Arafat, top dog of jackals for the next generation.

Right on schedule, Freemasonic governors and their Olympian Masters mopped up Europe’s innards in WWII’s aftermath and took the next step towards Global control: the metamorphosis of the League of Nations into the United Nations and groundwork for the IMF.

Yes it is true that Islam was in decay, but it was a tranquil decomposition with relatively few eternal casualties until Crowley’s Crew of jinn-men invaded to foment revolution in every peacefully backward nation by cunning manipulation of silly Imam’s such as Herr Husseini. Are you offended by the words foolish, simpleton or silly? Do wise Muslims ‘Goose-Step’ warriors in open adulation of Mussolini and Hitler? Is this to Sanusi’s credit or al’Bana’s and Nasser’s? Which of these were Freemasons and what “Royal Dynasty” stood shoulder to shoulder with Omar Mukhtar when the revered warrior refused mammon and clemency offered by Satan’s Lieutenant, General Graziani, and was then marched to the gallows? Where were these dauntless champions of Islam when the old lion was martyred? In whose company and pocket?

Remember “Fire & Ice”? Like Prophet Ibrahim and Daniel’s subordinates, Sheikh Mukhtar chose the fire. So who’s the fool? Herr al’Bana followed Hitler and Mussolini who murdered any man who stood in the path of their ideal for the nation. Why didn’t the formidable Ikwan aid Libya’s besieged tribes? They had the organization, the skills, the material means and the responsibility of leadership. But they also had Masonic and Nazi mentors and the heritage of Jamal al-Din al- Afghani—a closet Shi’ite and British agent, as well as Freemason and mentor to Mohammad Abduh whose itjihad legalized riba and the rhetoric that dressed secular liberalism in robes found acceptable in sacerdotal halls of fiqh. Was it General Graziani’s barbed wire or the fascist spirit of Nationalism that stopped ‘Young Egypt’ from shouldering the responsibility of Islam’s Burden for their brutally besieged neighbors in Libya? Three more questions: Why are Palestinians so easily mesmerized by the swastika? Do they not realize that Allah refuses the prayer of any who follow the call of an initiated SS Mufti? Do they not read what they recite?

Olympian Jinni with wings at the pinnacle guiding Pharaoh
– Icon used by some Sufi Sects –


OrdoPerhaps You Still Doubt?



  • Asad, Imam Sanusi was unaware of the domestic facts in Turkey, as is anyone who visits another nation’s domain. Although compromised by his ‘honorary’ Freemason status, the Caliph was an extraordinary man surrounded by sycophants and plotters who purposely kept Sanusi at bay while Ataturk persuaded Sanusi to aid him in rallying the masses for his cause. When Sanusi discovered who Ataturk represented it was too late. He escaped to retire quietly in Mecca where he died a well respected but defeated Old Lion; prevented from repatriation by the same Powers that stole his standard and whose legatees recently reduced Libya to bloody sand.  e.g., Palestinian children parading with pickled Jew parts, or Mullahs who at one time thought it wise to lop off index fingers not properly extended and aligned during solat.
  • Both Dulles brothers were Knights of Malta, loyal to the papacy.
  • While it is true that many German agents were not Jews, it is also true that the Nazi Ideologue was Alfred Rosenberg, a Frankist Jew and practicing Satanist. Remember also that the initial Nazi Chief of Espionage, Max Warburg, was also a Frankist Jew as well as Hitler’s Banker. It was Rosenberg who summoned the demon who possessed Hitler during a Satanic ritual. These dogs of Satan were the human catalysts that started the Third Reich’s avalanche. See The Hands of Iblis op cit. for details.
  • All of these ‘youth’ movements were initiated by the Illuminst Mafioso and Italian Freemason, Mazzini during the 19th Century. Mazinni also governed the infamous Carbonari and was executive for the Rothschild cult of Alta Vendita. See The Hands of Iblis, op.cit. for details.
  • ISLAM AT THE CROSSROADS, Mohd.Asad, Constitutional advisor to Pakistani Government, 1934 Arafat Pub. Delhi, 1982, Dar-al- Anddalus Ltd, Gilbralter

References for the misguidance of Afghani, Abduh and al’Bana:
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From Barry Chamish, 28 May 2008 on Rome & Israel

