The Muslim Polity as one Man: An Analogy, by Dr. Omar

{This is a continuation of the essay on the Law of Unity}

The outer (ritual) form of the Islamic discipline of piety (taqua) requires ablution, prayer, fasting, and generosity in almsgiving.   These rituals are actually disciplines of purification so that the grace of Unity with its inherent divine power may descend upon the polity.  Ritual without knowledgeable conviction (certitude) and the implementation of virtue however, must be understood as mere symbolism.  It is akin to fetishism especially when the polity wallows in quagmires of false doctrines, alien interpolations and practices, superstitions, or in partnerships with unbelievers and disobedience to divine law.[1] Consequences under such circumstances are devastating and the polity reaps what is sown according to the pre-determinants of divine law.   There is no room for compromise in the matter, and no amount of scholarly discourse can change this fact.

When Prophet Elijah contended with the Idolatry of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel—who had given the entire nation over to the official worship of Baal & Ashstarte—there was a moment when he felt himself bereft and went so far as to wish for death.   God admonished the venerable man and informed him there remained 7,000 righteous men in Israel whom He had preserved (unknown to the prophet).   This represented a contemporary remnant of only 0.2% of the Hebrew population (1:500).  This same fraction, or worse (1:1000), applies to the number of righteous souls today in keeping with predictions from al’Hadith. 

Since the Law of Unity is implicit in man himself and follows the formative principles of anatomy and physiology, these may be applied as an analogy.  Man has a head in which sits the brain awash in pure fluid through which information is conducted via sensory organs.  The polity also has a head protected by the elite of its citizenry (ulama) and counseled by sensory organs (advisers with scientific expertise).  The hands, feet, fingers and toes did not elect either the brain or its attendant sensibilities.  God appointed (created) this central nervous system (government) along with all of its organs of perception as ‘companions’. 

The brain has countless components that must interact in complete harmony in order to synthesize and analyze data before commanding the body.  Moreover, an intrinsic guidance system within this complex organ (parasympathetic nervous system) remains fully independent of conscious action or thought.   By God’s grace, the latter system regulates all functions that maintain and protect vitality and consciousness, but only if it is not irreversibly damaged by impurities, infections or trauma (pathology).  This parasympathetic system may be likened to the office of hisbah as described by the Hanbal Caliphate’s extension of authority to the heads of families, villages, towns, cities and districts, which hardly represents any dictatorial central power. The latter is the socialist model of the new imperialism and represents pathocratic communes governed by elitist appointees with no relationship to the governed.

As one lowers their gaze on our human template, one sees the same formative principles repeated within all major organs of the thorax and abdomen.  The body implies, therefore, that the true polity of God (Kingdom of Allah) is one that is:

1.       Created not reformed;

2.       Appointed not elected;

3.       Recognized and affirmed by reason and not persuaded by cunning propaganda imposed on the ignorant. 

In any gathering of mature men they quickly determine exactly which fellows are superior and righteously or wickedly so.  These cliques organize political parties that support the leader of their chosen bias.  As I’ve already established, the bias of the majority is towards disobedience to divine law which implies that any democratic process wins the day by granting this innate pathocratic franchise the greater portion of power and dominion.  These disobedient parties and coalitions then proceed to reform the polity according to the concensus of its biased imaginations rather than God’s decree.  They use semiotic logos, slogans and icons that have nothing whatsoever to do with essential Islam.  This democratic magic was a pregnant reality even prior to the Jacobin Revolution that made such facilities traditional in the guise of undefined liberty and equality.  It is far better, therefore, for righteous men and women to avoid such confederacies and naturally form NGO polities as did Ibrahim and Mohammad; a supra-natural process that requires no political campaigns, slogans, banners and other foolishness.

After warning their errant brethren, righteous folks should excuse themselves and leave the fools to their chosen fate as did Pak Aziz in Malaysia. Men and women who do so, especially in today’s plural societies, have no viable option other than exile or return to private life in order to consolidate their portion within the 0.2% remnant divinely assigned to them as a non-official, non-political fellowship.  Otherwise, they waste their lives and energy in vain activities that only bring on more headaches and fitna

A few men, much like Prophet Joseph, may find themselves in positions of power however, which is a place that serves two purposes:

Ø     – To preserve and protect the remnant of God’s servants (The Seed).

Ø   – To administer the charity of justice within the delimited frameworks of decadent pluralistic societies.

Should a righteous man or woman consciously remain in this office, he/she should limit thier concerns to the purpose of God within these boundaries, making no effort to crusade for an autonomous Islamic State which they know is impossibleFor this reason, the present gospel of tolerance is the only tenable option available until the iniquity of secular pluralism brings those adopting it to self-destructive judgment.

