• Drew“A companion Royal Arch Mason’s secrets shall remain as secure and inviolable, in my breast as in his own, murder and treason not excepted.” – Freemasonic Initiation, 13th Degree
  • “The biggest men in the USA, in fields of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know there is a power so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson

Black Brothers under the Prince Hall wing of Louis Farrakhan’s 33’rd degree would be surprised to know that one of their Imam’s illustrious Masonic predecessors, Mr. Pike, also founded the Ku-Klux-Klan and that Elijah Mohammad (another ‘Incarnate god’ like Pharaoh) was tutored by the shyster, Wallace Fard, a British-Polynesian born citizen of NZ (pic) with an exceptionally long police record.

FardAs for Mr. Pike’s regard for Blacks in general:

  • “I took my obligations from white men, not from Negroes. When I have to accept Negroes as brothers or leave masonry, I shall leave it” – Albert Pike

pikePike was a Confederate General and double agent for various secret services which he, Isaac Long and Mazzini had established during the 19th century and then managed for the Illuminati’s global network of that time. His military statue (above, the only Rebel to have one in Washington D.C.) is not far from Mr. Lincoln’s, whom Mr. Pike’s Jesuit and British Masters Murdered. He also has three busts on display in the un-hallowed halls of Washington DC’s 33rd Degree Supreme Council Temple.

  • JesuitBrigham Young, another high-level Freemason, in 1846 at Council Bluffs, Iowa, had a private meeting with Pierre De Smet, one of the most powerful American Jesuits of the Nineteenth century. Being the foremost Jesuit of influence among the Indian Nations, he and Albert Pike incited his Sioux Indians to mass-murder eight hundred White Lutherans of Minnesota while having procured the exemption of Jesuits from the draft during the American Civil War bloodbath. – Vatican Assassins, Eric Jon Phelps,

Pres. Woodrow Wilson, while not known to be a Freemason, was engulfed by their pundits on foreign policy, finance, multi-media cant, and Fabian education engineers. Although F.D.R. officially embossed the Illuminati Seal on the dollar bill in 1933, it was Wilson who signed the law giving Rothschild’s Paulcronies a Cartel Charter to steal America’s wealth —something Andrew Jackson was among the first to forestall a century earlier. Wilson appointed Paul Warburg (right) first chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank while brother Max in Germany greased finance and espionage rails for fascist ascendancy and ‘arms and hammers’ of Jewish led Bolshevism. Germany had over 250 Jewish independent NGOs in 1925, but by 1933 there was only one, ‘Labor Zionism’, which became the nemesis of decent German Jewry, not withstanding the fact that less than one percent of Germany’s Jews supported Zionism.

Mr. Crowley’s fellow warlocks were busy managing the helm of Britain’s Freemasonic Luminaries via the OTO, though most patricians sipping brandy adorned in white aprons, gloves, medallions and Royal Garters while toasting Kipling’s misguided Brigade and Gunga Din, were oblivious to the buggered devilry.

General Albert Pike was also the Satanist who succeeded Isaac Long (a Jew) as the ‘Grand Master of the ‘Palladium’, the premier Satanic Lodge founded in Paris in 1737 from whose ranks came the efficiency expert, Dr. Guillotine. Mr. Long exported his Lodge to Charleston, S.C. in 1801 along with a striking statue of the hideous goat-headed androgyne, ‘Baphomet’; the alleged primary principal of creation or Animus Mundi (Universalist ‘world soul’), husband to Lady Shakti who later morphed into Lady Sophia. There he established the Ancient Scottish American Rite under a furtive Illuminati Charter. This Rite is dismissed as irregular by British Lodges and is thoroughly repudiated by traditional bards of the authentic brotherhood. Nevertheless, since the Enlightenment, the hidden Jesuit Hand has mobilized the majority of lodges globally and in concert when need arises. One sees this when Maltese Knighthoods and titles are given to such as Bush Sr. or to Eric Prince of Blackwater infamy. This is also made apparent by Masonic Galahads at helms of the industrial-military union’s gang war against mankind as they rally cannon fodder, Catholic and not. Witness enough is further provided by the perennial influence of Georgetown University’s Foreign Service School on traditional protestant mores’, military (e.g. Fr. Edmund Walsh, S.J. and MacArthur at Japan’s surrender) and independence by such items as the Patriot Act, scripted by one of their own fellows.