Israel’s president had rare praise for Saudi Arabia’s king at a U.N. interfaith conference Wednesday, saying King Abdullah’s initiative to end the Arab-Israeli conflict inspired hope that all countries in the Middle East could live in peace. Speaking to hundreds of guests in the General Assembly chamber, where Israel has often been vilified by its Arab neighbors, Shimon Peres appealed to Abdullah to maintain his leadership in the Arab world during the difficult peace process. Minutes earlier, Abdullah said it was:

“high time” the world learned the harsh lesson of history that differences between followers of different religions and cultures “engendered intolerance, causing devastating wars and considerable bloodshed without any sound logical or ideological justification.”

… Why would the King Of Saudi Arabia organize an interfaith conference at the UN, declaring that all religions caused intolerance and bloodshed? And why would Israel’s mafia President applaud the King? Look out Jerusalem! The roadblock has been lifted and you’re about to be the divided capital of the world’s united “religion.” And while the ignorant Israelis fear that Jerusalem is about to be divided for “peace,” close to none understand that Jerusalem is to be divided to create THE WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS, naturally, For Peace… The Bilateral Permanent Working Commission between the State of Israel and the Holy See has held a Plenary meeting at the Vatican today, Wednesday, 28 May 2008, for the purpose of advancing the negotiations pursuant to Article 10 12 of the Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel (30 December 1993). The Delegation of the Holy See was led by Monsignor Pietro Parolin, Under-Secretary for Relations with States at the Secretariat of State, and was composed also of the following Members: Mr. Bahij Mansour, Director of Inter-religious Affairs Department, MFA; The Vatican Council On Foreign Relations cabal is very real, very powerful and has the full backing of the crooks we all, no matter where, call our “leaders.”… Normally, I never write such long pieces. I keep the facts as simple as possible to try and persuade the unacquainted of what, seems to be, a truth too complicated for them to understand. At the conclusion of this piece I’ll make a suggestion. Meanwhile, bear with me. Beware the super liberal peace talk. It’s a facade intended to sound good enough to fool, especially Jews and Israelis.
Extracts & Agenda for the Inter-Religious Peace Summit in Jerusalem 2008:
In particular we aim for the establishment of World Parliament of Religions (for Peace), an international, inter-religious council or court consisting of selected and worldwide recognized spiritual and religious leaders committed to deal with the necessary corrections, steps, strategies and solutions towards our goal of world-wide reconciliation and atonement under the guidance of (selected leaders of) the conflicting parties and their prophetic scriptures… It is His explicitly given Promise (to the people of Israel and the entire world!) that His Glory shall return to His chosen Place – Mount Moriah – in form of the Sh’khinah, the living Presence of JHWH, descending from Its abode above at His time (“and the time is near”) to take possession of the Holy of Holies then being provided by a joint effort of Muslim-Jewish cooperation. From there it is meant to flood Jerusalem with God’s grace, bringing final redemption to humanity and its nations…

To sum up, the unique goal of the Summit is to clarify the religious roots of the Middle East Conflict and to straighten out misguided and perverted religious beliefs in Judaism and Islam and to lay a foundation for a joint and close cooperation by establishing a Permanent Parliament of World Religions, an inter-religious council or court vested with the legitimate authority and power to judge in matters of (rightful or unrightful) religious claims from any particular tradition and to speak right in the question of the authenticity of the Biblical and Islamic Scriptures as well as of the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish State, equal rights for all its minorities and the access of the Temple Mount for Jews as well as for non-Jews and to define the legitimate ownership and/or sovereignty over Mount Moriah (Temple Mount), which is God’s.

The central issue in this conflict is an increasing world-wide neglect of God’s (JHWH’s) promise to restore Zion to His righteousness and the return of His Sh’khinah (the fullness of His spiritual glory and power) to Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount of old, a part of Mount Zion)… (A mutually agreed and signed Charter should be released and dealt with as a model to be advocated and brought before the UN as well as the local governments for a resolution (in line with the 1948 foundation concept of the State of Israel).) Secondly to establish and empower a “Permanent Parliament or Council of Religions for Peace” in Jerusalem in the likeness of the UN as a monitoring institution alert to any kind of intentional distortion of divine revelations and the misuse of them and as a court legitimized to judge in questions of neglect and hostile acts against persons or rights from any other religious community.