Those leaders who excuse themselves from this fellowship of political tolerance should organize their companions according to the principles of the human body, doing whatever is necessary to promote rather than reform Islam within private domains and without challenging the extant secular government.  Allah will honor and protect such organizations as long as they do not overstep boundaries by imposing themselves on others.   Such NGOs must be prepared to die when the assault on the integrity of their unicity comes from the enemies of God, and come it will.  They must never surrender, but should fight honorably as did Omar Mukhtar and Imam Hanbal, against all odds until death or imprisonment is imposed.

There are those who posit that wickedness can be overcome with reasonable measures much as a Physician might assist his/her patient back to health.  I disagree because the eschatology of revealed knowledge, when added to empirical evidence, insists that the only solution lay in the divinely appointed hands of the Messiah and Al’Mahdi, and they have not yet appeared on the scene.  To help the reader understand this perspective with greater clarity, I will now proceed with a discussion of real politics.




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Power should be in the hands of normal people. A ponerologist only demands that such authority be endowed with an  appropriate understanding of these less-than-normal people [sociopaths], and that the law be based upon such under-standing.

Political Ponerology, op.cit. p. 138


I happen to agree.  The trouble is that,presently, the ulemma are endowed solely with their limited comprehension of Shairia, little understanding for spiritual law (as espoused herein) and practically no psychological scientific training.  If the latter were the case, and if empowered, most of our present leaders and ulama would be disqualified from their positions due to one or another of the several well defined psychopathies.

At his death, Dr. Kalim Siddiqui was working on a paper that presented several questions regarding the acquisition and use of power by the Prophet.   I read his work with great interest and must say that it gave me the impulse to write this book.   He naively but earnestly suggested that a study of the Seerah would unveil mysteries leading to yet another political system of government that might allow Islam to heal and rise from its present coma.  Realists like myself acknowledge that political parties are little more than sects vying for the powers of imprisonment, capital punishment, and absolute censure.  They are professional organizations devoted to different brands of sedition commonly called ‘special interests’.  These ‘interests’ most often suffice as apologies for disobedience to divine law.  Nevertheless, all is in vain as Allah made it very clear how to obtain and maintain power by means that reject political partisanship.


“Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety,

Ø  grant them in the land inheritance of power, as He granted it to those before them;

Ø  that He will establish in authority their religion — the one which He has chosen for them;

Ø  and that He will change their state, after the fear in which they lived, to one of security and peace. 

And Furthermore:

They will worship Me alone and not associate aught with Me.  If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.                       [24: 55] 

This should settle the matter for those with sound minds. 

Since the Will of God is Power and the ‘working of righteous deeds’ is submission to His Will, what need have Believers of Politics when the answer is set plainly before them?   To the contrary, it is non-believers, apologists and other disobedient fools who have a dire need for the politics of an idolatrous system of sectarian nationalism and secular humanism.

The ‘secret’ of the Apostle’s Power lay in the belief, commitment, and obedience of the men and women around him,” said Professor Siddiqui, in answer to his own question!  

But he went even further:

It is possible that power is an all pervasive quality of Islam related to the belief and taqua of Muslims individually and collectively, whether or not they have control over a territory.

Taqua it is not a ‘possible’ requirement because it is, in fact, mandatory.  This also indicates that secular analytics are futile because Righteous Power is one of God’s Mysteries; one that naturally manifests through a polity’s pious submission to divine law rather than political organization.  In other words, it is a miraculous manifestation of divine grace.

‘Authority’ is divine permission to use Power, whether for good or for evil, which I discuss in the next section.  It is therefore essential that any polity wishing to exercise divine power for good must submit itself to the divinely appointed Viceroy of Allah because power for the Good of all men proceeds to manifest solely by grace from God and is maintained only by submission to His Law.  Persistent disobedience removes God’s benevolent sovereignty and automatically replaces it with its inverse complement, whereby authority is granted to forces under the influence of Iblis and unrighteous tyranny.   This is quite simple to grasp because any loss of Rightly Guided Power is directly proportional to the polity’s loss of taqua.  

Love, Goodness & the Caliphate

Any Islamic movement based on political reasoning is therefore destined to fail because reasoning that neglects the guidance of God’s Love cannot conduct the grace of unity.  This is because love is a reciprocal phenomenon and God’s Love for any Polity is dependent upon its submission to His Law.  Mohammad’s companions and their families amplified this reality as they continued the metaphysical atavism that of the Prophetic stream that began with Adam.  It is this unicity or ‘group-soul’ that formed one body with the headship of Muhammad’s superior faculties by the Will and Grace of God.  Hence, they were endowed with the Power of Unity for what is good and beneficial for mankind; specifically, the Kingdom of God as prophesied by Prophet Isa’s gospel.  They literally became the ‘one man’ predicted by prophet Isaiah under Patriarchal command with a limited democracy, as were all governments established by Prophets throughout history.  The prophet’s companions brought their clans (families) rather than political parties into submission to Muhammad, and thus formed the body-politic of a true Caliphate.     

