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  • “When it is said to them: Do not corrupt the earth with your negative deeds, they say: ‘We are only doing reform!’ Beware! They are corruptors but they do not know that.”  (2: 11-12)
  • “We have created many of the jinn and humans for hell: they have minds but they do not understand therewith; they have eyes but they do not see therewith; they have ears but they do not listen therewith. These are like cattle, even more difficult to guide – for these are the heedless ones.”   (7: 179)

The first quote confirms the self-deluded estate of reformers and the latter affirms their heedlessness.

The Pharisees were not only Kabbalists but they also represented the nadir of post-Babylonian Judaic Reform. Prophet Isa called them hypocrites as well as ‘Sons of Cain and Satan’; prescient adjuncts to the descriptions as cited above in Al’Qur’an. Roman Reformers successfully obliterated all records of the original Hebrew and Aramaic Gospels and then systematically exiled or ‘disappeared’ the Ebionite Church of James the Just—the true Christians who never accepted the doctrine of divinity for Jesus. It is clear from al’Hadith and sober review of the record that a significant number of Muslims have followed these well-rehearsed examples. The tenet here is that Iblis never changes his tactics for misguidance and hence, one may safely conclude that the concept of reformation is an oft-used tool in the practiced hands of the Great Deceiver. Perhaps this is why Al’Qur’an never uses the word ‘Reformer’ in reference to the establishment of Islam.
In essence, Islam, as God’s New Man in the earth, is an incarnate Reminder or society of ‘Warners’ rather than Reformers. Why do I say this? In defense of the postulate I offer an analogy:

  • When parents give birth to a child, are they reforming that child? Parents are care-givers or stewards of that which is created and formed by God Almighty. If any reform is accomplished, it is therefore at the cost of what was created.
  • Likewise, if a farmer plants a seed and cares for the tree until it bears fruit, has he reformed the tree or its seed? However, if he neglects it, stunts it, modifies the seed or forbids it to bear fruit, what then?
  • “And when your Lord extracted from the children of Adam – from their spinal cord – their entire progeny and made them witness upon themselves, saying, Am I not your Lord? and they replied, No doubt You are, we bear witness [the Lord did this lest you say on the Day of Judgment, we were quite unaware of this, or lest you should say by way of excuse for your sins], All that happened was that our forefathers had committed shirk [worship of false gods] before us, and we, as the generations following upon them, were already conditioned by them – are You then, going to make us suffer for what these earlier falsifiers of truth had done?” (7: 172-173)

Considering this passage with care gives cause for both sufficient fear and justification for the thesis just presented. Parents who condition offspring and bend them away from the non-sectarian path of hanif Monotheism (fitrah) with which they incarnate are indeed reformers. What is disquieting here is that ‘conditioned’ souls of reformed children remain accountable for the denial (self-deception) because they accept the reform and later propagate the deviancy: i.e., they choose to believe and practice the reformation of their inherent instinct for hanif monotheism without batting an eye at their heart’s objection. This is why Al’Qur’an is called both a Mercy and a Reminder by God. It is never called a Reformer.

Every Prophet of God was a Patriarch who did nothing to reform. On first hearing one might object but the facts are clear. These men brought the Word of God, spoke it as a reminder and warning and then received into their guidance anyone who repented in submission to what was already in their heart. In other words, the ummah of all prophets conformed (reverted) to inherent directives of the God-given potential with which they were born. Sectarian Reformers, to the contrary, engender doctrine by pugnacious force and the evangelical fervor of typical schizoidal personalities:
Literature provides us with descriptions of several varieties of this anomaly, whose existence can be attributed either to changes in the genetic factor or to differences in other individual characteristics of a non-pathological nature. Let us thus sketch these sub-species’ common features.

