Freemasonry and Pharaoh’s Magicians, by Dr. Omar


  • So decree whatever thou desirest to decree: for thou canst only decree (touching) the life of this world. For us, we have believed in our Lord: may He forgive us our faults, and the magic to which thou didst compel us: for Allah is best and Most Abiding. (Ta-Ha: 72)
  • Anti-colonialism on the political level has proved to be a kind of opium of the people, preventing them from noticing that what matters most is the way in which their minds have been colonized.”  – Islam and the Destiny of Man, Gai Eaton

The first quotation is the response of Pharaoh’s magi to their sovereign’s threat to crucify and dismember them after they had witnessed a sign of Allah’s power at the hands of Moses and Aaron. The event took place in Pharaoh’s ‘inner sanctum’, his Lodge if you will, after which Al’Qur’an states the magicians immediately converted to Islam. The incident indelibly and unmistakably marks the two legitimate kingdoms posited in my earlier exegesis on Genesis; those that manifested as divergent realms of ‘significant’ and ‘insignificant’ metaphysical guidance and temporal governance of man’s cognizance: specifically, The Kingdom of Iblis vs. The Kingdom of God.

I will now demonstrate why Muslims should set aside any thought of an Islamic Utopia (Islamic Nation State) as did the realists, prophets Abraham and Noah (pbt). Abraham walked off to the desert and Noah set sail, both men left maddening crowds of menacing sinners governed by the Freemasons of their day.

To begin with we should acknowledge the following:

  • That the ‘Seal’ of Prophet-hood has passed from the earth;
  • That the offices of Caliphate and Shura have been permanently denigrated and/or usurped by pretenders of authenticity;
  • That Muslims who remain have pitifully come to depend upon enemies to survive and can hardly stand as independent invincible sovereigns without entering into forbidden liaisons.

Hence, no qualified man or polity with knowledge and ability remains in un-compromised circumstances bearing divine authorization to (i) enter boardrooms of Iblissian regency; (ii) challenge today’s Pharaohs ‘man-to-man’; (iii) and live to tell the tale as did Moses and Aaron.

Remember, Moses was an Egyptian prince, fully and soundly educated in all the sciences by the enemies God’s kingdom before his advancement to Prophethood. In my view, a similar divine dispensation of authority last fell on Sala’u’din and will not arise again until the advent of Prophet Isa and Hadrat Mahdi (pbt).

Moses prophesied that a prophet ‘like unto him’ would deal the death blow to idolatry. On close examination of their biographies, Isa (Jesus) does not compare in the least to Moses. Further-more, it is of considerable import to note that while Albert Pike adamantly defends Pharaoh’s faith, he never mentions Al Qur’an or Mohammad in his exhaustive treatise of savant-idiocy, Morals and Dogma. The only man who met the criterion of “like unto him” (Moses) was Mohammad (pbuh), and it was only via Mohammad that Allah clarified and ended the dispute between Moses and Pharaoh in terms that are magnificently stated in Al Qur’an.

Lionkeys aThe shepherd’s staff of Moses and the scepter (augur) of Pharaoh were symbols of authority representing Prophet and King. Respectively, these are the two pillars of authentic Free Masonry according to a contemporary Gypsy Bard, J. Q. Triplett. Notwithstanding a potentially compatible relationship, these offices were and have become opposing jurisdictions of irreconcilable agendas related to the cited Genesis luminaries and, as a result, have remained constantly at war since the first Crusade, which was the murder of Abel. Besides, the Kings of the Earth have been anything but protective shepherds since the curse of Cain keysfell, and this includes Rome’s pontiffs of prevarication who audaciously claim both staff and scepter.

