The Law of Unity by Dr. Omar

To the extent that faith and works remain pure, Allah will bless men with the integrated unity of mind, body, and soul and the fellowship of its likeness, and He will protect and preserve its incumbent power.       


The Faithful are like one man: if his eye suffers, the whole body suffers; and if his head suffers, his whole body suffers.  You will recognize the Faithful by their mutual compassion, love, and sympathy.  They are like one body: if one of its parts is ill, the whole body suffers from sleeplessness and fever.        – The Prophet (wslm)[1]

Hanif or not Hanif? that is the Question

Impure religious doctrines may be readily discerned by identifying the pugnacious sectarians who support them. 

When reviewing a book I try to identify the sect or school of philosophy which the author claims.  If stated, I automatically know the work is somehow flawed and immediately set my guard against the bias after which I extract whatever truth is there.  If I cannot identify the prejudice, I proceed cautiously, as was the case with my review of Mohd. Abduh, a Freemason whose occult credentials were unknown to me when I read one of his books.   If an author claims other than essential Islam (i.e. just plain old ordinary un-embellished ‘Muslim’), one can rest assured that somewhere within the work divisiveness has been penned; even if he or she claims to be a Sunni. 

The Law of Unity’s inverse corollary demands the we maintain the purity of core monotheist doctrine because truth cannot be joined to lies with divine sanction.  Even so, my review of religious history reveals that almost all religious folk, regardless of creed, have departed from their prophetic roots for the sake of sanctimonious fetishism— a form of sorcery involving a ‘course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment’.[2]  As we shall see later in this section, this activity is the direct result of political repressions that force people to conform for the sake of safety rather than truth in order to preserve both life and the repressor’s advantage:

. . . it appears obvious that religious systems have also succumbed to ponerogenic processes and manifested the symptoms of a similar disease . . .  for example, he neocon-Bush administration is using Christianity as the ideology by which they mask pathocracy. [3]

Immediately on the death of the Prophet (wslm), the Emigrants and Helpers amongst his companions divided into sects that followed tribal leanings.  Abu Bakr preserved their Unity by quoting the Qur’an, which managed to preserve the grace of Unity a while longer.  This primal defense of Islam’s Unity implies an inextricable union between Purity of Doctrine and political Unity for the theo-centric system of governance as espoused by essential Islam.  Nevertheless, Satan incessantly suggests that sociopaths weds truth to lies in order to appeal and justify man’s lower nature with higher faculties of fancy. Of course this inclining sectarian pools towards extrinsic activities beyond grace of the prophetic stream of revealed knowledge.  This gives rise to vain and dangerous imaginations:

The religious idea then becomes both a justification  for  using  force  and  sadism against nonbelievers, heretics, and sorcerers, and a conscience drug for people who put such inspirations into effect . . .  swearing on the prophet’s beard while using this for its doubletalk.  Something which was to be originally an aid in the comprehension of God’s truth now scourges nations with the sword of imperialism . . . [hence, in time] religious conflict assumes the character of political partitions, giving rise to warfare  among various believers in the same God . . .  [in addition] historically speaking, the ponerological process in [religious] groups  runs its course in a much larger time frame.   – ibid


Socio-Anthropology reveals that in order to prevent this straying and despoliation with accretion, both scripture and most cultures hold the purity of marriage in high esteem because marital honor and fidelity reflect man’s communion with divine law and best preserves social unity.   But as we have seen and as prophesied, Iblis and his Shaytans (human and not) professionally strive to destroy this unity for their own gain.  It is, in fact, the ancient ‘Way of the Romans’ morphed to a global cultural war (PSYOPS) that is prosecuted by the elite of the Judeo-Christian Occult Alliance in the West.

Manifest impurity, whether spiritual, moral or ethical is a strong indicator of individual or national disobedience to divine law and reveals its miasmic sway in various forms of patriotic tribalism, all of which are antithetical to Islam.  Everywhere one travels today there is pressure to tolerate impurity at all rungs of society.   The reality here is that this permissiveness destroys the collective’s ‘Unity’ (elan vitae) so that the grace of Divine Power and Protection are lost.  What follows is that God permits Satan’s influence to advance the heedless hegemony of flag waving pride.  Hence, wickedness gains currency as the finite power of civic strength waxes strong, all to the detriment of the weak and helpless and those who remain in steadfast harmony with truth; these latter groups are marginalized and paid lip service.

