Sun Yat Sen“We are not Boxers! We are members of the great political society of Freemasons, commonly known as Triads.”
Dr. Sun Yat Sen, 10 Oct 1900,
Front Page, Hong Kong Press

Before revisiting Muslim collusion with Pharaoh’s gnomes, we should consider the awesome power of the poppy and its fruit. American Vets put it in their lapels every year to celebrate Veteran’s Day and if you took a poll, you would find that many are fellows of the Masonic sub-strata of the Moose or Elk Lodges, Kiwanis or Lion’s Clubs, etc. — decent men too. Sun Yat Chiang Kai-shekIISen thought as much, as did his successor, Chiang Kai Chek (pic right and with wife below), a bloodied Chinese Triad Assassin and miscreant wife-beater whose Taiwanese son owns a chemical factory producing precursor chemicals used to manufacture cocaine, heroin, meth-amphetamine and sundry designer compounds. Their Republican efforts were almost exclusively financed by opium, heroin, harlotry, and time honored urban insurance plans, not to mention Mr. Chek’s pilfering upwards of 50% from FDR’s Lend Lease supplies for personal gain. This black money was in addition to solicited contributions from honest folk for the cause of Jacobin Liberty. Triad mobs like the KMT profess loyalty to the ancient cause of ghosts from the Hidden City’s celestial pantheon and are, after all, ‘Benevolent Societies’.

ChiangIt is important to remember that Britain and France wrested the middle-east opium trade from Arab Merchants (Moguls) who first brought it to S.E. Asia along with Sufi mysticism. These lads had long ago wrested it from the Persians who had prised it from Afghans and prescient Pakistanis where opium still plays a major economic role, tacitly supported by Islamic fatwa as a legal adjunct to consciousness raising as a lucrative economic resource —along with rented wives.

By the time of Sen and Chek’s peerage, Freemasonic Illuminati Lords from Britain’s East India Co. and Secret Services such as Lord Cromer’s Baring Family dominated the market in the Far East for the Crown’s pleasure. Opium profits financed the entire 18th & 19th century’s British bureaucracy from sales to the Levant, China, India, and Malay Peninsula. Profits from this trade elevated their stockholders to Global Peerage, a dais they have retained in shadows ever since.

This was accomplished with assistance from reasonably good-natured Triad Corsairs who plied the S. China Sea, rivers and straits and patrolled longshoreman ‘beneficence’ unions. The Japanese Black Dragon Society (Yakuza) preferred cocaine, so while protecting Lord Sen during one of his withdrawals from the mainland, the Dragons produced more than one-hundred tons per year under corporations like Mitsui and Mitsubishi and by 1929 had developed plantations in Java, Peru, Chile, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima. Sales to China were a military priority in order to subdue and exploit their slaves in Manchukuo. Which is why Mr. Fujimori ate sushi in Peru until his exile. These same ‘Rising Sun’ dragoneers prepared fireworks for FDR’s Pearl Harbor Day.

While the French enslaved Indo-China for opium, rubber and hapless houris, Americans spent $75 million/yr for OTC narcotic drugs in 1905 [the equivalent of $7 trillion in today’s dollar]. Remarkably, that same year, the German company, Merck, produced 1500 kg of morphine in four months alone—enough for 150 years of the then current legitimate medical use; and this was in addition to six tons of cocaine per year as well as precursor chemicals. Meanwhile, the eminent Dr. Freud stereotypically addicted Europe and America to his pre-occupation with decomposing semen in the nasal passage in addition to therapeutic sexual fantasies, cocaine, and a life of passive psychoanalysis that opened doors for his nephew, Edward Bernays, and other humanist behaviorists as well as oriental mysticism and an army of mountebank metaphysicians. These were the real Coca-Cola years. Freud was both Illuminati and B’nai B’rith member; the latter being the top Jewish Freemasonic order in America [see The Hands of Iblis for details]. In 1905, a Dr. Adams from Baltimore wrote:

  • Peddlers of these cures stupefy babes, make criminals of young men and harlots of our women; relentless greed is partner in this enterprise!