These masters of deception unceasingly seek to unite the crossed arms of Pharaoh with St Peter’s Keys as a fabricated facsimile of what was once a genuine Babylonian regency. I say the the latter because in thoroughly Persian/pagan Babylon, their pontifex maximus (Priest King, like Caesar) was also the Pe’Tar or ‘Seer of the Unknown’, an authentic sorcerer or magus in touch with the forbidden dark side of the kindom of Hades. Similarly and traditionally, many kings have saught blessings from the God’s prophets only to be rejected, after which they often murdered the messenger and purchased pretenders; exactly what Imam Hanbal lamented when he found his colleagues “selling their religion” which has become the neo-Islamic tradition. The very same profanation remains endemic, especially within barely educated religious circles and basely illuminated Freemasonic ranks that have sedulously pillaged the earth for Western Cains since the day of Columbus the Pirate, Slaver, Crypto-Maranos Jew, and Kabbalist Catholic.

popePope Benedict in Jerusalem (2014)
with idolatrous image of the Queen of Heaven

Moses, as did Mohammad with contemporary tyrants, offered peace to Pharaoh on condition that Pharaoh would submit to Allah’s vicegerent, accept Islam and let God’s people leave/live in peace under prophetic auspice. Clearly there was to be no compromise between the dominions, spiritual and temporal (i.e., religious and political). In other words, these powers must co-exist peacefully under the shepherd’s prophetic rod, meaning limits and boundaries are established that cannot be transgressed without peril to the transgressor. This clearly implies that the ecumenically undefined Universal (Catholic) ‘tolerance’ is not an option, especially with fascist papists at the helm of open idolatry. This is so because it is impossible for a temporal lord not submitted to prophetic guidance to do other than remain an irreconcilable antagonist of righteousness who endlessly vies for the dominion of wickedness. This is so because spiritual reprobates cannot share regency with tenets and tenants of revealed knowledge and equanimity without pretense, repression, deceit, destruction and/or outright theft and murder. All of this continually plagues mankind and presently threatens even greater destruction than the twentieth Century’s frenzied diminution of civility with Freemasonic Shriners, Knights of Malta and Columbus and similar devils at helms of global damage control.

Now then, if Moses was Pharaoh’s enemy, as explicitly stated in Al’Qu’ran, it follows that Pharaoh and all that Pharaoh held holy was and remains nemesis to the Kingdom of revealed knowledge and equanimity or ‘Cause of Heaven’ as per prophets like Lao Tse. Hence, the way of Pharaoh, the slaver, is nemesis to all men for reasons already defined. This institutionalized antagonism of Heaven’s Gate is also why President John Quincy Adams stated that “Freemasonry should be “outlawed forever” because it was (and remains) a contemporary form of the same Egyptian Gnosis:

  • JQAdamsJohn Quincy Adams was the first noteworthy person to expose the Masons and Illuminati. He was not known to be a Mason. In 1800, J.Q. Adams wrote three Letters to Colonel William L. Stone, a top Mason, in which he exposed how Jefferson was using Masonic lodges for subversive Illuministic purposes. Those three letters are, at this very time, in Whittenburg Square Library in Philadelphia. Exceprts from these letters follow:
  • There has been a time, when resort to Masonry was regarded as eminently favorable to early success in life; and there have been men whose rapidity of personal and political advancement it would be difficult to explain by any other cause than this, that they have been generally understood to be bright Masons. Such a preference as is here supposed, can be justifiable only upon the supposition that Masonic merit and social merit rest on the same general foundation; a supposition which no person will be able to entertain for a moment after he shall have observed the scales which belong respectively to each.
  • If the [Masonic] candidate has been educated to a sincere and heart-felt reverence for religion and the Bible, and if he exercises his reason, he knows that all the tales of Jachin and Boaz, of Solomon’s Temple, of Hiram Abiff and Jubela, Jubelo and Jubeluem, are impostures—poisons poured into the perennial fountain of truth—traditions exactly resembling those reprobated by Jesus Christ, as making the word of God on none effect.                                                                           – J. Q. Adams

This is not a favorable assessment of the mis-guidance provided by modern Magi of Deceit. According to the Bard, J. Quincy Triplett, the rites and men J. Q. Adams refereed to had departed from authentic oral traditions held sacred by ancient Sephardi Gypsies from the East who presently represent the Templars previously cited under the guidance of Sala’u’din: men of renown who became Muslims and had little choice other than secrecy over the matter. But let us return to the story of Pharaoh’s Freemasonic magi who paid a severe temporal price for sound reasoning, reborn fidelity to Heaven’s Cause, and unshakable verity.