Whenever  pathocracy  emerges  in  an  autonomous  process, this  means  that the religious systems dominating that country were unable to prevent it in time . . . religious organizations have long tolerated and  even uncritically inspired the development of pathocracy.     – ibid (p. 275)   

Purity in Islam is represented by the word hanif in reference to Ibrahim who Al-Qu’ran describes as a pure monotheist because he ascribed no partners to Allah (swt).  To the extent one uses the term to identify oneself with Abraham within the context of the greater Islamic polity, use of the term ’hanif’ remains undefiled.   However, to proudly distinguish one’s self or group with this or a term other than ‘Muslim’ initiates forms of identitarian mischief.  But before offering my distilled thoughts on the matter, we should discuss the metaphysical realities of Unity and Power.

Unity & Power

Since the safest measure of human testimony is logical reasoning based on elementary truth, one should begin with Al-Qur’an and the scriptures it confidently confirms and/or completes.  Unfortunately, most Muslims fail to access former scriptures and their points of departure for the latter rely on commentators or secondary and tertiary works where revelation is often quoted out of context or lacks a gestalt correlation with the entirety of the book and relevant hadith — poor methods at best.   To complicate matters, a majority of Muslims both pray and recite Al’Qur’an in a non-native tongue minus comprehension for the classical Arabic language which is no longer spoken.  This is fine for religious purposes but woefully inadequate when it comes to practicing the faith as a way of life outside of the mosque.  In addition, most Muslims lack knowledge of historical contexts outside the limited reach of the prophet and his companions. To make matters worse, many Muslims lack contemporary knowledge of their own leadership.  An example is that of Hasan Al’Bana whose family was steeped in Freemasonry as were his mentors. What benchmarks can then be established as to interpretive validity let alone meaning and purpose in such dimmed light?

These problems fertilize the ponerogenesis of superstition and metaphysical speculations on occult phenomena which appear to have infiltrated hanif doctrine with enough venom to cause the malaise of determinist lethargy that assists the pathocratic culture of elitist conceit.   This same sloth and arrogance gave the Great Khan cause enough to hammer Muslim pride back to the ‘Stoning Age’ from which they have yet to recover Baghdad’s divine intent and is not unlike penalties previously visited on their cousin, ancient Israel.  The question is ‘Why?’ and the answer is ‘the inverse product of disobedience to the Law of Unity as I will now attempt to explain.

The serial murders of the Righteous Caliphs of Islam began a chronic migraine from which the ummah still suffers.  A look at most of today’s Sultanates and political bugbears gives evidence for the prosecution.  As an analogy, consider the ummah as a body, as did the prophet (wslm). A delicately filtered fluid surrounds the Central Nervous System (command and control center) which is a perfectly balanced solution that is pure in its constituents and well protected from incursions.  Any insult to its composition by toxins, microbes, injury, fluid loss or increase, or chemical equilibrium will cause a malaise that leans the entire system and body towards malfunction and often drives the patient to a bedridden, inactive status. 

Sociopaths of the Levant — many of whom were/are crypto-Jews like Ibn Maymun or Gemal Ataturk carried on with homicidal traditions and usurped Muslim leadershipt while imposing adulterations such as the Fatimid cum Ishmai’ili dross, Ataturk’s Freemasonry, and the present Wahabbi menace of the Saudi Mafia.  Hence, what later became known as ‘Islam’ abroad does not compare in the least with the élan vitae of Medina polity that permeated those who dwelt within its living memory.  Consequently, due to habitual murder and the foolishness of time-honored ignorance and superstition,[4] and although they increased in numbers, Muslims failed to assure the grace of God’s protection as He promised to a unified polity.  Under heaven’s laws, any reliable scholar will confess that Muslim unity was irrevocably shattered and that the patient has, with few exceptions, since remained bedridden awaiting the remedies of veritas [5] [haq] and the virtues that naturally follow the actualization of truth in both word and deed.  In a nutshell, Mongol hordes scrupulously administered the divine intervention of God’s judgment.  This was then followed by necrotic scholasticism and a culture of keeping-up-with-the-Khan sultanates, after which materialist ‘Enlightenments’ injected the poneros of the colonial zeitgeist while Imams compared harems and gold dinars instead of attending to righteous accountability — all of which has finally placed the patient in its present comatose state.