This was more than opportunistic enterprising as it was/is part and parcel of implementing the Protocols of Zion via back-channels of ‘Shadow Governments’. Solomon did say that ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’, and when added to stereotypic religions (“compulsive attention to vain detail”) it basically describes Masonic/Jesuit ritual as well as Dr. Freud’s psychosis. It is also a great aid to megalomaniacal dementia, not to mention pedestrian conformism.

Since WWII bankrupted England but not Lord Rothschild’s financial District in London (“The City”, comparable to the Vatican in judicial and diplomatic autonomy), by 1970 the ever-ruminant CIA under Nixon and Kissinger had wrested the Indo-China Opium concession from the French and awarded it to the Triad KMT and Italian Mafia. The French did, however, keep the ancient caravan route from Turkey’s poppy fields through Syria and the Lebanon (think Beirut) to Morocco-Marseilles, with the help of 1,500 hardened criminal agents on the French Government’s ‘Secret Service’ payroll, while Islamic entrepreneurs comfortably managed convoys and caravans in between prayers. By 1973, the US heroin industry was worth $4 Billion/yr, and by 1981 ‘Freeway Ricky’ was making $1-2 million/daily from crack cocaine—courtesy of the CIA’s Iran-Contra boys under Bush Senior’s direction with shipments received in Bill Clinton’s Mena Airport in Arkansas. Malcolm X and his Black Panthers were the only NGO’s to stop drug use in their inner-city communities, so brethren of Farrakhan’s 33rd distinction saw that such subversive activities ceased.

Anyone wishing more detail should review the source material I’ve cited below and in footnotes throughout the text. Also, read the essay in the epilogue and survey the many books available on the BCCI scandal. There’s just too much data for my purpose. It is clear that the drug trade is a key political tool of narco-terrorism and source of enormous ‘black’ cash revenues that have been systematically exploited by governments in concert with organized crime for generations. And please do not be hoodwinked by occasional front page celebrations of police work with photos of large caches of contraband. These show-piece scenarios are ‘tips of the iceberg’,’cost of doing business’ PR campaigns purposely staged to placate and deter public scrutiny. Traditionally, executive middle management of the trade are officers in local gendarmes, secret and military services worldwide. –

The First International Islamic Bank, BCCI, while under the nose of Rothschild’s Bank of England laundered drug money until its collapse in 1991, causing the greatest banking scandal the world had yet known. Among its VIP customers were Manuel Noriega, The Muslim Brotherhood, Osama bin Laden, Arabian Royal pretenders, Abu Nidal, Hezbollah, British MI 5 & 6, CIA, Mosad, China’s CSSI and the Secret Services of Iran, Iraq, France, Germany and Switzerland. BCCI’s finance network remains intact and is still under the management of its top executives who deal from London and Geneva; quietly rendering enough booty for Islamist crusaders and other sundry terrorists to gladly self-destruct in anticipation of seventy virgins ala the Shiite cum Alamut myth; a tactic that effectively works on young men who can’t afford to marry.

The association of drugs with mystical potions and immorality as acts of worship is endemic among idolaters as the legacy of Kings and Priests in league with Pirates and Poppies.