These magicians, who cast their augurs (magic wands) only to be swallowed by the rods of Moses and Aaron were Chief Ministers of Pharaoh’s realm and men of discernment who immediately repented. The question is ‘Why?’ and the answer deserves the reader’s full attention.

As initiates, they were thoroughly cognizant of Pharaoh’s intimate commerce with the Satanic dimensions of jinn and therefore recognized Allah’s vicegerent (Moses) forthwith through primary experience and occult knowledge. They scientifically observed that the limitations that bound Iblis bound Pharaoh as well. Moses and Aaron—by the grace of Allah—had transcended these delimitations and exposed Pharaoh’s sham omnipotence, whereupon the three professional magi recanted the entire repertory of metaphysics, most especially the magick. These men clearly realized that their conjuring had been defeated by a power greater than Pharaoh’s, who, up to that moment, was their Most Exalted and Worshipful Grand Master of the Nile’s supreme Masonic Lodge. The veil was rent as they gazed upon a mere mortal who stupidly presumed himself a Grand Master of Divinity.
Upon perceiving the gravity of both evidence and circumstances to which they were bound by a blood oath to the demon Tehuti (Thoth), these errant-magicians instantaneously became authentic Free Masons by submitting to martyrdom, preferring the grace of Allah in the next life to the wrath of mere mortals.

  • Never shall we prefer thee to the Clear Signs of Him Who created us! – Ta Ha: 72

‘Never’ is a word that transcends temporal martyrdom and the verse also implies that they had prior knowledge of Allah; which is subject for another paper at the hands of someone with greater knowledge; although the significance of the inference does require a brief exegesis.

The Luciferian Doctrine of Freemasonry and other Gnostic cults claim that Lucifer is a deity of major importance to humans because he somehow nebulously guided the creation of mankind through aeons of development. In the process of his clouded enterprise, he also managed to willingly sacrifice his ‘higher nature’ for the sake of man’s enlightenment by descending to earth and flesh, after which evil Jehovah betrayed and condemned him to servitude and eternal calumny by taking advantage of his ‘weakened’ estate. Hence, the romantic saga (myth) of a divine god-man sacrifice became a perennial cover for the arrogance, pride and eternal reprobation of the singular jinni known to Muslims as Iblis — not to mention the marquee concessions it provides for priesthood devilry.

The myth especially works on the unredeemed feminine pride that empathizes with underdogs who seek revenge and restitution of honor. Hence, we have the aphorism ‘hell hath no fury, etc.” Real men just go home when the job’s done and skip the medals, robes, cakes and speeches. What this mythos actually presents is a Romantic and Hermetic apology-for and manufactured fear-of the feminine aspect of the Animus Mundi or Universalist ‘World Soul’ of Perrenialists who is actually the Hindi Brahma’s consort and fearsome succubus, Kali, better known as ‘Shakti’—who, in the Pharaonic context became the mother goddess, Isis, now proudly standing in New York Harbor and for a few moments, also in Tienanmen Square. So deeply has this myth of the sacrificed man-god and his mother goddess penetrated the psyche to threaten both temporal and eternal security. Masters of Divinity have been completely taken in by it as well.

The short take is this: these Magi immediately recognized that, for centuries, every Pharaoh, like every Pope, had been lying about religion even though their practice of magic was very real. Now, with the curtain rent and the pretense of omnipotence revealed, their god-Incarnate became a ranting maniac, raging on and on like a spurned strumpet in her cups.
Unfortunately, the humbled fakirs who had practiced real magick with very real demonic powers had no alternative but submit to the legal arm of Pharaoh’s “Old World Order”. They were duly crucified, drawn and quartered according to oaths they had taken during occult initiation in the most ancient tradition of King Toth (Tehuti).

