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???????????????????????????????Editor’s Note: I just received this email from Brother Arlan.  It is valid so I decided to post.  I have a separate source, close to the family of the murdered Iranian PM who was replaced by the Shah and later by Khomeini.  This source confirmed what follows and wanted me to help write the book a few years ago, but I had no time.

The Shi’ies were birthed by a crypto Jew Ishmaili who authored the Fatimid and Assassin Terrors – just a Jews authored the Wahabbi-Saudi Terror.  Shia elders a like Catholic Ecclesiastes who’ve chosen to perpetuate these lies because it pays well and provides a good retirement package.  The Jews have always been involved in the Persian Satanic Mysteries and crimes of Cain against the people via the ancient Sumerian swindle imported from Dravidia.  Nothing new here at all; except you didn’t know. – oz

PS: I have met several Iranian professionals and students in Malaysia who are glad to be out of Iran and do not wish to return to the oppressive heat of Black Robed, Neo-Patriarchal repression.


Salamoun Alaykom Dr Zaid,

I read this article http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/MID-01-061213.html

 and someone from wakeupfromyourslumber posted a comment which I find interesting:

The “green revolution” succeeded after all.

However Iran did not “yield” to Western demands. Instead, a capitalist / elitist class in Iran (i.e. rich Iranians and the Iranian clergy) betrayed the country from within. They sold out their countrymen for their own gain. These creeps made a deal with the West that will make them even richer, at the expense of ordinary Iranians.

Make no mistake: this is regime change. Socialist Iran was “reformed” (i.e. destroyed) on 15 June 2013 with the election of Hassan Rouhani as president. Rouhani is a neo-liberal uber-capitalist.

The 1979 Revolution has been reversed.

Iran is done; betrayed from within. It’s all over.

There will be mass privatization and deregulation. Iran’s central bank and the oil industry will be privatized (i.e. given to the rich). Social programs will be eliminated. Austerity will crush the masses, and maintain a permanent depression. The gap between rich and poor will grow wider than ever. Half of the masses will lose their jobs, and the other half will be doomed to sweat-shops. Rural areas will fall into poverty. The parasitic financial economy will cripple the real economy. Syria and Hezbollah will be cut off. Relations with Israel will be restored. The corporate media will welcome Iran into the “international community.”

In sum, Iran will become like any Western nation: ruled by a greedy, corrupt, and brutal plutocracy.

All this will happen very quickly, over the next few weeks.


Let’s look closer…

Revolutionary Iran has never been a nation of religious fanatics. On the contrary, there has always been a power struggle between nationalists / anti-imperialists / secularists on one side, and rich Iranians and the elitist clergy on the other.

The Iranian Shiite clergy is like the Catholic Church in the West. It always sides with the rich. Indeed, clergymen are some of the richest people in Iran. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (Iran’s richest man) is a clergyman, and was president from 1989-1997. His successor Mohammad Khatami is also filthy rich, is also a clergyman, and was president from 1997-2005. The new president Hassan Rouhani is also rich, and is also a clergyman.

The Iranian Revolution was not about Islam. It was about nationalism and anti-imperialism. The Revolutionaries themselves were not religious. During Saddam Hussein’s US-sponsored war on Iran (1980-88) the Revolutionaries did all the fighting and dying, while the ultra-corrupt religious clergy kept their sons home, claiming that it was “un-Islamic” to send them to the front.

After the war, (one million Iranians dead, countless others crippled) Iran had a string of pro-Western, pro-capitalist “reformers” as presidents. All were elitist clergymen. All abused their positions to enrich themselves. All were darlings of the Western media. By 2005 these creeps, and many more like them, had become so oppressive that the Iranian masses revolted. They elected a nationalist and anti-imperialist. They elected a man of the people: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,

(NOTE: the lone exception to this corruption among the Iranian clergy is Supreme leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei, who was President of Iran from 1981 to 1989. Khamenei remains an anti-imperialist, but he keeps quiet, knowing that all the other clergymen want him out of the way, and are just waiting for him to die. He is now 74.)

After Ahmadinejad became president on 3 Aug 2005, he embarked on an ambitious program to bring roads and electricity to the rural areas, to boost literacy, eradicate poverty and hunger, and so on. He built tens of thousands of schools and medical clinics. He made food affordable for the masses. He launched a program to make Iran self-sufficient, building its own cars, aircraft, appliances, etc. He was like Hugo Chavez, and he was hated by the Iranian clergy and by the rich (just as Chavez and now Maduro are hated by Venezuela’s Catholic clergy, and by the rich).

The West responded to Ahmadinejad’s kindness by imposing endless sanctions on the Iranian people, beginning with UN Security Council Resolution 1696 (31 July 2006).

None of this had anything to do with Iran’s nuclear program. The sanctions were punishment for Iran (under Ahmadinejad) not being sufficiently crushed by plutocrats. They were punishment for Ahmadinejad’s populism, his socialist tendencies, his support for Hezbollah and Hugo Chavez, his resistance to Iranian oligarchs, and so on.

The sanctions caused much suffering for the Iranian masses. Iranian clergymen and rich politicians deliberately made this suffering worse via austerity (e.g. cutting food and fuel subsidies.) Ahmadinejad restored the subsidies, and the corrupt politicians took them away again. This went back and forth for years.