It was very easy for sophisticated charlatans to usurp and divide what became known as Islam, especially beyond borders of the initial Semite dominion.  Tell me, how can ordinary men (90% of the population) explain the Qur’an or come to any conviction that withstands apostasy if he studies it in a language not his own?   Under ideal conditions this may be possible for upwards of 5-10% of the general populace but the nose is readily slit for the remaining ninety percent.  This significant linguistic factor is a major catalyst in the demise of both doctrinal purity and social cohesion.  Any world class neurologist, educator, linguist, anthropologist and ethnographer will appreciate and endorse the reality.  To the contrary however, religious the sanctimonious majority of religious folk who lack this knowledge and dig their heels further into linguistic ignorance which only aids the genesis of evil.  For this very reason, albeit with a different twist, occult-driven shepherds of the Christian herd kept the original Judaic-Aramaic scriptures hidden while transcribing interpolations into to a dead language (Latin) for more than a thousand years.  This worked well for a time.[6]  Muslims have inadvertently taken the same path.

Let me present some science on the acquisition of language skills, after which the reader will better understand what I meant when I wrote “under ideal conditions”:

We found that (1) early (before age 5) bilingual language exposure is optimal for dual language development and dual language mastery (Kovelman & Petitto, 2002). (2) Those bilingual children who are first raised monolingual from birth and who are then exposed to a new language between ages 2-9 years of age can achieve the morphological and syntactic fundamentals of the new language within their first year of exposure.  

However, this rapid acquisition of new language fundamentals is possible only when extensive and systematic exposure to the new language occurs across multiple contexts, for example, in the community and home, with far less optimal dual language mastery being achieved if exposure comes exclusively within the classroom (Kovelman & Petitto, 2003; Petitto, Kovelman & Harasymowicz, 2003).

(3) Bilingual children exposed to two languages from birth achieve their linguistic milestones in each of their languages at the same time and, crucially, at the same time as monolinguals (Holowka, Brosseau-Lapré & Petitto, 2002; Kovelman & Petitto, 2002; Petitto & Kovelman, 2003; Petitto, Katerelos, et al., 2001).

Linguists have known for a long time that every person is a native speaker of at least one language and that by the time children reach the age of five or six, those children are proficient speakers of their native language. On the other hand, when a child or an adult learns a second language, they usually encounter some kind of problem, often with the phonology of the new language. [p 300] …

… there is evidence from many contexts that certain social groups are in danger of being disadvantaged as a consequence of the language used in the legal system, since they may not understand the language and culture of the law. There is extensive documentation of miscommunication with indigenous minorities, children and second language speakers [p 334].

Indeed, a substantial proportion of the world’s legal systems operate in a language that is for local lawyers a second language … Given the complexity of legal language, teaching the language of the legal system to lawyers is an important and difficult matter.  Solutions involve careful needs analysis of legal language and the development of tailored curricula [p 336].

… monolingual learner’s dictionaries meet the practical challenge of providing language learners with the resources to meet their twin communicative needs: ‘receptive’ understanding and ‘productive’ use of a second language [p. 739].

Phonologically motivated sound substitutions are termed processes, morphophonemic alternations are called rules … Processes are automatic [inherent, see Chomsky], rules are not. Processes interfere in second language phonology, rules do not. Further, processes, because they are natural, reflect inborn restrictions of the human articulation and/or perception and need not be learned and thus are restrictions the speaker imposes on his language, whereas rules are restrictions the language imposes on the speakers (Donegan and Stampe, 1979) and have to be learned in language acquisition.