RothThe Current Chief High Priest
& Baron of all Central Banks

Mr. Long was Adam Weishaupt’s personal disciple during the Triumvirate’s formative years when Jacob Frank and the Baron’s great great great grand sire shared the vision of shilling Hebrew Glory as a means for accumulating wealth and absolute power, even though Jesuits were ostensibly Weishaupt’s avowed enemy at the time—a most cunning ruse.

WizeA century later, Crowley infected wives and the House of Lords with gin, cocaine and jinn while Colonel Lawrence became acquainted with camel dung and Bedouin pride on behalf of the Crown. At this same auspicious moment, Lord Balfour’s resident Shabatean Frankist, Chaim Weizmann (pic), was elevated to national prominence for extracting acetone from paint in order to make explosives for the war effort. Never minding that munitions were never conjured by the alchemy, Mr. Weizmann was rewarded with Palestine Presidency after Lawrence convinced Arabs to wrest it from the Turks with British support. Now that’s magic!

At the time, Palestine was a barren waste and its meager 600,000 inhabitants were equally divided between Arabs, Christians and Sephardi; the latter having remained in the Levant since 70 A.D. All were well pleased by the Turkish exodus. Meanwhile in Europe, Russian pogroms under Zionist cum Shabatean imperative spread to Europe like bird-flu while WWI shattered gentile dreams of Santa’s benevolence. Hapless Ashkenazi Jews were pleased to emigrate but their majority did not choose Palestine despite massive Zionist propaganda. They chose America instead, which caused a Zionist Migraine that President Wilson remedied at the behest of his embedded Frankist advisors. He simply closed American Immigration to Jews. If Jews wanted to leave Europe it was Palestine or nowhere and the policy inexplicably advanced for the next four decades. According to the Qur’an, this is not without precedent. (Sura II: 85)

The Triumvirate required a private Messianic State to control the fate of Judaism and gain bona fide access to the Temple Mount so they could eventually establish Jerusalem as their Iblissian “Metropolitan Capital of the Universe”. Without the threat of Germany’s new Orient Express through Ottoman lands or Rothschild’s finances and control of the British Government and Levantine railway—not to mention the Suez canal which he wrested from the conveniently bankrupt Khedive—this would not have been possible. The romantic ethos surrounding the entire Holocaust (sacerdotal sacrifice wholly consumed by fire – Oxford Dictionary) saga was a required satanic rite that motivated erstwhile Jews who cared nothing for the cause, or even for Judaism let alone Zionism, until the pogroms and ‘final solution’ hemmed them in with no choice. Please recall the Yiddish Proverb.

With Palestine returned to the auspices of Richard the Lionheart’s legatees as endorsed by the Black Noble Guelfs of William of Orange, the stage was set for another century of the Messianic Saga. It took jinn ‘familiars’ of this triumvirate only six score years:

  • 1. to infiltrate and remove power if not dignitas from legitimate monarchical thrones of Europe and Russia;
  • 2. to reduce morality to nihilist speculation and hedonist pursuit;
  • 3. to elevate atheism and denigrate Judeo-Christian Orthodoxy;
  • 4. to control monetary systems and thus, governments;
  • 5. to procure Palestine;
  • 6. to begin the Fabianized monopoly and ‘mind-control’ of modern education which has now brought America to it’s knees with dumbed-down ‘Common Core’ advocates.

These remarkable accomplishments of wicked genius represent the most comprehensive coup d’état in history. The present pan-secular materialist heterodoxy along with postmodern amorous libertarianism with scads of libertines has never before occurred on such a scale. When al-Nakba struck only two hundred odd years after their first toast to the New World Order of the neo-Pharaonic Papacy, all eyes rested upon Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and still do. Which is specifically why Jesuit Pope Francis will visit Jerusalem as I write this brief. Regaining Jerusalem was always Loyola’s greatest fantasy, a dream also shared by the Jew, Christopher Columbus.

This Confederacy of jinn and iniquitous sub-humans has neither peer nor righteous opposition possessing merit or power despite Muslim claims to the contrary. It is to be duly respected and feared as per Pres. Wilson’s admonishment. So do not take his or President Lincoln’s assessment lightly. The trouble with Warlocks is they are correct: Satan does give them the world and adds ‘a troop rushing headlong with them’, according to Allah swt in Surah Sad 28:59. After all, why else would he have offered the world to Isa if it wasn’t within his legal right to bestow it (Matt 4:1-11)?

