“The Road Less Travelled” by Dr. Omar in Response to Mr. John Triplett

Mr. Triplett,

I wish to thank you for your interest in my blog and especially for your recent reply to the “Tale of the Pretenders”.  You call me friend and I am honored.  The sentiment is mutual.

I was invited by Mr. Ben Raiche, a 33rd Scottish Rite Mason from S. Dakota back in the 80s when finishing Med School.  I was a member of the local musician’s union and got a call to play piano in his band.  He was a fine guitar player who wrote a lot of ‘ditties’; clever tunes the Disney crowd loved.  He was also an engineer and security director for the Geo-Satellite Station in Sioux Falls. I was both surprised and honored by his invitation.  He even gave me his personal copy of Pike’s “Morals & Dogma”.  Trouble is, I’m one of the few fellows who actually read it.  By the time I finished and was ready for induction to the 2nd and 3rd degrees, I was also convinced the lodge was little more that a fettishist club for ‘has beens’, ‘never weres’, and ‘opportunists’.  I never went back.

I was also in training at the time for initiation to Rudolf Steiner’s Anthro-puppies and faithfully did the exercises for 14 years. One night, in the wee hours, I was out of body and confronted by a great door with a brass handle.  All I had to do was enter.  As I reached for the handle, a voice called me by name and said, “It isn’t necessary.”  The voice was so gentle, warm, and all-embracing that I withdrew my hand.  The trance ended and, once again, I never went back.

What you describe in your brief rejoinder to Mr. Alexis’s report fits well with my own experiences.  Mysticism is a dangerous path, full of twists and turns that most likely lead all of its followers to perdition.  So I was thrilled to read your denunciation.  Kudos.

Now, the thing is that your narrative describes the traditional approach to natural degrees of human maturation, ability and acuity pursued by many cultures universally, each to its own.  These narratives have been obscured and almost destroyed since the so-called Enlightenment, and to my mind, much of this has been deliberate.

It so happens that the Masonic Guilds were infiltrated at that very same time by mystic speculators rather than real scientists.  I have just finished a book on this same phenomenon in Muslim culture.  There is a need for the youth to hear from an authentic zakan such as yourself Mr. Triplett.  The tale is begging to be told.  I am begging you to tell it with Almighty God’s blessing and direction.

All that is noble in what you briefly described is hidden behind a veil  Lift it my friend. Lift the veil on the road less traveled.


Dr Zaid,

I got a big Kick out of the Research and for a person like me to read this stuff – well where do I begin? There are so many “Pretenders” that associate themselves with Freemasonry, but few are actual descendants of the true Craft. People like Crowley are not recognized by true Gu brath Scotish Rite Freemasons like Myself.

A 33 degree Freemason must be a man that is Master of some field of science: example would be Stephen Hawking- a true 33 degree accepted Free Mason.

Now in order to understand the craft would require a book, but let me set a couple simple things straight. First my credentials: I am 17th Generation Sephardic Jew/ Gypsy descended from the Templar Knight Robert De Threlkeld. It is documented (just google) My ancestors were closer to Washington Family as blood kin in Rite of the Scotts. Francis Triplett, Thomas Triplett, Daniel Triplett buried George Washington in the ground my Friend. My ancestors are documented by West Minster Abbey and the Ramanchal and Kale Gypsy line which fought the Revolution in America is well documented.

I speak from “experience” which, as Socrates says, is the only true authority. Second, Freemasonry was simply formed by Cistercian Monks and Templars to protect Muslims, Jews and Hindu Master builders. Europeans did not build with stone and they had very poor civil Engineers. It was Gypsy and Jew and Muslims that built the Cathedrals of Gothic Europe. These people practiced their religions in “Free Mason Guild Halls”.