A child’s process of learning languages is different from an adult’s process. A child can learn any language relatively effortlessly, while the same task becomes rather challenging for adults … there is a period in the maturation of human organism, lasting from two years to puberty, in which nearly effortless and complete language acquisition is possible. Afterwards, this hypothesis notes, language learning requires more effort and motivation, largely because of a loss of brain plasticity resulting in the completion of the lateralization of the language function in the left hemisphere. Recent research claims have additionally shown that there are different critical periods for different grammatical structures of language. Since the accent (phonetics and phonology) of a second language is the most difficult to attain, the critical period for phonetics and phonology (approximately from five to seven years) is earlier than that for morphology and syntax. See Johnson and Newport (1991) and Bhatia and Ritchie (1999) for details [pp 1016-17].

Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics, Sarah G. Thomason

& William J. Gedney, Collegiate Professors of Linguistics (ed),

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, 2007


I daresay leaders and educators in most non-Arabic speaking Muslim countries don’t consider the complexities just cited as they ignorantly ruminate while denying the significance of this problem.  Of course this is hardly scientific, most especially for the promoters of IOK.  Rest assured, however, that ponerocratic hypocrites are indeed scientific, which is why they financially support the error in their favor.

Linguistic science therefore alows us to deduce that, for example, if ‘Classical Arabic’ — the language of ritual prayer and Al’Qur’an — is not spoken in the home or on the street for practical usage, its acquisition is little more than ‘Academic’ at best and essentially useless for the man in the street, most especially for non-native Arabic speakers.  hence, this also indicates that learning modern Arabic or Mandarin is a much more profitable venture.   

Considering that no one speaks classical Arabic in the home any longer, the realities of linguistic science present Mulsims with a significant conundrum, especially for Islamists and IOK indentitarians. Of course this is a matter traditionally ignored by pugnacious defenders of fetish, as if ritualism for the masses is sufficient.  Well, the latter sentiment is exactly what Mystery Religion ponerocrats utilize and still do. 

There is indeed a priest-like class of scholars who maintain language liquidity behind white-towers like Catholic predecessors, but this on its own is counter-productive when governance remains both ignorant-of and divorced-from the Counsel of a shura that barely comprehends the legal contexts of its acquired tongue.  This caste system lends itself to elitist isolation and furthers the arrogance of a demeanor that is anything but Islamic.  Again, this is the very same attitude for which the Great Khan gave Muslims their long forgotten lesson.  In support of this premise I offer the following:

… a diglossic situation [exists] when ‘high’ and ‘low’ language codes or dialects exist alongside each other in a community (e.g. classical Arabic vs. a regional form of Arabic). In a diglossic community, political, religious and educational views and values are established and perpetuated.


Edited by Kirsten Malmkjær, Routledge, London, NY


This assessment would bear sweeter Islamic fruit were Muslim leaders and academics true Islamizers, but we have sufficiently articulated that this is not the case presently nor has it been for quite some time.  Hence, our diglossic elitists harbor high cultures of Classical Arabic minus the observance of Spiritual Law and most definitely have the legal and intellectual advantage of typical hypocrites who exploit their respective polities as did their Latin forerunners.  This is, dear reader, a recipe for Ponerocracy.

Furthermore, most Muslim leaders no longer speak ‘Classical Arabic’ except for recitations and ritual prayer.  And if that’s not sufficient to give a scientifically sensitive reader pause for concern, I personally found the tri-glossal crisis in Malaysia not only rampantly responsible for gross ignorance and religious arrogance but also accountable for professional exclusivity, closed minds and effete insult.  Moreover, not one non-Academic Muslim I encountered during my initial years of conversion could relate, in their native tongue, the meaning of Al’Fatiyah let alone significant portions of their five-times-daily ritual recitations, excepting the azan.  What is worse, is that as soon as most Muslim academicians learned that I knew no Arabic, I was shunned in most venues or pressured to learn it.  Of course, as a scientist and non-native speaking late middle-aged adult, I knew this was a futile waste of time and effort.

At sixty-three years of age my left brained bias is concretely hard-wired but that scientific fact was of absolutely no concern to condescending ‘learn-Arabic-or-else’ reactionaries.  I reasoned that I could learn far more about Islam by sticking to the language I knew well while learning enough Arabic to pray and politely say Alhamduillah with a nod of deference to what many consider adab, although etiquette is not adab in the least; but that is subject for a diferent dissertation. 