One might wonder why they did not revolt to save their lives, usurp the scepter and establish an Islamic Nation State. They were, after all, the most learned and capable men of the realm. Here one must read the sura again and reflect. Note that these Prince Adepts of the grand Egyptian mythos were given a divine prompting (inspiration) immediately on repentance. In those few tense moments of supra-human contest, a veil was removed from the eye of their collective heart and they understood that the limit of Pharaoh’s authority “touched only the life of this world” — a revelation contrary to the Mystery Doctrine that Pharaoh remained their Master even in the Hereafter.
Remarkably, Pharaoh’s magi also understood the patent authenticity of the office given to Moses, realizing that neither he nor they had heaven’s mandate to form a new government over Egyptian idolators who celebrated human sacrifice and allowed women to copulate with animals as an act of reverence—an abomination apologized for by today’s incredibly tolerant humanists.

This principle of divine example remains of the gravest import to Freemasons and patriots of the present post-colonial debacle. To attempt such a coup, as have various Muslim fellows, is utterly futile because their contemporary leaders are fully unqualified for the task. What’s worse is that the destruction of all icons and idols of religious, patriotic and economic mania is required to break the spell (tying of the knots) that has been diligently cast on all men. Such an untying is the very first thing Mohammad did on the deliverance of Mecca. It is absolutely required to bring psychic liberation from the Horus mind-meld that has carried the White Man’s Burden in the grail of Cain’s Creed since the Sumerian Swindle (usury). For this glorious deliverance, one needs a Prophet or truly righteous Caliphate and Shura as opposed to self-appointed ideologues and Masonic pawns such as Hassan Al-Bana, Sayed Qutb, Al-Afghani or Mohammad Abduh.

Pharaoh’s magi were extraordinary souls: his trusted intimates, mentors and perhaps even relatives—his Cabinet if you like. But like today’s Freemasons of the Olympian 300 Club and Maltese brigands, they were under a ‘blood oath’ and their families were held hostage to the most powerful man on earth. Besides these matters, they knew that Moses was not commissioned to liberate Egypt from the sun-god deception, as also was the case with Abraham and Nimrud in Babylon. Hence, once again, the implications were clear to them and remain so presently, as nearly every kingdom on earth with Freemasonic lodges parked next to the engines of Governance is in the very same blood oath soup, and so are their citizens — statements not lightly made.

It is crucial for students of Truth to understand these principles of divine authority because nations given over to idolatry, in any form, have been reprobated and cannot no longer be governed by the “rightly guided” — i.e., by men and women whom the Koran expressly says are “not the disposers of their affairs.” This is precisely why Allah unambiguously gave authority for limited genocidal wars to certain of His Prophets in the past. But there is no such authority in the earth today. Unfortunately, because the sins of leaders are continually endorsed by the compliance of the ummah, Islamia’s minions have become a hapless collective of misguided fools who’ve exempted themselves from divinely authorized intervention and protection — all but a few. This has, sorry to say, been the advancing reality since the serial murders of Islam’s Rightly Guided Caliphs.

It is, therefore, impossible to cleanse any land of pagan influence or subjugate them without all out war led by righteous Imams and warriors; who, unfortunately and with very few exceptions, do not exist in positions of legitimate power. Nearly all Mulim leaders at present are severely compromised and Shariah is no longer understood let alone practiced, although some efforts are made. For these reasons, pagans, secularists and other monists are tolerated and given equality (meaning supremacy) as Humanist pluralism advances under the Jesuit mantle.