By the winter of 2009, the West, along with the Iranian clergy and the Iranian rich, felt that the Iranian masses were ripe for capitalist enslavement. To do that, they would have to defeat Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the 12 June 2009 election.

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (a clergyman, and Iran’s richest man) wanted someone he could install as a puppet-president, so he approached Prime Minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi with an offer: “If you agree to privatize Iran’s oil (i.e. give it to ME) then I will make you president.”

Mir-Hossein Mousavi agreed.

(By the way, Rafsanjani’s brother Mahoud was the Iranian point man for the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s. The US point man was Oliver North. The Zionist Jew go-betweens were Morris Amitay of AIPAC, and the neo-con Michael Ledeen, both of which hold dual US-Israeli citizenship, and both of which are very tight with Hashemi Rafsanjani, the richest man in Iran. Mr. Rafsanjani has been president of Iran, president of the parliament, and is now chairman of the powerful Assembly of Experts.)

However, to the dismay of Rafsanjani, the rich, and the clergy, the masses re-elected, Ahmadnejad on 12 June 2009 by a 63-to-36 percent margin.

This was an outrage! Immediately the elitists conspired with the West to launch a “green revolution” to overthrow Ahmadinejad and make Iran like the USA.

Disturbances dragged on for seven months, but eventually the Iranian masses defeated the rich and the clergy (and the West).

The “green revolution” failed because Rafsanjani and his puppet (Mir-Hossein Mousavi) made a crucial error. When Western imperialists launch a “color revolution” (i.e. a soft coup) they always make sure to brainwash the target masses into blaming their current leader for all their problems. In Iran, the clergy and rich elitists failed to do this. They were unable to convince the Iranian masses that Mr. Ahmadinejad was to blame for the Western sanctions, and for the austerity imposed by corrupt Iranian politicians.

Because of this blunder, the “green revolution” protests were limited to the affluent northern suburbs of Tehran. The protesters were all children of rich Iranians. Mr. Ahmadinejad wisely refrained from cracking down on them, and also forbade counter demonstrations, thereby causing the rich young protesters to expose themselves as lying elitist punks.

The current president, Hassan Rouhani, learned from this. In Iran today, he is loudly (and falsely) blaming Ahmadinejad and the 1979 Revolution for every bad thing that has ever happened to the masses. This is necessary to kill and bury all traces of nationalism and anti-imperialism. It is necessary to make Iran like the West. It is necessary to bring about the tyranny of plutocracy.

One of Rohani’s advisers, Akbar Turkan, said that Amadinedjad should ask forgiveness from God and the nation for all the problems he brought on Iran.

(In response, Mr. Ahmadinejad invited Rouhani to a public debate in which he could defend himself. Rouhani said he would only do it on condition that Ahmadinejad first “admitted the truth.”)

The masses voted for Rouhani because he promised them relief from the Western sanctions. He promised them jobs. He promised them prosperity. He promised them paradise. Now Rouhani and the oligarchs and the clergy will cast the Iranian masses into the same hell they had under the Shah.

All of Rouhanni’s lieutenants are uber-capitalist neo-liberals. Most were trained in the USA. Many are pro-Western clerics, like Rouhani himself (e.g. Mahmoud Alavi, the new head of Iranian intelligence, or Mostafa Pourmohammadi, the new Justice Minister).

His chief of staff, Mohammad Nahavandian is a US-trained neoliberal “economist,” and is a right-hand-man of Rafsanjani (Iran’s richest man).

His foreign minister (Mohammad Javad Zarif) was also trained in the USA. Mr. Zarif speaks English, and his two children are US citizens. Zarif is a globalist, a neo-liberal, and an elitist champion of “free trade.”

Immediately upon Hassan Rouhani’s election as president (14 June 2013) Mr. Zarif and Mr. Nahavandian began making plans for secret talks with the West, which began in September and culminated in the P5+1 deal.

Regarding that nuclear deal, President Rouhani doesn’t care about Iranian nuclear power. Neither do the rich Iranians or the clergy. Neither does Israel or the West. The Iranian elitists just want to get richer. They want to financialize Iran, and make it like the West, ruled by “moderates” (i.e. by rich, greedy, and brutal oligarchs). If this meant giving away Iran’s nuclear program as a symbol, then no problem.

After all, there are no “Iranians” or “Americans.” There are only rich and poor.

Foreign minister Zarif had tried to sell out Iran before. He tried to get secret talks going when he was Iran’s ambassador to the UN (2002 to 2007). During that time, Zarif helped develop the “Grand Bargain,” a plan to appease the West. Zarif held private meetings with a number of Washington politicians, including the then-Senators Joseph Biden and Chuck Hagel.

Now Zarif has succeeded. Iran is finished.

Yes boys and girls, it happened during the summer while you were watching Mily Cyrus “twerking.” It was as quiet, as sudden, as total, and as final as the collapse of the USSR. It’s all over.

Many of you will deny this reality, saying this is exaggerating. But just watch the news during the coming weeks. The hideous truth will unfold before you.

Netanyahu whined about the P5+1 deal, but he quieted down when the USA explained what it was all about. Now Netanyahu is making plans to attack Lebanon again, knowing that this time, the rich Iranian oligarchs and the corrupt Iranian clergy will not support Hezbollah, since Hezbollah is not profitable.


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Jazaka Allah Dr, you  have been doing great work.

Hassan Arlan