The question is, therefore: to where are these fools and their troops rushing?


The Zionist Perspective

  • Anti-Semites will become our surest friends and anti-semitic countries our Allies!” – Theodor Herzl, Co-founder of Zionism
  • The Jews as the Chosen People are superior in their essence to all other human beings. Their divine selection is a fact, an absolute fact. The difference between Jews and non-Jews is thus part of the very nature of things. God separated between the profane and the holy, between the light and the darkness, between Israel and the nations. The sages have provided us with passages in this spirit too: “Israel is dear, having been called sons of the holy one”; anyone who preserves a single life of Israel is considered to have preserved an entire world; “all Israel has a share in the world to come” (not only as a reward for fulfilling the commandments; “no non-Jew has a share in the world to come.” In this view, Jews and non-Jews were molded from different matter. True, a non-Jew can convert to Judaism, but by doing so he changes his essence. The attitude toward the non-Jew is closed, and the emphasis is on strict segregation. The greatness by chosenness is embodied in the Jewish collective essence.”

Israel’s Fateful Hour, Yehosharat Harkabi,
Harper & Row, 1998, p. 163

  • In his time (i.e. Herzl), prejudice against Jews was diminishing and assimilation accelerating, so it was all the more necessary to emphasize that Jews were ‘different’ and did not really belong to the countries of their adoption. … Herzl was warned by the President of the Austrian Parliament that his policy would bring a bloodbath on Jewry.”

Gai Eaton:
Islam and the Destiny of Man, p. 37



  • The FBI File proves that Fard Muhammad was white, and lists his criminal records. Finger prints and photographs prove he is Wallie D. Ford who served time at San Quentin and listed his race as white, as well as the white man named Wallace Farad, arested in Detroit. When his son was born in 1920, he listed himself as born in New Zeland to a British father and Polynesian mother (which later turned out to be true).
  • See: The Origins of the Nation of Islam by Sergeant Sam Smith
  • Fabian Society: A society, named after Fabius Maximus, formed in London in 1884 to promote socialist ideas and establish a socialist state in Britain. Members included George Bernard Shaw and Sidney and Beatrice Webb. The Fabians helped to found the Labour Party and continue to press the cause of socialism. (Oxford Encyclopaedia) see The Hands of Iblis for details.
  • See appendices: Federal Reserve for synoptic comments.
  • The Palladium Lodge is thought by some to be Rothschild’s private coven. It has roots that traced to Pythagoras—the prescient patriarch of communism—who imported its Mysteries from Egypt and which doctrines have also been associated with the Rosicrucians. Details are given in The Hands of Iblis and Cain’s Creed.
  • Statistics extrapolated from Mr. Hourani’s History of the Arab Peoples and agree with Mark Twain’s earlier assessment.
  • This statement is marvelously substantiated by the eminent Islamic Scholar, Imran N. Hosein, in his book, Jerusalem in the Qur’an, Masjid Dar al-Qur’an, 2002, NY
  • Ed Decker & Dave Hunt; The God Makers
  • The anima and animus are two terms use by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the feminine and masculine halves of the personality. He thought that all people had either a feminine (anima) or masculine (animus) side. The goal of the person, in reaching individuation and having a whole personality is to integrate the side opposite to their gender. Therefore men have an anima, feminine side, and women have an animus, masculine side.In the Neoplatonic view (see Carolyn Merchant’s The Death of Nature) the term “organic” has several basic aspects. One aspect of an organic view of reality is the vitality of nature: that which is organic is alive. In Western organicism, there is a world soul (animus mundi) transmitted by the world spirit (spiritus mundi) to passive matter, infusing material objects with life and form.
  • Anima Mundi 1678, lit. “soul of the world,” used by Abelard to render Gk. psyche tou kosmou.
  • Therefore, we may consequently state that: this world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence … a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related.—Plato, Timaeus, 29/30; 4th century BCE

Another vesion of the Animus Mundi: The Perfect Man

Here is the metaphysical concept that justifies bi-sexuality as a superior quality, fit for Kings and Emperors (as mentioned above), and for it’s practice in attendent rituals of magick. Tantrism has worked a sophisticated perversion of this concept and is utilized in Tibet for the darkest rituals imaginable. See: The Hands of Iblis for details. – oz

