Jan 2014 Insaniah University Convocation

Jan 2014 Insaniah University Convocation

Salaam to All,

Today was one of the best days of my life.  In the midst of a graduation ceremony, out in the lobby of the University’s prestigious new center, I taught half of the Muslims in Africa the truth about the New World Order, from Cain to the present Pope and Zionist madness.

A group of new graduates from Africa sat on the floor around me for a spontaneous lecture.  I literally saw the nur of Allah swt fill their young, virile eyes.

That I’ve only been paid two months salary in the past eight months, and that my clothes are ragged and patched, and that the bank wants my car and house all faded away when I saw that light in their eyes.

And then, they told where they were from. My God! — indeed, half of Africa was there.