We can judge, therefore, that corporate submission conducts  corporate grace and guidance which then maintains the collective’s power and dominion.  This is only achieved via authority that is vested and supernaturally guided vis-à-vis a Patriarchal continuum of the authentic prophetic stream.  None of this required religious icons, idols, slogans, priestly hierarchy or political campaigns.  It was more like the practice of a good doctor whose reputation precedes him and spreads purely by word of mouth through the community.  There is no organization in the history of humanity that accomplished this politically[1] within moral boundaries as established by the Principles of God’s Kingdom; albeit, during their sagely reigns, the Feudal Systems of China and Japan far surpassed Islam in civilized prosperity.

Hence, it is impossible to establish the Kingdom of God (Islamic State) politically without righteous Patriarchs and Matriarchs (such as Kahdijah) in authority,  Now let us look at this image of ‘God’s Kingdom’ in the earth and see what really happened to the Muslim regency.

Islam As the ‘Image’ or Vicegerent of God

The human body reflects an organization that:

1.       Obtains and processes sustenance;

2.       Distributes this sustenance;

3.       Eliminates waste and toxins;

4.       Provides mobility and structural support;

5.       Protects from common insult, injury, deleterious substances or infectious agents;

6.       Hormonally mediates a system of accountability (feedback) permitting executive constraint on the body;

7.       Restores/Heals itself under optimal conditions.

The Nervous System (including the brain and peripheral sense organs) is the most metabolically inactive and ‘helpless’ of all organ systems and comes nigh unto useless paralysis or death with the slightest insult and takes the body down with it because its property is to consciously and unconsciously mediate directives from an ‘unknown’ power source (vitality).  The systemic infrastructure (internal organs of the body) is devoid of inherent power which indicates that the mediated power of the polity does not lie in either the internal organs or the head.   This ‘Mediated Power’ (i.e., the ability to activate, move or do something) has a dual nature in that (i) it originates as a gift (life force) from Allah SWT, and (ii) is a function of the polity’s constituents as represented by the body’s connective tissue systems which include bones, muscles and various fluids with complex macro and micro organizations.

Hence, common citizens recognize that their precious innards (respiratory/education, digestive/economic, circulatory/distribution and glands/regulatory) are given by God and, as a result of this common knowledge, do everything possible to protect these organs as well as those of mediation (CNS/governance).  This includes self-sacrifice because their lives, power/autonomy and prosperity depend upon these organs.  All depend upon a physical power source which is food, and this food is also dual in nature: (i) physical food; and (ii) metaphysical instruction: i.e. the Word of Allah (good food for the soul, what Jesus called the ‘bread of life’), and worldly knowledge of creation (science).  The anti-thesis of these is the word of Iblis (the ‘Whispering’ of jinn) which is bad food for the soul and causes negative consequences including premature demise for both individual and culture.

The tissue nearest the brain is the cerebrospinal fluid and may be considered a kind of Guard or ‘Board of Censors’.  Members of the connective tissue systems represent the coordinated cohesion of workers and men of means; and those of the peripheral nerves, blood and lymphatic systems represent a highly skilled military, intelligence network and constabulary.  Internal organs such as heart, lungs, and those of the viscera represent different managerial, educational, industrial and distribution systems, etc.

The Brain as Head or Caliphate  

All systems are united integrally and wholly and all systems in some manner mimic or reflect this unity via the recapitulation of  ontogenic restatements.  Furthermore, all systems depend upon food for physical power.   It is a grave mistake, therefore, for any man or governmental body to assume multiple functions as do tyrants or plutocratic oligarchies like our NWO Ponerocrats, because the tyranny of their reordering opposes divine design and indicates their corruption of a leadership that has rejected what is naturally miraculous.  This is why leaders, and not just ‘the people’, must be subject to a Board of Censors (Spinal Fluid/ulama) that has absolute control over what enters or exits the Brain (Executive Government) as valid food (righteous commands for the good of the body).  Hence, if this Spinal Fluid is poisoned, lost, or somehow imbalanced, an insult occurs followed by autonomous reactions that affect the entire body, which then ceases to vitally thrive in lieu of preserving a minimum of life functions. 

It is now that the power to obtain food and the body’s dominion over its limited autonomy comes to a halt after which the patient must be nursed if there is to be any hope of recovery (restitution of health).  If reformation occurs, it is usually of two types: (a) dysfunctional tumors or useless growths that are not subject to divinely intended formative forces that follow pristine patterns; or (b) degradation (lysis) occurs, depending on the quality of nursing care and the patient’s constitution.  Both processes exhibit morbidity; that is, imbalances that exceed the boundaries of sustainable life activities and subsequently cause further dysfunctions leading to death.  Politically, these may be likened to reactionism and liberalism, respectively.