Islamia has little choice for another reason because Muslims have not preserved any righteously guided and well informed leadership divinely appointed for the task. Very few understand the essence of the NWO or its history of infamy because Islamic wisdom has been lost. This is clearly because Muslims failed to keep and institutionalize the ‘perfected’ estate of their ‘Way of Life’ as bequeathed by the Prophet. This is a grave matter of divine law because it is a corollary requirement to inherit monotheist dominion under the protection of Allah swt. God does not aid or protect hypocrites or the willfully ignorant. He does, however, permit such people, especially the zealously pious, to flounder in the same perplexity that stupefies sun-god regencies and minions. This sobering principle of the divine sunnah and righteous governance may be distasteful, but it is surely not difficult to comprehend.

On, Aton, Amon Ra, Osiris, Toth and mighty Pharaoh may have failed to vindicate themselves before the shepherd’s staff of authentic dominion, but their phantoms—as Shadow Governments—remain in power as a ‘force’ to be reckoned with wielded by the unrepentant magicians of Gog and Magog. Again, and at the risk of redundancy, it is crucial to understand that these repentant magi were not appointed to the task of Egypt’s salvation; neither was Moses. These brave men had come full circle to a self-imposed end. They accepted it as there was no alternative but to honor their blood oaths. There was and remains no romantic Hollywood escape from such a dire consequence, as we have witnessed by numerous public and ritualized assassinations of major world figures.

This central core of spiritual law governs the metaphysical realm absolutely (as above so below), so I exhort any believing reader caught in the Masonic web at this level of professionally practiced delusion mongering to seek an exit before closing the circle of confrontation on the wrong side of heaven. (See Appendix VIII: Thoth)












  • A title used by Freemasons and attributed to the CEO of each Lodge.
  • Adonai of some Jews, Ahriman of some Persians, Theosophists and Anthroposophists
  • These ancient ‘blood oaths’ are preserved in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and are attributed to King Toth (Seph, Set, or Hermes) to which Freemasons and other gnostics ascribe traditions called Hermeneutics.
  • A common myth held by many pagan societies explaining why royal narcissists were often interred with their entire court, many of whom went willingly as was the case with Akkadian Kings. This delusion of self-sacrificing immolation is carried on today in the name of marriage (sutte) or even patriotism (for “God and King’) under the spell of sun-god icons.
  • quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius, et quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius (Tabula Smaragdina or The Table of Emerald by Hermes Trismegistus): As above so below.


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  • Frontal Lobe Characteropathy
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  • Damage to the frontal cortex at or near childbirth (especially among premature infants) has been the most common cause for this characteropathy. As a result of modern advances in medical care for pregnant women and newborns, the spectacular role this disorder plays in ponerogenesis is more characteristic of past generations. These individuals are impulsive, irritable and aggressive, have a low frustration tolerance, shallow emotions, and demonstrate socially inappropriate behavior.
  • Inhibited Thought Processes: This type of brain damage does not impair memory, intelligence, or the ability to accurately intuit a psychological situation. It does, however, inhibit the ability to mentally visualize and manipulate pieces of information in the characteropath’s field of consciousness, or working memory. This inhibits the so-called “executive system” which manages thought processes. As such, frontal characteropaths are characterized by abnormal levels of reactive aggression (as opposed to the instrumental aggression which characterizes essential psychopaths).
  • Impulsivity and Poor Long-Term Planning: Because of this inability to manipulate information in short-term memory, individuals with frontal brain damage must develop mental short cuts. This results in split-second decision-making, and hasty actions and words that are deemed absolute and irrevocable. They even view their ‘spontaneity’ (really just poor decision-making) as a sign of their superiority over normal people, when, in fact, these oversimplified decisions are ultimately self-destructive.
  • Spellbinding: Such ruthless and egotistic beliefs traumatize and spellbind normal people, diminishing their ability for common sense. Some even come to view frontal characteropaths as having special powers. If a parent possesses this disorder, all their children will usually show evidence of this fact in their personalities. Lobaczewski characterizes Joseph Stalin as typifying such a characteropath.
  • Confusion with Psychopathy: An individual with frontal brain damage shows some behavioral similarities with essential psychopathy, which has led to the erroneous conclusion that psychopathy is caused by frontal brain damage.
  • A typical description of an extreme case may include the following: brutal, charismatic, snake-charming, issuing of irrevocable decisions, inhuman ruthlessness, pathological revengefulness, an egotistical belief in their own genius.

