The Science of Pondering by Dr. Omar

DSC02587A (2)On pondering this past year, past decade and last half century—something I do regularly—I took note of several matters concerning the present global demise of mankind’s common sense, the environment, as well as health and science; all in favor of politically correct gobble-de-gook.

First off I noted that Muslims, like folks of many other faiths, spend an awful lot of time praying (perhaps more so) as well as discussing, learning and demanding religious conformity, whether colloquially like Pakistani cum Talibani misogynists, or ‘tsunamically’ like Whahhabbi Salafi imperialists, or Muslim Brotherhood power-mongers and Shia flagellants[1] (clergy exempt, of course), not to mention the ‘better-than-all-of-them’ Sufi carpet warmers[2].

While each group sedulously pursues the typical fixations of religiosity, they also characteristically and nearly universally abandon principles of justice and sound science (especially social and hard sciences).  Of course they miss the fact that preoccupation with piety favors the earthly fortunes of the global manipulators who have led them into chaos since the days of Lawrence of Arabia and his handler, Lady Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell (1868–1926).[3]  I imagine some of you thought he actually worked for the home office on behalf of Muslims, or at least Jesus eh?   Well, you’re only half right so don’t skip the footnote.

Anyway, where were we?  Oh yes … ‘too much prayer and not enough justice’.  This disturbed me, especially when its rather pronounced trail fouls the halls of higher learning where Muslim academics handsomely dance to the tune of whatever politically correct liar is on the bandstand.   But as Egyptians barricade and fill tunnels to Palestine with water, sand, riba and obeisance to their Freemasonic and Mosad heritage;[4] and as Syrian blood soaks the sand at the hands of murderous fools funded by the Arab madmen of Sir Lawrence’s favor; and as dope is trafficked along with Muslim women and children through uranium and dollar-soaked dunes, most of these ‘gullibliltes’ continue to pray, and, on occasion, actually ponder why it is that Allah swt has not come to their assistance after all that time on the rug.   On reflection, I noted this is not unlike their fellows who’ve just tried to celebrate a not so happy Christmas in lands of shrinking morals, pensions, workers, sperm counts and white folk as breadlines, poisons, immigrants and twerkers abound.

So, what’s wrong with this pondered picture?  Or better asked: What’s right about it?  Is it the part where I said both sides of the insanity divide continue to pray?

Well, to tell you the truth, ‘on your knees’ is exactly where the enemies of the common sense we were born with want common folks to be.  The more time spent there the better.  It’s actually one of the reasons the Catholic Church has done so well until recently.  Keeping human cattle praying and paying is a whole lot better for the sociopaths in charge than letting them think and ponder.   So not to be outdone, and just like the Prophet (wslm) said they would, Muslims followed Rome’s example and over the centuries created their own version(s) of ‘holier-than-thou prelates’ so that now, as I’ve said frequently, we have ‘black robes’ on both sides of the Nile who dress (and repress women-folk) by means of the same color (aura) energy gobbler, black.

Returning to practiced theomania once more, along with the global lack of common sense and justice, especially in lands ruled by God’s chosen religious folk, I would have thought (pondered) that a goodly amount of prayer is conducive to the civilized pursuit, establishment and maintenance of the peace and security that justice is supposed to command.  Guess I was wrong.  But even so, as I reviewed the history of prayer and hapless theomanics like the present lots just described above, I soon realized that haplessness depended upon prayer as does theomania.

When I looked for a portion of folk who stood on middle ground, I found that most of those nations were wiped out by people who prayed a lot.  When I did find a few smatterings of justice in the hands of the righteous, these well-balanced people weren’t around for long — not for long.   Why?  Well, truth be told, it’s because the majority of mankind would rather just pray and have done with it, or be hedonistic narcissistic manics, or perhaps both.  There’s not much room in the middle for righteousness or justice amongst such a motley crew of cowards and egomaniacs who forgo the science of pondering.

Consequently, I reckoned the Creator’s content to let them pray, not that G-d really cares what they do.   It is, after all, up to them if they choose to forgo prayer joined to actions that are imbued with knowledge, wisdom and reason after a spell of pondering.

Too bad, isn’t it?

2 Comments on “The Science of Pondering by Dr. Omar

  1. G-d? why do you not write God? or Allah? Why write the way of jews?
    or are you a convenient muslim experimenting with islam?

    • Salaam, Because it has come to my attention that a number of Jews are reading my blog lately. And also because it is it is a convenient expression. I use many forms of expressions for our Creator, wslm

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