  • Perhaps > 50% of the Afghan GNP.
  • I was informed by Iranian graduate students studying in Kuala Lumpur that their government makes heroin less expensive than opium andreadily distributes it to their people. (Feb. 2006)
  • This ’Mitsubishi Brotherhood’ is single-handedly responsible for returning Japan to the Shinto sun-god Myth of Emperor Worship. It subsequently brought a rapid industrialization that overthrew four centuries of the greatest feudal system the world had ever known. This ‘revolution’ impoverished Japan’s peacefully productive and happy peasantry so that families of five were forced to live in slums and share a room fit only for a double bed. The film, “The Last Samurai” is not far from the truth of what was destroyed by their greed.
  • “The government of Japan has the closest symbiotic relationship with a criminal group (Yakuza) of any country in the world.” Peter A. Lupsha, op. cit.
  • One must review Freud’s private correspondence to appreciate this well kept secret.
  • Bernays: Pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda, referred to as “the father of public relations”.
  • Coca-Cola originally contained cocaine.
  • The KMT Army controlled the jungles of the Golden Triangle, but was eventually evicted by Chinese Communist Forces. Many of its officers remained to become local Warlords of the Trade.
  • “In the Middle East, the full truth about the destruction of Beirut and the dismemberment of Lebanon is that, amid the tribal warfare and religious conflicts, a combination of drug trafficking, organized crime, and arms-trafficking was used by a number of factions and governments as a means for their own power ends. As the fighting drags on, both the cultivation of poppy and the exportation of hashish to finance the conflict continues in the Bekaa Valley. Syria is sucked into a war that cannot be won. Its army is increasingly involved in the hashish and heroin trade, while drugs are being trafficked for arms through Lebanon’s Christian Maronite areas to Muslim Sunni fundamentalists attempting to destabilize the Syrian regime.” Narcotics Intelligence Estimate (1984, p. 20), Going All the Way, Jonathon C. Randal (Vantage, NY, 1984, p. 136-7, 287)
  • In a seminar paper by Francisco E. Thoumi, published by the Transnational Institute, Thoumi says that an unpublished study by Peter Reuter for the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) resulted in an estimated range between US $45bn and US $280bn. Thoumi says that this study was not published because some member countries wanted a higher figure. In the 2005 World Drugs Report the UNODC put the value at US $13bn at production level, $94bn at wholesale level and US $332bn based on retail prices. Francisco Thoumi (2003) – The Numbers’ Game: Let’s All Guess the Size of the Illegal Drugs Industry!Paper TNI Seminar 5-6 December 2003; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2005) – 2005 World Drugs Report; US Department of State (2005) – 2005 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
  • The Spiritual Poverty created by vain religious pursuits—i.e. stereotypic ritual rather than the substance of justice—in the midst of a materialist society, engenders demand for these drugs of escape from the futility caused by hypocrites who sit at the gates of our nations, creating a natural market. – oz
  • “In today’s world, international organized criminal groups: traffickers, arms traffickers, con men and swindlers, money launderers, ex-intelligence operatives, and other middlemen who can set up and coordinate international criminal operations ─ are in great demand by governments who require the covert assets they have to offer. Given this, it is not surprising that the CIA developed a relationship with the Cosa Nostra.” – Peter Lupsha, op.cit. – Also See endnote lxxv
  • Anecdote: I know from personal experience as an ER Doctor in Nashville TN, where the Country Music Industry is a well known avenue for national drug distribution. I had many friends on the police force. I once counseled a suicidal detective at the request of his partner. The man had discovered that the captain of his narcotics unit was one of the biggest dealers in the city.
  • Catherine Austin Fitts, Managing Director of Dillon Read, Wall Street Consultants, estimates that USD $ 1.5 trillion was laundered through the World Banking Systems annually as of 2005. Of this, $500 million finds its way through US Banks such as City Bank (J.P. Morgan) etc. Without this black cash, the US economy would collapse overnight. See her book, The Politics of Heroin, which outlines the improved ‘post bin Laden’ cash flow. BCCI was the Bank put in place by Osama’s main supporters, two of whom are relatives who had residence in Falls Church, Virginia, adjacent to CIA Headquarters.
  • The Great Heroin Coup by Henrick Kruger, German Investigative Correspondent for Der Speigel, Forward by Peter Dale Scott, 1980 … the book is out of print and was suppressed for obvious reasons, but I managed to borrow a copy from an ex-undercover agent hiding in Malaysia. Mr. Kruger met an untimely end after publication and the book was pulled from the market.
  • Chinese Organized Crime by Mark Craig, retied Australian Chief Detective, Pub.1996, by the Winston Churchill Memorial Fund – Aussie authorities persecuted him and tried to ban the book in order to protect trade & tourism.
  • Cocaine, An Unauthorised Biography, by Dominic Streatfield, London Based correspondent whose publisher financed the two year research that took Mr. Streatfield to four continents and upwards of 10 countries meeting with dealers, police, DEA agents, Drug Barons in Europe, USA, Caribbean Islands, Cali, Mexico, farmers, politicos and hit men – ISBN 1-85227 921 4TBS Distributions, London, 2001 – This book was so revealing it was not released to the general public because of its damning contents. Only security personnel and select police departments had access to its unedited pre-publication issue for review. I gained access solely by serendipity! For further information contact Eleanor Johnsey @ virgin-pub.co.uk
  • International Drug Trafficking, Dennis Rowe Ed. Univ. Chicago Office of International Criminal Justice, National Institute of Justice, Wash. D.C., 1988
  • “Perhaps the most blatant example of the exploitation of drug trafficking by a state for its own purposes is that of the British East India Co., which used opium to expand British influence and control over the Celestial Empire of China. The British traffic was a planned and conscious effort to destabilize China for the purposes of commercial and colonial expansion and profit. Indeed, the resistance of the Chinese to this activity resulted in the Opium Wars (1840-42 and 1856-60) and the commercial conquest of China by European Powers. American firms, such as Perkins and Co., and Russel and Co. joined the trade.” Russell founded the ‘Skull and Bones’ Fraternity at Yale, and these opium’s profits endow it to this day. Other American Families who gained their ‘old money’ from opium, include Forbes, Delanos, and Woods.”