2 Comments on “THE NAZI CONDITIONING OF STRAY DOGS: On the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Other Deviants, by Dr. Omar

  1. Esselamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

    Respected Dr. Zaid!

    My only interest here is to try to help to paint the Bosnian muslims in the correct light. And Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, knows best!

    „In April 1943, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, was invited by Berger to assist in organising and recruiting Muslims into the Waffen-SS and other units. He was escorted by von Krempler, who spoke Turkish. The Mufti successfully convinced the Muslims to ignore the declarations of the Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka Ulama (Islamic clerics), who in 1941 forbade them from collaborating with the Ustaše.

    The Germans emphasised that al-Husayni had flown from Berlin to Sarajevo in order to bless and inspect the division. During his visit to Bosnia al-Husayni also convinced some important Muslim leaders that the formation of the division was in the interests of Islam.

    The Mufti insisted, “The most important task of this division must be to protect the homeland and families [of the Bosnian volunteers]; the division must not be permitted to leave Bosnia”, but the Germans paid no attention.[23]“

    (((23) Lepre, George (1997). Himmler’s Bosnian Division: The Waffen-SS Handschar Division 1943–1945. Atglen, Philadelphia: Schiffer Publishing. ISBN 0-7643-0134-9. This is the principal text in English on the subject, and has been cited by historians such as Mario Jareb and Charles L. Melson in scholarly texts and journals.)))

    PLEASE, do note that it is 1943.! Muslims all over the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and ESPECIALLY in Bosnia and Herzegovina (beggining in 1941.!) were slaughtered indiscriminately by Serbs, Croats, and other REAL lovers of Hitler’s nazi regime! Muslims had absolutely NO means to defend themselves and their families from the slaughter.

    NOTE, also, that already in September of 1943. the division was stationed in FRANCE (in Villefranche-de-Rouergue) for training. The same month (the night 16/17. September), after realising that they were being deceived by the nazis (who promised to help them defend muslims IN BOSNIA), the muslim soldiers of Handschar division MUTINIED and took over the town for a short period of time, after which the nazis stormed them and killed many of the mutiniers. London radio at that time reported of Villefranche-de-Rouergue as „the first liberated town in occupied Europe“. Even today the 17th september is celebrated in that town and there is a monument dedicated to those muslims.

    What I want to point out is that Bosnian muslims had absolutely NO taste for the nazi ideology or indiscriminate killing of either christians or jews, but just wanted to survive and defend themselves by any possible means! The Bosnian-muslim members of the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar were NO saints, but much, much more must be uncovered and investigated before we judge their „crimes and attrocities“ commited under the „influence of Cain“. Today, as during the recent slaughter of Bosnian muslims between 1991-1995. , half truths like this in the article, were and are used to justify that slaughter!
    Alhamdulillah, Allah’s Word and the sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad, salallahu alayhi wa salam, ARE STILL ruling the hearts and minds of the huge majority of Bosnian muslims! Maybe, that’s why He preserved their seed in Bosnia, while there was no logical reason to believe in their survival!


    • Salaam Brother,

      Thank you kindly. It is understandable what actions these people may have taken, but that does not qualify said actions as ‘Islamic’ especially when becoming partners with allies who were/are and remain Occult ridden satanists (Nazi SS). The Ullema (Mufti) should have known this, but it appears his passion inhibited/blinded his reason and instead he planted the seeds that have led us to the present Islamist dilemma and murderous chaos as the alliance he made set a precedent that was clearly forbidden by the Prophet and Al’Qur’an.

      For several years I have rubbed shoulders with Muslim Intellectuals and Ullemma who have no idea of the nature of their enemy and have truly failed to comprehend the Prophet’s warning to Khosrue when he said: “If you do not accept Islam, you will be responsible for the sins of the Magi.”

      There is no divine protection or guidance for those who partner with such people, nations and their jinn. Hence, what happened was political science and maneuvers base on human assessment minus divine guidance and wisdom. Like I said, totally understandable.

      Warm Regards and Wasalaam

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