In summation, the bottom line is that if the early child doesn’t obtain ‘Classical Arabic’ as a second language from the cradle and in multiple utilitarian contexts outside of the classroom or religious school, he/she will inevitably suffer degrees of linguistic dysfunction in the tongue which in turn causes not only religious knowledge deficits but also generates conflict (war) with the few who do manage Classical Arabic fluidly, as do traditional qari.   As a demonstrative analogy of the immensity of the sacred language problem that Muslims deny, imagine a non-native speaker thinking they’ve mastered English well enough to teach a non-English speaker that the New York Yankees fought the Confederates in the American Civil War and you will get the drift of the reality here.  This is not a small matter, especially for the young men who wasted time trying to learn the impossible and now lack enough practical skills to profitably work and get married—all for the sake of religion of course.  These fellows also taught themselves to give the very same ‘’Alhamduillah nod’ as I did as a matter consequent to common sense survival skills.  However, what I just described is part and parcel of the prevailing neo-patriarchal chauvinism that has little in common with Islam, and nothing whatsoever in common with Islamic Science except for identitarian desperation.

A matter of significance here must be emphasized and that is the inordinate amount of time spent by students trying to learn something that is academic at best but utterly futile with respect to earning a living .  Little wonder then that young Muslim men cannot afford to marry in Muslim countries and are relegated to slavery and pious pretense, or the ranks of fornication as terrorist enemies of any state.  The Ponerocrats who prosecute PSYOPS are well aware, however, and utilize the deficit to their great advantage.  

The better way to avoid this linguistic and unscientific morass of neo-patriarchal chauvinism is by making certain that religious instruction is carried out in native tongues and that only the ‘gifted’ are streamed towards mastery of ‘Classical Arabic’ under ideal conditions.  Forcing the entire student body to do the impossible is foolish and has caused no-end of Muslim disaffection from the source of their faith, even if they remain nominal Muslims.

I invite you to read a brief exegesis as an example of the Judeo-Christian misguidance in this realm before proceeding with Islam’s lack of unity.

Isaiah 65:15 has something significant to say God’s servants about names:


‘… and ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen: for the Lord God shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name.”                                                                                               


Christians think the new name is Christians.  However, the word Christian is not Semitic nor is it the actual name of their man-god-prophet.  The Hebrew word used in the original text is shem, the same as Shem: the proper name of the son of Noah who met Abraham in the wilderness as the King of Salem (Peace/Shalom) also called Melchizedek.  The Hebrew Nation was called Israel, or God’s Firstborn!  Israel literally translates: he will rule as God, and the prophecy clearly states that this same name is now a curse in the eyes of Allah’s chosen!  Charismatic Christians who like to call themselves ‘Spiritual Israel’ should actually experience some degree of chagrin, but as I said above, their method is eternally flawed.   Furthermore, the King James translation is far from accurate.  It should read:


‘… and invite or summon his servants by the next man of renown, or authority.’  or ‘by another authority’


In order to comprehend this prophecy and its application to the ummah as per Mohammad’s reference, one must understand that Israel represented Jacob asOne Man’ or entity; specifically a unified polity through whom the Mesopotamian world was meant to be called to God by means of the twelve sons (tribes) which had failed over the course of nearly 2,000 years, perhaps more. 

Hence, the ‘next man’ or ‘following authority’ cannot be from Jacob’s loins or Israel!  This Next Man is also a man with a body politic.  Again specifically:


 the next ‘man of renown’ to replace Israel as Allah’s political party of tribes or nations in the earth.


This and related prophecies are not discussed in Judeo-Christian and especially Zionist friendly forums for fairly obvious reasons.  Here we see the scepter of authentic power and governance as prophesied by Jacob in Gen 49:10 (i.e. by Israel himself!) passing away from Israel and confirmed by Isaiah

The political entity cannot be Iesa (Jesus) because he is a Semite of Judah and represents the same man, Israel.  Consequently, neither can the disciples of Jesus be the next man of renown to form this political entity, which is why he rejected the scepter because he was not authorized for the mission.   

