The Law of Community by Dr. Omar

To the degree a man withdraws from community,
God withdraws His divine guidance

It was said that God created Eve because “It is not good for man to be alone”.  I dare say the inverse is true and further implies that it is ‘bad’ to go without the companionship of a mate and fellow human creatures; facts that medical science has confirmed in the many realms of research.   Going forth to ‘multiply and subdue the earth’ is a joint venture that requires families.  It is simply not an acceptable option to excuse oneself permanently in order to seek God and escape the responsibility of being your family’s keeper — an obligation that extends to the community.  Accordingly, God delimits His presence and that of His ministering spirits (angels) which then permits permanently assigned Marabout God-seekers to better commune with reprobate jinn.  Communities of anchorites easily mistake the companionship of jinn for angels according to the spiritual law of inverse proportion.

Now, the purpose for communal living is not to seek God, but rather to do His Will by means of the divinely imposed trial of being accountable to one’s fellow creatures.  Without the challenge of this restraint, man’s imagination runs wild with pathological fancies magnified by jinn who love to inhabit the isolated domains of monks and sundry cults of life’s alleyways, underworlds and modern urban anonymity; not to mention cemeteries like Westminster Abbey.  Such colonies, especially those called ‘Catholic’, incessantly seek exclusion from civil and common law tax exemptions and sexual norms etc., which is an inveterate form of peculiar exceptionalism.  

When given a free hand, they often foment sedition and even seduce children from the faith of their parents because they consider themselves above the natural law of parenthood due to an advanced state of piety.  I’m not referring to the ‘Mother Theresas’ of the world, though it may stand true for those who’ve assumed her blessed mantle.  Nevertheless, ‘Holiness’is a term that literally means ‘reserved for God’ and it is highly unlikely that men and women who avoid civil accountability—the normative social basis for the challenge of faith—can be considered God’s reserves.  The recent revelations of enormous insults to pediatric constituencies by the clergy bears witness to the truth of my thesis.  After all, reserves are forces called upon in times of distress and not a cause of trans-generational deprecation and hardened depravity.

Accountability, especially within the community of Islam, is a requirement of fellowship because without it man inevitably loses the balance of taqua due to a number of jinn-tonics brewed in metaphysical distilleries.  Muslims also traditionally fail the requirement of being their brothers’ keepers in authentic social settings; a venue that is purposely filled with God’s trials of both faith and intention

The environments that so-called ‘ascetics’ establish are artificial constructs apologized for on the basis of a ‘self-denial’ that allegedly brings them closer to God.  But if that were God’s intention he would have left Adam a randy bachelor or perhaps made Catholic celibacy with a side-dish of perversion a requirement for his prophets. Nothing could be further from the truth when one considers the commands given to Eve and Adam or the lives of His many messengers, all of whom were intimately involved with the world at large and most of whom were polygamists—especially Major Prophets like Jesus.  The ‘Essene’ mentality, therefore, is a religious absurdity that runs amok among those who delight in effete devotee seduction.  It is a potent libation filled with symbolic doctrines, allegories, myths and the romantic fancies that alluringly lead men and women towards ‘Lord of the Ring’ carnivals of overcompensation for deviant imaginations; far from the common sense of Divine Guidance and authentic community. ]see note]

— to be continued





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. . . The most frequently indicated and long-known of this type of sociopath is the asthenic psychopathy, which appears in every conceivable intensity,  from  barely  perceptible  to  an  obvious  pathologic deficiency.  These  people,  asthenic  and  hypersensitive,  do  not  indicate the same glaring deficit in moral feeling and ability to sense a psychological  situation  as do essential  psychopaths.  They are somewhat idealistic and tend to have superficial pangs of conscience as a result of their faulty behavior.  On  the  average,  they  are  also  less  intelligent  than  normal people, and their mind avoids consistency and accuracy in reasoning. Their psychological  world view is clearly falsified, so their options about people can never be trusted. A kind of mask cloaks the world of their personal aspirations, which is at variance with what they are actually capable of doing. Their behavior  towards  people  who  do  not  notice  their  faults  is  urbane, even friendly; however, the same people manifest a preemptive hostility and aggression against persons  who have a talent for psychology, or demonstrate knowledge in this field.  The asthenic psychopath is relatively less vital sexually and is therefore amenable to accepting celibacy; that is  why some Catholic  monks  and priests  often  represent  lesser  or  minor cases  of  this  anomaly.  Such  individuals  may  very  likely  have inspired  the  anti-psychological  attitude  traditional  in  Church

thinking.   Political Ponerology, op. cit. p. 134

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