You see Isa was a trained Master stone Mason and is this is not recorded in Koran or the Bible? Realize his whole family from Maryam were stone cutters with Arab and Greek ancestors. Jesus, as the Europeans call him, was the the First Master Mason and the whole Mystery cult he taught came from the order of Mechizadech- Moses- Solomon.

Jesus did not become evil and go mad like Solomon, but he did have to flee the Holy Land. It was actually his brother James that many Muslims and Christians attribute Ingil and Bible to Isa or Jesus.

Long story short is that it is a Oral history held by people like me in rural America that is the true Freemasonry. The Rite of the Scotts is for Jew and Gypsy where as the York Rite is where people like Crowley come from- totally different. It was the Rite of the Scotts of Rosslyn that true Freemasonry began- around 1450. The poor fallen Knights of Europe bent knee and became students to the Jew and Gypsy tinkers and Stone workers and learned there humble meditations and eastern ways.

My uncle John Morgan laid foundation for St Louis Arch- he was a Master Civil Engineer- he became 33 degree Freemason, and this is the 33 degree of the Scottish Rite- its all about Science and Engineering, not phony mysticism. Here is a poem of the old Rite kept by my Family- all of the true knowledge is Oral poems and recitation- just like our middle eastern fathers taught us :)

“Know well the names of your fathers and keep them for our children to tell. We are descended from John who first sought the Rite of the Scots with the Freemasons of Lord St. Clair:

Alban De Threlkeld who fought to free the Scotts begat Robert the Threlked; Robert owned lands in England and prospered there and begat Robert; Robert built distilleries and Mills for the harvest of the land and begat John the bookmaker who deciphered the Rosslyn Templar script; John begat Robert who continued to translate Greek for the Tudors; Robert begat Thomas who called his name Triplett in audience with the Virgin Queen; Thomas begat Thomas and he kept his father’s fortunes intact; Thomas begat John whose youngest son would take us to the land of Promise; John begat Francis who came to America on a ship chartered by John Washington; Francis begat Francis who expanded our land in Virginia; Francis begat Francis who would father Daniel Protector of his Excellency General George Washington; Daniel fathered Jesse who would settle in the State of North Carolina; Jesse fathered Daniel who would have 12 children now ancestors of thousands; Daniel fathered Wilson who caught the public enemy Talt Hall; Wilson fathered Henderson who reunited us with our people in West Virginia; Henderson fathered General Francis who would not take the company script; General Francis fathered William who would fight in world war II defending our country from tyrants; William fathered Johnny Q who listens to the names of his fathers………”

This is from the Midrash of true Freemasonry my friend. We are descendants of the Muslims-Jews and Gypsies and the Cathar Merovingian Christians (Also Gypsies) killed by the Pope at Montesgur and the Inquisition of the thieving French and Spanish Kings that killed the Templars.


8 Comments on ““The Road Less Travelled” by Dr. Omar in Response to Mr. John Triplett

  1. This John Triplett is quite somebody, isn’t he. True European royalty, IQ of 250, the humbleness of a real hillbilly and a “true mason/engineer”.

  2. Hello John and thank you Brother Kashan,

    Let it be done here: as it has begun so let it finish under the wing of heaven. Away with pretenders; the sanctimonious scum of ignorance and spiritual lethargy. We pay the price of free men Mr. Triplett, and it is such little cost compared to what liberty is gained.

    What you recite is a universal yearning to return to God with clean heart, hand and fellowship, unsoiled by lust and vanity. It is Lakota, it is Zen, it is the churning sea and the burning rock, it is monotheism, it is Islam, it is what Ibrahim knew and others kept in their heart. Now is the time.

    I will compile what is written here in God’s time and with His help. But please Johnny, more of the tales, please. They will be welcomed by readers in between the universal narrative.