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  • Italy is ruled b the ‘Masonoria’: Freemasonic Lodges where society’s elite and Mafioso Men of Respect share their oaths of Brotherhood under Luciferian Light.
  • See The Hands of Iblis for details on the Canadian ‘mind control’ projects under Mengele; also The Great Heroin Coup, and Cocaine, referred to earlier as both books are by respected correspondents written in different decades and separate countries, that confirm each other’s data in agreement with the accounts mentioned above.
  • “Trans-national crime is converging with the terrorist world,” says Robert Charles, State Department spokesman and narcotics chief. “Afghanistan now provides 87 percent of the world’s heroin. We have never seen anything like this before. No drug state ever made this much dope and so quickly.”
  • — Antonio Maria Costa, the head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, agrees: “The world is seeing the birth of a new hybrid of organized crime terrorist organizations. We are breaking new ground.” Abu Bakar Bashir, Jemaah Islamiyah’s spiritual head, said: “You can take their blood; then why not take their property?”
  • ON JFK: One must bear in mind the Kennedy patriarch Joe Kennedy, (a Mobster and Knight of Malta) was intimately involved with Olympians such as the Onassis family. The Kennedy’s would never have reached the Oval office otherwise. John & Robert Kennedy overstepped the bounds of time-honoured criminal autonomy as per tacit understanding between government, Secret Services and Organized Crime; but he went even further and signed an executive order to end the monopoly of the Federal Reserve System over the nation’s finances and made overtures regarding limiting Israel’s ability to develop nuclear weapons. Five months later he was assassinated after issuing United States Currency backed by silver buillion. After his death, these USC Notes were all removed from circulation by Lyndon Johnson. As I wrote earlier, Kennedy acted on his own initiative; as a Catholic and womanizer, how could he possibly have had Divine Sanction and protection from Pharaoh’s Magi?

Executive Order 11110:

“AMENDMENT OF EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 10289 AS AMENDED, RELATING TO THE PERFORMANCE OF CERTAIN FUNCTIONS AFFECTING THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. By virtue of the authority vested in me by section 301 of title 3 of the United States Code, it is ordered as follows:
SECTION 1. Executive Order No. 10289 of September 19, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended – (a) By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph (j): “(j) The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821 (b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,” and (b) By revoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof. SECTION 2. The amendment made by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue and may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.” JOHN F. KENNEDY, THE WHITE HOUSE, June 4, 1963. See appendices: Federal Reserve as well as G & C, op.cit.


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  1. Another fun fact here. The traditional rosary prayer of 150 prayers to the one known as “Our Lady” full of grace, Mother of GOD (Deum Jesum Christum) was a counter prayer to the 150 psalms in the old testemant to the lord god of david “satan” . Now the psalms are read in every christian and catholic church. Again, the magick of freemasonry. How deceptive and subvertive , eh? One must be very careful when studying what is called scripture or they will certainly come to the incorrect conclusion. There are two Jesus’ in the scriptures. One the son of sirach and Deum Jesum Christum. The former is the one whom christians praise and await, a false messiah. How sad is that? If they only knew.

    • 400 years eh? Well now, they’ve been lying for about 3000 years … give’s ’em plenty of time to perfect the story don’t ya think?

      • 400 years? I never said four hundred years, it goes back thousands. Very true.

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  2. As further proof of what I say consider this. The Funk and Wagnall Jewish Encyclopedia published 1904 , written by over four hundred of the worlds top rabbinical scholars states this in volume 8, page 653. “yahweh/jehova/ yahu is known to be the anti messiah also known as satan. The tribes of israel and judah offered human sacrifice (mlk, molech) to this deity. There you have it, from the horses mouth. I would believe that the rebbi would know who the so called god they worship is. Do not shoot the messenger here ,please.