– extracts from Trinity, The Metamorphosis of Myth by the Author

The purpose, therefore, of Islam, was to replace Israel as ‘One Man’, i.e., a single body politic guided, governed and governing vis-à-vis pure monotheist doctrine in submission to Divine Law (i.e., Theo-centric rather than Theocratic).  This lasted for about thirty odd years after which Muslims subjected themselves to failure as an inverse corollary to the Law of Unity.  The body politic that confronted Genghis Khan was near death from dissipation.  The propped up cadaver that followed the decimation may be likened to a trauma victim confronting their twin, Western Europe’s incessant crusaders.  Imagine both polities bandaged head to foot while beating each other with crutches and you’ll crystallize the specter of befuddled fools.  Therefore, it’s no wonder present day Kabalists are given free scientific reign over believers who do not actualize their faith with unicity and thus receive God’s Grace, Protection and Divine Intervention — i.e. Power.

What to do?  Let the Holy Qur’an guide us on the matter:

ØThose who do not judge by what God has revealed-those indeed are the evildoers.  [4:39]

ØWhenever God and His Apostle have decided a matter, it is not for a faithful man or woman to follow another course of his or her own choice.  [5:47]

ØObey God and obey the Apostle and those in authority from among you.   [33:36]

The first surat dictates that an Islamic State cannot divorce Shari’ah from either Legislative or Executive instruments.  The second directs obedience specifically to laws that remain valid only when not contravening the Prophetic Sunnah or Qur’an.   The third forbids non-Muslims from wielding authority within the State. 

I’ve outlined a brief scheme that fits the dictates of the first two Spiritual Laws as well as these surats.  However, it is impossible to employ because the present secular World Order demands Islam’s surrender to impiety (See Endnote: [i]).  This abbreviated litany should convince men of discernment that the ‘World-Class’ cancer of liberalism has advanced beyond any cure save that of divine judgment, which is why Prophet Isa (wslm) is coming back.  Adding the following four hadith only makes the task more daunting and confirms my thesis on several fronts:

1.      A community in the midst of which sins are being committed which could be, but are not, corrected by it is most likely to be encompassed in its entirety by God’s judgment.  – The Prophet; Abu Da’ud on Authority of Abu Bakr.

2    By Him in whose hand I repose!  You must enjoin right and forbid wrong, or else God will certainly send down chastisement upon you; then you will call to Him, but He will not respond to you.”  -The Prophet; At-Tirmidhi, on authority of Hudhayful

3    Nay by God, you must enjoin right and forbid wrong, and you must stay the hand of the wrongdoer, bend him to conformity with justice and force him to do justice-or else God will set the hearts of you all against one another.  – ibid, Abu Da’ud, on authority of Abd ibn Mas’ud

4    If people see a wrongdoer but do not stay his hand, it is most likely that God will encompass them all with His punishment.” – ibid, Abu Da’us,  on authority of Abu Bakr

This enumeration is a far cry from the present gospel of ‘Politically Correct’ tolerance that undergirds the Jacobin Constitution of the USA and visiting Jesuit Scholars, but it does bear witness to Al’Qur’an, the Seerah, The Sunnah, al’Hadith, and the Law of Moses which Prophet Isa confirmed as divinely inspired.  Therefore, the impossibility of establishing an Islamic State is readily apparent unless we resort to apocalyptic measures that would not only arrest the behaviors of the current Muslim majority, but also raise the militant ire of all other sin-bound nations. 

Next: On Power

[1]     Al-Bukhari & Muslim, on auth. of Nu’man ibn Bashir

[2]      fetish (from the Oxford Dictionary)  1 an inanimate object worshipped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.  2  a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, part of the body, or activity.   3  a course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment. DERIVATIVES fetishism n. fetishist n. fetishistic adj. fetishization (also fetishisation) n. fetishize (also fetishise) v. – Origin: from Fr. fétiche, from Port. feitiço ‘charm, sorcery’.