    In Truth,


  3. My Maw Maw loshan- my Father’s Mother lived to be 112 years old. She taught of the ancient meditation rituals of Eastern Star and Romani Kale Gypsy: 1.) WATER cold on the face in the morning and face East; sit in silence and reflection after cleaning the body because one must also clean their soul to be fit for the public; reflect on the soul of God in all living creation- soil-plants-animals-people all one in life force 2.) Walk on the bare EARTH with naked feet and feel the energy of Isis 3.) Breath the WIND and smell the air- play with the wind in meditation 4) In the evening light FIRE and reflect on how you served the SPIRT 5) Balance the SPRIT with all creation before sleep.

    Defilements: Words we speak; the perversions of the body from food, drink and chemicals; the perversions of mind from poor study and learning of lies. Meditate on conquering your own defilements; and accepting the defilements of others as your own.

    This was the ancient way of the old Freemasons and the culture of Eastern star and Rosicrucian meditation. Isa is said to have taught that human beings could walk with God as friends and people could live very much longer lives than we think. Interesting the the ancient Celt Picts worshipped Siv; the Hindus Shiva or Sankar and the Muslims call God Allah from “Aila” of the Vedas. The Germans were called Allans from the Scythian tribes- guess what?- Same name for God used by Muslims. El; Elf; Elohim; Aila; Allah; Allan – these were once all the same People. All Indo- European “Aryans”. Shiva Linga is often a black meteorite stone because these sstones were used to make steel swords before mining. Keeping a meteorite from the sword was a great act of peace in Shiva tradition of Picts and India. The black stone in Mecca is such a symbol. Though Muhammad destroyed all the Idols in Mecca he left the Shiva temple which is circled today by Muslims as we speak. Shiva is found in Caves and by streams and in many ways is the voice of the supreme- Gabriel- the gab of god. Shiva’s son is ‘Ganesh” – the Elephant. It is from the Elephant – the one human being that never left the Earth- that we learn how to be happy. Earth- Sunshine- Wind- Water- these are the true source of all happiness as taught by Shiv and his son Ganesh. Only people need FIRE- the fire reminds us that the world is an illusion and that we have lost something that the animals never forgot- how to be one with the Earth. Purity and innocence and pure enjoyment of the life force is the supreme way- those that take refuge in the elements and the ancient ways live long and happy life. These people seem to come from all Religions and races on Earth but their common virtue is the ability to enjoy the simple elements of life- no money or material possessions seem to be required. True Mystics I find- like Dr Zaid in my opinion- love knowledge and reject the power that comes with knowledge. This is a very hard trick. These people often influence the world because their gifts come free- I too look forward to learning more from the Mystical experience of Dr Zaid. For me meditation is the way to keep a simple balance- Mystical experience seems to come through much practice and unscheduled times 🙂 I have been looking for a forum to post some of the old stories and Legends. Thank you Dr Zaid as I feel comfortable posting here on esoteric material. Some legends seem to be Myth- others like the Pyramid stories seem to be confirmed by modern science. You seem to be separating the truth from the muck here in this blog- very hard job. This is something we can all do together as all cultures seem to hold missing links to the truth of our history and the evolution of Religions 🙂

  4. Dr Zaid

    I am the last of my kind Dr Zaid- my little Brother knows some of the Midrash of the true Freemasons, but I am the last that knows the old stories completely. I wanted to let you in on a few esoteric ‘secrets” of the true illuminati. The biggest secret is that Moses was from India and his real name was ‘Senmut”. Research Senmut- he was a great architect and stone Mason that led the Hyksos and other tribes of Emram and Aaron from Egypt. Architecture, Science and Engineering was Moses’ or Senmut’s true gift. The great Pyramid was a water tower and a ‘Hydraulic Ram Pump”. The Nile flowed beside the structure- the river was canaled into a pit- as water dropped in the pit a valve was closed sending water into upshaft- the queens chamber was stored pressurized water and Kings chamber was the air blatter. In the future these Hydraulic rams will be all over the Earth- requires no electricity. This is true ancient knowledge Dr Zaid and many Engineers know this now without the benefit of ancient tribal knowledge. Great Pyramid = Hydraulic Ram Pump/ Water Tower. This is one of the greatest secrets of the ancient world kept by a poor Gypsy in the deep mountains- now I tell the world- few will even believe me 🙂