  • A Royal Anecdote: “On 5 December 1952 His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, consort of the new Queen Elizabeth II, as yet uncrowned, was initiated into the secrets of Freemasonry by the Worshipful Master of Navy Lodge No 2612. He joined against his will. His uncle, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, was – in the words of an impeccable source close to the Royal Family – ‘fiercely opposed’ to Freemasonry, and had strongly advised Philip to have nothing to do with it. But in 1947 when Philip became engaged to Princess Elizabeth, his future father-in-law King George VI had made it plain that he expected any husband of his daughter to maintain the tradition of royal patronage of Freemasonry. George was an ardent Mason and finally extracted a promise from Philip to join the Brotherhood.”
  • – Stephen Knight: The Brotherhood, Grafton Books, London, 1983
  • Most people do not realize that the ‘Balfour Declaration’ was addressed to Lord Rothschild. The Question is Why?
  • “Dear Lord Rothschild:
  • I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted and approved by the Cabinet. … I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.” – Anthony Balfour

See: Israel: The Partitioned State: A Political History Since 1900,
by Amos Perlmutter, NY, Scribners, 1985: p. 25.

4 Comments on “THE TROUBLE WITH WARLOCKS by Dr. Omar

  1. Dr Zaid,

    Testing DNA the human Genome project changed my personal view of “race” and completely de-mystified any claims of human divinity. My job was to extract the DNA using primers; then load gels; then report the image which sequenced the DNA.

    It became apparent to Dr Spencer Wells that y-haplogroups J and I came from the same person. He named this y-haplogroup IJ which was quite possibly Cro-Magnon man. One group went to Scandanavia and these were the y-haplogroup I the other group went to Turkey and mid-east and this was y-haplogroup J.

    It became apparent that Jews and Muslims were the exact same “race” and the y-haplogroup “J” is very high in both groups. It also became apparent that this y-haplogroup “J” seemed to be associated with people from Cleric class in both groups. It was called the Cohen modal haplogroup because of its high occurrence in Men named Cohen- which is a name that means “Preist or Levite”.

    If you take a group of Jews and a group of Muslims together looking at just DNA it would be nearly impossible to separate these groups because they have the exact same ancestors. Jews are heavy in Euro DNA and Muslims are more heavy in Asian DNA due to the migration patern of their original anscestor we call Abraham. It seems there was a man that lived in Mesopotamia and his DNA mutated into half of all the people in the world. Could this anscestor that is Father of many different people and Nations be Abraham? It seems that science is proving the word of the Prophets.

    In the past 2,000 years the old “races” of men have been obliterated. Human beings are a mix of many different people. Human beings are all one race and we share the mercy of one God our creator whether we are rich or poor- white or black we also share the same human ancestors. God obviously transcends these “races” and so many forget how racist was Albert Pike and many others who used the old way of Freemasons to twist their selfish designs. There really is no such thing as a “race” called Jews- Judaism is a religion and not at all a “race” and this is proven by DNA testing now. Thanks for exposing these people you fight a good and noble fight bringing this all into the light 🙂

  2. Dr Zaid,

    This was the best post yet on esoteric Freemasonry ! Thank you for this extensive research. I wish my Father were alive to read this because he passed on before internet and such research was possible. The only ‘secret” of Freemasonry that I vowed not to tell are “signs of recognition”. We take this vow on our own honor – never have I taken a “vow” to another man. This is the heart and soul of the true old rite of Freemasons all destroyed by sorcerers and witches – yes-yes- oh yes thank you Sir.

    The old lesson lost is that “Power” and ‘Strength” come from the Lord. True power comes from men that do not fear death as much as they fear the Lord God. Men that are willing to give their lives for righteousness sake with no fear of death are the most dangerous and powerful men on the Earth. These are men feared by wealthy despots, Popes and Kings. Such a man was Muhammad and praise his name for the sake of the weak and the merciful. God is great and your research shows the fallacy of power in these wicked Freemasons.

    thanks Dr Zaid

    • Thank you brother Johnny. May the Lord give strength and patience to all men and women of righteous bearing and discernment as we await the return of nabi Isa (pbh).

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