  3. The catholic mass that is pictured above supposedly at bohemian grove I believeyou misunderstand. The catholic church as well as every sect of christianity has been infilterated and taken over by masonry long ago. The statue there does not represent queen of heaven as you stated. The statue represents “mary” of the masonic doctrine of the new and old testemant. This is the heresy. Yes, the churches(all of them) have been corrupted and now worship the adversary(lord god jehova). Christianity has been stolen right out from under them and they have no clue. The old test lord god jehova was not THE FATHER CHRIST spoke of. I can prove this from any masonic bible even. I can do it all day long. The difference between Spiritum Sanctum (Holy Ghost , who was , is and forever shall be) and Spiritus Sanctus(the one to come)is vast. Christians now worship the latter who is the anti christ. The entire deception everyone speaks of not knowing that they are advocating it through the worship of the incorrect deity. They falsely believe they will be swept off the face of this earth and not deal with what they are causing to happen(rapture). This is the magic of masonry. Traditional christian and early catholic belief was that “there is only one mediator between GOD and man” Deum Jesum Christum translated “GOD JESUS CHRIST”. Therefore, moses was a false prophet with a false god as were all old test prophets. This is why early christianity rejected the old testemant scriptures and the old testemant lord god jehova. It is also why the early catholic church did not put much faith in the old testemant as well. I can show, even from a masonic bible, all day long that the old testemant lord god is not THE FATHER nor is CHRIST lord god incarnate. It is very simple task. The early church knew that if the old testemant and new testemant were put together , in the same cover, exactly what has happened would happen. They would be deceived into believing that lord god (jehova) would be accepted as “GOD”. Now that is TRUE prophesy I claim. That is the “magic” of freemasonry. We are in deep doo doo for accepting this false doctrine taught in every church.

  4. Genesis 3:18

    “Cursed be the ground, for our sake. Both thorns and thistles shall bring forth, for us, for out of the ground we were taken for the dust that we are… and to the dust we shall return……”

  5. Dr Zaid,

    Again I only wish my Father were able to read this and discuss with us; this is an amazing insight. ironically you Dr Zaid carry the battle flag of true Freemasonry.

    Yes there are no more Prophets – Muhammad was the last needed. Only evil men that manipulate the Earth for their own will. All are corruptible in the eyes of the Lord and everything Freemasons ever did to help the Earth was God’s will anyway.

    Freemasons thought Washington and Jefferson were divine but we see the fruit of Freemasonry was rotten to the core. God led us to America and allowed us this experiment to show the fallacy of Government. George Washington was incorruptible but he was just a good man. He knew that the crown would corrupt him too so we used the constitution. But those that truly understood Freemasonry know America is temporary. Jefferson would have been amazed it lasted this long. This coming from a descendant of the true founders. All the Earth is God’s land and though America was promised to my ancestors for a short spell the true Freemasons that formed America have no “loyalty” to America. Freemasons in west Virginia invented the American flag but we refuse to say an oath to the flag. Very Ironic that descendants of people that fought against America for England are the people who worship the flag because they have no understanding. The founders of America never intended for America to replace God.

    Today the true and long suffering Freemason must admit that all our meddling in politics and the fate of man had no effect outside the will of God. The Templar and the American Revolution was part of the Devine Will of God as will be its destruction of America when the day comes. This is the fate of all the works of Man in the poem below – no “state” will bring the Grace of Allah – just as no state will ever stop the grace of Allah once given.

    Smith’s “Ozymandias”

    In Egypt’s sandy silence, all alone,
    Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws
    The only shadow that the Desert knows:—
    “I am great OZYMANDIAS,” saith the stone,
    “The King of Kings; this mighty City shows
    “The wonders of my hand.”— The City’s gone,—
    Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose
    The site of this forgotten Babylon.

    We wonder,—and some Hunter may express
    Wonder like ours, when thro’ the wilderness
    Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,
    He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess
    What powerful but unrecorded race
    Once dwelt in that annihilated place

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