    Here is part of the Midrash of our people- half the population of the world is descended from the Exodus of Moses. History records in Egypt that 600,000 people left the Egypt with Senmut- this was 1/10 of the Worlds population at the time- so you and me and many people have this heritage which was stolen by the Persian Jews of Cyrus. Those that call themselves Jews are more “Persian” than Jews 🙂 Very mixed up world :). We call Moses Senmut because we were Egyptians descended from Ephraim- and taken by Moses- Emram and Aaron. Senmut was given the name “Moses” when he was adopted by Emram who was Aaron’s Father. This is the story of the Angels and how they helped:

    “In the days when Senmut walked the Earth Watchers but one, and Angels of the Lord, were all bound by God to see us through the Desert: these are the names of the Angels of the Lord and the Watcher in who God’s strength was evident and who was buried giving God’s strength to the Earth Goddess. The Popery will name but three believing themselves the finger of God, his will, his pleasure and his throne. But God will decide where power lies and Templar Priests though sinful and full of folly have been given to preserve this wisdom.

    Micah iel is the reflection of a formless God
    Gabr iel is God’s word
    Raph iel is God cure and relief
    Ur iel is the fire of God and the finger of Gods Commandments
    Ram iel is God’s Mercy – the Watcher spared by the Lord
    Sarach iel is the Unity of Gods will
    Rag uel is God’s throne and the Purity and form of Heaven

    And then there is the Watcher Azaz el; who held the strength of God and so it did increase his pride. We will not name his minions because they still have power becoming spirits and demons that torture men, but we keep respect for the fallen Watchers. Azaz el was bound and buried by the bravery of Micah iel and Azaz el did quiver before the face of the Lord. There in the South of Africa in the Desert of countless ages was Azaz el buried and bound. God’s strength went into to the Earth and the Earth Goddess is now the strength of the Lord. The Earth did righteously accuse the Watchers for their evil seed of knowledge and for misleading the children of God. The Lord favored the Earth and the righteousness of the Goddess. The Goddess gave God her strength and the strength of God was captured within the Earth. Isis iel is the footstool of Gods throne and the holy keeper of God’s strength. Isis of God is a faithful Watcher and destroyer of the destructive pride of Azaz el which means “God’s strength” given forever to the earth. When we sacrifice with corn, oil and wine always fast and spare a lamb from slaughter in respect for God and his strength once a Watcher called Azaz el.

    Senmut delivered us from the Desert following the Angels of the Lord and obeying their will. Micah iel was with us God’s own form and face, Gabr iel gave our prophets the messages of Gods will, Ur iel blazed the message of God into the stone of the earth and Raph iel wipes our tears and gives comfort. We would not have survived without the Angels of the Lord so keep them dear and sacred. The four that are given the Earth called Isis and 3 that remain God in heaven are with us to the end. We must be diligent to live fruitful lifetimes and purify our souls before returning to the bosom of Noah. ”

    I was taught in the tradition of Eastern Star that all people on Earth are descended from the son’s of Noah and are my brothers and sisters. I can raise my hand to no human being without bringing harm to my own family 🙂 This is the ancient truth of the Druze and Jains and original Freemasons 🙂