The ‘blood-brain barrier’ naturally and normally prevents any substance brought in by the blood stream from entering and contaminating brain tissue.  Nevertheless, certain infectious agents and toxins under adverse conditions do enter.  And although it is possible for the CNS to continue its functions in the presence of chronic infections, a slow dissipation occurs that manifests over time. Eventually, the patient is driven mad (as in the case with syphilis), or remains cogent but disabled (as in Lou Gherig’s Disease), or returns to worse than infantile imbecility (as is the case with Alzheimer’s).  All three dysfunctions may be seen in today’s ummah.  We have the mania of suicide bombing; a paralyzed, bloated bureaucracy; as well as self-serving senile academia and religious institutions dissociated from social realities and scientific methodology while miming their enemies. 

We are also familiar with the problem of ‘headaches’, especially when leaders are habituated to toxins that eventually disable the body.  Even the pill of Nationalism for the pain is failing while continuing the illusion of health.  All in opposition to repentance (tauba) and true reform, the halal cures.

When a limb is infected and endangers the body with necrotizing sepsis it must be amputated to insure the body’s survival.  If the spinal column is severed below the second to fourth vertebrae, the body may survive but its becomes completely helpless and the patient requires total care.  If the head is severely injured to include irreparable damage to the brain, the body dies; and if severely traumatized by concussion, febrile insult, chronic infection or serious chemical disequilibrium the patient will lapse unconscious and lay dormant in a coma.

In my opinion, this latter condition represents the reality of Islam’s Unity as the ‘New Man’ prophesied by Isaiah.  The body is intact spiritually as a perfected doctrinal system but the incarnate soul of the polity lies comatose without authentic leadership: i.e. a Central Nervous System enveloped in pure ‘fluid of ulama’ (Calipha and Shura).   As did the Jews, Islam’s usurpers murdered or failed to support their authentic Imams and then silenced their righteous ulama in deference to superstition, ritual fetishism and booty gathering.  Therefore, until the advent of Hadrat Mahdi and Prophet Isa, the body sleeps while awaiting its divinely mediated restitution: its ‘regeneration from above’, what Christians call their ‘Born Again’ epiphany.

What appears on the world stage is a mannequin filled with dysfunctional tumors, artificial transplants and intelligence, and infected bionic limbs or internal organs in constant need of allopathic[2] interventions.

In summary, following the demise of the rightly guided Caliphs the perfected (pristine) body of Islam’s polity began its journey towards the Khan’s Hammer and ever since the concussion has remained near comatose, though nursed by the ‘few’ of Ibn Khaldun’s ‘faithful servants’ who largely go unnoticed or persecuted cum marginalized in political venues.  What subsequently appeared on the World Stage was a player—an actor mouthing words of truth while distorted imaginations ravaged the body.  This is, unfortunately, the analogical reality.  Authentic Islam’s sleeps in a spiritually comatose body nursed tenderly by the obedient 0.2% of the general populace who have little or no voice in the charade; much like the humble ‘nursing aide’ in hospital wards as doctors submit faculties of reason to the half-educated allopathic storm of the Twentieth Century that has caused more harm than good.

Now it is a fact that some comatose patients are aware of their environment but lack the power to communicate.  A few of these, if well nursed, may even re-emerge intact after several years.   In my opinion, therefore, the authentic Muslim polity is aware but has no power to communicate or protect itself.   Flim-flam sophists of the great pantomime march forward with a deluded jihad while Zionists complete the task of organizing Dajjal’s Beast for the devilish feast of Armageddon’s vultures.

One day, Allah will certainly rouse the ummah to Unity and Power.   In the meantime there is naught to do but assure the integrity of Islam’s purity in our home and immediate community, to the best of our ability.  In essence, those who understand are caregivers or chamberlains to a great hope that is helpless until a Prince of Allah stirs the mighty patient from its deep sleep.  Perform your duties well therefore, but do not presume any authority to wake him, as did Hasan al’Bana, whose institution is now in the hands of Islam’s enemies and racks the body with febrile convulsions.

[1]     adj. 1 of or relating to the government or public affairs of a country. interested in or active in politics.  2 chiefly derogatory done or acting in the interests of status within an organization rather than on principle.  [Concise Oxford Dictionary]

[2]     Allopathy, n. the treatment of disease by conventional means, i.e. with drugs having effects that oppose the symptoms.  Often contrasted with homeopathy.  Homeopathy (also homoeopathy) n. a system of complementary medicine in which disease is treated by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease and thus stimulate a naturally mediated cure. 

[1] E.g., the current use of ‘crystal balls’ or pagan gongs to open official ceremonies.

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  1. ….comatosed…paralysed is the ummah…when will we RISE? …is it one in a thousand that is awake???Only GOD KNOWS…?

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