 Peter A. Lupsha, “Transnational Narco-corruption and Narco Investment: A Focus on Mexico”, Transnational Organized Crime, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 1995 ibid, page 18, and The Opium War, by Peter Fay, Univ. N. Carolina Press, 1975

9 Comments on “PIRATES & POPPIES, by Dr. Omar

    • Some would, but most would respond with honest misinformation because they really do not understand the organization

  1. what would happen if u asked freemasons about ur hands would they want u tro join

  2. Dr Zaid,

    I can just go on and on about this topic. The Poppy plants were once controlled by Elves and used for medicine. Since the warrior kings destroyed the caste system it is said that they use drugs to keep the human race from discovering God. The opium and heroine are not just used for money- they keep the desperate poor and people of action oppressed. They keep the human race in slavery. The Evil powers that control the world like drugs- they keep the human race trapped with these drugs.

    Ask any Gypsy for a plant from the forest for healing and they can find one. Ask for medicine to cure pain and Gypsy will say “There is no cure for pain- Pain is the cure.” We Humans were meant to suffer and the pain of our body is part of healing. Using drugs for severe pain is different in my opinion but the modern pain pill industry is now being used for the same purpose. Everyone is hooked on oxy this or Hydro that and they are being used as slaves. Do not worry about the evil dominating your world- take another pill !

    The Royal family of Japan; Gypsies; Greeks; Tibetan monks all have a common ancestors. The Andaman tribal people carry a DNA common to all these groups. They have a common Myth of a Pacific Empire called “Mu”. From this term comes the name of the God Maui and the Mu-at of Egypt. Freemasonry began 10,000 years ago when a group of Mason revolted against Evil Kings. Hard to believe but there is a DNA link across the globe. In china they speak of those descended from “Nagas” or the snake Kings. This DNA that pervades power structures from England to Japan and is the DNA of Genghis Kahn. Only the true Freemasons from the most ancient rite know this connection. It is explained in lost Dialogues of Plato as told by Solon. The Lord God led me to become a molecular biologist to show me that my Father was not insane. My Family was not holding Legends that were impossible. There was a race of warriors in a Pacific empire of “Shambala” that defeated Atlantis. The DNA of these people is found from New Zealand to Europe. The “Eye” of Phobos and Freemasonry and the “Tongue” are not Greek ! My evidence is the Maori warriors of New Zealand. They have the same y-haplogroup G DNA as Merovingian knights! And they also use the “eye and tongue” before battle. These are the ancient secrets of true Freemasonry- the brotherhood of all men going back to Atlantis- Mu and the last ice-age. In 1975 my Father explained that Maori- Spartans- Merovingian- Samurai – all the same warriors evolved from Freemasonry- that sounded crazy! Bow I have DNA and anthropological evidence that backs up my Fathers incredible stories 🙂