[3]       Political Ponerology, op. cit. p. 270

[4]       Such as refusing to fight a decisive battle because the enemy suspended copies of the Koran from their lances.

[5]       Veritas, latin meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue.   Also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the main virtues any good Roman should possess.

[6]     Professional linguists are on the wrong track if they hypostatize a unity that does not function socially.  For Gramsci, the problem of the lack of unity of the Italian language of his time was closely interwoven with another socio-political problem, one which originated in the fall of the centralized Roman empire, when a split arose between the written language of the intellectuals (Middle Latin) and the countless dialects spoken by the people (Gramsci (1979: 184; CW 168-171)).

From a cognitive linguistic perspective, meaning, rather than grammar, is unarguably the primary determinant of whether linguistic units can combine with each other (Lee 2001: 70)… Following the rise of sociolinguistics and of functionalism in theoretical linguistics (Halliday 1985), a great deal of attention was indeed being paid to the social and functional aspects of language use… It opposes the view that consciously learning the grammar of a language will result in an ability to use that language in social interaction… [hence] in line with Richards and Rodgers’s (1986: 71) the primary function of language is for interaction and communication and the structure of language reflects its functional and communicative uses.  – The Oxford handbook of cognitive linguistics / edited by Dirk Geeraertsand Hubert Cuyckens, 2007

[i] General Guidelines for an Islamic Polity


A.                   All pagans should be forbidden to practice their faith within the borders of Islamic territory or residential community.  This essentially means either exile or the formation of a Pagan/Sectarian Province as the only practical solution.  Yes, this means apartheid.  If they choose to remain because they have asked for asylum, they should pay the Tax of subjugation as per the Sunnah and Al’Qur’an.  Otherwise it is clear that the State is indeed “Plural” i.e., secular and hence not Islamic.  The destruction of Pagan shrines and temples within a Muslim precinct is mandatory.   If they fight, fight them until they either submit or leave the nation because their chief goal is deviancy in defiance of Allah’s Law.  Muhammad said: ‘slaughter is better than such mischief’ and went further to state that such people only instill perversity among believers.[i]


B.     Islamic administrations (executives, military and police) should purge themselves of Hypocrites when possible; of all Freemasons, including the destruction of their Lodges; of Sufi-claimers, shamans and all sectarians; of Christians, Jews and Pagans.  On this, there can be no compromise.

C.     Christians and Jews should be permitted to practice their faith but forbidden to proselytize or ally with each other because this puts them on equal footing with Islam.  Idols and crosses bearing an idol should be removed from all public exhibits.  These must also pay the tax of submission.  Church properties should be limited to sites of worship and schools. Church organizations should be forbidden to engage in commerce, manufacture, agriculture, or government (except as consultants); and absolutely no provision should be made for overseas representation, especially from the Papal State; all Missionaries should be expelled from the country, and all church employees should be salaried according to standards established by the Muslim State, including provision for retirement contributions.


D.                   Jews should be examined by knowledgeable doctors of the Mosaic Law.  Those not in compliance with the hanif of Abraham (Kabalists and Talmudists for example), or those practicing usury and/or business monopoly, should be given time to repent after which they must be expelled from the state should they fail.  Those who remain must pay the tax of Submission and carefully scrutinized.


E.                    All Banks must be prohibited from lending with interest or charging exorbitant fees.  Further limitations apply to investment banking and loans subject to fierce Islamic scruples, thus making them liable to profit or loss along with underwritten enterprises.  Usury, in any form, must be completely annihilated.  All interest due on any loan must be forgiven and principal-only payments made.


F.                    All vestiges of sexually immoral TV, advertisement or exhibitionism such as mimicry of the ‘American Idol’ programmes should be forbidden.  If this means curtailment by virtue of censorship, including the limitation of Satellite TV to wholesome channels, then so be it! And none but a qualified and knowledgeable Muslim may own and operate the Media to which the State’s citizens are subject.  If no capable entity (company) exists, then the media should be completely withdrawn.


G.                   Profit levels, especially for essentials, should be monitored and strictly limited by the Ulama, and any practitioner of opulence immediately curtailed as an oppressor of the poor.[i]  Speculation, including futures and derivatives in the stock market must be forbidden, as it is gambling or usurious manipulation; and salaries of Public Corporate Executives curtailed to modest levels. 