  • Carriers of this anomaly are hypersensitive and distrustful, while, at the same time, pay little attention to the feelings of others. They tend to assume extreme positions, and are eager to retaliate for minor offenses. Sometimes they are eccentric and odd. Their poor sense of psychological situation and reality leads them to superimpose erroneous, pejorative interpretations upon other people’s intentions. They easily become involved in activities which are ostensibly moral, but which actually inflict damage upon themselves and others. Their impoverished psychological worldview makes them typically pessimistic regarding human nature. We frequently find expressions of their characteristic attitudes in their statements and writings: “Human nature is so bad that order in human society can only be maintained by a strong power created by highly qualified individuals in the name of some higher idea.” Let us call this typical expression the “schizoid declaration”.
  • Human nature does in fact tend to be naughty, especially when the schizoids embitter other people’s lives. When they become wrapped up in situations of serious stress, however, the schizoid’s failings cause them to collapse easily. The capacity for thought is thereupon characteristically stifled, and frequently schizoids fall into reactive psychotic states so similar in appearance to schizophrenia that they lead to misdiagnoses.
  • The common factor in the varieties of this anomaly is a dull pallor of emotion and lack of feeling for the psychological realities, an essential factor in basic intelligence. This can be attributed to some incomplete quality of the instinctive substratum, which works as though founded on shifting sand. Low emotional pressure enables them to develop proper speculative reasoning, which is useful in non-humanistic spheres of activity, but because of their one-sidedness, they tend to consider themselves intellectually superior to “ordinary” people.
  • The quantitative frequency of this anomaly varies among races and nations: low among Blacks, the highest among Jews. Estimates of this frequency range from negligible up to 3 %. In Poland it may be estimated as 0.7 % of population. My obser-vations suggest this anomaly is autosomally hereditary.
  • A schizoid’s ponerological activity should be evaluated in two aspects. On the small scale, such people cause their families trouble, easily turn into tools of intrigue in the hands of clever and unscrupulous individuals, and generally do a poor job of raising children. Their tendency to see human reality in the doctrinaire and simplistic manner they consider “proper” – i.e. “black or white” — transforms their frequently good intentions into bad results. However, their ponerogenic role can have macrosocial implications if their attitude toward human reality and their tendency to invent great doctrines are put to paper {e.g. Karl Marx & Lenin] and duplicated in large editions.

Political Ponerology, Andrew M. Lobaczewski, Red Hill Press, 1998

Typical scihzoidals and perhaps a skirtoid (big fella):

Increased security around alleged terror plot in New York

Here is described a perfect recipe forChristian Evangelicals, Zionist recruits, fundamental Islamists, sundry-neo-patriarchs and pugnacious Ikwanian fellowships.

Under the sophisticated guidance of high Mystery Religion Initiates, these ambitious schizoids (many are bureaucrats) are content to rule over kow-towing mimics (passive uniformed but un-informed pedestrians): Germany’s Nazis or today’s befuddled Christian Warriors) who prefer an easier path to earthly sustenance (government jobs and doles) rather than truth. Genuine men and women of God, on the other hand, have no desire to rule over such complaisant congregations because the Cause of God requires diligence, discipline, and sincere striving for knowledge along with just utility rather than the assuagement and pleasures of aggrandizements afforded by mindless conformity or truculent zeal.

The example of every Prophet who established a family or Polity of God was to absolutely forbid and ruthlessly uproot shirkers! Reformers, on the other hand, like the Freemasons Afghani, Mohd Abduh, Qutb and al’Bana, or the SS Mufti el-Husseini of Jerusalem, tolerate or apologize for those who are profitably useful to their cause while promoting an iniquitous agenda of hidden (occulted) masters, be they jinn or men. This is because, as the surat states, they are blind, deaf, ignorant and heedless of the natural path to righteousness as a consequence of pride, the very first sin committed by the primal sinner, Iblis. It is much easier, so they envision, to roll-with, or even better, direct malleable tides of worthless public opinion in order to redefine the collective’s responsibility towards heaven; even at the price of corruption and murder, wholesale and not―the traditional Semite methodology.

Accordingly, and in keeping with the metaphysical conditions I’ve described, I myself was born a Muslim. The trial I encountered was that my parents didn’t know and it took fifty-four years for me to remember. In the meantime, I was subjected to many a reform movement, none of which I found completely satisfactory. Not until I looked into the mirror of Al’Qur’an did I see how un-conformed I was to our collective pre-primordial covenant (Surat 7: 172-3).

I didn’t need the guidance of any Sufi Sheikh, Ikwanite or Islamist with fascist proclivities on how to comb the hair of my soul and readjust its metaphysical garments. My penitent submission occurred as a natural course of grace-imbued events that withstood the onslaught of humanist ideals and maladjusted forces of social alienation, communal pathology and persecution! Therefore, I posit that metaphysical Islam—as opposed to the Ummah—is a subtle mirror with a spiritual might so profound it transcends circumstances as well as time and space to remind us of the moment we stood before our Brooding Creator as described above and in the Book of Genesis in order to consciously confirm and thereby reaffirm our covenant with God in the present. A fresh look at the book of Genesis confirms this. [NEXT POST] so stay tuned.


Ec 7:29 ~ “Only see this which I have found: that God made man upright, but they have sought out many devices.” – Prophet Solomon

Prophet Isa said that whoever obeys the Word of God is his family. This is confirmed by Mohammad, so that blood-ties become superfluous in the face of shirk or deviation.

shirk (from the Oxford Dictionary) v. avoid or neglect (a duty or responsibility). n. archaic a person who shirks. DERIVATIVES shirker – ORIGIN: from obs. shirk ‘sponger’, perhaps. from Ger. Schurke ‘scoundrel’. [perhaps Parasite? Therefore, shirkers are those who avoid responsibility towards God.- oz]

Justification for the indictments cited above is provided in later posts.

See: The Forgotten Saint(s), Omar Zaid, M.D., A.S. Noodeen, KL, Malaysia, 2011.