  3. Dr Zaid,

    Here is an interesting note. The Hindu teaches that the Human race fell into Kali yug because they stopped sacrificing to Demi-gods (people with simian palms- Elves). In Europe Elves could own no land or gold- same with Brahma caste. The Elves had only one woman mate for life. They were said to be incorruptible.

    When I was a child I was encouraged to write poems. On occasion adults would read my poem and change there decisions. This was because of my simian palms. People also brought us gifts and asked advice from my Father- also cause they believed in this simian palm stuff.

    The Japanese Emperor communicated through poetry only. The Emperor was absolved from all war crimes by MacArthur after WWII because of his poetry. He constantly wrote Tojo poems of the Evil of war and mercy and how the Japanese would be destroyed by wickedness of war. After reading these poems it was obvious that the Japanese had not followed the advice of their own Emperor.

    My point is this: maybe the Legend is correct. Following this Emperor Elf would have saved the Japanese from WWII. They chose to ignore the Emperor and this created great suffering. If our leaders were humble men like Pygmies; and Gypsies living under vows of poverty; and Lamas that teach non-violence and acceptance God maybe this would be a good idea? I do not believe in Kings and Emperors because they are all corruptible and wicked. But what if we found a man that was incorruptible? Maybe it would be good to have such a King? And this was the struggle of my people to find the “Demi-god” Kings. We decided that Kings were hopeless and the race of men must never have another king.

    Here is another very interesting twist. The Legend is that Elfin masters would forge the weapons that changed the fate of men. My family name was “Shadowforger” on my Grandmothers side.

    Frank Triplett had simian palms- he was an Elf. He was a blacksmith and he invented the Kentucky long rifle. Historians have written books about how the rifles bored by people like Frank Triplett won the battle of Cowpens and the Revolution. How can we argue that this legend di not come true? Frank Triplett and others in my Family are well recorded as being George Washington’s closest companions. We lived on their land and we were descended from the same ancient tribes. Indeed this man changed history with weapons forged by Elves – just like the old prophecy predicted 🙂

  4. Dr Zaid,

    Ok Dr. Zaid you opened the door here to some ancient esoteric legends that are so complex I do not even know where to begin. The problem is whenever I tell people these legends they often get angry believing that I am attempting to spread a ‘false belief” or they do not think the Legend is accurate. Understand that I do not “believe” these Legends myself. My Father told me “The truth is lost in historical facts. The truth is in the telling of Legends and Myth. But one must understand metaphor and allegory.” As I have said I will never tell anybody how one Freemason can recognize another. Nor will I ever tell secrets of the grips or the craft of stone masonry. However you can now go to college and learn almost everything as a civil engineer that the old stone masons knew- almost everything. I am going to tell you an astonish Legend held by the Kale people and the Ramanchal- meaning “Gypsy man”. This Legend is also well known in the Far East and is an ancient connection to all races of men. The story I am going to tell you may seem complete nonsense on a surface review, but if you research what I going to tell you it will take you down a Rabbit hole. What I am about to tell you is the legend from which the movie “The Matrix” was written. I believe this because the brothers that wrote that story know the story I am going to tell you. As I said please suspend your previous ideas of reality and be patient. Please do not take this story as literal “truth” but perhaps a more mysterious truth. I did not believe this story at all as a child. I will be 50 yrs old in July and now I am seeing that the story had some truth maybe. There was no internet when I was younger so what I knew about these Legends came only from my family. Now I find the same legend on the internet from all over the world? Too much coincidence in science means a possible connection. Smoke often means fire- although not always. This is very long story but I will try to make it short.