H.                   State lands, utilities, natural resources, public transport, communications, fuel supply, and distribution of goods should be under the direct scrutiny of a government aegis.  Experts in each field must manage these systems subcontracted to private capable entrepreneurs without monopoly or the slightest hint of nepotism or the apartheid of tribalism.  There must be no privatization of essential goods and services.


I.                     Marriage: women and children must be emphatically protected without recourse to the chauvinist bias that elevates most men to dictator rather than husband.  Any rapist or paedophile must be put to death and abusers of women severely punished.  Furthermore, all Homosexuals, bi-sexuals, transvestites, etc., should be exiled, according to the Prophetic Sunnah.


J.                     Anyone found practicing the occult arts must be put to death.  This means bomohs and shamans, etc., etc.


K.                    Teacher salaries should be comparable to those of corporate executives.  Education in comparative religion, ethics, morality, social and physical sciences, and any skill incumbent to man’s success must become mandatory.


L.                    Al’Qur’an should be taught in the native tongue and Arabic reserved for prayer, recitation, scholars and those individuals so gifted and motivated to learn it fluently.  Under no means should it be forced upon any individual.


M.                  Women should be encouraged to participate in Friday Mosque as in the days of Sirah, and when qualified, be elevated to positions of sub-cabinet authority under the protection and guidance of their husbands.  Unmarried women, and those not subject to the protection of a competent husband, father, brother or male relative should be proscribed from senior public offices unless especially approved by the Senior Council of Shura.


N.                   Manslaughter should be weighed far more carefully; blood whit rather than imprisonment should return to its proper place; repeat offenders put to death (e.g. drunken drivers).  Prisons should be transformed into work camps with restitution, remedial goals and profit in mind.  Those refractory, i.e., hardened criminals and their women, should be exiled to Cities of Refuge where any escape attempt equals death or ‘shoot on site’ orders!  All hardened thieves must lose the hand and repay what they have stolen, even if it means life-long servitude, especially white collar criminals.


O.                   A Full-scale military war (jihad) must be waged against organized crime.


P.                    All police should exhibit martial prowess, physical fitness, a working knowledge of religious fundamentals, and be above reproach however humble their means; and if found guilty of serious infractions, automatically exiled to Cities of Refuge as they are worse (being hypocrites) than hardened criminals.  This will serve as a grave deterrence.


Q.                   Shari’ah Law must be the law of the land including its Supreme Court.  Knowledgeable men of recognized and proven wisdom should be at its helm and at Cabinet Level, with a cadre of peers in each governmental department conducting the affairs of State.  A Board of Censors, wise in the ways of God’s Peoples, should be assigned for life to the Chief Minster’s office.  Their criticism and persons should be held inviolable, as it once was among the Chinese and Roman Emperors. 


R.                   Democracy should be outlawed and any franchise given solely to proven Matriarchs and Patriarchs above the age of 40, as in the day of Sirah.  This will end representation by uneducated mobs of immature opinions, upstarts and mountebanks. Anyone seeking public office should be automatically excluded from public office.


S.                    The Premier, Chief Minister of Caliph should be continually humbled by accountability to a council of elder statesmen schooled in Islamic Principles and world affairs: and as guided by the Court of Shari’ah and subject to the Censor’s (Grand Mufti) criticism.  There can be no Jacobin separation of Church and State.


T.                    Sedition and graft need to be dealt with severely and with speed.  No one is above the Law.  Therefore, immunity from prosecution should be suspended at all levels with no statute of limitations.  Lawyers who attempt to twist the law should be permanently disbarred, exiled, or sent to dwell with their colleagues in crime!


U.                   Men should be held accountable for work.  There should be no free handout to able-bodied men except if they are indebted or in need for lack of employment due to oppression or inept governmental direction.


V.                   All forms of gambling must be proscribed.


W.                 In commerce with non-Muslim states, the latter’s influence should stop at the border of entry with no honor paid to envoys save that of civil (courteous) decency. 

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