Jan 2014 Insaniah University Convocation
Jan 2014 Insaniah University Convocation

The Law of Knowledge

      Seek after all available knowledge and honor authentic, eclectic scholars [not just the religiously preoccupied].  If not, be easily misled.

The consequences of going astray are dreadful, which is why Al’Qur’an places considerable import on continual study in all areas of knowledge and states that ‘rightly guided’ scholars are of the highest value among its disciples.  But the latter group has been replaced by politicians, assorted gainsayers and average ignoramuses commonly called mullahs (alternatively, ‘imams’).  Unfortunately, this ‘knowledge maxim’ is commonly steered towards useless forms of theology with an over emphasis on the religious study of jots and tiddles, especially in Muslim communities.  The result has led to a loss of balanced perspective and social demise along with cultural and scientific decline.  Imam Ibn Khaldun and others documented the phenomenon quite extensively:

. . . Great historical diseases have taught historians to distinguish  two  phases [of degeneration].  The first is represented by a period of spiritual crisis in a society, which historiography associates with  exhausting of the ideational, moral, and religious values heretofore nourishing the society in question.  Egoism among  individuals and social groups increases, and the links of moral duty and social networks are felt to be loosening. Trifling matters thereupon [the legalism of ‘jots & tiddles’] dominate human minds to such an extent that there is no room left for thinking about public matters or a feeling of commitment to the future. An atrophy of the hierarchy of values within the thinking of individuals and societies is an indication thereof; it has been described both in historiographic monographs and in psychiatric papers.  The country’s government is finally paralyzed, helpless in the face of problems which could be solved  without great difficulty under other circumstances.  Let us associate such periods of crisis with the familiar phase in social hysterization.

Political Ponerology, op cit, p. 192

The post-Mongolian, post-Ghazali epoch of the Muslim religious zeitgeist fell into this error by seeking knowledge of God and human service to His cause entirely through religious training; not to mention the piling up of booty.  I might add that the impractical aspects ‘pre-occupation-with-religion’ misguidance has been encouraged by Islam’s enemies and elitists who generously support useless religious education. [1]  The reason for this is that one of the principles of satanic governance is to keep religiously minded people ignorant and thereby prevent their progress.  This makes them far easier to exploit and is part and parcel of the Babylonian system which Maltese Knights of Romanism have successfully brought forward to the 21st century under Jesuit guidance for select portions of earth bound slaves.

In its entirety or gestalt unity, the ‘knowledge of God’ made available to men implies ‘all that exists’, which is why the contingent word ‘all’ is in the Law.  Hence, for example, when materialists make a discovery in science but discount spiritual laws their contemplations lack communion with the Divine and cannot lead to divinely approved moral utilization of the knowledge.  Such is the case with nuclear energy.  The contrary is also true but represents a far worse scenario because religious extremists who wallow in ignorance are amongst the most arrogantly pugnacious and dangerous factions of human facsimiles.  These fellows commit simultaneous suicide and mass murder, deliver severed cow and pigs heads, and otherwise repress women and children in the name of God like the neo-patriarchs of old fashioned Catholicism minus the alcoholic penchant.  The elite of such mobs become so uselessly effete they open wide gates for cunning Machiavellians and actually roll out the red carpets for them.  I have witnessed this in Malaysian academic forums and can attest that many alim had no idea who they were hosting.

When religiously minded folk emphasize metaphysics over the inspection and utilization of Creation’s manifold secrets (science) they fall into a grave imbalance that has caused the neo-patriarchy of the profoundly bearded, long-robed and chesty chauvinism that plagues the ummah.  These primates have caused and continue Islam’s demise for the lack of true reform due to the marginalization of qari sheikhs, who are actually excluded from top shelf Islamic Universities, as discussed previously.  This writer gives sufficient explanations for the indictment.  As a result, such unbalanced communities of zealous sanctimony are easily misled by anyone as cunning as Mu’awiyah’s advisors whose disciples of the occult govern the West; men such as the guru of the Bush Brigade: Leo Strauss, a Talmudic Jew, Zionist, and perhaps Cabbalist to boot.

The Old Testament declared somewhere that “Without knowledge My people are destroyed,” which is as plain as a maxim can possibly be.  Hence, for Islam’s complete fruition, the revelations of God—which are wholly moral—must be married to the revelations of science.  But what is more important is that the synthesis of this knowledge must be joined to wisdom and incorporated at all levels of education. Ostensibly this is the purpose of the IOK movement.  However, there is a caveat:

This synthesis must suitably match the scientifically determined abilities of every graded state of comprehension so as to attend each type of intelligence and not just the famous ‘Three Rs’ of the Anglo-American mandate. 

The thirst and/or respect for gestalt knowledge must be reinforced in every child and established as a life-long enterprise because its desire is part of inherent fitrah.  Otherwise, and as it is now, those who are led astray become multitudes of misguided beggars wanting both truth and the means for sustenance.

[1]       Here, we cannot help but think of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, protégés of the neo-con philosopher, Leo Strauss.  Strauss [a Zionist Jew, as were many of his students] evidences typical schizoidal doctrinaire characteristics . . . The combination of religion and nationalism is the elixir that Strauss advocates as the way to turn natural, relaxed, hedonistic men into devout nationalists willing to fight and die for their God and country.”  – Shadia Drury, Professor of Political theory, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Canada

The point here is that Straus was not the first to join hedonism, Nationalism and Religious fixations.  This is an ancient ploy, and is used by enemy infiltrators to seduce ignorant youth into sacrificing their nation’s integrity.   – oz

Schizoid  characters  aim  to  impose  their  own  conceptual world upon other people or social groups, using relatively controlled  pathological  egotism  and  the  exceptional  tenacity  derived from their persistent nature. They are thus eventually able to  overpower  another  individual’s  personality,  which  causes the  latter’s  behavior  to  turn  desperately  illogical.  Examples: Karl Marx and Engels.                                                                                                                                                                         – Political Ponerology, op. cit, p. 138

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