    Palm line have been called by the Prophet the story of a man’s fate written on the palm lines. In ancient time people believed these palm lines distinguished people- not skin color. Some people like people with downs syndrome; dwarfs ; and myself have a straight line across the palm. This is called “simian palm”. This hand mark is sacred to Tibetian Buddhist; Freemasons; American Indian Shaman; The yakuza. My brother bobby has the Elfin palm as we call this and he was in the Yakuza in Japan in 1968 during Vietnam. He was immediately accepted because he had the “the simian palms” and this was astonishing to people that do not know this secret. In south east asia it is often called “lucky palms”. In ancient Europe Druids would take children born with simian palms; in America they were called “toltecs” and there are entire organizations of American Indians that have these palm lines. In Europe the downs syndrome children were called “drucks” and they were cared for by the priests or killed if very disabled; the dwarfs were given to other dwarfs that lived in their own villages. People like me were called “Elves” and believed to be the highest order of Priests in ancient Europe. In the east they call these simian palm people ‘Lamas”. Every Dhali Lama ever in history had simian palms- so did the Buddha and Isa per legends.

    The legend goes like this: Noah was the last of the race of ‘Seth” so marked by simian palms. His children were a “half” race because his wife was descended from Cain. The Elf race would forever be born among humans after the great flood. The Vikings call this the “half race” and it is said there was a time when 50% of people were born of this simian palm race but they killed throughout history. The people that knew that simian palm “normal” people were some kind of survivors of Seth or descended from the El’s in Viking legend did not kill these people- they made them their leaders. This is where the European legends of Tolkien get there beginning. Freemasons; Gypsies; Samurai culture; Buddhist have all the same myth about these palm lines 0r lack of lines. Yakuza and Freemasons have common myths about the ancient “Shambala” etc.

    My own belief is as follows. People with simian palms often have high IQ Asperger’s syndrome which allows them to concentrate beyond normal human capability. Downs children can often play music better than humanly possible- idiot savant. I believe that there was a time when people depended on these “special” people to memorize long history and knowledge of plants- stars for travel. People with simian palms have photographic memories in many cases. In Europe they killed most everyone with these palms. Groups like Gypsies protected these people and so it is heavy in Gypsy blood- 14%. In Asia they were more tolerant. Groups in Tibet are as high as 80% simian palm.

    It is interesting to note that Pygmies have some of the oldest DNA on earth which we all carry in our blood. It is obvious that the Pygmy DNA is the Fathers of us all and they are 50% simian palm. It seems that simian palms are linked to “old” DNA. In Europe and America only 1% of “normal” people that are not Dwarfs or have down syndrome have simian palms. This is circumstantial evidence for the Myths of how Europeans killed all the Elves maybe true. Human population from old world DNA is more like 50/50 between simian palm and split palm lines. This would suggest that people were killing other people with simian palms.

    In my family it seems about 1 out of 5 or so and this is in line with Data on Romani Gypsy from which Kale Gypsy are descended. All I know is I have a connection with animals that most people do not seem to understand. I also have obsessive compulsive disorder which allows me to complete a great deal of work. I think that people with simian palms may very likely be somewhat “challenged” but this can also be a blessing. There is a common culture that links the early Gypsy Freemasons to Tibet and Japan. The Japanese DNA is also Tibetan in the imperial class and this would explain why the Japanese Emperors have simian palms- called by the Yakuza “Hyaku-nigiri”—one that can grip a hundred in his hand.

    • thanks Johnny. Extremely interesting .. filed. If you’re like me, you ignore the less fortunate who easily condemn. Kudos Mr. Triplett. Allah is using this dialogue for Hid purpose. Let us continue as if we were sipping brandy in the study.

      • Amazing Johnny, amazing! I cannot take it in just now, but have an appreciation based on my reading that comprehends the claims you make. “The Lord God led me to become a molecular biologist to show me that my Father was not insane.” is the most cogent statement you have made, for it describes what Muslims call ‘fitrah’ — a natural yearning for the truth, and the truth is the essence of Allah swt. Let us continue: you, your path, and me, mine. Together, they are streams in the same river.


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