  5. Dr Zaid

    My Father named me “John Quincy” he did this to remind our Family that Albert Pike created a “Modern Order”. John Quincy Adams destroyed the true “Old Rite” by 1835. Freemasons were lynched and often shot on site in these years 1835-1850. Among the deaths in these Pograms on Freemasonry was Joseph Smith- his last words “Does anyone have mercy for the Widow’s Son”. My Father believed that Freemasonry had become a social club of Drunkards and nere do wells. My Father encouraged me NOT to join Albert Pike Scottish Rite Freemasonry. I joined “The Order of Continental Templar Priests” for 1667 in Alexandrria and the Last remaining order of Freemasonry practiced by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. My Father told me to become an Engineer. I graduated Cum Laud University of Florida Civil Engineering. But Ironically because I come from Celt/Gypsy speakers you write in English much more Eloquently than I Dr Zaid lol I love your writing and wish I were better educated in language skills. Your response is the heart of my very being. Madame Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce (Also a Gypsy Traveler from right here where I live in Appalachian Mountains) created an order based on eastern Mysticism that they do not themselves understand. They did this to make money and create a kind of “new age” Freemasonry. Freemasonry died around 1812 and was finished off by John Quincy Adams around 1835. Albert Pike “invented” a new order around 1875 and you are right : it is a ragged ghost of the True Freemasonry practiced by my ancestors. The true Freemasons today are called: Druze in mid-east; Eastern Star in America and Jains in India. True Freemasonry was a Unitarian recognition of “God” in all cultures. The “Mithra”: Krisna; Mithra; Jesus and all the Prophets – all the same- all manifestations of the divine will. The Unitarian “Druze” kept the same tradition of Essenes- and guess what Dr Zaid- we have the same DNA. My Family has y-haplogroup G and- mitochondrial “X”. This is so rare in America and no coincidence this is found in my Family and Druze because we come from the same tradition which split 2000 years ago when the Jew/Arab/Greek followers of Isa went to Europe. My DNA proves that Freemasonry comes from the Essene tradition now kept by Druze in middle-east. My Father taught me that true Freemasonry can best be defined by our cousin Hegel in his dialectic: Tyranny- Dissent- Revolution: Thesis- Anti-thesis- Synthesis. There forces of good and evil; light and Dark must forever maintain balance. God will restore the force when greed and evil overcome the world and this has been so since the dark El’s created matter and the 3 worlds were formed. So as above and so as below. Although Freemasonry is nothing but a bunch of Charlatans and fools; this was not always the case. There was once a great Mysticism held by the keeper of the Zohar and this was the greatest lesson I learned:

    ” truth, honor, goodness and innocence will defeat all sorcery of the Zohar. There is ONE GOD of Many forms and those that see god in everything are his prophet.”

    The Albert Pikes and Madame Blavatskys and Edgar Cayces created Adolph Hitler in many ways. Their “new age” Lie of “root races” and earthly spirits guiding men and contacting the dead- all an abomination to the true way. The old Freemasons were like “Froto”- the Modern order “Golem”. Seeking power to control people makes weak and cruel men feel better when God has abandoned them- men like Hitler. The Human race has one origin and we are brothers of one blood-one God- one Planet. You give me inspiration Dr Zaid because I realize that people are very smart and the lies of history are becoming revealed. Freemasons only teach geometry- as my Father said “Go to college and learn Calculus- this is what a real “Freemason” would do today son”. You see my dear Dr Zaid you are a Free man of Knowledge and study: this is the heart of Freemasonry. We use words and they fail- in my heart you are a brother and a true man of knowledge – men like you are accepted as part of the ancient craft in my heart whether we use the word “Freemason” or not lol 🙂

  6. Very interesting indeed. As always im confused by the end of it. i get confused by your posts on the occult & secret societies. Maybe I need to do a little more research. On the other hand, perhaps researching about this stuff-for a person of my intellect-will always result in confusion 🙂 I can relate to the fact that confusion is being created on purpose, in all the scientific fields, perhaps to protect some secret or thwart others from progressing.
    Keep writing Doc. Hope Mr. John Triplett lifts the veil on the road less travelled. Indeed we do need to hear this from authentic sources. Wish you would write more about the out of body experience(s) that you had and on meditation which is therapeutic (like prayer, for example) and that which is not (like yoga for instance)
    didnt know you played the piano Doc. Hope you still do.

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